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SPH reiterates copyright claims on its articles under Copyright Act

Posted by temasektimes on July 8, 2012

The Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has stated its stance on its Facebook in response to the controversy surrounding the complaints made by former radio presenter Daniel Ong that he was charged more than $3,000 for reproducing the interviews he and his wife gave to SPH papers and magazines on social media. (read more here)

After he removed the articles, Daniel Ong received a letter from SPH requesting him to pay a S$214 ‘investigation fee’.

SPH said it “does not object to the use of our articles for personal use (subject to limits prescribed by law) or in relation to other allowed exceptions under the law”.

Though it admitted that it “wrote to Mr Ong to request that he remove the articles or pay a licensing fee for the continued use of the said articles,” tt denied that Ong had been charged “about S$3,000” as he had claimed, and reiterated that SPH held the copyright to the articles – under copyright law, it is the author, not the interviewee who is the copyright owner of a piece of work.

“In Mr Daniel Ong’s case, he and his wife granted interviews to Singapore Press Holdings’ newspapers and magazines. After the articles were published, he reproduced the articles from ‘Shin Min Daily News’ and ‘Simply Her’ on his business website –,” it added.


12 Responses to “SPH reiterates copyright claims on its articles under Copyright Act”

  1. Lim said

    Please boycott all interviews with SPH as a protest against such monopolistic bullying arm-twisting.

  2. 'Mk Chin said

    Will all the restaurants & stalls around Singapore that photocopy and put stories about themselves at their stalls or sign boards for people to see be charged next?

  3. Ron said

    Amazing. In the social media, it is common to cut and paste information already published in newspapers as it becomes information in the public domain. Can a lawyer please comment? If each daily newspaper is copy-right, then all banks, businesses, etc. better not display the SPH newspapers for free reading… they are subject to copyright and hence only the buyer has the right to read them.

    Even my family members may have to buy their own newspapers and not read the ST that I bought. LOL

  4. Sashaqueenie said

    It is extremely easy. In the future, if the reporter is from any of the State media, refuse to talk to them. No interviews, no insights and no feedbacks. Boycott, ban and banish this parasitic media giant. We must band together and take a stance. There is no copyright ownership, especially when it comes to the newspaper.

  5. Free Trolley said

    The value of the news is set to zero (the newspaper is published once and never used again) the moment SPH publishes the article. There are no longer any intrinsic value to which SPH can claim.

    • Free Trolley said

      another thing, the work of SPH is based on the interview with the said owner and the copyright law does not apply on him.

  6. solaris8899 said

    is sph is doing right things under copyright law?

  7. sorahi said

    instead of paying the honourarium fee to the interviewee, SPH charge them fee. WTF is the govt link companies doing all these immoral acts?

  8. John said

    The value of the publicity from those articles is much more than $3000.

  9. Henry said

    the rights should be shared and not monopolized by SPH … let’s rally up to change that

  10. Thinker said

    Copyright laws? Don’t apply to education right? Oh dear, better ask all my kids to remove articles from their noticeboards in classrooms. All school websites better take down pictures and articles of their students featured in SPH publications.

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