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PM Lee welcomes 200 new citizens and urges Singaporeans to ‘reach out’ to them

Posted by temasektimes on July 7, 2012

Before the General Election last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong promised to ‘listen’ to Singaporeans and slow down the inflow of immigrants.

Barely a year later, he appears to be singing a different tune as foreigners continued to be granted Singapore PR and citizenship.

Speaking at a ceremony this morning to ‘welcome’ 200 new citizens as they received their pink Singapore ICs from PM Lee this morning at a ceremony in Ang Mo Kio, PM Lee called on Singaporeans yet again to ‘reach out’ to the immigrants to make them feel welcomed, accepted and happy in Singapore.

He had earlier called on Singaporeans to ‘open’ their hearts to ’embrace’ the newcomers in spite of rising public disgruntlement on the ground.

It is not revealed how many of these ‘new citizens’ will be roped into the PAP grassroots organizations to serve as grassroots leaders to ‘serve’ native Singaporeans in due course.

In other countries, immigrants are expected to integrate into local society, but it seems to be the other way round in Singapore where Singaporeans are constantly exhorted to adapt to their way of life to the event of splurging on public monies to conduct their cultural festivals and sports to make them feel ‘at home’ in Singapore.

*Source of photo: PM Lee’s Facebook


42 Responses to “PM Lee welcomes 200 new citizens and urges Singaporeans to ‘reach out’ to them”

  1. Naivety said

    200 new citizens welcome by LHL, well done!
    May I know which countries they originally came from? What special skills do they possess….Fellatio for you?

  2. patriot said

    i shall remember very clearly about how one chinese brag that he felt so ‘patrotic’ when receiving his red IC and that he feels very ‘singaporean’…he came to Sg some 6 years ago,got scholarship BUT gave up after he gotten his degree in mech engineering and became a PROPERTY SALESMAN, discharge his ‘bond'(without penalty) in over the years make good money selling PROPERTIES! what has he really contributed to SINGAPORE? NOTHING, and later got married, brought in his Shanghai gf (wife) & guess what, she also gotten her IC!! and now workig as…?PROPERTY AGENT ALSO!!, and after a few conversation with him, i got pissed off and challenge him that if he feels so GREAT AND PATROTIC being a Singaporean, why not serve NS?!! HE IS AFTER ALL ONLY 28 this year!! and guess what he said? NS ARE ONLY FOR SINGAPOREANS WHO ARE BORN HERE AND IS THE BENEFIT OF HIM TO BE ‘SINGAPOREAN’ BEING IMPORTED AND SO IS HIS WIFE…now, my BROTHER AND SISTERS OF SINGAPORE, WHAT ARE YOU ALL PAYING TAX AND PROTECTING FOR…?!!!!

    • hachoo said

      New citizen below age 35 years must also serve NS just like local have to serve Reservists till 38 or 40 years old.
      Age below 25 serve NS army and above 25 serve SPF or Civil Defence as NS.

      • ttt said

        Don’t anyhow spread lies if you are not sure. There is no need for new citizen to serve NS if he is a first generation PR.

    • Daft Peasant said

      Ttt is correct…..only 2nd gen need to serve NS……

      Bro patriot, what can we do? We can only lan lan suck thumb and suffer……
      I always tell my wife, Sporeans will be extinct in the next 30 yearss time……The Real Singaporeans will be a rare breed in the world……

      We can only kpkb here, but lhl will not even care…… i tink the ONLY THING WE CAN DO IS TO VOTE THEM OUT IN THE NEXT GE……

      • Naivety said

        Vote them out in the next GE…in 2016!
        How? As talk is cheap & by that time, the over 2 Mil of FTs + FWs that are currently here in Singapore shore will be converted to citizens already & will inturn vote for the papayas to help them retain the majority votes in GE 2016!!!

  3. Singapore Talent said


  4. Ah Heng said

    My encounter with a PRC construction worker:

  5. Mike Zeng said

    Act of desperation…..the number of foreigners given citizenship will henceforth increased by leaps and bounds till 2015 in time for GE 2016. Desperate people do desperate things….to hang on to their power and wealth!

  6. Singaporean said

    We need to do something fast.. like street protest or something before PAP start replacing all of us with new immigrants for their GE2016 votes… Singaporeans! PLEASE PLEASE>. LET’S FIGHT.

    • Foxy said

      Singaporeans where got balls type? Street protest? Kanna caught how? SGreans got to work to keep living!

  7. papsmear said

    Can embrace ah? Really not? Must give tips after that? Embrace and reach out? I embrace but my “under” reach out can?

  8. fpap said

    we must bend over to allow ft to f k us
    this is what the clown or the monkey wants

  9. kassim said

    PM Lee should attend a Course In Immigrant Management and Respect For Natives from Australian Prime Minister Gillard as unlike him,she clearly stated it is the responsibility of all foreign immigrants to make all efforts to understand and integrate with Australians and the onus is on the incoming immigrants.She had reassured Australians that citizens come first and will never be marginalised or replaced by incoming immigrant workers or talents.PM Lee you need to change your tune and take heed to our Singapore citizens’ concerns and disillusioned view of you immigration policies. Ask foreigners to make efforts to integrate ,Not the other way round as you fail flat and they take note it is ok to sideline local Singaporeans.

  10. jaded said

    another 200 votes for the pappies!

  11. citutt said

    if the new citizens cn become traitor to their native country…chances r they gonna do the same to their new country…

  12. FYI said

    Singaporeans must pull head out of sand, learn to speak ENGLISH properly and give up your xenophobia and racism. This country needs a DAY WITHOUT FOREIGN TALENT… Singaporeans will be begging and crying for people (foreign talent) to pick up the pieces for them. Temasek Times, you should really be ashamed of yourself for ignorant propaganda you perpetually post. I used to think PAP was the problem… but Singaporeans should take note… it could be worse. Your country could be run by fools the likes of Temasek Times. Then you would really be in the dumps. Good luck, but for love of your country, stop reading the garbage posted by Temasek Times… it is seriously going to rot your brain. It’s hate-mongering with no solutions offered. Just saying.

  13. Sharon said

    Why you do this to us??? Why?

  14. Singaporean said

    I watched the Channel 8 news and pm lee did ask the new citizens to lu xiang rui shu, he did ask the new citizens to integrate to Singapore way of life. Just as temasek times expect mainstream newspapers to write the truth, temasek times should also report the truth. I read temasek times as I thought it will report those that strait times never report. If you want to sensationalize without telling the whole truth, I think this is not a reliable platform for alternative news.

    • 60+ said

      why are you here, idiot

    • CY said

      Fully agree. TT please get your facts right! 60+ you fuck off from here.

      • Naivety said

        What is the point of integrating when these people come here only to snatch Singaporeans ricebowls & displaced them of good jobs?

        You silly goon & stupid asshole!
        Do you know that they are currently more than 2 Mil of FTs+FWs in Singapore shore already to compete with native Singaporeans & displaced them of jobs (source:

        The relentless influx of FTs to Singapore is still continuing unabated as I’m writing this reply to you & do you think a small country like Singapore can support so many people with plentiful of jobs created?

        Do u also seriously believe that the current ‘Unemployment Rate’ as widely reported in MSM/ST to be at such a low figure of only 2.1%? (i.e., almost full employment status for all Singaporeans)

        Have u not thought that this actual ‘Unemployment Rate’ could have been suppressed, stifled, quelled. curtailed & manipulated or obfuscated by politicians to make the situation looks “good & nice’?

        I hope you too get replaced & displaced by an FT soon as well as ur future descendents!!

  15. mahbok tan said

    Every house just hang white or black cloth in place of of our flag……lets try it till 2016. This is to show our protest against their immration policy.

  16. solaris8899 said

    do you still believe what papa said and promised?
    they said this, but they do that.
    they said to give but they take even more.

  17. Ricky said

    Maybe next time our government including the Prime Minister is not made in Singapore anymore. Maybe Obama will be our president and Hugh Grant can be our Prime Minister.

    • Foxy said

      Infuture, our leaders most likely are from foreign imports!

    • Naivety said

      That will never ever happen in a million years as papayas will know how to safeguard their own jobs. They will conveniently cite security as an issue & main reason for not opening up their jobs (Ministers, EP, etc) for bids & takers to the whole world at large!

      Whereas Singaporeans jobs are opened up to the whole world at large to compete for as there are simply no barriers to entry at all!!!

  18. Anthony Tang said

    Bloody imitation Singaporeans. We all know imitation can never able like the original.
    Why are we doing NS to protect them? So many of them after milking us return to their own country and renounce their Sing citizenship.
    Come on PAPayas we know your hidden agenda.2016 is only four years away.
    How many more thousand foreigners do you want to bring in before 2016 to get more than 50% votes.

  19. hachoo said

    Many of the foreign talents I know have already collected their benefits and left the country their homeland liao.

  20. watoke said

    this is the only beginning … of 200 SC … by 2016 , probably hundred of thousands if not 1-2 millions to vote the PAP 😉 …. good planning LHL…..

  21. Siapa Rajah (Who Is The King?) said

    HEY MAN! Why don’t you call them to integrate with Singaporeans. Call them to learn our dialects (Pinoys and Indians to speak Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay and etc, PRC to speak ENGLISH!!! How to integrate with Singaporeans where they don’t even know our culture well. We reach out to them??? Why should we??? Our jobs are being taken by them and look at our seniors now, all hanging around coffeeshops doing nothing, you expect them to become a cleaner, sweeper or fast food chain helper??? You all “White Rats” all drawing millions of $$$ and you expect them to draw $5/- an hour???

  22. Mr. Triangle said

    LEE you give your million dollar salary to me and I can welcome them any day…

    With my large wang.

  23. Pai Sei said

    The garment also don want them to serve NS as they r NOT patriotic to SGP. They r just using an unsmart policy (contunue to do so) to gain their avantage. Is just that simple.
    The Elites will still stay in China, only not-so-smart will come to SGP. D garment also does not want the elites to topple the PnP. The not-so-smart cld benefit SGP becoz they contribute (taxes) to garment coffer (pay) lor.

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