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Kong Hee got ‘suaned’ by disgusted Singaporeans on his Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on July 7, 2012

Disgraced founder of City Harvest Church (CHC) pastor Kong Hee has been actively posting on his Facebook of late to reach out to his supporters.

Kong Hee was charged with four other board members of CHC last Wednesday for misusing the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Kong Hee, a charge which he has strenuously denied so far.

Speaking to his congregation during a service last Sunday, Kong Hee said he ‘maintained his integrity’ and would reveal his side of the story in court on 25 July when his trial is expected to commence.

In a post on his Facebook today, Kong Hee wrote:

The post brought a torrent of criticisms from irate Singaporeans who ‘suaned’ him:

“I’m sorry that it has taken so much TIME to reveal yours.” – Jarrod Luo

“god know what you did , be truth to him ..” – Alvin Tam

“Face the truth, kong hee, and let court judge you, not god!” – Chen Longtai

Though some critical comments have been deleted, netizens continue to post their frank ‘feedback’ to Kong Hee who is currently out on a $500,000 bail paid for by his wife.

If convicted, Kong Hee can face life imprisonment.


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23 Responses to “Kong Hee got ‘suaned’ by disgusted Singaporeans on his Facebook”

  1. So PAP like – delete criticism and keep praises – someone should carve out Suntec City as a SMC and make him MP! 30000 constitutents! 100% vote ! not even PAP can unseat him !

    • Naivety said

      Yep, so true indeed!

      KH should form a political party instead & compete/stand against the papaya party during GE 2016.
      With his massive followers of more than 33,000 believers, I’m sure that he could win the election hands down quite easily!

  2. kaypoh said

    Hahaha….who wanna bet horse-face won’t win a Grammy & fatt-choy will spend quality TIME in Changi?

  3. Lucy said

    How can you face your congregation on Sunday and look them in the eye, when you have abused their trust and used their hard-earned wages on your harlot woman and indulged in earthly trivialities!!!!

  4. Dan said

    There would be alot more negative feedback if not for the fact that he has blocked those who made statements that is not in his favour. Kong Hee does not even have the courage to face the facts.

  5. weak justice said

    i will pray hard they put this con man away for life!!!

  6. he should know that god does not forgive people who spend money on luxury and gives money to finance a slut’s career…i am not a christian ok? 🙂

  7. hachoo said

    “Sei Kai Chang Fan Koi ” in Cantonese. Translated; : “A dying cooked chicken kicking the pot cover”. Thats how I would describe this CHC episode. Meaning a desparate attempt to savage the situation to keep oneself alive.

  8. How much is one kilo of integriety. To some it is cheap but to some it must be very costly.

  9. Anthony Tang said

    I am ashamed to be a Christian. For a pastor to commit such a crime in Jesus’s name.

  10. Singapuraboi said

    These people think they preach love and hope everything is alright. This love has to be universal and self-sacrificing love not the LOVE for Money, Power, ur wife. Just cos they used the word live, they think it makes it alright.

  11. We have NKF Durai and Monk Ming Yi as precedents. There were no mass turnout at the courts by supporters. This third case is HK. Singapore is lucky to have two cases before this one. So it cannot be seen as victimisation or targeted attack on a particular faith. Let us wait and see how this third case will unfold in court and how orderly it will be. Whatever will be will be.

  12. Lim said

    Pastor Kong Hee et al can prove their innocence and integrity by showing every single cent of his wealth, property, travels, his wife’s singing career, etc does not come from misuse of Church’s funds and there is absolutely no personal gain. Leave God out of this. Don’t attempt to justify anything using God’s Name in vain. Simple – yes or no. Prove your innocence instead of continually citing verses from the Bible unless God himself comes to court to testify for Kong saying Yes Kong was doing my work when he used the Church’s monies for Cross-over project.

  13. Fnu Lnu said

    KH will be judged twice, once by the local court and again when he meet up with his God.

    We are merely humans, so we err easily; we reap what we sow, so, let’s not judge others ‘coz we do not want to be judged as well…..

  14. Annoymous said

    Looks like christian is the most EASY WAY to get “easy money”. I want to be a pasta too.
    10 bedrooms, 5 toilets, 1 olyimpic swimming pool, 5 sports cars etc etc etc……… HERE I COME!!

  15. jf said

    To follow Jesus, CHC members must give money to Kong Hee. At least 10% of income. So many pay less than 10% tax to IRAS.
    If 10,000 members gave 10% = maybe S$1million a month. KH can afford to give 50% out($500,000 and brags that he gives 50%. He still gets to keep control of S$500,000 of the members donations. hahaha…

  16. He loved his wife so much that he even mentioned her name in the proverb… !

  17. really a horse face and a chow pia kia face too !!!

  18. Yayrhah said

    This Konghee is utterly shameless and unrepentant. He deserved to be in jail for a long time.

  19. EX-CON said

    Kong should be locked up, preferably in solitary confinement, with just sufficient food and water to keep him alive. Such a regimen can concentrate his mind on what it means to lead by example, especially for a purported servant of God. As Kong’s reputation is in tatters except to his hardcore followers, Christians in general are expected to be wary when attending churches where the endless pleas for money are enjoined without accountability or transparency.

  20. Ah Loot said

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy in Changi penthouse. Singapore Attorney General is a smart guy. Don’t depend on God as there is no GOD but conmen like you preying on the gullible followers looting their monies.
    Los Angeles media know about you and your wife legal problems.

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