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Cold Storage: We will ‘review’ wages of our low-income workers

Posted by temasektimes on July 7, 2012

Cold Storage supermarket chain has replied to a letter written by a Singaporean Patrick Lee on his brother’s plight working as a retail staff in the company.

Mr Patrick Lee’s brother earns only less than S$1,000 monthly after working for 20 years at Cold Storage which did not adopt the recent guidelines recommended by the National Wage Council to raise the wages of low-income workers.

In a letter to the Straits Times Forum today, Jassie Ling, the¬†Marketing Communications Manager of Cold Storage replied that the company “has always strived to be a responsible employer as we believe in paying fair and competitive wages to all our team members.”

“We conduct a wage review for our rank-and-file staff every year, and our review that will be conducted later this month will consider the recommendation made by the National Wages Council to give a minimum increment of $50 for employees earning monthly salaries of $1,000 and below,” she wrote.

She added that Cold Storage also “offer an attractive employment package that includes staff discounts (unlimited spending on purchases across our group), medical benefits and 14 days of annual leave for all our retail staff, which is double the leave stipulated by the Employment Act.”

“As a leading and trusted employer, we value our staff’s contributions and we emphasise caring for our employees,” she ended.

The wages of Singapore’s low-income workers have remained stagnant in the past decade or so due to the relentless influx of cheap foreign workers.




18 Responses to “Cold Storage: We will ‘review’ wages of our low-income workers”

  1. Wicked Brian said

    Just wondering why we can’t have a minimum wage policy.

    • Musing said

      Because great portion of that will go foreign workers already flooding the market.

    • Sigh... said

      Don’t be misled by the claim that once we have minimum wage, it has got to apply across the board, even to foreign workers, for reason of human rights. Singapore can actually stand firm that the minimum wage is for Singaporeans only. All nation protect their own people and if Singapore does that, no one in the world could question why. The “human rights” argument is hence a bloody excuse!

  2. horse sun said

    NWC is truly a waste of taxpayers money

  3. CKMPD said

    Without legislated minimum wage, businesses will continue to exploit workers. When is the pap going to wake up and stand up to protect poor Singaporeans?

  4. papsmear said

    I think must set maximum wage! Otherwise those act cute good for nothing kate spater keep getting 15k/month. And those do nothing, act act take mrt look see look see “Chui Kong LP song” people taking 40k/month. Worst still meet Siam mai hum take 3M/year.

  5. mahbok tan said

    Aramak …all this people sitting in the high pedestal ( HRD ) are just like what our ministers in parliament….they are just thinking for their own rice bowl that are made of GOLD ( GREED ) whereas the lower rank and front line workers are just getting peanuts and plastic bowl rice.
    All the nice words and beautiful phrases are for communication purposes and for the masses ( people ) to bite the cake.
    KNNBCCB…wait till they are in our shoes then will they realised the hardship that their fellow SGporean are facing.

  6. jimmy said

    Liar, cheat our people.

  7. kaypoh said

    dun worry they will have a COI to study the issue…. pleeze thank the COI !

    1 year later ….. we regretfully cannot increase ur pay coz we are subsidizing the $4bil loan to IMF

  8. citutt said

    Stop subscribing to union..a waste of ur money paying the monthly fee..they dun really help to fight for the employees wages…

  9. David Leong said

    I think the game plan is to make the pay for the local very unattractive so that the local will resign and CS can goes to the Gov to ask for the quota for foreign workers be raised. simple as that.

    Look at their reply, any high school student can come out with such standard statement. If they have taken the neccessary action to ensure that staff are sufficiently remunerated, the issue of low pay wouldn’t have surfaced. CS cannot follows NTUC fairprice footstep as fairprice has a grand uncle taking care of them.

    CS should instead set the standard and be the market leader and win Singaporean shoppers over,

  10. spotlessleopard said

    The reply from Cold Storage insults the intelligence of its Customers…..I will avoid shoipping in Giant, SNS, Coldstorage and 7-11until I know for sure all their Singaporean Lowly paid workers are paid a decent living wage…Shame on Cold Storage and Dairy Farm Group….

  11. bb said

    Lim Swee Say what are you going to do.

  12. proc said

    This PAP Gov are backward looking lah. Actually, they should be in the lead position but look at how they paid their low wage civil servant would tell you that they are only follower. What the GOv must do is to take back the pole position by implement minimum wage as soon as possible. please no more procratinating.

  13. 123456789 said

    you can always help the low wage earner if you want to, ie by only buy from those who pay the low wage earner fairly and don’t buy from those socially irresponsible vendors or service providers lah…. but if it means a little higher price, will you do it? maybe a little lesser loh….

    also same for inflation what? if those greedy and socially irresponsible enterprise, use increase of low wage earner as an excuse to increase price (the boss always want to maintain the margin or even want to increase the margin, be it food, house, car or service providers like contractors, professionals, education etc, but then if they increase price then what is the use of increase the low wage earners as they also need to eat what? ), if you can “tong” then don’t buy for 1-2 year or delay as long as you can loh…. then see if price can go up or not? But then, we all have weakness leh…. difficult to “tong” leh…. we all want lah….. also difficult to have everyone :tong: lah… if not everyone then the to decline in “demand” is significant enough to “shift” the price down lah… so “boh bian lah”…. can “tong”?

  14. weak justice said

    now in this internet age, who make the loudest noise will be heard! if nobody says anything, gahmen will do squat!!! better make alot of noise and keep those civil servant busy!!! for too long they have been paid well and screwing us over and letting the corporates screw us at the same time!!!

  15. Tommy said

    Hey temasektimes. Isn’t low wage workers by law required to be paid overtime according to the employment law? Please check it out. Max hours of work per day is 8hr or per week is 44 hrs if wage is <2000

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