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MOE: Our teachers must have “mainstream” (virgin) values

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

Following the controversy arising from media reports on the Ministry of Education’s key messages for its teachers of its updated sexuality education programme which insinuates that they need to practise abstinence from pre-marital sex, the ministry has issued a clarification on its Facebook that it will not pry into the personal lives of its teachers.

“When we said the teachers must have ‘mainstream values’, they must know what these values are, and have the life experience, maturity and wholesome values to impart these values and provide sound advice to their students,” the statement said.

It added that it will “not be prying into teachers’ personal lives (phew!)”, saying that its teachers need to understand its values on sexuality.

However, MOE still refuses to confirm whether its statement meant that its teachers would need to practice abstinence or not.

MOE was rocked by a series of sex scandals involving its teachers and scholars which led some to question its selection process.

Former principal of Pei Chun Primary School was jailed nine weeks for having sex with an underage prostitute while another teacher Chua Ren Cheng is still waiting trial for the same case.

This week, a former MOE scholar Jonathan Wong was charged in court for having sex with a 15 year old girl.


15 Responses to “MOE: Our teachers must have “mainstream” (virgin) values”

  1. Jardel said

    aiyah. why this fuss? Do we really expect male and female teachers who are single, to be virgin when they teach sex ed to our kids? please lah. be realistic. You might want to emply monks or nuns if you wanna be 100% sure…..

  2. Jardel said

    Paiseh furthermore, what do you mean by values of sexuality? In modern times, that means now and beyond, I think it is common to have sex based on I like you, You like me, so why not kinda of feeling? Please….we have lived past the time where premarital sex is considered to be shameful and the female, sadly, will need to be drowned in a wooden cage….whereas the male walk away scot free.

  3. Mike Zeng said

    No wonder our scholars are rebelling by having illicit sex every which way!

  4. spotlessleopard said

    Mainstream Values (read: conservative Christian Values)…We are seeing a sinister invasion of the parliament and All facets of live by this so called Christians with their Christian Values beginning in the Prliamnet where more than 50% of all law Makers are “Christians”….effectively having our Parliament hijacked by one main Religious Group when they compose of only 25% of the Population…Our law Making Body has effectively be hijacked and Singapore is as good as a defacto Christian Country…

  5. Pervert said

    Can we invite Annabel Chong to be our teacher ?

  6. marvin said

    There are many horny teachers out there. Look at this blogger sharing his exp.

  7. Blue Nights said

    Actually I want to encourage MOE to carry out their sexual abstinence policing, only because I am interested to see how it can be implemented. Based on the methods that they can come up with, we will all know the kind of sexual fantasizing or experience that those in the project are themselves experienced in. I mean, how else would they know how or where to look? Consult a book? I do not think any sexologist out there has come up with a rigorous method to track this one.

    Reminds me of the show “Cinema Paradiso” where the priest, in the service of his godly calling, decided that cutting out every kissing scene in every movie would benefit the villages. So he sacrificed (!) himself to watch every uncensored movie to ensure that any remotely erotic scene be cut from every movie! Of course, only he, the holy man, knew what ‘pornography’ looked like and he alone knew that the villagers would be corrupted should they be exposed to the erotic scenes!

    What hubris and what grandiosity!

    And as if sex is only about sex. If only it were that simple.

  8. Fuck MOE said

    What fucking rubbish, it’s asking a whore to preach about fidelity

  9. Fence Sitter said

    Can they get on with times please? Are you saying we do not need sex cause we are always fucked by the gov’t everyday?

  10. hysterical said

    MOE still refuses to confirm whether its statement meant that its teachers would need to practice abstinence or not. – LOL hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. sigh... said

    It’s tough to be a teacher.

  12. Ah Heng said

    As a teacher, I believe that promoting abstinence is the best option for students. Here’s why:

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