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PRC Chinese language teacher just granted Singapore citizenship asks MINDEF to allow more people to defer NS

Posted by temasektimes on July 8, 2012

In other First World Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, it would be almost impossible for a Chinese language teacher to obtain their permanent residency let alone citizenship, but not so in Singapore where PRC Chinese language teachers are granted citizenship easily.

36 year old PRC Chinese language teacher Chen Rongli (陈荣利) from the city of Xian in China was one of 200 foreigners given Singapore ‘citizenship’ yesterday by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in person.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Chen said she ‘supports’ her two sons serving NS as it will be able to ‘train their bodies’


However, she hopes the Ministry of Defence can exercise ‘flexibility’ in allowing more people to defer NS.


The Singapore government has always emphasized that Singapore citizenship is only given to ‘well-deserving’ and ‘qualified’ foreigners whose ‘skills and expertise’ are needed here. It is not known if there is a lack of Chinese language teachers in Singapore.

Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen recently revealed that one third of foreigners renounced their Singapore PR prior to entering NS.


23 Responses to “PRC Chinese language teacher just granted Singapore citizenship asks MINDEF to allow more people to defer NS”

  1. kaypoh said

    Ah, luckily we do not face a shortage of Bangla & Pinoy language teachers…

    Perhaps we can convert Kongheefattchoy’s bungalow into hostels for the new citizens, since it is likely he will be upgrading to Changi soon.

  2. Ren said

    Revoke her citizenship! Quick Quick!!! So defer NS for her 2 sons, so that they can go overseas study and dont come back, rite? Smart move! Not so smart when peeps already noe abt it…

  3. fpc said

    IT is a joke. only some special people get to defer and this new immigrants wants this privilege straight away. what a joke!

  4. fpc said

    I assure this new citizenship is given because these people have been working here for so time already as PR with cpf savings. This way, the govt doesn’t need to return these people their cpf savings.

    the source of the problem is TH/GIC which have been taking in monies but cannot deliver a decent return. That’s why the govt has to do what it can to not return these monies even to the extent of giving citizenship like toilet paper.

  5. Damn said

    Next time these PRC trash will tell us thy want to be our Prime Minister. They are demanding even they are NOT CAPABLE. F back 2 your home town. Piss me off.

  6. Tichy said

    In general many of these prc teachers can’t converse in proper English, so they are unable to explain to students in English when the need arises, when it comes to admin work or things that require English, they would need help or do not have to do them at all, but of course there are good teachers and there are also bad ones. However, many of them have no attachment to singapore at all, most intend to ‘retire’ in china. Also cause they have zero Idea on democracy, you can guess who they will vote for, and why the ruling party would welcome them.

    • Thinker said

      Agree but I think in a way, this affects their work performances in school too. As a result, they don’t really perform well to get a fat bonus or climb that fast. Those who are hardworking and tried to pick up English Language are the ones who do better in schools naturally. Some of them whom I personally know have national pride (I mean SG, not their home countries). The PRs would even sing our national anthem with pride and encourage students to sing louder at the parade square in the morning. That is when I look around me and realise the locals are keeping their mouths shut during the national anthem.

  7. SINYoobi said

    This is a joke from new citizen.

  8. joker said

    new citizen is worse than a joker!

  9. 龍的传人 said


  10. Pantatko said

    New citizen can fuck their sons till asshole become bazooka hole than exempt from ns fuck

  11. Aeron said

    I like this statement, “陈荣利希望国防部能更灵活地实施征召法令,允许更多人延迟服役”. Mr Chen, don’t just say but action. Please be the first to act on your statement, report to CMPB and serve 2 years NS immediately.

  12. Thinker said

    Relax, people. Frankly, don’t you all have nice neighbours, friends or colleagues who are foreigners/PRs? I know I do. While I’m disgusted by some of these foreigners’ ways of living and attitude, I don’t think ALL of them are to be condemned. Some of you sounded as if these FTs have murdered your loved ones. If a few local indians committed some crimes in Sg, we’re not going to condemn all Indians right? I think there’s nothing wrong with this Chinese Language teacher’s suggestion for the govt to allow flexibility in the deferment of NS. She is a least agreeable and supportive for her sons to join NS.

  13. Kan Nin Na Chow Lan Chiau said

    For her 2 sons to get deferment from NS,try to persuade President Tony Tan AYam to accept them as godsons.

  14. I dont allowed my son to serve ns at all. Defence who,country?? The minister?? Or f/trash?? Govt never protected our rice bowl and it open to all craps.

    • sure or not said

      Not up to you to say unless your son is a foreigner or 1st generation PR.
      If not your son has to migrate before he is enlisted.

  15. solaris8899 said

    her first feedback after getting her green card…serving NS as it will be able to ‘train their bodies’….hopes the Ministry of Defence can exercise ‘flexibility’ in allowing more people to defer NS.

    I thought NS is more than just fitness, group work but learn to be disciplined and protect our homeland.
    Does she imply after degree than go for NS or what?
    what papa say?

    Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen recently revealed that one third of foreigners renounced their Singapore PR prior to entering NS.

    So papa ur next target is to have 50%….100% foreigners renounced their Singapore PR prior to entering NS?

  16. bb said

    Whoever the minster responsible please revoke her citizenship-chinese saying kill one to teach 100.

  17. With eyes wide open said

    how many Chinese in Singapore? Just met comfortably employed PRC in Singapore waiting for approval of Citizenship… and guess what… they already living in SG for more than 5 years yet cannot communicate in English. That’s how many PRCs there are in Singapore. They can get by comfortably, have proper employment and live in a condo and know all the party places yet without speaking English.

  18. Pai Sei said

    Why why why d CH skills is so important to SGP meh? If SGP really wanted to absord CH skills then we shld send our children to Study in China, not d other other way round. Then our children will be strong, n we don need FTs’ child to serve NS, right? I think our garment is not smart at all.

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