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PAP grassroots extend its reach to private estates via ‘One Connect’

Posted by temasektimes on July 9, 2012

Not contented with controlling the grassroots organizations in HDB estates, the People’s Association is extending its reach to the private estates via a new initiative known as ‘One Connect.’

The initiative was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday which will enable residents “living in private estates will find it easier to receive help with their local maintenance issues and drive community programmes to bond with one another.”

More than 43,000 residents living in Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency (GRC) and Sengkang West Single Member Constituency (SMC) are among the first to benefit.

“If the road needs to be repaired, you go to LTA. If the drains need to repaired, you must go to PUB. If you want to trim the tree down, then it depends whose land is the tree growing on. So it can be quite time consuming and frustrating to make telephone calls and get shunted from one agency to another,” PM Lee said.

Under One Connect @ Ang Mo Kio-Sengkang West, residents will be able to dial a toll-free hotline – 1800 2255 123 – for all their local maintenance issues if they are unclear of the relevant government agencies to contact.


5 Responses to “PAP grassroots extend its reach to private estates via ‘One Connect’”

  1. Now what is the used to promote Connect if it is not sincere and just sugar coating. I have no doubt our Prime Minister confirmed is very sincere about his intentions but how, how to get the whole community to have his thinking since so much damages have been done.

  2. asd said

    Good at least now there something for us to use the services.

  3. Playfair said

    This is rubbish. If I request Nparks and if its an issue for NEA than the request should be re-directed to NEA, by Nparks.
    Thats what the civil should be doing and I do not agree with the Prime Ministers that calls are being shunted from one agency to another, he should correct this bad attitude.

  4. The Pariah said

    1) You boot us out. 2) We re-boot Government and Pay And Profit (PAP) is out.
    80% of your condo neighbours (mostly flippers and investor-owners) are empowered by law passed by Pay And Profit Govt to force you into selling your family home en bloc. They boot-out all of you with your kids, Ah Kong and Ah Ma in tow. One Connect? Like real! Connect to gang-up on those with “homes” bought with CPF retirement savings and you then downgrade or downsize with “EN BLOC WINDFALL” when Property is only about Location and Timing. Typical “chicken talk” from PAP. Better that we re-boot the Govt by voting out PAP in GE 2015/6.

  5. Keit said

    This is crap i saw him at greewich yesterday “so called visiting session” all he did was walk around on the ground level. Didnt even see him walk to the upper level another failed to talk the ground/interact with the estate with the Most SAF personal living in… no wonder all of those that had left SAF dislike the shit they have to put up with while working there.

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