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PRC teacher working in Singapore: I don’t know whether I am in China or Singapore nowadays

Posted by temasektimes on July 9, 2012

The relentless influx of PRC Chinese to Singapore has changed the island state’s demographics beyond recognition that even PRC immigrants staying in Singapore are confused if they are living in China!

According to a blog post by a PRC teacher who has been teaching in a secondary school in Singapore for the last five years, she was astounded at the increase in PRC Chinese population in recent years:

“At first I thought there is something wrong with my memory, but after asking around, everybody agrees there are more PRC Chinese in Singapore in recent years.”


She also shared a sentiment felt by many Singaporeans:

“Everywhere I go, I heard mainland ‘putonghua’ of various accents and especially loud too, leading me to wonder if I am in Singapore or China.”


She added that she is not surprised that Singaporeans are getting more and more peeved and she will be unhappy too if she is a Singaporean.


Due to the government’s pro-China immigration policies, a large number of PRC Chinese has come to Singapore to live, work and study with a number given Singapore PR and citizenship rather easily of which include cleaners, bus captains, masseurs, construction workers and even prostitutes.

In an interview with the National Geographic magazine in 2009, Singapore’s founding father and former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew quipped that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many PRC immigrants as they are ‘harder-striving’ and ‘harder-driving’ than locals.

Just two days ago, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on Singaporeans to reach out to new ‘citizens’ at a personal level and at work after giving out Singapore citizenship to 200 foreigners, some of whom are PRC Chinese.



35 Responses to “PRC teacher working in Singapore: I don’t know whether I am in China or Singapore nowadays”

  1. Anthony Tang said

    Quote, “In an interview with the National Geographic magazine in 2009, Singapore’s founding father and former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew quipped that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many PRC immigrants as they are ‘harder-striving’ and ‘harder-driving’ than locals. unquote

    The old man is more senile than I thought, uttering such nonsense to hurt the Singaporeans. Some more votes lost!!!

    • we have to even get a degree cos all the jobs are given to these locusts that can’t seem to find a job in their own country…

    • Neutral said

      Why should LKY give a hoot what Sporeans think ?
      He’s no longer active in the party. The current generation does not support him anymore and moreover he’s ready to move on to the etheric world.
      He’ll be daft not to speak his mind and give you shit.

  2. Ah Heng said

    My encounter with a PRC Construction Worker:

  3. kampong said

    cannot win them, join them in talk, behavior and also the Kiasu style lor…why loose to them? is better that u can say m ‘uneducated’ then be bullied by others..and i will take law into my own hands now…remember the old man who punch the ganster that harassed his son and son’s wife? by protecting and retaliating what seems like a self defense, he is FINE AND WENT TO COURT FOR THAT…what is becoming of Singapore!!

  4. Dan said

    Such a selfish person. She has taken the early bite of the cherry being as the early batches of imported PRCs to escape the intense competition back in China

    And is now concern that the relentless tsunami batches of PRCs imports will create the level of intense competition that she has once face back in China

    She must be concern that its not only PRCs but Indians, Vietnamese, Pinoys, Myanmar etc

    • Josef Mo said

      yo nigga whatchu saying nigga y u fuckin wif my baby mama nigga, cos you aint got dem bling bling I’m just saying nigga, youse aint got shit on me nigga
      an I don mean no disrispect aight but imma kick ur ass nigga, mos def. youse some bitch ass nigga man, I gon fuck you up, fo sho,
      imma gif you my fone numba righshere. u gon holla at me nigga an im gonna find u with mah ride and fuck u up, u know wut im sayin nigga??

      • Smith said

        nigga. shut the fuck up.

      • Josef Mo said

        yo smith y u be dissin me bro. cos u best no whatchu be gettin, man, i aint got no beef withchu but i aint no pussy eder if u be steppin to me
        cos if u got beef, u best come to my crib rightsnow and we gon do what we gon do, aight? my niggas in the hood are gon fuck u up real good, fo sho

      • Lols said

        This post gave me a heart attack. HAHAH

  5. Blue Nights said

    Always thought he aspired to be a White Man. Maybe the incident with his wife in London turned him off to the English (figured they didn’t like him) and he is now embracing ‘his roots’?

  6. money4nothing said

    50to100years ago, our ancestors were also FT leh.

    • Free Trolley said

      it was okay then because all of them were FT. Now that we have sort of develop our own culture, it makes a big difference with these FT in our presence.

    • Wicked Brain said

      Yes, but our ancestors are from another era.
      They are different in mentality, culture and conduct.
      Of course I didn’t say they are all bad, but they are definitely different.

    • SINKIE said

      hey look, PRC symapthesizer here!

      I’m sorry my ah gong and ah ma from China spoke Malay and integrated and ate with them in the kampongs donkey years ago!


    • Mikey said

      But they weren’t scum.

      And Singapore was a backwater swamp.

    • ilovesex said

      Hello since you want to live in a era 50 to 100 years ago, why are you still here? Shut the fuck up. It’s different generation. You fucking idiot. They left due to poverty and war. Are the FT here for the same reasons back their home?

    • GodBlessSG said

      50 to 100 years ago, the then locals didn’t need to serve NS, did they?

    • Sorry lah. Back in those days they were not considered FTs. Our forefathers were coolies (read unkilled labour), itinerant farmers (people who stumbled upon a freelance career in between construction work).

    • Jo said

      Are we still FT now or are we Singaporean?

  7. jaded said

    out with pappies in 2016!

  8. Pantatko said

    Must import more pigs to cater for pig eaters sg like dat…

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree , later when got BIG problem all this parasites will run away and left the sinkies to fight it out themselves…!!!

      Stupid Parliamentarians( except oppositions MP ) for agreesing to this bullshit policy….!!! KNNBCCB to all of them , go and bring in more parasites and whores and tha day will come when the BIG problem explode…!!!

  9. mahbok tan said

    So 60.1% singaporean do not mind to have all this locust and whore to live side by side with them ma…..!!!

    As for me the 39.1% , we just hope that they do not cross our line and create a fuss or more problems will be created.

    To the GOVT of the DAY…..come GE2016 …. you will know that its too late to apologise …. beg…repent….!!!KNNBCCB to all the ministers/parliamentarians ( except the opposition members ) in the parliament…..keep on your good deed to SGpore by getting in more parasites and whores to your homeland….!!!!

    • Josef Mo said

      yo I got an idea y dont u kick out the 39.1% of pussies from singapore and let the immigrants replace them? den everybody be happy

  10. asd said

    i don’t think the issue is with foreigner or not, the issue is Singapore has limited resources these resources is not cater to them but to foreigner which result in high unhappiness. there is no issue whether if they come here to work or whatever. what matter is the comfort we have has gone they bring in bad culture, squeeze our transportation. There is something call IT JUST TOO MUCH. Stop bring in and Build a Bigger resource POOL before even trying to squeeze us further and WE WANT AN AUDIT FOR WHO DESERVE TO COME IN TO WORK. WE DONT WANT TO SEE AH GOU AH MAO ALL COME IN justify your intake of foreigner.

  11. x said

    Most Singaporean Chinese are descendants of poor genetic stocks — coolies and hard laborers from the South. LKY is a firm believer in eugenics and he thinks that Singapore needs to get rid of these disgusting low-class Chinese and replace them with better ones from the North.

  12. LkySi said

    Move over Beijing, Singapore is now the capital of China

  13. Naivety said

    Stupid govt…getting highly paid salary of millions in dollars & not putting in an honest day of work!

    Simply relentlessly mass importing in more than 2 millions of so-called FTs (which consists of locusts, parasites, trashes & scums) without any quality checks & control mechanism in place at all!

  14. 龍的传人 said


    • 我们是华人,是新加坡华人,不是中国华人。如果你说我们是一样的,你挫逼讲话没经过大脑的蝗虫, 没文化, 没礼貌, 臭烘烘, 呸! 滚出我们国家!

  15. Pai Sei said

    50 – 100 yrs ago was totally a diff world, Our forefathers came to SGP or SEA for better life, as mainly China was a poor country. Now China is so advance with double digits growth, so it’s (the elites) better to stay in China. Those non so elites then make use of the unsmart sgp policy to gain their advantage. Do u think they will fight a war for SGP? Tan ku ku….on d other hand, sgp garment is so hadap of their taxes n other fees.

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