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A Christian defends Kong Hee: Let us not be quick to make a judgement

Posted by temasektimes on July 5, 2012

A friend of mine tweeted a link of this article, with the line ”CHC saga put in a rationale way”. Seeing as the title of the article stated that it was written by a Christian, I was expecting to find something more objective and measured. Sadly, when i reached the 2nd paragraph i knew it was headed in a different direction from what i had expected.

Firstly I would like to clarify that i am not a CHC member, but I have been following my parents to CHC for the last couple of years. I am not attached to any cell group or ministry in the church as I feel that I can’t fit in with the congregation there. In fact, at the start of this year i actually started attending another church, but I occasionally visited CHC during special services like Easter, Fathers and Mothers day. I admit that sometimes the way the services were run made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable, but growing up in a Christian home, I was taught that we are not to judge a church or any other thing based on our own personal preferences. For me, I accepted that CHC was not my preferred church, and therefore I chose to leave. However the few years of sitting through CHC services have allowed me to experience first-hand what many people, including the writer of this article have misunderstood.

With regard to Michelle’s first point that CHC ”kept emphasizing giving money”, I have to say that she is horribly mistaken. While it is true that they do invite several members to give testimonies on how God has blessed them financially since they increased their giving, it is completely untrue that CHC believes and preaches that Christians are to give to God because we want God to give us more. These testimonies are given as an encouragement and proof of God’s faithfulness to His people when they obey Him.

In the Bible it is written as a command to tithe, not as a suggestion. As a church, they are encouraging people to obey God, not forcing them, and definitely not saying that they should give only because they want to receive more from God and prosper. When asking for tithes and offering i remember often hearing the pastor reminding the congregation that we give because we want to be more like Jesus and we want to obey Him. Also throughout all my years there, I have never once ”received a different gospel from the one (I) know”. Everything is congruent with the Bible.

Addressing her second point about how the defensive behaviour of CHC members has disgraced Christians, I personally feel that to use such a strong word as ”disgrace” is unfair for the members as they are just showing their support for their leader. It is only natural for members to want to defend their pastor as they as a congregation have seen him week after week speaking God’s word and they would know better than members of the public what kind of a man he is. The mention of Kong Hee never goes without the mention of the church. The church was in the headlines and I’m sure as a member you would have felt that the church name was defamed.

The church members are also certainly not ”blindly continuing to profess their faith in Pastor Kong Hee”. The church worships God, not Kong Hee. I remember i would always find it strange that the congregation would cheer and clap when Kong Hee went on stage, but he, like other pastors, would remind them to give an even louder applause to God, the God that they gathered in church to worship. They clapped and cheered for God even louder than they ever did for any man. And then I realised it is just in their culture to show support and love to their leaders and fellow members. It doesn’t mean that they idolize him.

The following few paragraphs of the above article were really disappointing. Michelle started off the article by saying that she was writing ”not to judge the people involved in the saga” but as I read on i felt like there was actually a judgement made. If you are expecting an apology from Pastor Kong and his church members, am i wrong to say that Michelle has already made the judgement that Pastor Kong is guilty and that the members are supporting his sinful actions? He has not been proven guilty, and until the day it can be proven, i don’t think that it makes sense for a Christian to be making that statement. It is obvious that he hasn\’t made an apology because from his side of the story he doesn’t think he has committed a sin, and likewise the church members choose to believe that he is innocent and hence see no need for an apology.

I am not saying that I believe Pastor Kong is innocent or guilty, but i believe that if he is found guilty, he would definitely confess his sins because this is what he has taught me and thousand others through the many sermons we have sat through.

I agree that actions speak louder than words, and I have seen this lived out through Pastor Kong’s life. He speaks of choosing love and reaching out to those who need God. And CHC is the biggest example of how he turned his words into action and brought hundreds of thousands to Christ through his church and ministries all over the world.

I hope you understand that as a young Christian I still have a lot to learn about God and His word, but everything I have written here is based on what i have learnt growing up and it is what i believe in. Also I am not using this as a attack against anyone who agrees with Michelle here, neither am i supporting the actions of CHC members. I just wanted to correct some things that I believe are mistaken.

Till the verdict is out, we shouldn’t be quick to make our own judgement.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


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88 Responses to “A Christian defends Kong Hee: Let us not be quick to make a judgement”

  1. sorahi said

    another christian protecting christian?
    please dont teach us what to do. we have our own mind.

    • RG said


      Tithing is compulsory. But it is only one of the many contributions at City Harvest Church. The others are Offerings, Aise and Build, and charity.

      • denim said

        I wish pastors and preachers would dare to teach the real TRUTH about tithing as written in the bible :

        1. Tithes are only farm produce and NEVER silver and gold. And not even catch from the sea !
        2. Tithes are only allowed to be collected by the LEVITES not priests or pastors.
        3. Tithes are only to be given to these – as food and sustainance for the Levites(10%), Priests(1%), Travellers and Widows.
        4. Tithes is no more in New Testament as it is part of Moses Law. Tithes is replaced by GIVING in New Testament.
        5. The bible says in NT that giving should be done cheerfully and without compulsion. How can there be non-compulsion if a compulsory 10% is imposed?
        6. The NT also says – let one set aside an amount he determined in his heart to give to the church beginning of each week.

  2. Jardel said

    Dunno what is the point of this article. Pray for him lah. If he is innocent then he should stay as a man and face the trial himself. However, if he is gulity as charged, then good luck. Beg for forgiveness? Too late. Try paying up the 50million plus interest. Ask God to pay for him then? Ironical….

  3. Ooh-la-la said

    Naive to the point of being simple minded. He can’t see the substance behind the form. Sad.

  4. Jaded said

    another waste time article by a CHC supporter who pretends to be neutral…. yawn

  5. Lin2012 said

    I couldn’t agree more with Celeste Lim more. Let’s not judge until it is proven guilty, since we have yet to hear his part of story. Kindly be gracious Singaporeans…

  6. Sad to hear said

    I do not know if this is how a Christian behaves. What did the Word teach? If your enemy slaps you on your right, do you return by slapping back? If this is what CHC teaches, then i rest my case. The verdict is in the court n nobody know if the 5 would be found guilty. I hope Christians would be able to stand up to the test when the verdict is announced. This would be worst for Christians at CHC though i would not rule out other believers.

  7. Navi said

    The first and original bible ever written was burnt and only a few pieces of it was recovered during the period of the religious war between the Muslims and Christians. the rest of the bible is written by human. this can be back by a video years back on discovery channel. i forgotten what is the title is, but it is found out by archaeologist, historians. whatever it is, religion is just a way of life. man are weak and seek religion as a form of relieve for their souls. Christians pray to god, and Buddhist pray to Buddha. Ultimately, we all seek to be better human. Knowing what is right or wrong. If Mr KH is really innocent, the law will be fair. Seriously, stop putting CHC down. and focus on the person. I use a stone and kill a person, blame me or the stone?

    • sweetbean said

      The bible has transcended many generations – are you telling us now that based on a documentary, the name of which you can’t even remember, you agree that this current bible is not “the” bible? I mean seriously….One video convinces you? Surely if it were true there must be a ton of supporting evidence. Please do share what it is so that Christians may know that this is not “the” bible they are reading but just “a” bible.

      • Pissed said

        Your bible which you hold has been revised countless times by man!

        So what version you using?

      • sweetbean said

        Hmmm…if as he claims the original was almost completely destroyed then it wouldn’t matter which version I am using now would it?

      • Ron said

        Quote: Skeptics and liberal Christian scholars both seek to date the New Testament books as late first century or early second century writings. They contend that these books were not written by eyewitnesses but rather by second or third hand sources. This allowed for the development of what they view as myths concerning Jesus. For example, they would deny that Jesus actually foretold the destruction of Jerusalem. Rather they would contend that later Christian writers “put these words into his mouth.”

      • SH said

        Like dictionary…. same, isn’t???

    • Jardel said

      Hello, are you an idiot? By stating this stupid question. I use a stone and kill a person, blame me or the stone? shows that your are really short up there. It is damn clear that you are at fault and you should bear the blame. Otherwise, we all know that without external physical force that accelerates the stone to a point that it could kill, the stone, while laying there in serenity, would not even kill a person. At best, if it is large enough, it could trip a person and he/she could be killed by the fall. Again, you need an external force for that to happen.

      Your question is profoundly stupid and it is damn obvious that you don’t know what is left and right or right and wrong. KH is CHC and CHC is KH. Otherwise, you would not have so many idiots who are his supporters behaving like gangsters outside the court on that date that he was charged.

      You really need to use your brain more…..

      • Actualization said

        Not only CHC followers behaved worse than illiterate punks outside sub ordinate Court. Those days when CHC congregation held at Sing Expo halls , one could almost immediate identify that the punks were from CHC ! Their undesirable and anti social behaviour throwing tons of litter outside respective hall area! Why? Simple truth is these punks felt that they are higher cast of Christians!!!

    • balls said

      KH is guilty and he is confirm going to prison. It is the sentence that is still not confirm. Oh i love your stone analogy but I will continue to verbally batter CHC for several reasons

      1) These sheep are blindly supporting a false prophet who clearly is misusing the funds. (he had a dream about the ridiculous crossover project)

      2) They are denial and can’t face the facts

      3) They are stupid and it pains me that they share the same air that i breathe

      4) All of the above

    • Alibabas said

      Navi: I read one part and I discredit the whole post already- Buddhists pray to Buddha? Srsly? go watch more DISCOVERY channel…yeah and also watch the Cartoon Network, im sure that is good for u n ur future kids….

      To Balls: U can continue to do so, but face possible karma action back at ur face in future lo…IF u kena accused of something or u done sth bad…

      To Jardel: Ur whole post smells of intelligence, until the part u PROCLAIMED CHC IS KH, KH IS CHC…sorry, but u belong to those who judge all muslims are terrorists just because they are muslims bunch…way to lump ppl man, CHC is v big fyi….even not frm there also know…

      • balls said

        yes if i have done smthing bad, i will own up to it and face the music..i wont run ard in circles smearing lies and deceive handicapped people (and by this i mean CHC supporters who are still delusional and supporting KH)

        But i know karma wont come back and bite me in the ass, because for one, i actually have a conscience, and i cant put myself in a situation like KH has. Good day and goodbye, cant believe i wasted 5 mins of my time on another idiot.

  8. Sad Old Man said


    In Singapore, it is guilty until proven innocent.

    AG won’t charge a person if he don’t have a case. AG like to win all his case hor. All evidences explicitly point to CBT, KH and gang has cheated the trust of CHC members. They all will burn in hell. A lot of Pastord go to hell too, if you go reading about pastors in USA.

    As a charity fund, CHC are accounted to public, whether christian or Buddhist, Muslim etc

    It is 100% confirm KH and Gang will go in, its is only not known how many years KH will go in. But as the WW plastic surgeon case has set a precedence, there are two Penal Code currently practice in Singapore, One for the Rich, and One for the Not Rich.

    Therefore, chances is that KH will get less than 10 years and the rest of the gang less than 7 years. Sun Ho also not be spared, cos she knowing spend the ill gotten money too, she will be charge later.

    CBT for such amount (50M) is life imprisonment, if you are in the Not Rich category, e.g. like the case in Asia Breweries- Chia Teck Leong 108M (gets 46years), SIA -Salary Clerk 24M (gets 26years), PUB -13M -Mr Chua (gets13 years). then KH 50M should get 50 years.

    You need to eat more salt before writing here.

    The VERDICT already out lah, only the sentencing is pending.

    • OMG said

      good saying and yes, THE HORSE FACE AND WHORE of the CHC, SUN HO should be burn in Hell for dancing with the Devil and getting all church fooled and leading them to Hell with her, well, really awaiting Singapore Govt to do something before the riot of this cult religion begin to strike back and looking at their HOOLIGAN behaviour in court the other day of the announcement, really shocked to hear themselves “children of God” rather, they are children of the Devil to behave in such gangster manner including Kong Hee and the gang, COCKY FACE AND WITH MAFIA PROTECTION! Com’on AG of Singapore, how can you let these men slap you on YOUR FACE!

    • respect said

      Old man, you are very wise. What you write is true.

    • ~~~ said

      good point … the justice system can’t raise a case until they have enough evidence …

  9. denzuko1 said

    “Seeing as the title of the article stated that it was written by a Christian, I was expecting to find something more objective and measured”

    Huh?! Christian = objective and measured?

  10. spotlessleopard said

    He has been charged and it is the Court which will find him guilty or not guilty. As for his alleged sins committed against the poor people in way of his extravagances in living in a 9.3million dolalr penthouse, flying first class, etc…HIS GOD will punish him if his God find him guilty of using GOD’s name to live the luxurious life of a KING and QUEEN on earth…using tithes money for his own ends….and if the SHEEPLE continue to give freely to this Man so He can live a luxurious life it is their fee will….”So What do you think?”

  11. fox said

    Luke 16:10-12.
    ’nuff said.

  12. matt2414 said

    For those christians or non christians who are still unsure about the 10% tithing or giving money whether it a commandment in the New Testament Church or not please read this link

    Christians are often taught that if they will faithfully tithe money, this will guarantee them favor with God, blessing, provision, protection and prosperity. The main problem with this logic (aside from the lie which suggests that God’s favor and His gifts can be purchased with money – Acts 8:20-22) is that all of these things (favor, blessing, provision, anointing, etc.) are already promised to every believer by God’s grace and to each who makes Christ his Lord. Nothing further is required. Let me put this very plainly another way: Even if you never tithe a cent of your money throughout your entire life as a Christian, it will not change God’s promise to watch over you, love you, protect you, bless you, lead you, provide for you or take you to heaven when this life is through! God does NOT want or need your “tithe” and there is nothing on earth you can do to buy His favor or blessing!

    • Pissed said

      In my Chinese hokkien way, your reply is a massive “huat ah”, you hit the nail to the point.
      Huat ah in your god’s favor not earthly riches!

    • Jardel said

      Pardon me saying this. If there is such a God who demand money from you so that you can gain favour, is this not the same as bribing that God for favours? It is a bribe…face it. So, I agree that no God will ever make this demand. If you are grateful, simply donate to the better cause out of your FREE will, not the hard sales tactics employed by Mr. KH and his unscruplous gang of greedy pastors.

    • Delacroix said

      GREAT explanation…….this will answer the question on tithe….

    • Whither tithing said

      Another good website to read but more in detail:

    • jojo said

      That’s why i always tell my friends to do all kind of funny things when young…
      Old liao then go church ask for forgiveness and give some money… Bye Bye Hell..

      • kaypoh said

        Haha yeah, like Jonathan Wong, and his “paranormal activity” looool

        Let them just try with our CJs…

    • anna said

      Thank you for this article Mat2414. This really clarified all the confusion. Anyhow, I believe as a Christians we are to continue to give to the church if we are greatly blessed by God. But our church has the great responsibilities to ensure that the monies are wisely donated to the poor and needy and to support relevant ministries to do works for the equipping and preaching of God’s Words.

      Thanks again.

    • Nick said


      The reason we can give is because God had given us. And we try to earn His favour by giving back to Him what He had already given us? His favour is already on us before we give. We gave out of gratitude and for His people who needs it. Not for us to receive more.

  13. Cute said

    I have went to the CHC service once and I also felt very uneasy and uncomfortable. It is not what I imagine a Church should be as a peaceful place but is more like a club. Especially when they pass around the form and expect us to fill in our Net or Credit Card information for donation to the Church. I was shocked..very shocked and I left the service hall.

  14. WTF said

    I can’t even express my own opionion without you judging me.. WTF is wrong with you?

  15. Big AL said

    Tithing is arguably unsupported by scripture. Check this out

    • Ron said

      The video clip above shows the complexities of the Bible. Even the learned pastor had to searched through the Bible to draw the conclusion about giving cheerfully to God. Apostle Paul never wrote about tithing. Pastors are quoting very narrowly and creating guilt over not tithing.

      I have never tithed my 10%. I give my offerings. My life has not been less blessed. I do not pray for my 100 times return. Tithing is not Investment for Riches. Instead of giving to the Church, I give to the poor directly.

  16. Neutral said

    If after two years of investigation and the 5 are acquitted then it shows how competent our COC/ CPIB are.

  17. jojo said

    hmm….. confess his sin only after being found guilty? That means he has every intention to be dishonest…
    Well done Pastor.

    • Joe said

      Those were my exact thoughts. What on earth is Celeste Lim talking about? So, you are saying that even if he was guilty but the court found him not guilty, then, he wouldn’t need to confess his sins? I have to admit that this was a relatively well written, objective post… up to that point. That point was completely off the mark. You are in actual fact saying that let MAN be the judge, not GOD.

  18. Leo said

    I do agree with the author. Lets not comment anything about the bible and the teachings as we as mortals know nothing. The root of the saga is the misuse of fund. Also does preaching requires Sun & family to stay in mansions, sentosa Cove, Sports cars & lavish lifestyle? Other than that, just leave it to the big man upstair to decide Kong’s fate.

  19. Terence Chong said


    > In the Bible it is written as a command to tithe, not as a suggestion. As a church, they are encouraging
    > people to obey God, not forcing them, and definitely not saying that they should give only because they
    > want to receive more from God and prosper. When asking for tithes and offering i remember often
    > hearing the pastor reminding the congregation that we give because we want to be more like Jesus and
    > we want to obey Him.

    Thats bullocks. Please show us WHERE in the bible is the COMMAND to tithe??!!!

    The new Testament Corinthians 9:7-9:7 states:
    Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

    There is no command, it’s voluntary and joyfully. Not under compulsion or command.

    You can’t even get the most basic thing right, and you want to preach to others? Aiyo!!

    • dogmeat said

      Must be KH school of teaching.. haha

    • Ron said

      Amen! I have long felt that pastors put fear and guilt into their flocks over tithing. And there have been many scandals in USA with regards to misusing funds collected by the church or congregation. There have been too many cheating Pastors.

      No need to tithe. I have been free from such nonsense for a long time. We have a loving God, not a vengeful God.

  20. Lollapalooza In SG said

    I am a non-Christian but one thing I came to know more about Christianity after the KH saga is it seems that Christians do not agree with each other and each have their own interpretation of the bible. Guess it’s best to remain a free thinker to avoid pointless arguments with my own people.

    • Ron said

      In the long history of Christianity wars have been fought, terrible things have been done under under the banner of Christianity. And the Church has evolved over the centuries. However, the simple message is just to believe in Him.

      It is also okay not to believe in an Eternal Being. There are many religions and also many free thinkers. There is freedom of choice. I never subscribed to those extreme teachings about condemning people to Hell because they did not believe in Jesus or that they do not tithe or that they worship idols. The Bible is confusing enough. Scholars do not all agree on everything.

      So, it boils down to just talking to God and forming my own personal relationship with Him.

    • Dreamer said

      To add.. Better use the brain la..!! Unless u cannot think…! 😉

    • kaypoh said

      Yeah u can justify almost anything by finding the appropriate passage in the book, if not u just interprete it the way u want to.

      If anything goes wrong just go confession & all is forgiven….

      YOG overspend $300mil…..forgiven

      SMRT breakdowns….forgiven – even thank the COI !!!

      etc etc

      Seems we are quite a Christian country 🙂

      Unless of course u r TT Durai, Ming Yi, or some pasta with 33,000 sheeple….

    • kaypoh said

      Yeah after 11 rounds of crusades, can’t beat the Muslims so back to Europe & it’s Catholics vs Protestants…. way to go, Dark Ages.

  21. ttt said

    At this stage, knowing how the Singapore Judiciary works, it is amazing that there are meeks that still believe KH is innocent. I think the police should just watch out for KH; he may just abscond.

  22. 龙的传人 said


  23. Beware of non biblical teachings said

    CHC leaders endorse 4th dimension, a concept of Yonggi cho, who is also investigated for misappropriation of church funds. He preaches at CHC sometimes, a close associate of KH. 4th dimension is not biblical. Beware of false teachers, read 2 Peter 2. Rev 22:18-20 says we are not to add on or take away from the bible.

  24. pngkueh_forever said

    Aiyoo, this case has nothing to do with the Bible and christainity and tithes. It is simply this : take money from account A and spend it on something that is of dubious nature and then put it back, even if interest is paid for constitues an Offence no matter how small the amount is. CAD has already spent 2 years digging piles of documents and traced the fantastic trips taken by tonnes of money ($50m). Surely, CAD can’t fail in this case or else the whole saga is a joke of our system. Now, it is a matter of just arguing, contesting and counter-contesting. The end result is very predictable……kena sent to harvest in a different cell of sort for a good number of years. Have you ever heard of CAD failing in their work if they decide to charge so and so ?

  25. sloo said

    ….and the author left to join another church…so much for her defense Kong Hee

  26. Money talks said

    Looks like their god is a businessman too …

  27. kaypoh said

    OP is not a CHC member but listened to countless sermons by KH….. rest my case.

  28. Michelle Tan said

    Celeste, the fact that the services made you feel uncomfortable and that you left prove, contrary to your words, that there is something awfully wrong with CHC. Judgment and reproach are two different things, I would like to reiterate. In the Bible, Jesus, Paul, etc etc did not hesitate to mince their words when it came to people who preached a false gospel…is Kong Hee would be arrested for nothing after years of intense audits? Stop blindly putting your faith in your pastor and writing letter to sue those who defame him/ cursing reporters outside court…but start behaving like a Christian. Put your faith in Jesus and protect HIS reputation instead. – Michelle Tan

  29. Laws of Nature said

    Naive, brain-washed sheep. Do you believe in Prosperity Gospel?

  30. Laser Ford said

    • OMG! said

      When I saw this I was so stunned by how twisted KH twisted the words of the bible and interpret it to suit himself. WTF! His English is really “one kind” to suit his mercenary purpose!!

      In the video, When he quoted John 12:7-8 “For the poor you have with you always, but ME you do not have always.” KH version is that Jesus is saying he is NOT poor and he classify himself as a “different” class from the poor people. OMG! This is sooooo wrong!!!!

      How I interpret the statement was that BECAUSE he is poor, and BECAUSE jesus is not going to always be with his disciples, which is why he said leave her alone as she has kept this for the day of her burial. Meaning that she had SAVED UP to buy this expensive oil. If she had been rich, she NEED NOT HAVE “KEPT this for the day”, she could have got it anytime. Only the poor will stash up expensive time and save them for the special moment. Think people, THINK. Use the brain that GOD bestow on you and not heed blindly from a fraud!

      SO the believers at CHC who buy KH theory that Jesus is proclaimed as rich just from this verse, really need to fucking get a brain and go back to English foundation course 101.

      • Laser Ford said

        Kong Hee doesn’t like this video. He asked YouTube to remove the video, claiming copyright.

        There is another longer version on the web (see post below).

  31. Laser Ford said

    Listen to the amazing story Kong Hee revealed when you replace the following words by him in the video.
    Judas –> Kong Hee
    Jesus –> City Harvest Church

    • Laws of Nature said

      Thanks for posting. Very appropriate video.. Kong Hee should change his name to Judas Hee.
      Now the bloke is desparately trying to seek cover amongst his brain-washed sheep and his space daddy.
      Lets see what his legal team, including a PAP MP, can do to get him off the $50-million-CBT hook!

      • Laser Ford said

        Kong Hee doesn’t like this video. He asked YouTube to remove the video, claiming copyright.

        There is another longer version on the web (see post below).

  32. Simon Low said

    When someone preach, he must not only preach his speech, he must also preach his own soul and action.
    3 must be inline with one another, and that what we call true preaching.
    If you can only preach, and not preaching your own action, better don’t preach people, especially when preaching wrong meanings to true teachings.
    We should also question the teachings, and not blindly adhere to it ( doesn’t teachers always teach us that??)
    Only you will know about your own soul, while others can listen to your speech and see your action.
    Court of Law will shows you what is ” Reap what you Sow”. So don’t worry so much since judgement will be made.

    It may seems true that one is guilty unless proven innocent( in Singapore). But if you’re innocent, how can the prosecutor provide the true evidence? Of course the court has to charge the person first if there’re evidence to show wrongdoing( not guilty), but even without $$, you can go on court yourself and defend yourself. After proven innocent, courter-sue the prosecutor for wasting resources

  33. jck said

    “In the Bible it is written as a command to tithe, not as a suggestion”

    Unless you are a jew living when the temple was still around with the Levites serving.
    Even then, tithing was of the produce of the ground for the levites.

    The temple is no longer around.

    The prosperity teachers love to use this to preach as it helps with the church’s coffers.
    Next time, they preach tithing from the old testament, ask them
    “what about circumcision?” 😉

    Read more here, a very comprehensive writeup on tithing in its scriptural context


  34. Laws of Nature said

    Another video clip to help naive, deluded sheep esp CHC people like Celeste Lim.
    “Prosperity Gospel: Rise of Dark Faith”

  35. chanel said

    A sin is a sin. Its a fact that he has done something wrong, its a fact that he misused the funds. We are not judging, but facts are there, right in front of your eyes. Pray for? Prayers aren’t going to make him escape his sentence.

    So what if after the verdict is out? Are you chc members going to continue support him? Its obviously a sin, and you all are like approving to what he has done, then what’s the definition of sins? You all said you worship God, is that really the case?

    • Thinker said

      Agree. Then again, I think even after the verdict is out and against Kong Hee, his supporters may still blindly support him and still think the funds had not been misused. A cult is one which the members continue to support the leader regardless of what the leader has done wrongly. These members can’t even differentiate what’s right and wrong.

      • chanel said

        Ya. Indeed they can’t differentiate what’s a sin, and yet they call themselves children of God. What kind of example as christians are you chc members giving us?

        Let’s say he killed someone, and that obviously a very wrong mistake, are you chc members going to give support to a murderer? Then you all are truly blinded by idolizing him instead of listening to God’s word.

        – Luke 17:3: “if your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them.”

        You all don’t seem to be disapproving to what he has done, but still supporting him. You are a child of God, not child of Pastor Kong. Pastor Kong isn’t your God, get that fact right.

  36. denim said

    Unfortunately many have alread judged him to be innocent. “Do not judge” cuts both ways you know.

  37. Laser Ford said

    Kong Hee put words in Jesus’s mouth.
    Watch from 6:10-9:30

    He can delete my video on YouTube but he can’t delete all his lies on the web.
    Enjoy his lies in this video clip!

  38. Laser Ford said

    Listen to the amazing story Kong Hee revealed when you replace the following words by him in the video.
    Judas –> Kong Hee
    Jesus –> City Harvest Church
    Watch from 4:50-6:15

  39. Tracy said

    Kong hee may have broken the law of man but he may not have broken the law of God. Men will condemn someone to death for breaking the law, but God says to forgive them. I don’t know whether kong hee is innocent or not, but I do know that Jesus did break some of man’s law when he was human

  40. Sad Old Man said

    Jesus broke the Law formulated/created by the non-christian Law maker.

    CH broke the Law formulated/created by Bible reading /CHRISTIAN Law maker.

    KH snd Gangs will burn in hell

  41. The Rational Mind said

    Let me get this straight – “if he is found guilty, he would definitely confess his sins because this is what he has taught me”.

    Really? This is how you defend his Christian values? Only apologize if found guilty in court of law? Shame on you if you call yourself a Christian and these are your values.

    I just don’t know whether the guy is guilty or not. If he is, they must make a real example of him and get every cent back from him like Durai had to pay back.

  42. Fruit tree said

    I am a Christian ……… and sorry but I cannot understand your position. You said that if Khong is found guilty – he would surely confess?……. confess after he is proven wrong? No need then ……… based on your own account of what goes on in CDC ….. it have every aspects of an organization that strives on the individual’s need for acceptance, comfort, social and above all hope ……….. but at a price (whether you call it tithe, donation or what not). This organization also allowed individuals with commercial motives to join and influence the congregation.
    You mentioned also that Khong Hee brought many to his Church ……… but as true Christians? It is very interesting that in your 15 odd paragraphs I did not (maybe I’d overlooked ……. sorry) you did not once mentioned ‘Salvation’ ……… isn’t that the basis of being Christians? Christians are supposed to ‘pay’ to God not with money but with Christ-like deeds ……. and also to preach this good news to the poor, lonely, oppressed and all …….. preaching through our works of Christ-like deeds. The last time I read the bible (its been a long time) I recalled Christ as a poor fisherman …….. not a man of looks nor status. If CDC is the model Church for Christ …….. he would have been a rock star ……… sha-shaying around and converting through promises of wealth and prosperity. Nay ……… he told his disciples to prepare for persecution and hard times. No where in the bible did he promise wealth ………..

  43. Toronto said

    “judge not lest ye be judged”

    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    These are quotes from the bible that are being abused by CHC followers to serve their needs and purposes. They are the very people that go all out to make venom judgement, condemn non-belivers and demonize other religions. Yet, they are now shamelessly trying to refrain people from making fair comments on open facts. The facts are all out, it is a matter of pending final judgement by the Court of the State.

    • Esj said

      Those quotes are abused by many. Many Christian (Catholic and Protestant) biblical scholars have pointed out on their online sites that the phrase ‘Judge not lest Ye be judged’ is to caution us not to make rash and immoral judgments on others, not totally cannot make judgments.

  44. chcsuck said

    Well be judged then , why can’t we judge them ? i don’t see a reason why that i had joined CHC service twice and already know truth about the verdict who is a convict . I’m no young christian and do u even know what does christian means ? Showing support for leaders and not idolizing them ? STOP LYING TO YOURSELF YOU BAD LIAR . I’ve been to many churches and attended different kind of service but all but 1 provide sponsors splashed all over OHP . Try swapping another pastor and say clap and cry even louder for god and compare the effects from your dolby speakers ? And stop using the bible to stay prove which are lies to begin with , the bible speaks of the past and give mediums to the future , it doesn’t state the permits of what and why people should do it . We do not Obey and that is why we are here , we are here to develop divinity so to be able to rebirth properly without the need of obedience , which is used for animals who are not given a choice . We are given choices and we are being loved . Please stop your nonsensical way of preaching and defending of the verdict who had tarnished the name of many . Who are we to judge ? For who is the verdict to begin with without us judging ? And with wrong judgement therefore encourages the verdict to compromise everything for greed , for the betrayer of God . ” You ” are responsible for who is he and he alone would not be brought to the facade of the court without bane’s nurturing from you people .

  45. Fact Finder said

    Alothough we shouldn’t be quick to make our own judgement before the verdict is out, we can make quite a few observations from the reporting in the media:

    1) It is difficult to comprehend how the wife of a pastor, who herself also claimed a pastor, can produce such videos in the name of Christ to save souls.
    2) How is it justifyable for her to spend $28k/mth for the rental of the mansion in LA while she was producing these videos, not the mention the other costs that have been allegedly spent.
    3) It is quite questionable a pastor can be earning so much that he is able to afford a property in Sentosa Cove and living such excessive lifestyle. Does this lifestyle befit a religious leader?

    Even if he is finally not convicted of the alleged crimes, I will still have second thought of him and his wife based on the above observations. If a person cannot make some simple judgement like this, he/she is probably brain dead.

  46. Laser Ford said

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