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Police refuses to take action against illegal foreign occupant staying in condominium of Singaporean

Posted by temasektimes on July 5, 2012

A Singaporean living overseas was shocked when a foreigner broke into her condominium and stayed there without her permission. To compound matters, the Singapore police refused to take action after she lodged a police report!

Feeling helpless and lost, she posted her feedback directly to Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean on his Facebook:

According to Isabelle Ong, she has been contacting the police officer to no avail:

“I need an urgent help. I have been contacting the Singapore Police Force for assistance because a foreigner has broken into my condominium and been staying there….I have been calling from overseas and I have been kept waiting for hours to speak to a Jerry Wong Senior Staff Sergeant (ID 96869), he refused to answer my call. I have also spoken to a Mdm Nor Hayati (ID3280). They sent patrol officers down to do some routine questioning and this illegal occupant who is a foreigner is still there, despite having broken into the house and despite not having any authority to stay.”

She expressed her disappointment at the inaction of the Singapore Police Force:

“This foreigner has even brought in 2 dogs and a maid into the house. Just because we are overseas, our house can be illegally broken into and occupied? Tell me, Mr Teo, should I lose faith in Singapore? Of course, I have no choice but to seek your intervention now. My police report number is #J/20120703/0020. This is lodged with the Jurong Branch – telephone number 67910000”

Mr Teo replied that he has asked the police to look into the facts of the case and to contact the complainant.

Such incidents are relatively common in Malaysia where horrendous stories were heard about illegal foreign occupants staying in condominiums owned by Singaporeans and it is quite appalling that it has happened in Singapore now.




49 Responses to “Police refuses to take action against illegal foreign occupant staying in condominium of Singaporean”

  1. kong man under the sun said

    Foreigner in spore can do what ever they like,vote out pappp ge2016

  2. I am in doubt to see this case, first instance how is she is to know that her house has been occupied? how would she know in detail even dogs were brought in the house? Is the occupier an aquiantance of her to be at her unit, why don’t he go to other empty units? All these questions raised doubt in this case.

    • Joan Nield Chee said

      what’s there to doubt? she could have called her neighbors, friends or relatives to intervene on her behalf to check who is occupying her premises. Who in the right mind would confront this foreigner on their own as well? If u are the one overseas, would u risk asking people to help to that extend which may result in a fight? this lady did the right thing by lodging a report and whoever has been giving her the info about the dogs and maid did the right thing by not confronting that foreigner head on. We do it the legal way and at the end, whatever the case may be, something like this SHOULDN’T be happening in SG at all.

      • Clarence Lee said

        Totally agree, there is no point to get your neighbors involved in the case, She is already lucky the neighbors alerted her no this event, who knows if the foreigner is even planning to rent out the place to other people. We should at least expect an arrest should the foreigner really trespass and illegally staying in a resident’s house. If there’s no arrest, you know what that means…

  3. P Koh said

    If it is a condo, why didn’t she ask the Security Management how this could have happened.? As any person not being a resident will have to report to the guard house first before being granted entry, something is definitely amiss. Also how did he gain access if he is an intruder for he has no key to make entry short of calling a locksmith to unpick the lock or he is an expert in breaking locks. This may not be a simple story as indicated here. If the police has visited the premises and
    has done nothing about it, then again there must be good reasons.

  4. spotlessleopard said

    TT canyou have a follow up story on this?

  5. Jane Wong said

    I fully agree that there’s defintely more than meets the eye….how can a foreignerbreak into her condo unit as claimed? Probably this foreigner was a friend that was asked to stay and to take care of her unit whilst she is away. ….? Unbelievable………

  6. mahbok tan said

    Yes if this is true , i think we need to ask our captain Pritam to raise it in parliament……!!!

    SGpore are no longer safe for SGporeans.

  7. Doubt said

    i think this guy is trying to screw mr teo with his donkey story… lol i have a lot of doubts in this story

  8. my sympathy said

    Seek legal action, sue for trepassing and damages and rental costs.

  9. 2wwilly said

    making public a false report will pay dearly to the home team….maybe the police can auction the condo unit…

  10. OMGKthxbye said

    how is this possible in the 1st place? condominium with additional security and this actually happens? How does the foreigner know that the owner of the condo is out of the country working in the 1st place? also if the owner is out of the country and base on my understanding, there shouldnt have anybody at home, how did she noe that there is this foreigner living in her house? not to mention the dogs and the maid along with him..

  11. Clara said

    Sound suspicious. Many inconsistencies. I think probably a dispute over rental or what? Ya, how would she know who is staying there? And also, if I am the owner, I will rush back to settle this already. I won’t wait 2 weeks. I think probably a rental dispute lah…

  12. Rafiet said

    What the hell???

  13. Tan Big Tan said

    This sounds really bizarre. I’d withhold judgement until further investigation – it may be that she (or someone in her family) rented out the apartment to the foreigner. But either way some detective work is needed.

  14. KHENG said

    The tenant probably lease has expired, but in the tenancy agreement it stated 1 or 2 years lease with a option to renew or for what ever reason. The owner may not honor what is stated in the tenancy agreement hence the tenant want the landlord to come back and sort out face to face.The landlord may just want the police to help them to get the tenant out from their behalf.When the police visited the premises I believe him should have shown proof to the police.

  15. asd said

    you need to pass through security guards to go to condo,unless you have card to pass thorough the door. there must be some missing facts! partial story again…..

  16. Geo said

    MCST managing agent manager of condominium together with police can ask for particulars of occupant and the authorisation documents to be shown….simple solution……wonder what the MCST and police doing?

  17. Jefferson said

    If she is overseas she must have someone, relative or friend to keep check on her flat. This person must have ‘rented’ the flat for some quick money without informing the owner.

  18. Peter said

    feels like a case of “tenant not longer paying the landlord” scenario ….

  19. jojo said

    SPF can be quite a screw up in some cases… but this story seems rather far fetch…
    If the foreigner can’t produce any proof that he is suppose to be living there, I do not believe that the MIB will just let him off..

    Maybe she used the wrong term.. instead of “broken in”, maybe the foreigner refused to leave after the lease ended or gets terminated…

    Let’s see if there’s any follow up… hope our MIB not so screwed yet..

  20. farah said


  21. Navi said

    Trespassing is an offence which can be arrested. No doubt about it. And if the police report is being made a J Division, is she the person who made it herself? And seriously, if that fella has ‘broken’ into the flat, do you think he or she will be stupid enough to stay there and allow the police to question and still stay there? if there is no proof that fella is authorized to stay there, that fella would have been arrested for house breaking! Stop lying through your teeth! and brush your teeth before you lie!

  22. bb said

    Pappy gov enjoyed sg ppl property occupied by foreigners- it shows the policy works and as you nowadays SPF are quite uselesss compare to last time.

  23. Bai Hu said

    OMG!!! How come our SG police force becomes so f**ked up nowadays 😦

  24. Ris High said

    Just for the heck of it, Malaysia is mentioned to spruce up the article. Wtf? lol

  25. Judy said

    Maybe our police is only brave when arresting Sinkies and opposition politicians. Our soldiers also have never faced a real threat. They only know how to cheer and clap and shout and act brave. When faced with a man armed with a screw driver, our soldiers surrender and hand over their rifles.

  26. This stupid condo owner is far from the truth. Not telling us the facts and expect the police to be the Enforcers. This is a civil matter.Get educated and get a lawyer. Don’t cry baby and let the whole world know about your problems.

  27. Kim said

    Gosh imagine if there is no facebook would Teo chee Hean look into the case?

  28. P Whang said

    I am shocked that the police would not do anything. Perhaps they are claiming that it is a civil suit to be settled between the owner of the condo unit and the occupier. To ascertain whether it is a civil suit the police must check whether
    1. The occupier has any legal document to claim his right to stay in the unit.
    2. The occupier was an existing or previous tenant and has some connection with the unit.

    If the occupier, whether local or foreigner, cannot produce any documentary proof as indicated above, then the police MUST immediately take action to arrest the occupier and charge him/her for housebreaking and trespassing.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the Singapore police is now very short-handed to protect the ordinary people because they have diverted a very huge resource to concentrate their protection on the Ministers and MPs.
    If foreigners can suka suka move into any empty premises with impunity then the price of our property will definitely drop tremendously.

  29. J said

    Firstly, the foreigner will have to know when is Isabelle out of Singapore. Secondly, he/she would have known beforehand Isabelle would be gone for a long time. Third, he/she must be a familiar face at the condo, to the extent the security would not even question him/her when he/she brings 2 dogs and a maid (and possibly a whole bunch of clothes, furniture, necessities) to stay at the apartment. The first 2 factors are information not readily available to anyone but the owner isnt it. Unless she divulges it to another person. And that person would have to be a friend or family. Very weird story.

  30. lol said

    I only notice the weird name… Is the owner a he our she. Call the fellow Isabelle or James?

  31. LkySi said

    Disconnect the power and water supplies and give Singapore Power a copy of your Police Report to prevent any re-connection without your consent

  32. Heha said

    The lady must have known the person thats staying in her house. It’s a condo! You need access card, you walk/drive pass the guard house everyday. If the police and condo management did nothing means the person had prove or documents he/she is rightfully staying there. Police will make a check and will know she is just making a story up. ComplainT so much but in the end still making use of the government.

  33. Anon said

    Confirm owner of the condo is not telling the whole story and i hope SPF will charge (waste police time) the owner if he/she is proven made a false police report

  34. Gan Ning said

    I dun get it, so literally an unknown man just went in and stay there randomly?

  35. Annil Singh said

    Ask indian gangster come to the house and burn it down. May I recommend sembawang dynamite !, i got their business card somewhere here i’m sure.

  36. dodo said

    Sounds like a nut job who need to explain that she/he “still loves Singapore” to the police. As if the police force will work or not work based on her patriotism level.

    The professionalism of Singapore police force alone, has more credibility than this crazy person who has escaped overseas, feeling the need to explicitly declare her “love”, and yet losing faith in Singapore.

  37. Ni Hong said

    “Coffee shop talk”. There are many illegal Foreigner overstay in Singapore as long as 10 years. I don’t want to believe it and I hope this is not true. What happening to Singapore . “Swiss Living Standard” My foot…

  38. vitas said

    seems to be 1 side of the whole story. could be a tenant and landlord relationship that gone sour. typical reaction of a typical sgpn.

  39. Rusdan said

    Well i think this women talk crap. And oh my do y think by placing the officer ID make anything diff. What a joke!

    I do believe in the Singapore Police Force system of policing and investigation. There is no way they allow this to happen. It may be a case that this women actually allow them to stay there and after a dispute she try to make a big fuzz abt it.

    Get a life women

  40. miyamiya said

    if you not staying in the house let ppl stay la why so selfish xD

  41. Steve Lee said

    @Miyamiya. You’re an idiot. However there is more to this than meets the eye.

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