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‘Good Conduct’ condition to be imposed on Singapore PRs

Posted by temasektimes on July 10, 2012

The Singapore government will be introducing a new ‘good conduct’ condition for Singapore PRs under the proposed amendments to the Immigration Act.

Speaking to queries from the media, the Ministry of Home Affairs said the good conduct condition for PRs allows the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to cancer the PR’s re-entry permit (REP) if he “contravenes any law” or is “involved in any activity which threatens a breach of peace or is prejudicial to public order”.

A PR leaving Singapore without a valid REP will lose his/her PR status immediately.

Other amendments include criminalizing marriages of convenience to obtain long-term social visit pass, Singapore PR etc as well as the manufacture and possession of paraphernalia for immigration forgeries.


15 Responses to “‘Good Conduct’ condition to be imposed on Singapore PRs”

  1. Ron said

    A good move but needs fine-tuning.. “Contravening any law” may mean Traffic Laws, Littering laws, etc. So that would be an overkill.

    Rather it should be a Code of Conduct that requires observance of the multi-religious, multi-racial harmony of Spore and not to act in a manner prejudicial to Spore peace and security.

    • One of the 40% said

      Bro who gives a shit about overkill when the gahmen’s mass import of foreign trash has “killed” our locals many times over.
      Have no mercy for the foreign trash. That’s my policy.

  2. Kenny said

    I am shocked to learn that this was not a criteria when granting PR visas!
    I would have thought that PR visas can be revoked if there is misconduct…..So many incidences of violence and criminal behavior have been reported in the press, committed by many who were granted PR visas so easily and so rapidly!

  3. Jack said

    more details of the criteria of Good Conduct, pls.

  4. Tony said

    I think the authorities should also set-up a hotline or a department that Singaporeans can call in to report on any foreigners that contravene any Singapore’s law…like some idiotic white trash that likes to bring their dogs into the nature parks or trails, despite clear signs stating that it is against the law!

  5. Derp said

    So you blindly accept a woman who looks like a whore as PR first, then you deport her when she spreads her leg to sell. Very classy.

  6. i say what i think only... said

    meaning they can cancel the REP of the PR but as long as he/she do not leave singapore, they are sitll PR here.

  7. S'pore Tightens Rules for Families of Foreigners said

    Additional details here:

  8. Bao Ching Tian said

    I think that the new law is long overdue. Far too many foreigners have been granted EPs and subsequently PR status based on bogus qualifications and marriages of convenience. Most of such fraudulent cases originate from India, China, Philippines and Vietnam. Teo Chee Hean is now sprucing up the mess that his predecessor left behind.

  9. Naivety said

    Papaya govt, please wake up & do your job properly & honestly will you?

    You mean to say that after letting in more than 2 millions of FTs + FWs freely already without any form of control at all, then you institute this basic checking mechanism & control policy ka? You must be sleeping all these while!!!

  10. mahbok tan said

    too little too late for all this rubbish….poor planning but earn millions….Sgporean are DAFT….say them again….KNNBCCB to OAO parliamentarians…!!!

  11. unbelievable said

    You mean previously did not have this good conduct condition?
    OMG! Pastor Con, will you please pray for S’pore?

  12. bb said

    This is nothing new except sg gov did not required it. Without such clearance those FTs could be criminals and money launderers in their home countries eg the Ferrari driver. He needs to btain from PRC police clearance which he may not gets as I suspect he is a money laundering

    Sg ppl applying for PR to Canada, Australia require certificate of clearance from SPF when they submit application for PR

  13. Shame On You WKS said

    Our MHA has been sleeping under WKS management. It has corroded over the years. Is time to remove those old guards and implant new blood who are willing to show results.
    WKS, please F off from the parliament. You r a shame to the Nation.

  14. mel said

    damage control….a little too late don’t you think?

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