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Need assistance in case of mistaken identity

Posted by temasektimes on July 7, 2012

Hi Temasek Times,

Just want to bring to light that mistake can be made by the government department and yet they refused to retify it.

My identity card numbers was recorded in the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1990 when the court declared a Mr Kang a bankrupt. It was brought to my attention when i was applying to open an account with DBS Vickers.

The risk dept. called me to say that I had a petition against me. But I was told that the IC numbers tally with mine but the name differs. Called up Supreme Court and was told that they cannot do anything about it.

I hope someone out there can help me with this matter.



20 Responses to “Need assistance in case of mistaken identity”

  1. LOL said

    world class legal system

  2. El said

    What has Singapore became? Govt bodies now will respond to people only after they put their matters online.

  3. Singapore Talent said

    Pls post on LSL facebook

  4. spotlessleopard said

    why should they care? You ar no body…not an elite, not a member of those wearing all white? So what do you think?

  5. Singapuraboi said

    Looks like the municipal bodies set up by LKY needs to be reviewed, revamped. Too many pencil pushers with no sense of urgency and responsibility. What do you mean when the department that handles such matters say “sorry I can’t help you!”? This preposterous when someone who has his identity stolen. Even if the immediate officer is at a loss as to wat to do, this should be escalated to a higher level until someone who has am idea can take it up. They probably told the poor guy to write in. What bollocks! Govt sector must practice sacking to wake this bloody idiots who r wasting tax payers’ money.

  6. Seriously….

  7. RU YI Gee said

    Where the IC been issued go back to the know where to go and make them known on this happening.

  8. RU YI Gee said

    I should quickly make a police report now.

  9. Sam Gunner said

    Dont give your children genric names, where there are thousands of people with the same name.

  10. papsmear said

    It is a secret sop that govt use. It means you are not needed in this country since 1990. they want you to leave S’pore. You don’t get it?

  11. papsmear said

    Not long ago tp caught me speeding, I gave my IC to that TP. I saw him copy my nric number wrongly. until now I never received any summon. I think he also copy my car number wrongly or maybe someone else got summon instead

  12. solaris8899 said

    log a police case. see what papa say.

  13. i say what i think only... said

    not that they cannot do anything about it. it’s just u who is not worth the trouble to them. file a police report, report abuse of identity and fraud, someone declared u a bankrupt and the real bankrupt is discharged. details ask them go find la

  14. aloysius12 said

    Yes, our Civil services is “No different from accross the sea or causeway(MAS) manna adap system.

  15. Disgusted said

    Have you seen your MP. Give him some work to do.

    • patin said

      May have to waste your time … the MP .. I have something to find him are his assistant in dealing with .. not one thing to handle


    Ah Ong, I personally suggest that you go to your area MP and get that him/her to write to the sppreme court and at the same time make a report at any police station just for record purposes.

  17. Pai Sei said

    What is your NRIC #? I want to buy 4D….lor

  18. Pai Sei said

    u don know SGP garment meh? When there is issue, they r good of pushing around lor.
    Btw, u vote under mr Kang or mr Ong?

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