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NUS Biology student died after playing computer games overnight

Posted by temasektimes on July 8, 2012

A 25 year old third year Biology student at NUS Xu Kaixiang (许凯翔) was found dead at his desk after playing computer games the entire night!

Speaking to queries from the media, the deceased’s father said his son has been playing computer games frequently at home as he is having vacation now. There are times when he played throughout the night.

“When I prepared to sleep at 1am last night, I still saw him in front of the computer, but when me and my wife woke up at 6.45am in the morning, we saw him lying motionlessly on the floor and the computer is still on,” he added.

According to medical experts, Xu may have an underlying yet to be diagnosed heart ailment which may be triggered by intense emotions.


14 Responses to “NUS Biology student died after playing computer games overnight”

  1. Why is it our small Country find so many youngsters dying at such young age. With our supposed to be such an advance Country are we not be able to address these cases dying young.

    • reed said

      thats what happen when the country became competitive

    • Pussy Rules said

      You wanna know why, it’s the food that we ate, couch potato lifestyle, body totaly stagnant muscle not working as it is suppose to, too much stress, money not enough and PAP…….wahahahahahahaha…….

  2. papsmear said

    Ya, govt must do something to protect these youngster.

  3. SEL KUMS said

    Was a wonderful, quiet and diligent boy from the 2 flags family.

  4. Shawn said

    R.I.P 😦

  5. Teo said

    TR, you should remove the exclamation mark in your first sentence. It is disrespectful towards the deceased boy and his family. It suggests that we should be more shocked about his playing videos games the entire night than we should be about someone losing his life and showing sympathy. Having the exclamation mark also reveals your minimal alarm at this tragic incident. Ending a statement like this with a full-stop allows the readers to comprehend and absorb the horror of it for themselves.
    What you have is unprofessional journalism.

  6. i5htar said

    don’t tell me he is playing “”diablo 3″”

    • Daft Peasant said

      alamak……he go on quest without bring enough potions lah…….then he overlook the enemies, tout the monsters inside the dungeon buay gan……and he loses the fight and died…..

      the father saw his son in front the pc, that is only his body, his soul is inside the game liao….so when the soul died in the game, the body can’t live as well….


  7. Anonymous said

    Physically I am less than 30 years of age, but internally I feel like close to 40. Why? The stressful environment from multiple sources. I won’t be surprised if one day I just keel over.

  8. Ren said

    Life is short…Wanna live longer, sleep more…

  9. 01dsk001 said

    I think being an advanced country itself brings risks of its own. Obesity, lack of exercise, over-reliance on technology, overlooking natural processes and loss of common sense, are some examples.

    Being advanced is the problem. But once you’re advanced, you can’t go back.

  10. weak justice said

    send these kids to china for an exchange program to do farming!!! since we import so many FTs from there, may as well export some of these sg kids!!!

  11. Mr. Triangle said

    As a gamer myself, playing for 1 whole night if your body is fine is not a problem. But if the person have some underlying problems (heart problems) it might trigger when the person undergo stressful/strenuous situations.

    So what the media will do (same with the west) is to condemn the video game. However If anyone who really play games know there is always a cause in game that say “This game have certain things that might trigger certain conditions, consort your doctor if you not sure.”

    I’m not saying the those who die playing games deserves it. But everyone is responsible for their own actions. IF you have a condition, save your love ones the pain and DON’T play so much games. Simple as that.

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