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Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong: My NUS girlfriend agrees to let me vent my sexual urges on her

Posted by temasektimes on July 10, 2012

In a six-page mitigation letter to the judge before his sentencing, disgraced former MOE scholar Jonathan Wong outlined a few measures to help me curb his sexual urges and fetish for young girls, including transferring them to his 22 year old girlfriend from NUS!

Wong was sentenced on Monday to five years’ jail after being convicted of committing five sexual offences, including having sex with a 15 year old girl he befriended at a church.

He reportedly had sex with the girl seven times and commit acts of indecency on her three times at various locations such as public toilets and staircases between February and June 2011.

Diagnosed as a paedophile, Wong said his urges would be triggered whenever he looked at pornographic materials or when he got physically or emotionally involved with underaged girls.

Wong claimed he has discussed his management with his psychiatrist which includes transferring his sexual urges on his girlfriend who has kindly agreed to be his ‘therapist’.

It is not known how he is going to continue his ‘sex therapy’ lessons now that he has been sentenced to five years in jail, a sentence criticized by some Singaporeans as being too light.

The prosecution had revealed that the victim’s father had said that, while Wong’s sentence would not be indefinite, the impact of the latter’s actions would affect his family for “the rest of their lives”.


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42 Responses to “Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong: My NUS girlfriend agrees to let me vent my sexual urges on her”

  1. JamesCK said

    Lock him up for good. Singapore dont need him.

  2. Protestor said

    His punishment is too light

  3. Free Trolley said

    NUS students are so smart in making decisions.

  4. David said

    OMG, I cannot believe the sentence “My NUS gf agrees to let me vent my sexual urges on her” came from a (ex) govt scholar. Is he a human being or a beast?

  5. kbkb said

    Can introduce your gf or her friend to me? I want to vent my frustration oso.

  6. Wicked Brain said

    Did he ask his girlfriend parent’s permission?
    Is he going to marry this so call NUS girlfriend in the future?
    Is there love towards the girlfriend or just sex?

    He should be locked up for at least 10 years.
    We don’t need a beast walking on the streets.

  7. Mike Zeng said

    We can now presume that our scholars have more powerful sexual urges than their less brainy contemporaries what with the recent sex scandals involving so many scholar high-fliers!
    Govt must investigate why this is so and come up with remedies and solutions.
    Maybe a special bordello can be set up catering exclusively for our scholars to vent their sexual urges and frustrations? Somewhere near Geylang?
    Don’t laugh….we must be pragmatic to save our precious brainy youths. We can’t possibly have many of our assets languishing in prison? Think about it !

    • sab said

      Why not in prison? they can spend more time studying and fxxking each other. And the rest of us would be fine. 🙂

  8. Naivety said

    How come the jail sentence does not come with mandatory caning as well for sexual offences committed to an underage girl?

  9. castrate him pls

  10. mike said


  11. sweetbean said

    Needs help for sure – hope he finds it.

  12. dickhead said

    Get a geylang pros to vent your sexual urge!
    No money ask from your parents since they must be rich now after selling their flat off for you.

  13. Uniquely Singapore said

    Maybe he should be locked up in the women’s prison for life and they should send him some kind volunteers to let him transfer his sexual urges on them so as to manage and continue his sex therapy.

  14. Herp Derp said

    What he did was wrong. To prey on a young mind.

    But frankly speaking.. with today’s modern age and open minded society, this kind of cases are becoming frightfully common..

  15. It comes with the MOE latest sex education policy, don’t anyone see that it corresponding to one another??

    It shows either our scholars are all FAILURE in terms of life values or it shows how our SEX EDUCATION will leads our LOCAL TALENT towards.

  16. kaypoh said

    Many lonely aunties he can “transfer” his urges to… they might even tip him if satisfied….

  17. Jay said

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , what a slut man!

  18. Pt said

    retribution is coming. some other prison may fxxx in his asx . hei+hei!

  19. scholars are usually ex geeks, brain spoiled by books

    when they get a bit of power, they go cranky. unsurprisingly some bank traders of rly high qualification demand sex with brokers twice theone junior. can be their of them, an ex ubs trader, is even married with two kids! how pathetic.

  20. Wolfglare said

    Pls la the girl is not that innocent nowadays girls are having sex as young as 13 years old

  21. Ben said

    If the NUS gf is my daughter ?i don’t know what am I suppose to do ! pity both parent how they educated their child , why they have these type of thinking ?

  22. Blue Nights said

    So for this person, sex is a one person thing? And there is no relationship involved? The other person is to be used only? Then why bother with having a girlfriend if in the act of love making, there is no consideration of the other, except the satisfaction of oneself? Why not buy a rubber doll; or practice auto-erotica (hands are useful), or go pay someone who is willing to do it for a price and know what she or he is in for?

    The fact that this person thinks of sex as a one person experience as opposed to he being able to acknowledge that there is an OTHER with her own subjectivity should already indicate to the courts that developmentally he is a two year old. The psychiatrist surely did not mean what he purportedly told this Jonathon. Because if he did, this is a professional who is as clueless as the patient.

    The prescription advocates a transfer of the symptom with the hope of elimination (really?) but we are still not getting to the root of the issue, which is: Why did this Jonathon only get a high while preying on children not legally and developmentally equipped to give consent (consent in the legal sense of the word.) This preying on the young and vulnerable is already an indication of serious pathology.

    I am not sure what I am more disheartened about. This Jonathon who is a serious liability to society or the professional who purportedly gave this prescription. As for the girlfriend, she needs some serious head examination to figure out why being used is OK with her.

  23. Iai said

    this chap is morbid by telling the whole world is sexual quotient, who cares what your gf does for u. You deserve a different kind of stroke, yes, canning!

  24. Pantatko said

    I want your girlfriend pleeeeeeease!!!!

  25. DISAPPOINTED Sinkapoorean said

    How come no caning ? Isnt him a Sinkaporean as well?

  26. hachoo said

    This guy is really sick up there !! period. Can’t believe his shocking statement. SO well educated, so young yet so naive and arrogance !!

  27. Sucket said

    “Jonathan Wong outlined a few measures to help me curb his sexual urges and fetish for young girls, including transferring them to his 22 year old girlfriend from NUS!”

    Hallo? No editor or living vicariously through Jonathan Wong?

  28. KNS said

    I want to know this 22 yo NUS girl! She is making such a sacrifice to be this pervert’s sex slave so that he will not think about f**king underaged girl. What a good samaritan.

  29. David Leong said

    Let him stay at Changi longer so that follow inmates can transfer their sexual urges on him and he get to enjoy it. Win win situation.

    • jo said

      changi warden should arrange a different cell mate for jonathan everyday. threesome, foursome would be ideal with the most hardcore to vent their sexual urges on him….alot better than what jonathan’s gf can do.
      i am sure many from the public will donate to such a cause. LOL

  30. denzuko1 said

    If I am the father of his girlfriend, I will barge into the court room and ask the judge never ever to release him. I would really question the Judge’s rationale to lighten his sentence through such proposal. would he allow his daughter to be a mere sex toy for this man?

    Least to say, the girlfriend is an idiot. Does she really think that he will still be interested in her if she goes above the age of 25? Peadophiles are interested in children and adolescence and it is not about the sex. If I were her, I would leave him because he is beyond redemption.

  31. kaypoh said

    Can he take over from Peter Lim? I’m sure he has a very “powerful” fire hosereel !!! 🙂

    And as a reknowned paedophile, he may be able to “tahan” better the temptations of 40something year old MILFs hahaha…

  32. Daft Peasant said

    QUOTE: It is not known how he is going to continue his ‘sex therapy’ lessons now that he has been sentenced to five years in jail :UNQUOTE

    Ha ha ha ha…….he can vent his anger with the male inmates…….let the inmates vent the urge and vice cersa……

    HA HA HA HA HA……………………………..

  33. crappy said

    aiyah, just give this sex pervert a hole to vent his sexual urges la. Or better still, just sterilize him – problem solved once and for all and for GOOD.

  34. Singapuraboi said

    Why is he not caned? The pychiatrist should have his license revoked.

  35. ConcernedNativeSingaporean said

    Pathetic masochist girlfriend. Is she retarded or what???!!!!

  36. kaypoh said

    Attention Pimp Tang Boon Thiew, lifetime customer calling !!!

  37. jjon loh said

    agreed with PROTESTER that the sentence is far too light.expected caning too.DPP should appeal.

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