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25 year old Masters student got conned into allowing molester to ‘examine’ her breasts and vagina

Posted by temasektimes on July 5, 2012

A 25 year old Masters student in Biotechnology was conned by a serial molester to ‘examine’ her breasts and vagina as part of a ‘medical examination’!

Former tower crane operator Mohamed Rizuan Rahim was sentenced to 10 years of jail and 16 strokes of cane on Wednesday for molesting six women as part of a scam.

Posing as a trained nurse or medical professional, he molested them while pretending to do medical check-ups on them after they had responded to his online advertisements offering to pay participants to allow them to be ‘examined’ by him.

According to court documents, he brought the unsuspecting victims to hotels, public carparks and HDB staircases where he would strip them and fondle their private parts.

The 25 year old Masters student reportedly had her ‘examination’ done at a HDB staircase where Rizuan removed her bra and ‘examined’ both her breasts thoroughly. As she was having her menses then, he did not ‘examine’ her vagina.

A few days later, she contacted Rizuan to ask for the payment only to be told that he could not do so as the company is not ‘doing well’. A police report was lodged eventually after she finally realized she was conned.

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45 Responses to “25 year old Masters student got conned into allowing molester to ‘examine’ her breasts and vagina”

  1. P Koh said

    I just cannot imagine that these girls could be so naive as to allow him to do such acts in places which are not conducive to medical examinations. What is happening? He must be very convincing and should use his talent intelligently. Wasted talent.

  2. Ooh-la-la said

    Both the offender and victims hv bn taught their lessons. Time will tell if they’ve learnt them well or will fail future tests. Lol, hor.

  3. i5htar said

    study so high don’t mean you clever…lol

    • geoff said

      My senior once made a statement which I shall always remember, esp when I read of cases like this, and the statement goes like this “Being educated doesn’t mean you are intelligent”

  4. Aricia said

    25 year old Masters student? You got to be kidding me.

  5. wtfisthis said

    i wonder where you sourced the picture from..

  6. bb said

    16 strokes of cane for examing and touching compare to those on line vice is definitely severe

  7. Bai Hu said

    OMG!!! So stupid. When the examination is done in a place that is not a clinic or hospital, alarm bells should start ringing already!!! BTW, it is also greed that is the root cause of these girls who wanted to take advantage of a free examination, but ended up being conned & taken advantage of instead 😦

  8. lol said

    Lol, you guys forgot that he pay for examinations leh!! So this is not naïve or what, is greed!

  9. The Question said

    Wait.. “A 25 year old Masters student in Biotechnology” was conned? A friggen master degree was conned into this and only report police just because she didn’t receive money..

    My hopes for the future generation just went down to rock bottom.

  10. Answer said

    it doesnt mean having a master degree is smart. this girl is only 25. she must be damn stupid and naive to allow him to touch her breasts. i wonder she allowed him to do more than just touching her breasts.

  11. reviveramesh said

    clearly in these matters there is some foul play or consensual agreement going on and it is very naive for all of us to imagine the dumbness of the girl or the skills of the gent – c’mon…

  12. L13 said

    Obviously all of them knew what they were getting themselves into. They just wanted to earn some extra cash and were willing to let someone feel em up for it.

  13. leedavid said

    It proved to show , students with u degree will SELL their SOUL for MONEY, not to mention BODY.

  14. Singapore Talent said

    Which Uni? I am not gonna enroll there!

  15. Y like that!! said

    Hello, coming on the back of a fake story on the girl, u all still believe that this story is true?!?!?!
    Now who’s dumb??

  16. laick5126 said

    severe punishment is necessary to deter such an action from proliferate

    • 01dsk001 said

      Punishment doesn’t fix the problem. People get conned because they are not educated properly. School cannot teach everything. Parents must not expect schools to teach everything.

      Parents need to teach kids about life.

  17. Big Daddy said

    Hey hoes, I mean gurls.
    It’s Big daddy, I will inspect your vaginas for brains and breasts for jizz too, you will be paid $100 for that. Call me ya?

  18. Ren said

    Put it this way…They enjoyed it lah…And when they are not paid, they report police…Pfft…

  19. me said

    it just proves that a degree will make you dumber.

  20. Ro said

    In car park, hotel rooms and hdb block? A Master degree student does not know that this is fishy. The law protects the female but I have my doubt she is as naive as the article indicate

  21. Pantatko said

    Stupid girls…eat too much pork n all pig’s thing makes those girls become so stupid like pig. Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! Oink oink oink!!!!!🐷🐷🐷🐷

  22. kums said

    A “Masters” student who is so dumb and dim became a “Masters” student?!!

  23. Pussy rules said

    You guys don’t be stupid. She’s the one who conned and trap the molestor. The student obviously knew what she’s doing and she knew that it’s easy money, instead of sex why not just give the molestor to fondle. So if the molestor does not pay automaically she will report it and she knew the law is always on the woman side.

  24. tsk tsk tsk said

    This story sounds too stupid to be true.

  25. SuSu said

    She wanted him to examine her as she was also horny as well as greedy. Takes two hands to clap.

  26. miyamiya said

    the girl know what she was into. she wanted to be examined for her own fetishes while she can make use of biased laws which do not favor men to scam the molester for more monies $_$

  27. Modern said

    I believe she do it willingly for money! When she was not paid, she report the police! I think if the molester has paid her, she wouldn’t have reported to the police. What do you think?

  28. vitas said

    masters student get conned? this shows that we have pple who study hard doesnt think.

  29. LOOOOO said

    To have a medical examination other than in a medical institute is already ridiculous

  30. Lame said

    Few possibilities:

    1) obviously a 25 yr old master degree student wouldnt get conned like this.

    2) obviously nobody will conduct medical exams at such an unprofessional premise

    3) obviously she knew what it was and for the sake of fast cash, she willingly deliver herself for the ‘check up’, knowing its dodgy. After not being paid, she felt cheated and report it to the police under another issue instead of being cheated for not being paid for her prostituition service.

    4) this article is completely fake!

  31. rose said said

    got brainy but still stupido . what the heck nowadays ppl brag about masters and degree . this ppl are the worstthan non educated ppl. Always got news about this type of ppl sell body on line to earn extra cash.Go and find a proper joblah , if only in spore u will get good job with masters and degree lol.

  32. The kids today NEEDS MORE $$$$ THEN we NORMALLY DO……
    Last basically we dont have phones to feed, but now KIDS ARE LOOKING FOR WAYS at least TO FEED WITH PHONES WITH $$$$$ for SMS and DATA (FB??)
    Communication is now IS MUST FOR KIDS

  33. Flude said

    if the molestor paids, i bet she will a returning customer

  34. intermittent fasting said

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