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VIDEO: Two teens caught stealing Iphone cases on CCTV?

Posted by temasektimes on July 7, 2012

Two teens were reportedly caught on CCTV stealing Iphone cases from a shop.

According to ‘PassionKites’ who uploaded the video:

“From 49 seconds of the video you can see the white tee guy slipped the case into his pocket and pretend to browse for another case. They acted as if nothing happen and happily laugh their way out thinking that they got away with the steals.”


8 Responses to “VIDEO: Two teens caught stealing Iphone cases on CCTV?”

  1. Fnu Lnu said

    Suggestion to punish both teens is to order them to perform bj on each other. Am sure, after this unpleasant experience, they will be cured from shoplifting ever again 😉

  2. OMG said

    OK…so, what is e point of this video daft?

  3. joker said

    nowadays 人格不值钱啊 (integrity not worth $)

  4. kaypoh said

    If they had no food to eat & steal then it is necessity…. iphone casings are pure vanity….. u can use the phone even without casings. tsktsk!

    but with so-called “respectable” people stealing $50 mil to promote their pop careers, i guess they think this is almost negligible. Blame the so-called “leaders” & their well-publicized crimes & above-the-law attitudes for the gradual erosion of moral values.

  5. police not so free lah said

    PassionKites needs to accept this is part & parcel of loss in business…
    No big deal…
    this phone casing worth how much? S$5? LOL?
    Ho-Ching wasted billions of Singaporeans money leh…
    YOG wasted millions…
    PAP happy happy raise GST from 3% to 7% to ”help the poor”….

  6. Steve Lee said

    I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law in order to send a message to all that crime does not pay.

  7. Wu Candy said

    this video is very questionable… if you pay attention, the camera is moving… ???

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