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Dr Ng Eng Hen: Injured SAF soldiers will be sent to ‘nearest’ medical facility

Posted by temasektimes on July 10, 2012

Following a spate of unnecessary deaths of NSFs this year which saw the injured soldiers being sent to the SAF medical center first before a tertiary institution, Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen clarified in Parliament on Monday that “there is no requirement that an injured soldier must first be sent to an SAF medical centre before they can be sent to a restructured hospital.”

According to Dr Ng, the ‘priority’ was to send the injured serviceman to the ‘nearest’ medical facility which could either be the emergency resuscitation facility or a restructured hospital’s emergency department.

“Evacuation to the hospital will be via land ambulance or helicopter if it’s a faster mode, after taking into consideration accessibility to the pick up point and activation and flight pad,” Dr Ng said.

Dr Ng reassured the House of the easy accessibility of servicemen to medical care:

“The SAF training areas are concentrated mainly in the western and northern parts of Singapore. These training areas are supported by a network of SAF medical centres. The average distance from a training area to the nearest SAF medical centre is about three to four kilometres.”

All Singapore born males have to serve two years of National Service under the Enlistment Act upon reaching 18 years of age.



9 Responses to “Dr Ng Eng Hen: Injured SAF soldiers will be sent to ‘nearest’ medical facility”

  1. Jardel said

    Hello, Dear Mr. Million dollar minister, ask the question please.

    “Why are there still deaths during NS training then?”

    • Wong Fook Thye said

      deaths, while regrettable, are unavoidable when it comes to something as dangerous as army training.

      • Frankie said

        negligence also results in death. simply using army training to cover up negligence is despicable and who is to say this is not the case when there is no independant panel to investigate.

  2. i5htar said

    now only a medic will present training, IPPT, RT…suggest MO should present too…

  3. Ron said

    There should be basic training for all soldiers that when a serviceman loses consciousness, they can be on the hotline to the MO to check for pulse rate, check the eyes, etc. And if necessary, the MO or the Emergency specialist should be choppered to the location if accessible.

    Soldiers do not keng by pretending to be unconcious. They can be punished later if found to be faking it. Lives are at risks and no one should fool around with faking illnesses.

  4. It is good news and it was Noted by THE FORCES that new rules to save the lifes of our FORCES TRAINEES, but I am still pessimistic about the proffessionalism of our training officiers whereby more matured and experienced and not the younger officiers as trainers.

  5. Nordin said

    One night, my younger brother was injured. He went to the Camp’s medical center very early in the next morning. He apparently was the first one. Somehow, the doctor attended to those reservist medical checkup first. So much for attending to the sick first. It was quite a big hoo haa. The Medical officer then reported that my younger brother shouted at him and all those nonsense just to cover himself up well just in case my brother wishes to bring the matter up. In the End, my younger brother had to serve Extra otherwise he might get a heavier charge. That’s how things works in SAF. Just so you guys should know.
    With Great Power comes great abuse!

  6. Julie Ong said

    Mr Ng Eng Hen,
    I recognise and understand the risks to our loyal citizens doing Naional Service.
    As you are a medical doctor I will take it that the health issues of the enlistees are conscientiously looked after. OK.

    When a death occurs is the soldier’s family or loved ones compensated? If the country ask of its citizens to sacrifice the country must also reciprocate by looking after their family or loved ones should tragedy strike. Next, if compensation is indeed made, is the quantum fair and reasonable?

    I admit I do not know about the compensation issue. Perhaps you could shed light on this.

    Thank you for your attention.

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