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Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong sexually abused 15 year old girl during ‘paranormal activity’ trip

Posted by temasektimes on July 5, 2012

Former MOE scholar Jonathan Wong is a ‘sheep in the wolf’ clothing as he slowly befriended a 15 year old girl from his church choir with the perverted intention of having sex with her!

After chatting with the girl online and listening to her family problems, Wong asked her if he could talk to her about sex and said he would teach her about it.

The next day, Wong took her to a handicapped person’s toilet at the Esplanade and told her he had had sex there with his girlfriend from NUS, aged 22 years of age.

Though the victim initially rejected his request, she eventually did so after Wong agreed to accompany her for a ‘paranormal activity’ on another occasion during which he sexually abused her in the toilet by performing oral sex on her.

Later on 19 June 2011, Wong had unprotected sex with her on a staircase at Riverside Point in Merchant Road.

In December 2010, Wong was given a suspended six-month sentence by a British court for downloading child pornography while on his MOE scholarship which had been revoked, causing his parents to sell off their home to repay the S$175,000 in bond fees he owed to the MOE.

According to a psychiatrist who examined him, Wong is a paedophile who has to be kept away from underage females. He is expected to be sentenced this coming Monday.


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21 Responses to “Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong sexually abused 15 year old girl during ‘paranormal activity’ trip”

  1. Chicken Pie said

    Alas, this guy will be lao ah pek by the time he gets out of jail…..

  2. papsmear said

    The girl got possessed after paranormal activity. Then jonathan try to exorcist by sucking out the spirit from her lobang.

  3. vitas said

    shld be jailed to avoid harm to the innocents.

  4. IamnotFT said

    This is why gov don’t want to give scholarship to Singaporean…
    send them to oversea make Singapore shame only…

  5. He is an undisireable character in this Country a total disgrace to himself and to his family.

  6. Blue Nights said

    There should be a registry for sex offenders so that people know where they live and take precautions to protect their loved ones from such predators.

    Here is a chance for one of our “talented” PAP ministers to get into the limelight by actually doing something useful. Whoever you are, the MCYS talent, this project should occupy many hours of your taxpayer paid time.

    • jojo-joget88 said

      Agree with Blue Nights – Singapore is first world country in many ways except for the way the govt treats its own people. For our sakes we should make them earn their money by doing some actual work!! Arrgghh!! -Ex-60%

  7. Big Daddy said

    Isn’t 15 year old girl a bit old for a paedophile?
    Come to Big Daddy, I will introduce you to the world of MILF, they are experienced, have money, humble and willing to swallow.

  8. Hassan Eliwa said

    i downloaded paranormal activity ( and it scared the shit out of me!! loved it though!

  9. Singapore needs a sex offenders’ registry.

  10. Lim said

    I guess there is no effective treatment for paedophiliacs except put their names on a register to warn parents of small girls. Will chemical castration help to dampen his urge for young children?

    • Blue Nights said

      No. Studies have shown that it is not effective. It is more than just sex. There is power and the cycle of abuse that gets repeated. Therapy has better efficacy but costs too much money and no one is going to pay for it.

      And pedophilia also includes boys as victims (Catholic priests one of the worst culprits.)

      • This is the problem with Catholicism, priests expect to be absolved every time they did a boy. Even worse, they are immune to prosecution as they are “clergy“

  11. Ah Heng said

    If he was a PRC, sure kenna jia lak jia lak from netizens…….

  12. Zam said

    Wow…its nice

  13. Wicked Brain said

    This wolf in sheep skin must be given a server punishment.
    Hopefully by the time he is out of jail, he will be too old for sex.
    Then it will be consider safe to put him on the streets.

  14. pervert said

    this guy is incorrigible and dangerous!! If he cannot control his sexual urge maybe should sterilize him to protect society at large.

    • jojo-joget88 said

      Agreed. The funny part is I know him, and I know the victim – I used to attend the services at the church they met at.. if you saw him personally, he looks so humble, and so soft-spoken.. How he fooled us all with his “repentant” image!

  15. jojo-joget88 said

    He cannot even be trusted with his own daughters, if he has any in future – yes, he deserves to be chemically castrated.

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