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Why Singaporeans are one of the most hardworking people in the world

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

I believe Singaporeans are really one of THE most hardworking people in the world. (arguably) but then due to the policies which the government has opted for, they have turned people into working cows constantly draining any milk inside them with all the crazy taxes imposed and miscellaneous fees, electricity and water which are not subsidized as in other countries, crazy housing prices, non welfare state and overly lenient immigration policies.

IT IS PARTICULARLY BECAUSE OF THE NON WELFARE STATE CHARACTERISTIC, that makes Singapore so attractive to foreign talent and foreign wealth. The government is always seeking to broaden its tax base and increase tax revenue… I understand that surpluses are important to build reserves but not to the extent that it squeezes the middle income people so much so that they become over worked, jaded, do not have a positive outlook in life and can’t look forward to the retirement years. How much reserves do you want? For the low income group, the plight is even worse now, it’s as if they will not be able to come out of this social class unless they are somehow born a genius. Which is one every century like Albert Einstein.

Transport cost (going to work) already takes up so much money. (public transport ain’t that cheap you know) and FOOD prices are soaring. The cost of living is so high that people don’t even want to have babies. And then this is what you justify your immigration policies by. By blaming Singaporeans for not giving birth enough. And you plead your case by saying that you give birth benefits. $10000? Seriously, after seeing a pediatrician a few times, it is enough to completely use it up. And the doctors can’t be to blame completely as well, their tuition fees like the rest of the courses are so high that they need to charge this amount to pay their bills.

WHY DO UNIVERSITIES CHARGE SO MUCH? And what do they do with the money, they give it away in scholarships which the locals are not able to get. MONEY IS FLOWING OUT. SINGAPOREANS HARD EARNED CASH. You’re lucky Singaporeans are still willing to work at 60. Just look at Greece, the people aren’t willing to work anymore, and thus they are in deep shit. So you’re lucky Singaporeans are cooperating with you.

Instead of spending so much in defense which is like almost useless if any major superpower wants to take control. They do not fear us because of our army. Instead, it’s because the only way they can stead to gain from us, is if we are still around and coopertate with them, since Singapore only has human resource to offer, no oil no gold, etc etc. hence, there is no point for them to attack us.

When will the money be used to help the poor? I’m not talking about all the poor, only those that are willing to work hard. And when I mean help, it doesn’t mean a lump sum of 2000 dollars in the FAS we have in school, but rather to sponsor them to study as long as they are hardworking enough. CUT DOWN ON THE NUMBER OF FOREIGN PLACES GIVEN AND GIVE MORE TO LOCALS IF YOUR EXCUSE IS THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PLACES. There are so many things you can do yet you choose to ignore this part and focus on the rights of foreigners and not the rights of your own people.

Instead of focusing on how to attract even more foreign talent with IRs and GARDENS BY THE BAY, RWS etc, as well as focusing on the rights off maids etc, why not focus on the rights of your own people first, the freedom of expression for instance. I’m not saying you aren’t focusing at all on your people, but rather focus MORE! So much MORE can be done. This is not demanding, this is basic necessities.

Foreigners love that Singapore has no welfare system so that they know their tax is spent on themselves and not the lower classes of society. HOW FLAWED IS THIS CONCEPT? If you really want the poor to be motivated to work hard and study hard, they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now the light is so small that they don’t even bother. SO MANY LOW INCOME STUDENTS CHASING AFTER SO FEW SPOTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. how can that be motivating. They know that even if they work super hard, the fact is many of them will still not be able to get the scholarships. PROVIDE MORE FOR LOCALS. also, why aren’t ASEAN scholarships for locals to study at local universities? A bit funny don’t you think considering your own people are from ASEAN as well? Think about it

To add on, Singaporeans and PRs have to serve army and use 2 years of their life which they could be using to build a career and save up for their golden years. Foreigners come take the scholarships, study and leave WITHOUT NS. and although, I know what I mentioned above is a lot of things that need to be handled, but you are one of the highest paid ministers of the WORLD, if you can take that kind of salary home, you better be able to handle this kind of shit and be able to bear the responsibility of solving ALL the problems associated with it.



*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


38 Responses to “Why Singaporeans are one of the most hardworking people in the world”

  1. ilovesex said

    What do you think?

  2. Law said

    Well SAid!!
    MIW kept saying they have the best team, giving best solution with their so call Look AHEAD.
    they dun seem to look ahead enough to solve things.
    Many gd suggestions hae been given online, people, writing etc…
    they just choose to ignore.
    No integration with the people at all.
    i wonder how other countries are looking at us.

  3. Angry Citizen said

    Anon, you have speak up for majority of Singaporean. Keep it up.
    But then will they listen, or we are just making noises.

    Yet to see changes from PAP.

  4. faster better said

    Hardworking also no use, FT cheaper

  5. C.H. Tan said

    Fully support you Anon, also to add Singaporean can’t go into retirement but Foreigners and PR can. Once they reach 55 year giving up their PR the full refund of their CPF (For PR) but for Singapore wait long long.

  6. Jeremy said

    You r an idiot and a big loser

  7. Navi said

    Well said, especially when the Single Ruling Party is in the cabinet, things only will goes well for them.. its always them first, and people last. True, Singaporeans are the most hard working. Cause it’s the value that the parents pass down. not by the government. Even if the government give out the Dividend every year, do you think it actually helps? come on, if every minister is willing to live on a mere $2k per month, let’s see if they will complain, and i’m pretty sure, they will make changes. in the past, the king even went to patrol the peasant’s living condition. and try his best to change. it’s call winning the loyalty from the people. and obviously we have lost faith. For us, it’s assuming, more assuming, and hiring ‘professionals’ to change the surroundings.

    • Julie Ong said

      Navi, I hope that you are now convinced that the promised Swiss standard of living is never going to happen. The opposite is happening isn’t it? I am both angry and sad that we are lied to. Don’t mind. I believe there are good, capable Singaporeans who will come up with a better social structure/order thereby relieving the burden of everyday life even if it flows through in trickles. TTT (things take time). I am confident that everyday life will improve so bear with it, and don’t worry, be happy.
      I have indicated that I will ‘step up to the plate’ if nobody is willing to lead. My problem will be: who’s going to elect me? I know that I will give of my best.

      Hopefully, I don’t have to worry about it and you’ll get leaders par excellence to show the way forward.
      Just have to wait to see how things turn out.
      Take care.

  8. President of Nasi Brani said

    The $10000 so call baby bonus is not really cash and will not be going into your saving account if I am not wrong. To get the bonus you have to put in $10000 into your child Child Development Account then the Gov will put in the $10000. This money can only be use for education, medical, insurance etc,,, but not for expenses for bringing up your child. In the end your $10000 will be as good as zero if it is not being use.
    Also do you think the poor will be able to raise $10000 to put into CDA?

    • wmulew said

      Ur idea of Baby bonus is totally wrong. Go check with the relevant authorities or your friends who have kids

  9. ilovesex said

    One more. Dun vote pap. Simple.

  10. Seb said

    Sorry but LHL and friends don’t agree with you…they believe that Singapore’s productivity needs to go up, salary needs to pegged low. Senile Old Man says that Sg has gone soft thus the need for FTs. Please listen, we need a long term solution to this. While we can vow to vote them out in 2016, we need to get prepared now. Please WP, start forming the shadow government….start getting really ready, dont just think about going after another GRC.

    When a shadow government is formed a policies talked about both in an out of parliament, people will become more matured, then its not just 1 more GRC but 5 more (big ones)….the end of the PAP!

    • Julie Ong said

      Seb, good on you! The Workers Party need to draw/work out plans and strategies to fight the General Election due in 2016. Already WP enjoys a strong following and they can capitalise on that. Singaporeans need to understand that the status quo is not good for Singapore as the PAP has become too arrogant and indifferent to the needs of the people. Take a plunge for change. It can’t be worse than the PAP mob who are running the show now. Unless PAP change their attitude and look to improving the lot of the people then we must look for a change of government. We must not yield to threats nor fear what the government say. As I see it they are only interested in lining up their pockets with money from the nation’s coffer. Nothing wrong with that except that we are certainly not getting value for money. In my opinion they are pretty hopeless. Not much substance, but thinks too much of their cleverness. So there you have it, my fellow citizens:
      More of the same or change for a brighter future? The choice will be yours.
      Vote for WP or any other responsible/credible opposition in GE2016.
      I will say something if I believe that the opposition is not deserving of your vote. Singapore, I hope will stand out as a shining example for others to emulate. We are forward looking, progressive, friendly and most importantly
      look after our own. We can then proudly say to other nationals when asked: We are Singaporeans or I’m from Singapore.

      How’s that?

  11. Ron said

    Has things changed for the worse since the last GE? 60% apparently did not suffer that much.

    This article rambles on and on. I wish some hard numbers were provided.

  12. muimui said

    Well-said. I totally agree with you. Baby-bonus is nothing. Child-rearing is a life-long journey. Try giving free education or providing for the old. The sandwich generations are the worse. They not only have to provide for their parents old age, but also their children, and saving up for their retirement . Especially, for the old people, as one gets old, they falls sick easily and have to depend on their children. So, in the end, where got $ for retirement? Have to work till die….

  13. muimui said

    And, another thing, yes, defense is important, but the amount that we spend is a huge amount. Why would we want to have bases or training grounds in other countries like US, since Singapore does not have 4 seasons like them? Why in the world would we need such a huge budget for defense (it is one of the ministries getting huge budgets every year)? There is nothing worth fighting over – no oil or natural resources.

  14. bb said

    Even Aussie ppl are not happy with MPs increase in salary.

    • Navi said

      to be exact, Aussie MP is unhappy with his own pay rise! Singapore ministers? nice on the outside, evil in the inside..

    • wmulew said

      Please lah have U ever lived in Australia. Australia’s opposition has their own Shadow govenment, whatever the government do they also not happy one lah. It’s no different from the Pan Blue and Pan Green in Taiwan. Government do what also wrong so in the end government do nothing. Same goes for Australia. And if you think Australia treat Foreigners worse and locals, Australian PRs can vote and read this

      • Seraphim said

        I agree the liberals and labours (to some extend greens) are always fighting for votes, that is also the main reason why they did not dared to introduce/remove laws that take away previleges from the Australians as well.

        It is because PAP lacked any ‘real’ oppositions during the past half a centry has led to both the building up of Singapore and in more recent years, the stagnantion of ideas and progress.

        Which party dared to call their citizen daft? Which party dared to say their citizens are unmotivated and lacked drive? Uniquely Singapore indeed…

  15. David said

    Someone told me the large expenses on defence is so that tax payer money can be transferred to ST companies to make up for investment losses.

  16. NoFT said

    I was patriotic when I was young, I cant say now when I’m 36 and after all the government policies favouring foreigners.

    • wmulew said

      Which government policy is favoring Foreigners? There is a quota for Singaporeans before U can hire FT so it’s certainly not that. Only Singaporeans get to vote so it’s not that either, in places like Australia, even PRs get to vote. Only locals get handouts like GST rebates etc, still looking for one. Workfare only applies to locals, so tell me again, which policy favors foreigners over locals?

    • Singapuraboi said

      Please separate patriotism from party support. We r Singaporeans no matter which party comes into power. The actual power lies in the hands of the citizens and we must never forget. We put parties into power, we can take it away. Let’s be proud Singaporeans and take back our country.

  17. Steve said

    Please send this articles to strait times to publish in its forum columns …. and unload this msg to LHL facebook page. MIW should wake up and if not bye bye PAP in next election

  18. papsmear said

    YA! I am singaporean.
    I am Very HARD
    Also its WORKING.

  19. Agent K said

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! One of the best articles I have ever read.

    *clap clap*

  20. wmulew said

    The guy is obviously not an employer. I have many Singaporeans and foreigners working under me. The problem with Singaporeans isn’t because they are not hardworking, too expensive or not good enough. The problem with most of my Singaporean staff is I’d be lucky if they stay 6 mths. If my business was to depend solely on locals, i’d have had to close shop before the end of the month. Most of my peers are in the same predicament, trying to hire locals but no one can hold one for long. How the hell do u expect most business to survive if we have to constantly look for new pple

    • Seraphim said

      There are 101 reasons why people leave their job.

      Could be inability to cope with workload/human relationship/hours, poor promotion/experience chances, poor benefits, poor personal satisfactions, detioration of health and others.

      At the same time, loyalty does not pay in this era, as shown more evidently during a recession. During a restructure, if the company ask you to go, you had to go. In some cases, it is just to maximise the profit margin when it is still making profits.

      When an employee makes a mistake, the company will not hesitate to axe him/her and that is the cruel reality and people in general will want to lead a better life and strive for a better future. In order to cope with the rising cost of living and the volatile job market now, I do not find it surprising that people in Singapore are job hoping for the sake of securing a better future while the market is still good.

      I also wonder, why would a happy employee be resigning?

      Singaporeans like myself have my family to feed and we need savings for possible ‘retirement’ and prevent ourselves from burning out too quickly. In Singapore, there is no one to speak out for your wages or work environment (the work unions are a joke), you only have yourself to rely on, so if we do not seek better working environment and such, who is going to feed us in the future?

      Last but not least, if not for the contract, many of the FT will also job hop from that position you are offering when a better oppotunity arises.

      I understand honest employers like yourself suffered from the current tread of job hoping and trying to stay competitive at the same time, but that is the era we are living in right now. . In case you think I am one of those that stay 3/6 months and skip for another job, I stay in a workplace for at least 2 years before I switch in order to gain experiences (Also to make my resume look better, but I know of such people.)

    • pukimak said

      Wmulew, employers like you who have trouble retaining local staff should set up shop in jb or batam. Then u can hire all the FT trash u want. Keep Singapore clean.

  21. Foreigners said

    Incorrigible idiots

  22. ruckus said

    Please award a medal to Singaporeans for being the self-declared “most hardworking” human beings in the world!

  23. mel said

    like your last paragraph…well done!

  24. Singapuraboi said

    Anon, brilliant piece but alas it is like serenading to cattle. The pap will never listen cos they place bland explicit trust in their scholars who are proving to be nothing more than wicked losers. Their elitist approach is self serving. It is just needs ganging up on the normal folks who have a life when we were in school.

  25. singaporean said

    Why choose PAP in the first place ? They are no longer like 80’s PAP already. I repsect PAP party in the 80’s, they really change singapore a lot with improvement but everything has changed. So no matter how well we wrote, will they listen and doing something about it or they will just ignore us as if we’re just barking ?

  26. moonlightaffairs said

    aiyah you all talk so much, dare to vote them out or not? a lot of u just squeeze your ball and vote for pap. dont give me that no good opp shit, tpl very good meh? someone already killing u slowly u still vote for them? i will vote for any road sweeper than pap. ptui!

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