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PM Lee calls on new citizens to join grassroots activities make their citizenship more ‘meaningful’

Posted by temasektimes on July 8, 2012

Despite rising social tensions between native Singaporeans and foreigners, Singapore continues to give out citizenship to foreigners to pop up the declining birth rate.

Another 200 foreigners become ‘Singaporeans’ yesterday when they were presented their pink identification certificates and ICs by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Grassroots Club in Ang Mo Kio.

As he welcomed them, PM Lee called on the new citizens to reach out to Singaporeans:

“Pick up Singapore customs, lifestyles, norms, (and) social rules. And if you can understand Singlish, so much the better,” he said.

PM Lee also asked them to join in community (grassroots) activities and volunteer their services to make their citizenship more ‘meaningful’.

“Whom you identify with, what you identify with, the values, the goals, the aspirations of your people. Your loyalty, which is your country, who are your fellow citizens,” he said.

Many PRs and new citizens are roped into PAP grassroots organizations to help them ‘integrate’ into Singapore. About 20 percent of grassroots leaders in Singapore are now PRs and new citizens.

All the grassroots organizations in Singapore are under the auspices of the People’s Association, a supposedly ‘non-partisan’ statutory board funded by taxpayers’ monies and headed by PM Lee himself together with 10 other PAP MPs.

With an increasing number of ‘Singaporeans’ born overseas, native Singaporeans may be the ones having to ‘reach out’ to the newcomers and pick up their customs, social rules and lifestyles instead of the other way round.

*Source of pic: PM Lee’s Facebook


10 Responses to “PM Lee calls on new citizens to join grassroots activities make their citizenship more ‘meaningful’”

  1. Annoymous said

    Yes, join more of our grassroots stuff etc. We need you to fight against the opposition voters.

  2. Singapore Talent said

    Pls provide more fellatio to civil servants….

  3. Ren said

    If you have sons, make them go NS early…

  4. i5htar said

    More grassroots members = more PAP supporters in coming GE 2016

  5. Leo said

    No Singaporean is joining Grassroot activities thus they too needs FTs to come in. Of course more votes for them

  6. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Singaporeans have been dropping out of grassroots activities & membership, that’s why PM Lee need FTs to fill up the places & make up the numbers. In no time, RC & CCC chairman posts will be held by FTs who will then convince their fellow countrymen to join the CCs.

  7. Daft Peasant said

    can i join the grassroots but vote opposition when GE come??

  8. 我们的草根很快的都要变成国外移植过来,连草头也是外国货。(草根=grass root; 头=leader).

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