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Swiss expat to claim trial in underage prostitute case

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Swiss expatriate Juerg Buergin will be contesting the two charges slapped on him for paying an underage girl for sex.

A former executive at UBS bank, the forty four year old Swiss was charged together with forty seven men in April this year for having commercial sex with the same girl.

Buergin allegedly paid more than $600 on two occasions to have sex with the 17 year old girl at two different hotels.

He is currently unemployed and is out on a S$15,000 bail.

The next court date has been fixed for August 7. So far, nine men have either pleaded guilty or indicated they will not claim trial.

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3 Responses to “Swiss expat to claim trial in underage prostitute case”

  1. alan said

    if this one claim trial and fail then the rest of the army will plead guilty.
    Principal is the most clever: do wrong and admit. now he is on his new life,while the others are still in doubt.

  2. papsmear said

    Stupid to plead guilty! Yes! Fight! Put the 17yr old to jail! She know she 17 and yet sell herself! The pimp oso know she 17! Those who f*** her dunno she is 17!! So who is at fault ??? Stupid law !!!

  3. kaypoh said

    Lolol… the Swiss guy paid the Swiss standard price & now he kena Singapore standard lawsuit, Next time fcuk pros oso must check IC? If no IC check what?

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