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Govt paper: Negative impact of casinos is ‘under control’

Posted by temasektimes on July 7, 2012

The two casinos have been operating for two years now and their negative impact on Singapore society are largely ‘under control’, proclaimed a government public ‘consultation’ paper.

In a comprehensive report published in the state media, the paper claimed that “the IRs have brought about economic benefits and the negative impact of the casinos on the law and order, and social aspects are under control.”

Meanwhile, the Casino Control Act is proposing a ‘visit limit’ to protect financially vulnerable local patrons who visit the casinos frequently.

The amendments also strive to enhance the law enforcement levers, streamline regulatory requirements and operational processes so that they keep pace with international best practices and industry developments, strengthen social safeguards and improve the tax administration.

The Singapore government proceeded to build the two IRs and casinos amid stiff opposition from some segments of Singaporeans.

Though it claimed that the IRs will help ‘create’ jobs for Singaporeans, it appear that many of their staff are foreigners and newly ‘converted’ PRs and citizens.



9 Responses to “Govt paper: Negative impact of casinos is ‘under control’”

  1. Lim said

    Of course they have to say the negative impact of casinos on law and order and social aspects are under control. The money reaped in is too good give or take a few high jumps, water corpses and loanshark harassments. Noticed everyday they claim to catch loanshark runners but never the bosses? If social aspects are under control why think of restricting visits to casinos? If IRs are really IRs then does it matter if the casinos are only for foreigners and tourists and all Sporeans can’t go in at all? They should have the Gardens and other attractions to make money.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    The Casinos bring along Crime, Prositution, Broken Families, suicides, Loan Sharking, and employs almost all foreigners… only benefit the Politicians whose bonus depends on increasing GDP….Trickle down benefits almost unnoticeable…

  3. Naivety said

    Sometimes as a Singaporean I wondered what is the rationality of having 2 integrated casinos in Singapore as 95% of all the jobs created all went to foreigners & FTs!

    So how the establishment of the 2 casinos benefitted Singaporean in general other than the social ills & side effects that comes a long with it?

  4. Wicked Brian said

    Really, Singaporeans have to wake up.

  5. papsmear said

    Ya I agree. Thanks to casino. Now if I don’t like my maid, I can send her to casino. Let her gamble all her money and then no more money already sell herself, then police catch and send her home. I no need pay her air ticket. So good. Surely positive impact, where got negative?

  6. Alv said

    It is known to most people that the media publicity is controlled by government and we don hear much about the negative side of 2 casinos in just a small island. Is always been a never end debating topic and gambling is one of favourite pastimes     for us. My opinion the great pro is building these 2 casinos will benefit only the GDP and service sector growth through more tourists spending. The con is there might be more broken families for those low income earners and it may not be able to create more jobs for locals and singaporeans as we are used to working 5 days office hours due to looking after kids and family. Typical casino jobs may need to work long hours rotating shifts, thus most of the vacancies can only be filled up by foreigners. I guess the government did not take note of this phenomena and consider this factor before building these 2 casinos. Just hope these 2 casinos will return more good benefits back to the society and a better income for everyone. 

  7. fox said

    Of course it is under control. You control the media, remember? Singapore’s freedom of press ranked 150 world wide?

    Definitely under control.

  8. Anthony Tang said

    it was designed to give employment to FTs so that they can stay in Sing and vote for PAP

  9. Steve Lee said

    The most important change that should be made is that the majority of the jobs should be for Singaporeans.

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