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Disillusioned former youth leader of opposition switches support to PAP

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

A former youth leader of the opposition has expressed his disappointment with the Singapore opposition and switches support to the PAP!

26 year old Abdul Malik made the headlines in 2010 when he was arrested for posting critical comments about then Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on his Facebook.

Soon after his arrest, he joined the Singapore Democratic Party and attacked the PAP during its rally held at Hong Lim Park. He subsequently left the party and joined PKMS or the Singapore National Malay Organization.

In a series of comments posted on his Facebook lately, Abdul Malik asked what the opposition has done for Singapore during the last 20 years:

He added that he will vote for those who have proven that they can take care of him and his family.

Singapore has been governed by the ruling PAP since independence which holds 81 out of 87 seats in parliament with the remaining 6 seats being held by the Workers Party, considered by many as merely a ‘subsidiary’ party of the PAP rather than an ‘opposition’ party due to its pathetic performance in parliament so far.


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Chan Chun Sing: Singapore could claim soccer gold in SEA games 2015

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

The Southeast Asia (SEA) Games hosted by Singapore in 2015 may be still three years away, but Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing is already ‘counting his chicks before they are hatched.’

Speaking in an interview with the media, the Acting Minister said he is ‘quietly confident’ that Singapore could claim the soccer gold in 2015.

Singapore’s best result in the SEA Games football tournament are the three silvers which the Lions won in 1983, 1985 and 1989.

Former FAS Chairman Mah Bow Tan infamously declared that Singapore could qualify for the World Cup in 2010 back then in the 2000s.


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Blackout at City Hall MRT station

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

Just after Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew heaped generous praises on members of the Committee of Inquiry (COI) for doing a ‘good’ work analyzing the two major SMRT breakdowns last year, a major screw-up hit SMRT again.

Parts of City Hall MRT station have been hit by a power blackout at about 1.30pm on Friday, causing confusion and panic among some commuters.

Speaking to queries from the media, SMRT said the blackout affected the platforms serving the northbound and west-bound trains.

It explained that its staff are fixing the problem and due to the power trip, it could not alert commuters, but staff are using loud hailers to inform them of the blackout.

Photo source: Hardwarezone EDMW forum

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PHOTO: ‘Great Harmony Race’ (with new citizens) at Hong Lim Park

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

The older generation of Singaporeans were taught in schools since young that there are four major races in Singapore – Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

The relentless influx of foreigners in recent years has changed Singapore’s demographics beyond recognition and it appears that there are now four additional new ‘races’ in Singapore judging from the poster below:

Will you be going to the event above to ‘integrate’ (or assimilate?) with the newcomers so as to make them feel welcomed, accepted and happy in Singapore?


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SPH demands payment from local SME ‘Twelve Cupcakes’ for sharing interviews and stories written about them

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

The boss of a successful home-grown SME ‘Twelve Cupcakes’ Daniel Ong was shocked to receive an email from Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) demanding payment for the interviews granted to its papers and magazines.

Daniel Ong and his wife have given a couple of interviews to the SPH papers and magazines after which they share them with their ‘fans’ on Facebook and Twitter.

They were shocked and disgusted after they received an email from SPH:

“We get an email stating that we need to pay SPH $535.00 per story about Jaime(my superstar wifey) and our Successful business Twelve cupcakes. Oh And there’s also a $214 fee for investigating us…huh?!?!?!?! So all in all we owe them about $3k…??? FOR sharing it on social media and our own website.”

Daniel expressed his unhappiness on his Facebook:

“Did you know? Biz owners are not allowed to share stories about themselves on their websites unless they pay… Stalls/cafes etc …cant photocopy and then put it at their stalls or sign boards for people to see…Unless they pay…”

After they agree with remove all the articles, they receive a reply from SPH that they still need to pay a fee for their ‘investigation’:

“Whats even better… i replied them saying we will take down all articles and we get a super cold reply saying “Since you will remove the articles…” YOU NOW NEED TO PAY SPH $214 as an investigation fee on you. HUH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

SPH is the only print media company in Singapore and enjoys an ABSOLUTE MONOPOLY in the market. Unless a second independent media company emerges to give it some competition, Singaporeans will have to live under its ‘mercy’ forever.

Read rest of Daniel Ong’s note here.

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MOE: Our teachers must have “mainstream” (virgin) values

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

Following the controversy arising from media reports on the Ministry of Education’s key messages for its teachers of its updated sexuality education programme which insinuates that they need to practise abstinence from pre-marital sex, the ministry has issued a clarification on its Facebook that it will not pry into the personal lives of its teachers.

“When we said the teachers must have ‘mainstream values’, they must know what these values are, and have the life experience, maturity and wholesome values to impart these values and provide sound advice to their students,” the statement said.

It added that it will “not be prying into teachers’ personal lives (phew!)”, saying that its teachers need to understand its values on sexuality.

However, MOE still refuses to confirm whether its statement meant that its teachers would need to practice abstinence or not.

MOE was rocked by a series of sex scandals involving its teachers and scholars which led some to question its selection process.

Former principal of Pei Chun Primary School was jailed nine weeks for having sex with an underage prostitute while another teacher Chua Ren Cheng is still waiting trial for the same case.

This week, a former MOE scholar Jonathan Wong was charged in court for having sex with a 15 year old girl.

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Samantha Ann Francis Incident – What Does NTU Think?

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

I refer to the recent fiasco over the fabricated STOMP posting of an MRT train moving with doors open by Ms Samantha Ann Francis.

It has been made known over the media that the picture, which she initially claimed was taken by her, was taken from a Twitter post (“Stomp staff sacked over false ‘MRT open door photo'”, AsiaOne, 25 Jun 2012). Her fabricated posting was taken seriously by SMRT and the general public, and caused much alarm. Ms Samantha topped things off by meeting SMRT staff and telling them how she supposedly saw the open doors and took a picture of them. SMRT investigated her account of the incident, which the STOMP editor said she stood by, and found through EZ Link card and video records that she was not at Lakeside station (“So, was door of moving train open?”, The Straits Times, 22 June 2012).

Ms Samantha has since been sacked for breaching journalism ethics, and rightfully so. Her actions were not professional and showed a shocking lack of values. She is understood to be a student of English Language and Literature at the Nanyang Technological University, and is expected to graduate soon. I would like to ask if the University stands for what she has done, and if they would still allow her to graduate with a degree from the University.

Illyas Faisal

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MOF clarifies: Each household eligible for only one GST voucher

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

Following ‘feedback’ from some Singaporeans, the Ministry of Finance has issued a clarification yesterday that “each household is eligible for only one GST Voucher (GSTV) – U-Save rebate, similar to past U-Save rebates.”

From Monday onwards, Singaporeans started receiving their GSTV notification letters from the government which led some to misunderstand they will be receiving the vouchers individually.

As a matter of fact, each household is only entitled to one GST voucher which is based on the flat type and not the size of the household.

The MOF said that on average, the GSTV will help lower-income families offset about half of the GST they pay each year.

Retiree couples living alone in smaller flats can expect to receive a GSTV that will more than fully offset their yearly GST expenses.

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