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Samantha Ann Francis Incident – What Does NTU Think?

Posted by temasektimes on July 6, 2012

I refer to the recent fiasco over the fabricated STOMP posting of an MRT train moving with doors open by Ms Samantha Ann Francis.

It has been made known over the media that the picture, which she initially claimed was taken by her, was taken from a Twitter post (“Stomp staff sacked over false ‘MRT open door photo'”, AsiaOne, 25 Jun 2012). Her fabricated posting was taken seriously by SMRT and the general public, and caused much alarm. Ms Samantha topped things off by meeting SMRT staff and telling them how she supposedly saw the open doors and took a picture of them. SMRT investigated her account of the incident, which the STOMP editor said she stood by, and found through EZ Link card and video records that she was not at Lakeside station (“So, was door of moving train open?”, The Straits Times, 22 June 2012).

Ms Samantha has since been sacked for breaching journalism ethics, and rightfully so. Her actions were not professional and showed a shocking lack of values. She is understood to be a student of English Language and Literature at the Nanyang Technological University, and is expected to graduate soon. I would like to ask if the University stands for what she has done, and if they would still allow her to graduate with a degree from the University.

Illyas Faisal


30 Responses to “Samantha Ann Francis Incident – What Does NTU Think?”

  1. Jimmy KH Ho said

    We shouldn’t punish someone twice for the same mistake. As it is, our hypocriptic, double-standard and “gracious” society would jail or fine a commoner-offender, delete him/her from a professional board (if any) and remove the latter’s rice bowl or education to ensure his/her future is shattered. Then the press may come in next to dig up everything related to him/her to ensure he/she is socially bankrupt. Look at the 48 individuals involved in the underage sex saga. We destroy their careers and, more importantly, their family’s future. By so doing what does Singapore achieve? To show the world that we have high standards? Do we appreciate the phrase, “To err is human; to forgive, divine”? Faisal, put yourself in Samantha’s shoes.

    • Bird said

      I think she made many mistakes of the same kind in this case. Ripped off a photo, claimed it as hers, wasted SMRT staff time cooking up a story.

  2. Tan Big Tan said

    She made a mistake – and she’s already been sacked and her image tarnished. What more do you want? Why do so many people want to destroy the careers of people in Singapore?

    • Jam said

      I agree with you. She has already had her share of punishment and I think she should be given a second chance.

      • Azlina said

        Yes, enough is enough.

        Is the writer so merciless that he wants her pound of flesh as well?

        “The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
        It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
        Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
        It blesseth him that gives and him that takes”- The Merchant of Venice.

  3. Keit said

    TR trying to put SPH into limelight again? or Just questioning NTU ethics of harbouring in-ethical students?

  4. zoombva said

    Your journalism skills are just as bad bro

  5. Jam said

    I feel that though she has done it wrongly and made mistakes but I feel that everyone deserves a second chance. We can’t forsake her hardwork that she has done in NTU for her degree for these past years and let her go without her degree. So if she continues to make these mistakes with her degree after graduation, just let the society punish her at the end of the day. Hopefully after this incident, she will change.

  6. acrane said

    she has been sacked for posting something untrue.
    If someone does something wrong, does it mean she is to be sacked, disowned, expelled, disgraced, unfriended and thrown out of everthing they belong to?

  7. Herrick said

    Did you say recent? Oh did you just come out from a cave? Or did you miss the news that a NTU student got sacked and you want someone to fill you in on the juicy details? What are you trying to get at when you ask “if the University stands for what she has done”? It’s obvious that NO ONE can stand for what she has done, but a mistake is a mistake. Please live and let live. Do you think she would not have learnt a hard lesson from this incident, why do you care if she graduates with a degree or not?

  8. wahkenabeb said

    If TR want a better rating…. try having your own pornography site. SUCKS

  9. Johan said

    The writer sounds like a sore loser who was probably denied entry into NTU

    • Azlina said

      The writer sounds like he is not human.

      “To err is human; to forgive, divine”. – Alexander Pope

  10. sofdmc said

    How about those that earn a million dollar salaries and then tell us to sit down and shut up and we are daft and need hard truths and accept foreigners or pump out more babies? How about opening up inquiries into GIC and Temasek Holdings investments of our taxpayer money?

  11. Sad Old Man said

    Remember the million dollar phrase ‘What do you think?”

    Forgive and let her start a new lah

  12. yoyo said

    Haha. Maybe the author cannot get into NTU that’s why he don’t want her to graduate. Use your brain lah.

  13. Jhuniuo said

    TR please lah… you are more interested in stirring shit than being an objective voice and alternative voice to the govt.

  14. KB Teo said

    Agreed. She has paid for her mistake. She is young too and we (I) have all made mistakes when we were young. We should not be too harsh but instead, support her in learning and improving. In fact, I would suggest to you that the graceful were once disgraced, the successful entrepreneurs were once unsuccessful entrepreneurs, those most conscious about their health are the ones who once faced death in its face. One can learn and change and improve.

  15. Big Daddy said

    Wow, you want to kill her for one mistake issit??
    Big Daddy disagrees, she can graduate and fabricate more stories with photos, that’s what SPH does and needs, a super spinner.

  16. Seraphim said

    Live and let live…

  17. If this Samantha could display unethical behaviour and even lie through her teeth at such a young age, she is just capable of doing much more. She was out to DESTROY SMRT’s reputation, you all think she cannot do the same next time?

    And that is Illya’s message – do we want unethical people in our midst?

    I am amazed at the sheer reading INCOMPREHENSION of the readers here. You all are supposed to be educated right?

    • Sigh... said

      Yes, we are all educated, to the extent that we know we shouldn’t act God. We don’t wish to live in a society that locks people up for good (when they are not connected) for a mistake made in order that they are kept away from disturbing the elites from enriching themselves. If you are not one of “them”, you got condemned for life for just an offence in life or even have your ic marked to make sure you are not gainfully employed again. Is this the environment that we Singaporeans want to live in? So, do not read A-Z into another’s character like some quarters do (or think they are capable of) if you are talking about true justice.

    • Azlina said

      So you are telling us that you are perfect. Never did anything wrong. No white lie even.

    • K said

      LOL I don’t think that’s the message. Why would you ask the university to answer the responsibility of unethical behaviour? She’s not even from journalism major. Parents, all the prev teachers, friends, society all around her affects her moral standard whether you like it or not …

  18. bb said

    If she is a singaporean dun sack.

    If she is FT-sacked.

  19. Eric said

    Illyas Faisal you’re a faggot and this kind of trolling is faggot tree, please kill yourself and do the gene pool a favour

  20. Singapore Talent said

    Illyas Faisal obviously could not make it into NTU and bears a faggot grudge!

  21. Thinker said

    Agree with the rest here. If you’ve served jail term before for a crime you’ve committed, do you think it’s fair that the society closes its door on you and you can’t further your studies or find employment to contribute to the society?
    Illyas Faisal, you sound petty, as if you have a grudge against her personally.

  22. afgy6h said

    is she singaporean?

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