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PHOTO: ‘Great Harmony Race’ (with new citizens) at Hong Lim Park

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

The older generation of Singaporeans were taught in schools since young that there are four major races in Singapore – Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

The relentless influx of foreigners in recent years has changed Singapore’s demographics beyond recognition and it appears that there are now four additional new ‘races’ in Singapore judging from the poster below:

Will you be going to the event above to ‘integrate’ (or assimilate?) with the newcomers so as to make them feel welcomed, accepted and happy in Singapore?



22 Responses to “PHOTO: ‘Great Harmony Race’ (with new citizens) at Hong Lim Park”

  1. Jenny said

    As far as I concerned, there will always be 4 races, Singapore Chinese, Singapore Malays, Singapore Indians and Singapore Eurasian. The rest of the population is just here to take advantage of the flawed systems..

    • Singapore Talent said

      Well said!!!

    • Wicked Brain said

      It is already quite sad that we have put in so much effort and money on the “Speak Mandarin” campaign. So much so that much of our youngsters do not speak their dialect.
      And now, we welcome people who speak something that we can’t understand. Due to their native slang and terms, most of the time we Singapore Chinese can’t understand what the China Chinese are talking about.
      Will the organizer also spend money on sending them for language lessons? ^_^

    • solaris8899 said

      good said

    • ANGRY Bird said

      totally agree!

  2. king kong hee said

    Can PAP please stop wasting our $$$$?

  3. wj said

    It looks like a male-female pair of the 4 races though…

  4. Arjun said

    Another taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign, by yours truly.

  5. icefire said

    who fund the event ???
    the Papaya using the locals tax payer money to pay the event ???
    pls get the FT to full fund the event

  6. Terence Chong said

    Just like the f’ing “Two is enough” blunder from decades ago, this foreign-trash influx will play havoc with Singapore’s demography for years to come and destroy our fabric of society. The signs are clear. !@#$%^&*( MIW.

  7. pap said

    People in town already KPKBing on CB Ah Nei that darken the entire streets.
    People are already complaining that in NUS, NTU, A*Star, NUH, SGH, TTSH, CGH that lots of high paying staff are not contributing as they suppose to contribute.
    So what you want KBW, GKY, MBT n d Sotong TCH. You folks really screwed up everyone’s life. Please REPENT. We donot need u thrash.
    Please join CHC. You will be welcome there.

  8. kaypoh said

    What are the 4 new races?

    MIWs, Elites, Pinoys, & CHC members?

  9. realty check said

    i agree with Jenny that there must only be 4 official races only i.e. Chinese, Malay, Indian & Eurasians. our government failed to keep it’s assurance to singaporeans, made many many many years ago that the racial status quo will be maintained as it had always been. i feel betrayed when i see the above poster. bring in foreigners to work here to help the economy by all means but at the end of the day, they should go back where they came from. i am really disappointed. i am sure many singaporeans are too.

  10. Wicked Brain said

    Will there be The Great Harmony Day 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016… And on and on and on?

  11. K said

    Hahahahahahahahahaha……….we should 8 merlions too…….hahahahahahahahaha……tis is hilarious!!!! Thanks PA. Tis is almost as good as the Hopeless ad campaign by MCYS. Hahahahaha…..good job!!!!

  12. iknowthisislovebutifwereyouiwouldleaveher said

    This post is pretty much racist…anyone else agree?

  13. EyesWideShut said

    Please lar, you all so willing to trash talk FTs that everything you see is FTs. You cannot see that the poster above is a pairing of boys and girls of our 4 MAIN races meh? Open your eyes bigger and don’t just follow along like sheep. Typical Singaporean behavior. Very similar to just lining up for the sake of lining up. >_<

  14. Naivety said

    With the huge influx of more than 2 Millions of FTs & Foreign Workers to Singapore’s shore since Yr 2005, I would envisage the composition of the 4 new races to be such:

    1)PRC Chinese (30% of 2 Millions)
    2)Pinoys/Pinays (25%)
    3)India’s Indians (30%)
    4)Rest of the World (15%)

    Making up a total of 8 races altogether!

  15. kaypoh said

    Majulah Singapinoy ! I see most of the low level work going to PRCs & ah nehs….it is the pinoys who are getting the mid/entry level jobs, just coz they speak that very irritating pinglish….. at least once a week i get calls from their telemarketers.

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