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Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong sentenced to five years jail for having sex with minor

Posted by temasektimes on July 9, 2012

Disgraced former Ministry of Education scholar Jonathan Wong has been sentenced to five years’ jail after being convicted of committing five sexual offences, including having sex with a 15 year old girl he befriended at a church.

Wong reportedly had sex with the girl seven times and commit acts of indecency on her three times at various locations such as public toilets and staircases between February and June 2011.

His crimes were exposed after the girl told her father that she had sex with him after her teacher in Australia informed him that her grades were deteriorating.

In December 2010, Wong was given a suspended six-month sentence by a British court for downloading child pornography while on his MOE scholarship which had been revoked, causing his parents to sell off their home to repay the S$175,000 in bond fees he owed to the MOE.



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31 Responses to “Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong sentenced to five years jail for having sex with minor”

  1. singkey said

    can work as a sex educationist after his jail term

    • su said

      Jonathan can make good use of his 5 years jail time learning advance sex from fellow inmates. Many veterans will gladly take him in as disciple cum lover. LOL

  2. jerry said

    5 years later will come out and prey on more girls, should give longer sentence

    • john chia said

      You are right.How in the world that this sex fiend got only 5 years.Expected that he’ll be caned&jailed at least 10 years.DPP must appeal.

    • Blue Nights said

      Unfortunately, the taxpayer is paying for his incarceration. In some other countries, he will have to pay it back if he has savings or a trust.

      I am curious as to why his parents paid for his bond. Was there pressure from MOE to repay it? If there was, he himself should be responsible for it as he was already an adult when this happened. Maybe I am not understanding this bond thing.

  3. Julie Ong said

    Mr Jonathan Wong has now been sentenced. I hope that the saga of this phase of his life will be taken as a lesson for him to not do the wrong thing in future.
    He will have to pay the price for his serious misdeeds. Thereafter I hope that all Singaporeans of goodwill can see it in their hearts to forgive him. By the way I am
    sad for the victim. Hope that she will have a happy life and be able to enter into a relationship with confidence into the future. In a case like this there is really no winner. Hopefully, there will be happy endings for all concerned.

    • A sinner said

      Julie: Well said. I really feel for his parents and his siblings. I hope he seeks God’s forgiveness and I hope he receives the grace to go through this difficult period. We are all God’s children and yet we are also sinners. Each of us fail each day. Our failures may not be as jarring as the one committed by Jonathan, but we do fail. We all need guidance. Most importantly, we also need to forgive those who have sinned against us. Thanks for writing this note, Julie. It is good to know that someone that shares the same perspective.

  4. Sex Scholar said

    How a guy like you can be selected for an MOE scholarship is really bizarre! Letting you loose in a school of young kids would really be disastrous!

    Anyway, enjoy your stay in Changi Resort. Keep away from those sex starved convicts! They are not fifteen year olds you know.

  5. shiroiluke said

    Scholars are usually the kind of people have something wrong up in their head or deep down in their heart.

  6. Free Trolley said

    sad if I have a son like him.

  7. Pantatko said

    Big time pervert…go inside all cheekopek waiting for his **s oredi

  8. Jardel said

    chemically castrate…..why cant any of the ministers suggest this to our dear law minster? Should we get a FT to do that? Let’s get FT to be our PM….hasten integration!!!

  9. No rotan? said

    how come no rotan?

  10. Candy Wu said

    Should be given Caning too… At least 3 strokes….

    • jamie said

      the authorities should arrange different cell mates for jonathan, especially those who have the desire to stroke his behind. it is a win win situation all the way for everyone.

  11. realty check said

    my heart goes out to the parents of jonathan. no parents want to see their child or children end up like this. in my opinion, jonathan’s parents had done well for jonathan to be able to obtain a govt scholarship. but then, parents can only do so much when the children enters adulthood. what jonathan did was terribly wrong. i am a father to three boys & a girl aged bet 30 & 25 yrs. i worry & pray everyday that my children will do the right things in life. i hope jonathan’s parents will be there to help him when jonathan leaves prison to begin a new chapter in his life. all is not lost. i also feel sorry for the parents and the victim for the pain that jonathan’s actions had put them through especially the emotional trauma that the victim will have for a long time to come. there is no winner really but jonathan certainly deserves the lengthy jail sentence that he got.

  12. 陳一峯 said

    以上都是李光耀的觀點。但是有多少人能有david marshall 的觀點呢?


  13. diversifyx2 said

    Hope after jail term become Pastor taking over Kong Hee

    • jo said

      actually not a bad idea if kong hee were to share the same cell as jonathan wong.
      mentor and protege can wank each other till kingdom come. lol

  14. lol said

    Should whip his ass.

  15. siao said

    and people blame the govt for this? lol…

  16. Singapore Talent said

    Garment scholar poke young gals no need rotan?!!!

  17. Lim said

    And we are supposed to believe this paedophile when he said he was sorry to hurt little girls in toilets and believe his vow that this will be the last time the courts will see him there, all in his faked clipped British accent?

  18. If anyone who believe in him must be must be a dumb. In fact 5 years is dirt cheap I have doubt he will repent after putting him away just for 3 over years after deductions.

  19. Ben said

    Paid for what he hv done .hope he will ready change .And feel sorry and sad for the parent.

  20. Lim said

    be prepared for this menace to prowl again 3 years later when he gets out on good behaviour. well done MOE – your selectors use the most stringent criteria to dish out your coveted scholarships and only the creme de la creme are promoted to be principals as recent court examples will fully attest to this fact.

  21. 我们都是talent said

    Poor thing. Wasted. Talent used in wrong area.

  22. Lancheowwei said

    Sending this guy to prison isn’t going to help because paedophilia is a mental illness that cannot be cured by conventional means. He needs to be sent to a mental hospital and be chemically castrated. See

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