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Disillusioned former youth leader of opposition switches support to PAP

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

A former youth leader of the opposition has expressed his disappointment with the Singapore opposition and switches support to the PAP!

26 year old Abdul Malik made the headlines in 2010 when he was arrested for posting critical comments about then Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on his Facebook.

Soon after his arrest, he joined the Singapore Democratic Party and attacked the PAP during its rally held at Hong Lim Park. He subsequently left the party and joined PKMS or the Singapore National Malay Organization.

In a series of comments posted on his Facebook lately, Abdul Malik asked what the opposition has done for Singapore during the last 20 years:

He added that he will vote for those who have proven that they can take care of him and his family.

Singapore has been governed by the ruling PAP since independence which holds 81 out of 87 seats in parliament with the remaining 6 seats being held by the Workers Party, considered by many as merely a ‘subsidiary’ party of the PAP rather than an ‘opposition’ party due to its pathetic performance in parliament so far.



55 Responses to “Disillusioned former youth leader of opposition switches support to PAP”

  1. Disgusted said

    What a running dog.

    • We knew this would happen. said

      Pathetic indeed.

      • ANGRY Bird said

        he is no fighter. there’s only “K K K” in him. that’s Kiasee, Kiasu and Kiaboh!

    • aloysius12 said

      Is PaP is short of supporters?

    • mel said

      Two headed snake!

    • wikileaks said

      this is what call 25 boys … in Hong Kong

    • sorahi said


    • Compatriot said

      I think he wants to be like Yatiman the ex malay news paper journalist/reporter who disparagingly blasted the PAP and later was given and stood as a retired PAP MP

      this PUNK abdu malik ghazali is trying to push his luck with a PUNK mentality how can he expect the Opposition to perform their best when parliament are being override by the PAP (tame dogs) MP’s

      I would asked and urged him to vote and send more Opposition MP’s in parliament then he can see with his two eyes open that the Opposition can and will do their best and perform even better than the PAP

      I believe,with Grace and Divinity,his family and generations to come would have a far much brighter and better future and for Singapore

      by his Punk action mentality he has woken history how easily and fast the Japanese can enter through Northern Malaya and later captured singapore in WW2

    • Compatriot said

      his entire family has my symphaty

    • crappy said

      useless chap! no backbones!!

  2. Joshire said

    seriously, is everyone who supports the PAP disillusioned or a moron?

  3. mahbok tan said

    Aramak …… !!!! wadafug is this guy talking arh….!!! You jump ship here and there and then jump again to pro alien people ka…????

    Wei kawan , ur type of guy should go join UMNO better la…at least the party there can give u money to do business and contract even if just know how to tokcock….!!!

    If you do not have sincerity and honesty i think u better go fly kite la…..if you want to be trojan horse for the opposition oso arh I think it will backfire…coz pro alien people won’t trust you coz you are……..???? answer yourself…!!

    • hisham76 said

      Bro! your comment is uncalled for and shows you are as naive as that Malik guy. Why associate him with UMNO a foreign party? Is it because he’s a Malay? If thats the case then one has the right to tell you ” your type should go and join ” China’s Communist party whose abuse of power and corruption is well known just because your are Chinese.

  4. Singapore Talent said

    How much $$$?

  5. Merlion said

    This guy is seriously a sailing boat, he sail with the wind that benefited him. He has lose sight of the bigger picture!! PAP gave him sweet and he is now a baby to PAP. I wouldn’t want someone like him to be in my team.. A traitor with no regards to his previous team who took him in.

  6. Bai Hu said

    This person do not have a firm mind of his own. He only serves those who serve his interest. If he were to become an MP or maybe a minister, he will sell away Singapore for sure.

  7. Anthony Tang said

    Bloody fu…r. Not loyal person. Definately no support from me.

  8. Terence Chong said

    An obvious schizophrenic

  9. What a loser said

    Wow. So fast change sides. Attack Malaysia some more.

  10. Beenthereseenit said

    “He added that he will vote for those who have proven that they can take care of him and his family.” He has been bought (bribed) by the ruling party.

  11. name said

    haha well done…mr characterless..

  12. Submitter69 said

    He asks what the opposition has done for SG. It’s a silly question as the PAP holds all the resources. You can’t compare apples to durians. The key question is whether a PAP or an opposition leader can do better given similar resources.

  13. fpc said

    paid up to shut up.

  14. Wicked Brain said

    So he thinks that by putting good words PAP will take him in ha?

  15. kaypoh said

    Every time lose change party, no more opp party so join MIWs lah !!!

  16. Limit Tan said

    The truth is, Abdul Malik’s switch to the PAP — after first joining the SDP and then switching to PKMS — would be funny if it weren’t so stupid. Particularly when looking at his reasons, which don’t really take much effort to demolish…

    1. “What tangible benefit has the opposition done for Singaporeans in the last 20 years?” Well, not much, but they’re trying with what resources they have — which is difficult considering the restrictions they have to deal with and the costs they have to bear. The opposition parties can’t do much unless they have resources or they become the majority in Parliament, and the PAP has made it difficult for them to do either — GRCs, licensing restrictions for political assemblies, PM Lee’s “fixing the opposition”, political donation laws, defamation lawsuits creating a culture of fear, playing carrot-and-stick with upgrading…

    2. The PAP “help those in need with real efforts”. True, but then, they have the resources. The question is not whether they help those in need, but whether they help those in need enough, and I’m not sure that they do, given the increase in the number of beggars and homeless people. Look at their priorities: the PAP was very happy to raise their own salaries but very reluctant to give just a bit more money to the needy — remember Vivian Balakrishnan’s three meals question in Parliament?

    3. “I don’t face discrimination. That is enough for me.” It’s great that he doesn’t face discrimination. Too bad he doesn’t care about whether anyone else does have to face discrimination. I don’t face discrimination myself… but I’m willing to listen to see if anyone else does.

    4. “I will vote for those have PROVEN that they can take care of me and my family.” Again, it’s nice that he feels taken care of. How about all the other Singaporeans who don’t feel taken care of? And of the Singaporeans who are still staying afloat, would things really be worse with a stronger opposition? Let’s look at practical performance. The PAP wanted to expand Singapore’s population through immigration, because their own policies helped lower the birth rate. Then they didn’t handle the influx well, so now housing and transport infrastructure is strained, and the housing market is rapidly pricing out new families. In the meanwhile, the income gap is increasing, wages of lower- and middle-class workers are stagnating, and the lack of policies to cultivate integration by immigrants creates social tensions between Singaporeans and foreigners. I suppose that passes for “taking care of me and my family” if I don’t look closely…

    As it is, the opposition parties have a credibility problem. Not enough people think they’re worth voting for. Antics like this don’t help. At least Abdul Malik is switching now, whatever his reasons: it’s better that he leaves now rather than closer to the 2016 elections, and it’s better that the opposition parties not have to deal with his instability.

    • mahbok tan said

      This fellow SGporean can go ONLY with PAP , so long he have his mouth fill he is OK…!!!

      Selfish and power hungry , man without conscience …..!!!

      He got nothing better to do then to jump from MRT to MRT to BUS and last he jump into 6ft condo with his attitude…!!!

    • ANGRY Bird said

      well i think he firmly believes his children could still afford HDB flats with $1k salary 20 years later!

  17. Blue Nights said

    Is this person smoking something? Or genuinely dim? If there was a level playing field, the PAP would not be the creature (monster?) that it is today.

    For someone who has been politics for as long as he has been and not understand the history or the developmental trajectory of political life in Singapore is laughable.

    Why would anyone want this person in their party? Let alone consider him for a candidate? I am beginning to think I should put my pet on the ballot.

  18. allthatjazz said

    the oppostion is well rid of this turnface.
    he shld fit right in with the other PAP
    members who it is quite obvious don’t have it.

  19. wikileaks said

    maybe pap paid him $$$$$ to support to PAP ???

  20. joker said

    where cooling, sit where… can use?

  21. Anon said

    What has the opposition done for Singapore in the last 20 years ??

    If you’re expecting bridges, upgrading program, GST vouchers etc .. then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Hello, you expect 1 or 2 or 6 members in Parliament to exert a disproportionate influence? Which planet are you living in ?

    But on the other hand, if you look at it another way, virtually all the opposition MPs have done Singapore proud.

    To me, its the same as asking Aung San Suu Kyi, what have you done for Myanmar in the last 20 years?

    A true democracy will never happen overnight. Its a struggle, especially when it comes to a authoritarian regime. Look at what each of the pioneer opposition MPs have given up, whether JB Jeyaratnam, or Chiam See Tong, or LTK? How many Singaporeans can you find who are willing to risk it all, because of their convictions about what is for the long-term good of the country?

    For PAP MPs, there’s always avenues for “rewards” for toeing the line – you can be appointed to Temasek, be a director in one of the GLC, an ambassador posting, etc. In fact private companies actively seek PAP ex-MPs to be their director to lend a certain gloss. Whatever it is, there are back channel ways in which it can be lucrative. You jerk it, we’ll go after you every which way. You don’t jerk it, we’ll take care of you.

    For opposition MPs, there’s none. Only ridicule, retort, lawsuits, and definitely not career enhancing. Every routine thing that needs to be done in their constituency, all the govt machinery is going to slow-motion it. Despite these and all the odds against them, all of them persisted, Because they believed in what’s right. JB Jeyaratnam paved the way by showing that it is possible to win a seat. Yes, even ONE seat. Today, it is unfathomable why the opposition cannot even win 1 seat, but back then, when the PAP was in its glory days (today’s PAP is a far cry), that was the reality. To me, Chiam’s most memorable deeds was his sole opposition to the Operation Spectrum, when he spoke for the conscience of the nation. And his exchanges with LKY when he questioned how HDB flats were priced. Back then, HDB flats were priced on a cost-plus basis. It was something LKY was very proud of and LKY challenged Chiam in Parliament to build a block of HDB flat more cheaply than the HDB. Of course, everyone then knows the “cost” problem lies in how the land is costed. But think about it now .. if that exchange had not taken place then, would Singapore have been informed? To me, LTK’s legacy lies his grassroots. An MP is not just about making good speeches but how he tends to his grassroots. To me, LTK sets the benchmark, comparably as strong as veteran grassroot MPs such as Lily Neo and Tan Cheng Bock. At critical junctures in public debates, LTK did raise hard questions for the PAP and I’m glad he did. But it is his grassroots roots that set him apart. Because with that, you can expand the reach of the party. You can replicate it. With good speeches, its only about you, though important that may also be.

    Personally, I salute each of the opposition MPs. I’ve talked about the veterans but I also salute the new MPs. My starting point again is that the odds are stacked against you, you WILL be ridiculed / given the short shrift in Parliament, you risk getting sued or ISA detained, Singaporeans will be impatient and unappreciative, your ability to get things done on the ground is doubly difficult compared to a PAP MP. Put it another way, will you encourage your children to be an opposition MP?

    The Singapore of tomorrow will not happen, without the sacrifices of today’s opposition members. Today’s 6 opposition members would not have happened without the determination, sacrifice of the veteran opposition members. To me, that’s their contribution to Singapore for the last 20 years. So that Singapore can continue to prosper “and be a democratic society based on justice and equality” for the next 20 years.

    • mahbok tan said

      Because this Malik is DAFT…just like the GOVT say that SGporean are DAFT….because he is the 60.1%.

      Wadafug guy….ask him to jump into the sea better…!!!

  22. Boon said

    Hmmm…Temasek Times is so good at twisting and turning Abdul Malik’s statements into a anti-WP rhetoric…and I think only Temasek Times will consider WP to be a subsidiary party of PAPigs, whereas true Singaporeans will consider them a viable opposition. Abdul Malik is correct in his observations, PAPigs had indeed done many good things which otherwise, Singapore will not where it is today.

    • Blue Nights said

      How is it that whenever there is a dialogue about nation building, all the kudos go to the PAP as a political party? How about the people who contributed their all (yes, for many of us, our grandparents and our parents) to making this happen? And now we are where we are, where the few (10%?) wants to keep everything for themselves while forgetting about the people who helped to make this happen (the rest of Singaporeans who have not shared equitably in the wealth.)

      Last I checked, this is a republic, not a dynasty.

  23. stevenado said

    It is ok to jump ship.To question what has the opposition done for singapore for the last 20 years is amounting to sing pap’s song.Just join the pap, no harm done.Don’t question about oppositions.Singaporean undedrstands very well how difficult and how much constrain to be opposition.The breaking of GRC is unthinkable as far as pap is concerned .The labour of fruits need time and patience to grow.You are so impatient that you need to jump ship.You must be having your own agenda.In malaysia they called “frog”

  24. LOL said

    from SDP to PKMS, now want to join PAP, LOL

  25. Singapuraboi said

    U r talking about Singaporeans with no loyalties to anyone or any parties. They only loyal to money and who gives him benefits. He probably was out of job and disgruntled like so many and once these people are given some benefits they are happy and will turn coat. Asians have never been known to have any political afflictions nor do they understand and support any political philosophies. Not many like JP Jeyaretnam would sacrifice everything to stand for what they believe. He would have strong supporters of he was in say France, but in materialistic Singapore, he is regarded as a fool and a pariah and those of us who crave for wealth and power would avoid him as we always do when we see him giving out his books and party circulars. What we need to do when the opposition comes into power is to drag the likes of this chap out parade him in the streets as a traitor and lynch him. Feel sorry for PAP for taking him on. This guy will turn on them of some one else takes over. He has proved that he has no self discipline by his behaviour and attitude towards the youth Olympics. He thot the opposition has clout to bail him out of the mess he created and when they disapprove of his immature behaviour, he switched sides. Petty little man. PAP beware.

  26. studentinsg said

    After being arrested by the police for the “It’s time to burn the minister and the pap for this incident” comment, I’m amazed he decided to jump ship to the oppressors that arrested him.

  27. spotlessleopard said

    In Malay Culture He is called a “Starfruit” ….Belimbing!

  28. Denzuko1 said

    Judging from the way he jump from one party to the other, it makes me think that he is a Person with no principle and lacks integrity. PAP is certainly the best fit party for him

  29. Chip said

    At the rate he is jumping parties, he will be setting up his own soon. Looks like a clown, talks like a clown, behave like a clown, pretty sure he is a clown.

  30. Invictus said

    Mr Lalang… Blows with the wind. Don’t need people like that in our midst.

  31. IronMan said

    Glad he joined the PAPigs, we dont need a loafer, opportunist, gutless, spineless, immature, degenerate and selfish person in our midst. Always take the easy way out, only saves his own skin. His the only idiot that have a family, meh?

    “What has opposition done for SG in the past 20 yrs?”

    CST & LTK proposed for upgrading in Potong Pasir & Hougang respectively. Declined by the PAPigs, twice for Potong Pasir. On what grounds is it being rejected? Bcos these are oppositions’ constituencies? Double standard!

    CST requested in parliament to reduce Ministers’ salaries to $700,000 per annum, comparing with Hong Kong in terms of land size etc, which is earning $600,000. The surplus can contribute to the lower income families. Also rejected by PAPigs.

    So this moron, Abdul Malik, being in the politics doesnt know that, at the very least? It is alrite. You can join PAPigs with the ranks of TPL (I dunno, I dunno) & TCH (What do u think?)

  32. pooi said

    i will ask him. what has HE done for SG for the past 20 years?

  33. Ron said

    The anti-PAP crowd can hoot and howl but it is a scoop for the PAP if this guy can speak fluently. He can be groomed to gun after the Opposition which is rather quiet except when an Election is around. The PAP needs members who can debate well.

  34. Thinker said

    It’s funny how he was once from the opposition and was busy ‘attacking’ PAP and now he claimed that the opposition hasn’t really done anything for the citizens. He used to be one of them so he’s sort of slapping himself isn’t it? Can I then associate that because of members like him, the opposition wasn’t able to do much for the country?

  35. hisham76 said

    People..don’t get hoodwinked by this Malik guy…from the start he’s already a “Petir” man sent to infiltrate the opposition. Thus manage to kill two parties with one stone. His comments are a typical stereo type ” scare tactic’ misinformation we read everyday in the MM, especially about minorities across the causeway. Facts, out of 15 richest man in Malaysia 13 are the minorities. The minorities there contributed about 85 % of the country income tax and that shows that they do not fall under the poverty bracket. They are the only country I know who allowed minorities to set up Vernacular school and gave government aid to them. Maybe if he had gone to Oxford University alone and witness himself most of the Malaysian Phd. student whom majority are the Malaysian minorities are on government or government link companies Scholarship. If he’s lucky he’ll get to meet two Singapore Malay Phd. students who are there on their own because they could not get a Singapore government scholarship. This Malik person must have thought we are living in the past where the only information we can get are from the MM.

  36. Mr X said

    he is a PARTY HOPPER

  37. wmulew said

    The guy is absolutely correct. U can slam PAP all you want but at the end of the day what have the opposition ever done for SG? A big fat 0. Even WP who have increased the numbers of representatives in parliament by 5 fold this term have done absolutely nothing so far other then make a fool of themselves during the salary debate, got exposed for plagiarism, tried to fool the public on doing more for the poor during budgetary talks yet when questioned readily admitted they had NO PLANS on where to get the money and best of all sack their own elected MP for no good reason. Great work done so far

  38. Orang Melayu Singapura said

    This guy kasi malu orang Melayu (bring shame to the Malays). I hope he is not in my constituency. I definitely wont vote for him nor his party! And I hope he is not one of my relatives. If he is the next time I met him I will spit on his face…khaaaaakkkkkk ptuiii……!!!!

  39. Tan Ah Kao said

    He is a goner. Very obvious he is trying to get some kind of sympathy and to join PAP. He is annoying and can’t control his mouth. Now trying to get his revenge on the opposition. Character similar to Nizam te opposition turn to PAP.

  40. Sinking Sinkies said

    Cheap dog will switch master like nobody business.

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