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Shanmugam attacks Malaysian media for ‘misrepresenting’ Bersih rally saga

Posted by temasektimes on July 9, 2012

Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has lashed out at ‘some elements’ in the Malaysian media and blogs for ‘misrepresenting’ the Bersih rally saga.

Singapore has come under criticisms by the Malaysian of late for sending its diplomats to attend the Bersih rally held in Kuala Lumpur in April which was deemed as interfering in Malaysian domestic politics.

However, the Singapore government has clarified that its diplomats were only present as impartial observers, just like diplomats from more than 10 other countries.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday, Mr Shanmugam reiterated that the allegations are false.

He said the Singapore officers were at the Bersih rally as impartial observers and added it’s regrettable that some elements in the Malaysian media and blogs have chosen to focus only on Singapore and have deliberately tried to misrepresent the issue.

Mr Shanmugam said the Malaysian government does not seem to share the same views.

“These articles suggest that the Malay community here can be persuaded to vote in a certain way. It’s laughable because we have every confidence in our fellow citizens,” said Mr Shanmugam.

Mr Shanmugam told parliament that the views does not reflect the Malaysian government’s, describing them as a ‘deliberate provocation’.

“I believe (it) does not reflect the (Malaysian) government’s views, shows a dangerous inclination to inject a racial angle into bilateral relationships, and shows a continuing belief in some quarters that our Malay population can be targeted from outside. That is a deliberate provocation but we will not be baited by these negative elements,” he added.


12 Responses to “Shanmugam attacks Malaysian media for ‘misrepresenting’ Bersih rally saga”

  1. Shanmugam's father said

    Mr Shanmugan: Have you figured out yet what Singapore really is? Is it a country or is it something else? I think you should be focusing on these basic questions before continuing your tenure as a so-called foreign minister. It seems Singapore is doing fine without the indispensable Minister George Yeo.

    • Compatriot said

      I should like to think that Shanmugan’s team of foreign diplomats are very unprofessional and unintelligible they were found to meddlingly and interferingly with Malaysian politics at the Bersih Rally

      Since it is unlawful in Singapore to taken assembly to protest of otherwise wanton misgivings by the state government “WHY” then the Singapore diplomats were found (as observers) as proclaimed in the streets of the Bersih Rally

      Obviously there were other foreign diplomats too,but their state constitution legally allows and permits their citizens with the avenue to assembly of protest

      Singapore constitution do not permits assembly of protest yet send those so called unintelligible foreign diplomats whom have participated with their presence at the Bersih Rally in KL

      “HYPOCRISY” Living in glass houses and found to be throwing stones around

      • Compatriot said

        I should like to think also that the PAP government with its Cabinet Ministers and MP’s are bereft of ideas

        With 63 years of state governmental power that the people has given them it has led them being cozily arrogant and cozen

  2. 龍的传人 said


  3. working singaporean said

    HAHAHAHAHA my toes are laughing

    pot calling kettle black.

  4. lol said

    what’s laughable is state control our our own damn media, which suggests that the Singaporean community here can be persuaded to vote in a certain way. extremely regrettable.

  5. stevenado said

    Singapore for very 101% sure will never allow demonstration of any kind to be held in our very own country.What the hell of being “impartial observers”?Does it serve any purposes?Cant the officers observe from internet?Can blame others for “misinterpreting” Hopefully after observing, our goverment allow us to demostrate peacefully!!!I

    • Julie Ong said

      Stevanado, the PAP simply has been in power for too long.
      Seems to me that they believe that they are the ‘chosen to rule’ over Singapore. As regards street demonstrations we were brainwashed into believing that foreign investors will run away if that happens. In direct speech they lied to us. You can see on the TV news of street demonstrations in so many countries. No big deal. Life goes on.The said countries still exist. Businesses still thrive.
      What worries me is that if we were to street protest it can get out of hand leading to violence and consequently injuries and even death.
      If organisers of street protest can guarantee a peaceful mass dissent then I suppose that is the best that we can get. Truth is no one can guarantee that
      protests will be peaceful and under control. In a democracy freedom of assembly including street protest is permissible. Any opinion from our contributors?
      I hope that we Singaporeans will evolve and have our own model:

  6. sorahi said


  7. Ron said

    It was a big rally involving various races. So did our diplomats go there wearing Spore government tags? And why be on the street and be exposed to danger…. it turned out that the police did clash with the protestors. They could have observed from various blogs or hire others to take videos and transmit on cellphones.

    Now we have a growing argument with Malaysia.

    • Compatriot said

      I would like to ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,why did MFA send those diplomats to participate at the Bersih street assembly since Singapore laws has proclaimed that any street assembly in its backyard is deem as illegal and unlawful which has acknowledged by the UN (United Nations)

      Singapore forbade those to protest in the streets and yet,send Singaporeans to participate with their presence in Malaysia backyard at the Bersih Rally

      MFA has been seen to be HYPOCRITICAL in itself

      These so called MFA diplomats can be charged without a doubt,as interfering as instigators or spies

  8. Virgorian said

    Stupid Malaysian melayu Babi government , no wonder the country is falling apart and best is fall backwards with pigs running the country !come and get me Babi!OOI!OOI!

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