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Online tabloid site issues public apology and retracts false accusations against Temasek Times

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

The controversial online tabloid site which had defamed a Singapore girl yesterday by publishing unfounded malicious allegations about her has removed two articles from its website today, including one by its contributor Alex Tan Zhi Xiang hurling baseless accusations at us.

Alex Tan claimed that the initial post about the girl never ‘existed’ in the site’s archives and accused us of ‘photoshopping’ the article. He even challenged the ‘afflicted party to make a police report.’

Fortunately, there is Google Cache to show clearly that the article was posted on the site yesterday at 7.30pm:

Faced with damning and irrefutable evidence, the site was forced to issue a public apology today and retract its accusations made against us:

According to one of its editors Yang Kaiheng, they have fired the writer responsible for the article.

The news made it to the evening tabloids today which quoted lawyers warning that the site and contributor responsible for the defamatory article may be prosecuted under the Women Charter if the girl lodged a police report.

Though she had earlier indicated that she would not do so, her friends are urging her on Facebook to report the matter to the police and sue the site and contributor for defamation.


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5 Responses to “Online tabloid site issues public apology and retracts false accusations against Temasek Times”

  1. P Koh said

    The truth will always surface so it is always better to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Truth hurts and often many just cannot accept it.

  2. papsmear said

    Aiyah, its normal nowadays people do wrong thing won’t apologise one. Lucky u got cache to show.
    People take $4M salary so long already now then cut salary, oso never apologise say “sorry I take too much liao”.

  3. Scandalous said

    Papsmear u made my day lol, yeah those people took Millions of salary legally and all we do is still supplying them… are we stupid or brain wash?

  4. ruckus said

    at the same time, Temasek Times often infused quotes from Chinese tabloids in its articles.

  5. Curious said

    May I ask kindly why the source for the apology is not shared?

    p.s. this comment may be edited if necessary. i wanted to ask this openly because this is likely a question on many of our readers’ mind. would be appreciated if you are able to share this with all readers. thank you and keep up the wonderful work on having another source of interesting local news. cheers!

    p.p.s. my email is not real so please do not reply to my email address.

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