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MOF clarifies: Each household eligible for only one GST voucher

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

Following ‘feedback’ from some Singaporeans, the Ministry of Finance has issued a clarification yesterday that “each household is eligible for only one GST Voucher (GSTV) – U-Save rebate, similar to past U-Save rebates.”

From Monday onwards, Singaporeans started receiving their GSTV notification letters from the government which led some to misunderstand they will be receiving the vouchers individually.

As a matter of fact, each household is only entitled to one GST voucher which is based on the flat type and not the size of the household.

The MOF said that on average, the GSTV will help lower-income families offset about half of the GST they pay each year.

Retiree couples living alone in smaller flats can expect to receive a GSTV that will more than fully offset their yearly GST expenses.


17 Responses to “MOF clarifies: Each household eligible for only one GST voucher”

  1. Jardel said

    Better than nothing!!! PAP still cares for us. vote PAP in the next GE!!!! Kowtow to the Wansui Ye who is still alive!!!

    • Alan Lau said

      u are daft … if there is more Singaporeans like you, Singaporeans are history

    • OMGKthxbye said

      they give u little amount and you start to side with them. although its true that is better than nothing but isn’t this another way for them to increase prices around.. and give u alittle offset to make them earn MORE and make u alittle happy? just like a chicken rice is sold at 2 dollar.. they increase price to 2.50.. and later offset u 30 cent.. they still earn 20 cent!.. .

  2. Navi said

    be gone pap..

  3. waste-of-time said

    it’s a total waste of resource to print and send so many mail to 1 family when they are only entitled to 1.

  4. buayabuaya said

    Oh.. So this clears the air little bit.. HOWEVER, what difference will that with that mere $250. Offsetting GST is a good thing.. But what os the ultimate outcome, frankly IMHO, the impact is not as much as giving child aid, more medical subsidies, housing subsidies etc. Such vouchers are short term and dont produce long term results.

    More over as a government body, why mislead the whole of your country in thinking that anyone that is 21 and above are eligible for the voucher give out. How could the government misled your own people with such information that are of concern to your citizens. This is not the first the government has given such misleding news, remarks, comments etc. Always quick to give an answer but in the end you eat your own words back and start to twist your story alittle to appease the majority.

    Such lack of thinking process puts me in question how the government is running. Am losing trust to the one running the show in singapore.

  5. miyamiya said

    trolled so many people. wow i thought i can save a lot on pub bills. for show only. they need to gtfo or ft wont stop flowing and economy wont recover. for the mid the lower.

  6. spotlessleopard said

    In USA such information mailed to everyone when actually it is not every individual will benefit is tantamount to WIRE/MAIL FRAUD and is punishable with heavy fine and Jail term of i understand 20 years…for every offence..This case involves millions of citizens..will the Minister Incharge be charged and sentenced to several Million years of jail time?

    • lol said

      Really?! Great. I hope someone will do something. Anyway I think they just wanna make the figure look big then make us think they spent a lot. Take my family for example. 4person received that $120, total should be 480 and now they say only one can be used. For F@ck they send 4 letters at the first place!

  7. Daniel Chng said

    My Singapore friend stay in Malaysia in a semi D, their utility bill only 130RM with Air con switch through the day and night…. our 3 room flat here is SGD230… this is a crazy country.
    And they rented out their HDB at around SGD2000 and they rent and stay in their semi D in Malaysia (JB) at RM1300 (SGD520)… is something wrong with our country?

  8. Anon said

    Ha, ha … big egg on the face. The whole idea of sending the letter to everyone is to “score points”. The underlying thinking is that the Govt feels it has already done a lot for its “citizens” and feel the problem is mostly one of communication. So, communicate more lah. Send out a letter to everyone telling them all the good things in life the Govt has done. Unfortunately, this fiasco is turning out to be yet another communication problem. Why send the letter to everyone, when one letter to the head of the household will do. After all, PUB does not send multiple copies of the house’s utilities bill to EVERYONE in the famly right? Big egg in the face!!!

  9. c@mm said

    PR and Singaporean in one house hold happiest right. How about all are Singaporean.U think they are all happy.
    KNN another pro PRs n immigrants policies

  10. Daft Peasant said


    I tout this month SP bill ho say liao…..4 person with $150 each, total is $600 leh!!!
    Tout i can on the fu*king air-con all day long, TV on 24hrs and everyone can enjoy a hot bath everyday…….




  11. YEAH said

    you might as well say go and die Singaporean bye2 dawg peace!

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