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Angry Singaporeans complain on PM Lee’s Facebook: Stop telling us to reach out to immigrants!

Posted by temasektimes on July 8, 2012

In a sign that public disgruntlement and anger at the government’s immigration policies have reached a boiling point, angry Singaporeans flocked to post comments on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook after he called on Singaporeans to ‘reach out’ to the new citizens after presenting citizenship certificates to 200 foreigners during a ceremony yesterday!

PM Lee had posted a video clip of his speech as well as photos taken with smiling new citizens at the ceremony which raised the ire of native Singaporeans who felt short-changed by their elected government.

Sulaiman Samsudin wrote he doesn’t care much about integration:

“Singaporeans couldn’t care less about fuzzy notions of INTEGRATION than their own jobs. What each Singaporeans wants is the employment laws rewritten to favour locals………that would contradict the government’s commitment….and frankly…do not expect any DRASTIC POLICY changes.”

Li Yifeng was disappointed at the government’s ‘short-sighted’ immigration policy:

“Pm lee sir, instead of just quick fixes please also think of long term solutions. Depending solely on “ft” to maintain singapore’s competitive edge is a near sighted strategy. Why not loosen the purse strings significantly to encourage more babies by singaporeans . If the govt can afford to spend 5-8% of gdp on national defence, y not commit 1-3% of gdp to pro family policies?”

Below are some other frank feedback offered by Singaporeans:

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

Despite an earlier promise to ‘slow down’ the inflow of foreigners last year, PM Lee appears to have changed his mind now and continues to ‘sell’ his immigration policies to Singaporeans who are fast becoming a minority in their country of birth.


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53 Responses to “Angry Singaporeans complain on PM Lee’s Facebook: Stop telling us to reach out to immigrants!”

  1. Ah Heng said

    My encounter with a PRC Construction Worker:

  2. Mike Zeng said

    Do we have a dauphin fool for a PM or what?
    His attempts to get more pro-PAP voters is his priority in order to cling on to power and humongous wealth when GE 2016 comes along.
    He and his ilk including the thousands of PAP sycophants must be taught a lesson when 2016 arrives eventually.

  3. SINYoobi said

    Disgusting news on integration. Just STOP foreign immigrants. Flawed immigration policy. The government is hurting Singaporeans.

  4. David said

    Haha. don’t waste your time posting on his facebook, cos all the negative comments will be deleted in no time. And then he will just act blur.

    • ConcernedNativeSingaporean said

      Ya, this pm is living in Utopia. Better than ivory tower. That’s why much much more unfeeling, keep to his lousy hurting Singaporeans policies!!!

  5. wikileaks said

    Bloody imitation Singaporeans. We all know imitation can never able like the original.
    Why are we doing NS to protect them? So many of them after milking us return to their own country and renounce their Sing citizenship.
    Come on PAPayas we know your hidden agenda.2016 is only four years away.
    How many more thousand foreigners do you want to bring in before 2016 to get more than 50% votes.

  6. tintin said

    He also urged Singaporeans to reach out to new citizens on a personal level too.
    Sorry to say that not for my family, we cant do it. it the right thing to do and we willl do it right.

  7. joker said

    stop FT! delete FT!
    2016 CHANGE!

  8. said

    Now we have 4 races and we need to add another 2 more pinoy and PR chinese. Sad and it’s true singapore lost identity. Where in this world do you see a strong influx almost 40% in country. Australia nay US nay Japan nay. To me govt only interest in making country earn more money prosper for crap… if there’s no identity with so much kanchanputeh influx, no one is happy. Imagine if u visit japan and 40% influx with PR Chinese and pinoy. How do you feel? Stop talking about integration im sick of it. I hope PAP will get punish and strike by lightning one day (quote from pap logo).

  9. alibaba said

    would your tenant ask you to follow their own rules to make them feel welcome? We are losing more hope everyday with this kind of news!

    • sorahi said

      As a PM, he doesnt know who is the.guest and who is the master. Likewise, he doesnt know he is the servant and we are the master.

  10. alibaba said

    i wonder how will the election flows with more younger generations eligible for voting. If the system does not adjust soon, the lighting party might lost more than half the seats.

    • icefire said

      the papaya is trying to dilute the vote so they can remain the ruling party… losing the singapore identity is fair as long as their wallet is being take care

      • mel said

        yeah, they are already making preparation for the next election and will bend over backwards to make them feel welcome like provide jobs, housing etc.

  11. Singapore Talent said

    Simply disgusted…

  12. cc chia said

    Hey, Pinky Lee!! Your constant calls for us to “integrate with the foreigners” are sounding like a broken and scratchy record.

    Please stop this, and come up with new and better plans to encourage Singaporeans to have more babies, instead of bringing in more foreigners such that they are now more than 50% of the populace. After all, we are paying you and your cabinet millions in order to work for us, and not the other way round. Do realise that you have to listen to what we want, and do not attempt to keep telling us what to do, instead.

    • lololol said

      Their main concern is HOW TO KEEP GETTING PAID IN MILLIONS… AND HOW TO INCREASE THAT AMOUNT. Not your welfare….. nor any benefit to any Singaporeans. Please.
      Their policies are quite transparent now.

      Use OUR money to build extremely expensive….. stupid gardens by the bay…. charge exorbitant entrance fees, just to see plants…… and THEY keep all the money. Clear enough?

  13. 龍的传人 said


  14. singkey said

    he and gang need to roeach out to their porckets andh that is fine with us

  15. mahbok tan said

    Guess Sgporean deserved to have this kind of shock daily…..lets hang black flag this national day……I am veru sick and tired getting this kind of news

  16. cher said

    Why reach out to them? These parasites should not be allowed to sink their roots here. Either we are blind or plain stupid!

  17. koo said

    the truth came out. We kenna con into doing NS !!! SAF is make up- of conman.

  18. 60+ Singaporean said

    Actually, one day we will get a pinoy / india indian / prc MP. Cheap foreign trashs (FTs). So SINGAPOREANS please wake up.

  19. Kan Nin Na Chow Lan Chiau said

    PM Lee.. Forget about integration & fit. New Citizens will migrate sooner or later using their New Singapore Passport to other countries. Singapore is only a stepping stone for them. Idiotic PM with nothing between his two ears


    so far there is only the ten of you making “noice” here…I suggest you people take to the streets and see how many Singaporean will support you!


    We need a bigger following…just above 10 won’t help a single bit! Many scolded the PAP yet they still got 60% vote! Not as easy as you think leh!

    • uss said

      no more now is only 55%
      by 2016 the were be out

      • lololol said

        Nice dream. We all need to work a lot harder at the grassroots level to WAKE PEOPLE up to see the truth if you want something real to happen. Many are bounded by fear. Fear of what?? This govt Already is screwing everyone up.

  22. Bernard Deng said

    We are Singapore we are Singapore but are we Singaporeans?

  23. 60+ said

    You think they want to. F the FT, they are for the money here, where else can they get job and security, can’t even command US$500 in their own countries.
    You think Pinoy are smart, yes their government are smart, passes all their citizen with engineering certificates, even without brain. Then can export them to Singapore and the world. Come here work as technician. PM, you want feedback, what you going to do with all the feedback.
    How to support our sportman and sportwoman especially those import, they are full of shit, can’t smile back when smile at. They think they are rich and mighty as we owe them a living. No way we will mix with them.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      In the Philippines, an engineer is paid the equivalent of S$600 per month, if they are lucky to land a job. With little or no experience, they demand $3K or more for a similar position in Singapore. Singaporeans are not even paid that kind of figure even if they are graduates of NUS or NTU or any of the reknowned UNIs. On the other hand Filipino high school diplomas are no more than secondary O Level certificates and their University degrees are even lower than our local Poly Diplomas. So why does the PM take in so much of these foreign trash?

      • So U Think U R More Qualified!? said

        I guess the answer is pretty straight forward…that they think these FT are much hardworking and more qualified then you! Why don’t you prove the government wrong then…putting a few words of dissatisfaction and grudge here surely isn’t gonna help you at all! 😉

        In many Employer’s mind, local Singaporeans are simply too pampered…many expect a lot but didn’t perform up to expectation thus cannot justify the high pay demanded. Seems that many who complained here choose NOT to see the whole picture…the world is getting very competitive…our Company need to survive and persevere in a time where two Asian giants re-claim their long-lost glory! China and India are very competitive in many arena…they have all the means and resources to see them through the fierce competition. These resources can be relatively cheap manpower, natural resources, technology and big market!

        Take a look at ourself…our country…and ask…do we have what it takes to compete with the world if all we have is people who complains but no action!

        Many of us have grudge against PAP…that is a known fact. Many of us resented Pinoy…that is also a known fact…but ultimately…its the fundamental question of survival as a nation. We can either be a part of the solution or be a part of problem.

        The man in white of today comes nothing close to the 1st generation Man in white! BUT that’s the best that we have to lead our nation through stormy seas! Don’t oppose for the sake of opposing…To some of you who think you want to topple PAP or vote them out in 2016 because they have made some unpopular and painful policies, then I challenge you to do something drastic now…take it to the streets or kill some pinoy for it’ll be too late to do anything in 2016! The change can only come from within…for they are like a giant old tree, with roots intertwined into every aspects and facets of Singapore. Singapore literally means PAP! Sg = PAP ! No matter what you think, say or do, its not gonna make any difference!

    • chink said

      It’s become a reality that the Sinkie govt is excellent at solving unemployment issues, not in sinkieland, but in SEA. Truly leading the way

  24. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Pinoys enter singapore to work using fake passports, fake CVs, fake high school diplomas, degrees, driving licenses, medical & nursing certificates/licenses, etc. Singapore is beginning to experience alot of quaity problems in products and services. These fakes can be bought in Manila’s Pedro Street for between US $17 – US$34 and with these fakes, Pinoys go worldwide to work. They can also buy fake death certificates to claim insurance, fake birth certificates and passports to take up new identity, etc. Manila is exporting INDUSTRIAL TERRORISM worldwide, Singapore included. Hope the government & Ministry of Manpower do a sampling and investigation of the more than 200,000 Pinoys working in the service and industrial sectors. Singapore must weed out these fakes and send a signal to the Pinoy community that crime does not pay!!!

  25. Virgorian said

    Throw the stinking India FT out!wastIng our land and resources and stink my country !!

  26. I went to a job interview yesterday. I was interviewed by a panel of 3. One pinoy, one angmoh and one Indian national. Did i just applied for a United Nations post?

  27. I went for an interview just now. The interview panel consist of one pinoy, one angmoh and one indian national. Did i just applied for a job at United Nations.

  28. Yayrhah said

    Yes.. we hate all the pinoy shits in singapore. we have enuf of it!


      Since you’ve had enough of it I suggest you go out on the streets and make your point…putting a few words here clearly isn’t gonna help! 😉

  29. bb said

    May be the PM does not want to be PM anymore-may be due to fatigue.

    He can not tell old man and pappy ministers that he want to step down – so introduce policies that irritates 99 % of sg ppl.

  30. rubbish said

    Enought of FT shit…please tell all FT to F off..please…

  31. lololol said

    Just waiting for that one day when a brave, true-blue SINGAPOREAN had enough of all this rubbish and stand up, REFUSE to serve NS during enlistment, and get arrested while bringing up all these social injustices. I would like to see the foolish govt beat him or sentence him heavily….. because this thing will go viral and that will be the moment when all hell breaks loose!


  32. Dogmeat said

    Ask PM to STFU… SHOW US THE MONEY… Don’t talk cock and while you:

    1. give generous tuition grants to foreign students while locals face exorbitant fees,
    2. lowered salaries for locals by inviting low quality FTs to take jobs at half the price,
    3. increased HDB prices to enrich govt coffers,
    4. degraded Singaporean life by opening up the flood gates to “talents” who are talented at bringing ugly, uncivilised behaviour to the next level.

    Point 4 isn’t about money, but nevertheless the govt is depriving the locals of a civil and orderly society.

    Now you ask us to bend over and spread our butt cheeks and take it like a loverboy?

  33. Bai Hu said

    PM Lee is not a man of integrity. Always says one thing & do another thing. What a talk-cock-sing-song prime minister SG has 😦

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