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Dr Ng Eng Hen urges netizens to speak up against ‘bigotry’

Posted by temasektimes on July 9, 2012

As social tension between native Singaporeans and foreigners continue to rise in Singapore, Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen has called on netizens to speak up against ‘bigotry’.

Speaking at the first Orange Ribbon Walk organized by a pro-PAP civil group, Dr Ng said Singaporeans should nip racial and religious intolerance.

“We should not let the few with divisive words erode the confidence and trust many have built over the years,” he said.

He added that the ‘silent majority’ who value religious and racial harmony need to ‘speak up’ against ‘unjust’ and ‘bigoted’ views.

Dr Ng was speaking in the aftermath of the arrest of two 17 year old Singaporean males last week for posting racist remarks on Facebook.

Being the alternative news site with the highest readership in Singapore, the Temasek Times strongly condemn all forms of racism and bigotry. However we urge the authorities to be FAIR and JUST in the application of the laws – so far, only Singaporeans were arrested for posting racist remarks while foreigners making worse remarks were let off the hook.


28 Responses to “Dr Ng Eng Hen urges netizens to speak up against ‘bigotry’”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    I would ask the Chicken Minister……”How about PAP’s Political Bigotry”…..”So What doyou think”?

  2. joker said

    人在做天在看 human do – God watching

  3. ConcernedNativeSingaporean said

    TT should know by now that we have 2 sets of laws. One soft cushy one that favours foreign trashes while the other harsher one, to punish native Singaporeans.

  4. Jenny said

    Who is the cause of all this? PAP.

  5. denzuko1 said

    Wow! After years of their lax foreign policies,Singaporeans has become few with divisive words.

  6. Agreed 100% said

    Agreed 100%, that is why we speak up against the govt ways of doing things like PAP ideas are everything while ideas from the rest are nothing. So bigot like you, NGH can take it when we speak up ???

  7. jaded said

    this guy still in his own la wait…
    same for all the pappies!

  8. Jardel said

    We are not bigots. We love foreigners. So can we vote foreigners into parliament and replace those ministers, including LHL? This will improve and hasten the integration process. PAP please consider.

    • kampong said

      good one lei!

    • mahbok tan said

      Lets bring Bo Xi Lai or Bo Tai Chi to SGpore and give them citizenship so he can be our PM or MAYOR….wad du u tink????

    • lololol said

      I want to vote foreigners in to become a minister. But at a FRACTION of the cost!! Just pay them what a minister gets in China, Philippines, India… and I may dare say….. USA.
      Hire a foreign minister at that level of ministerial salary and I will KEE CHIU!

  9. Keit said

    I agree we are not bigots …… we singaporeans have nothing against other races since we’re made out of 4 or more races in the first place. Its Other Nationalities that gets on our nerves, such as prc and pinoys whom think they’re big shots here. And making a fool out of most of the Singaporens/Malaysians here for years we did not have any issues with FT until too many of them decided to invade our land coz of some dumb ass pappies politian whom failed to see what had happen to countries like Australia and a few other western nations after they open their flood-gate to immigrants.

  10. Damien said

    I think PAP has done a lot of good to this country, and PAP haters are just envious over one thing, which is the amount of money the politicians are being paid. So why don’t you guys work harder, upgrade yourself in terms of education, either become a politician yourself or move out of the country, instead of being whinny little pussies who takes every oppurtunity to complain, be a man, grow a pair.

    • Singaporean said

      You are real good ball licker.

    • bb said

      What he says is correct. Sg ppl voted the pappy gov in and they virtually can do anything they like eg increasing salary even though they might not deserve it, allowing foreigners to come in.

      If sg ppl disgreed there is only one way to do it., you have to vote them out.

    • Singaporean2 said

      I dont like to see my tax monies paid to see policies like this made…among all developed countries which govt allowed almost half of immigrants to shit here? i bet you like real much…

      • lololol said

        When pap took over Singapore….. it was already Asia’s number 2 most affluent city, after Tokyo. Come on…. it’s not some 3rd world fishing village kampong as what the familee would like you to believe. Please.

        Give them a number 2 city…. and today still number 2 or move up one notch to number 1…. big deal??? Anyone can do it.

        Remember, SINGAPOREANS built Singapore. Not pap.

        Stop living in lies and fairy tales.

  11. Damien said

    My point is for every 1 thing that the government has done wrong according to your opinion, it might have done 9 other things right. I am glad the Singapore government is not spending billions of tax payers money like the US, to fight a bullshit war with Afghanistan, I am glad the Singapore government is not spending billions of tax payers money, to bail out the big banks because the bank themselves can’t function correctly. I am glad the PM of Singapore doesn’t treat the country’s money like his own pocket, just like PM of Malaysia Najib Razak, who also pocketed million of dollar from the submarine sales. Its easy to be short sighted and argue about the little things, but we all gotta step a few steps back and look at the big picture.

    • Ben said

      Ya , only u are so smart to look at the small little thing and big picture .all of us are dumb and blind.want to compare lots of thing need to compare . Taxpayer monies not going to SMRT ? Taxpayer monies goes to how many HDB estate , keep built and hack ? Example Near my estate , the bus-stop ,do you know how many time they build and hack ? More than 3X same location ok . who paid for the bill ?

      Previously e SC charge how much ? From $8/- ,but still u can see some workers manually driving the cart to collect the rubbish , now centralize ,and less ppl work but we pay more , how much $60.50.

      Pub bill min250/- to 280/- per month , when oil increase they increase , when decrease , they decrease ? If yes , how many time ? Do you know the OIL , how much our govrt tax?

      lot of thing need to compare not only the salary of e minister …….need few days to figure out …..many more ……

      Unless u don’t even care u earn tone of money like our govrt.

    • Ben said

      And go and do some research , how many country govrt body earns citizen money like , coffee shop , super market , insurance , taxi and buses etc .companies .all this most of the govrt body let their citizen start their business ,but not doing themselves and earn own citizen , if capable enuff , earn other country ppl money …………

  12. Ng Eng Cock said

    It is the pap that has eroded our confidence and trust we had built up all these years, by relentlessly and indiscriminately importing foreign trash of all kinds that directly lead to social chaos and disaffection in Singapore. Speak the truth and don’t use politician talk! We are not blind, and we were not born yesterday, mr hen!

  13. Sinking Sinkies said

    It is more like the ininer circle versus the masses, whereby the inner circle cannot fools their own citizens anymore thus recruiting outsiders by temporarily making use of them.

  14. Ren said

    No wonder many people say we are similar to HK. One country with 2 Systems.

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