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Blackout at City Hall MRT station

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

Just after Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew heaped generous praises on members of the Committee of Inquiry (COI) for doing a ‘good’ work analyzing the two major SMRT breakdowns last year, a major screw-up hit SMRT again.

Parts of City Hall MRT station have been hit by a power blackout at about 1.30pm on Friday, causing confusion and panic among some commuters.

Speaking to queries from the media, SMRT said the blackout affected the platforms serving the northbound and west-bound trains.

It explained that its staff are fixing the problem and due to the power trip, it could not alert commuters, but staff are using loud hailers to inform them of the blackout.

Photo source: Hardwarezone EDMW forum


26 Responses to “Blackout at City Hall MRT station”

  1. Eric said

    What a joke! No fine is fine.

  2. George said

    What a joke.

  3. redskevin said

    It wasn’t a blackout, the station master taught it was earth hour, and accidentally switched off the lights. At least that is what the SMRT Ltd Feedback page on Facebook said.

  4. peh said

    WAH LAH AAA, COI1 not enough ah. Must spent on COI2 leh. Minister Lui ‘s pay must cut until Bo Liu(no money), if not his job sure bao tan(sure earn), bao jia(sure eat) for not solving anythings like Peh and she already resigned.

  5. papsmear said

    I 1.30 go lunch also off the light. Sometime I off aircon also. Ok lah… No problem.

  6. U ask for it! said

    U really have to believe. When Raymond LIm was the Transport Minister getting Million Dollars Salary u hardly heard many major issues but this LTY really damned “sway”. Since he took over everything in the transport portfolios screwed up.

  7. lim said

    COI turned out to be a diplomatic exercise with sugar-coated pills instead of tackling the bull by the horns like what really went wrong, who didn’t do their work and the whole culture of maximising profits. The blackout must be a criticism from the above.

  8. Pervert said

    ok, all molesters better own up.
    We caught you on infra-red video cameras.

  9. JONAH LUI said

    What a disgrace! All those rail operators in Hong Kong, Taiwan, PRC and Japan are laughing their asses off to see that this pee sai is really screwing things up…….Badly.

    Once upon a time, we had a reasonably acceptable MRT system.

    Now? Bah, malu to even think about it.

  10. Got smartphone got light said

    The blackout was to give commuters the chance to use their smartphone’s flashlight la. If not where got chance to use.

  11. Jack said

    I think better not for Minister Lui to say any more, each time when he said something good, something bad will happen, sometime you got to believe there is such things!

  12. jaded said

    there was no blackout, only dimming in isolated spots in the station

  13. Invictus said

    I thought underground MRT suppose to double as bomb shelter .. Seriously, no back up generator ?? So Singaporeans suppose to sit through a bombing in the dark ?

    • Kp said

      Agreed. Backup generator should have auto kicked in. Similiarly on a vessel such occurrence happens, auto switch over.

  14. Stupidity said

    from the picture you can see the backup light is still up and running but for how long is another issue. And seriously why is there no maintenance of anything at all!? seriously… all the money they earn juz simply give to investor and nothing is done to upkeep the services or equipment?

  15. Lim said

    They insisted trains were still running in the dark for 90 minutes. Haha!!

  16. Kp said

    Good that emergency lights works. On a lighter note, considered this an emergency preparedness exercise. Keep calm.

  17. Big Daddy said

    Anyone got molested???
    Come to Big Daddy, I will hold your breasts for you and protect them to prevent other people from molesting you. C cups above to apply, I have big hands. A/B cup no need to worry, nobody want to touch, they rather squeeze their own ass cheeks.

  18. Use your EQ said

    I guess MSM will invent a new word for this…..

  19. kaypoh said

    Aiyah, they were filming a scene for Dark Night Rises…..later LTY will appear in mask & cape to “rescue” trapped passengers….

    After all one minister already appear with Stormtroopers liao…..

  20. Bai Hu said

    I guess Lui has got a poisonous & unlucky mouth. Whenever he heaps praises to the MRT, problem will arises. Better for him to keep quiet.

  21. solaris8899 said

    Is Mr L doing his jobs or just sweet talk?

  22. kaypoh said

    Tuck Yew, Lui !!!

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