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HDB will consider measure to prevent emergence of foreign worker ‘enclaves’ in HDB estates

Posted by temasektimes on July 10, 2012

HDB flats are usually reserved for Singaporeans in the past and they are subjected to a strict ethnic quota to ensure adequate mixing of different races in the same estate, but not anymore with the relentless influx of foreigners which has changed Singapore’s demographics beyond recognition.

With PRs allowed to purchase resale flats easily and foreign workers renting flats in the HDB heartlands, ethnic enclaves are emerging in some areas like Sembawang, Sengkang and Geylang.

However, HDB will only ‘consider’ appropriate measure to discourage the formation of such enclaves in the HDB estates instead of proactively tackling the problem.

Speaking in Parliament today, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said HDB was currently monitoring the situation, and that the board does not have the equivalent of the Ethnic Integration Policy or Singapore Permanent Resident quota policy in the management of the number of foreign workers renting HDB flats or rooms.

Currently, foreign workers renting flats or rooms from HDB lessees form about five per cent of the total population living in public flats which does not include PRs buying flats in the HDB estates.

About 40 percent of Singapore’s population are now foreigners and the figure looks set to increase with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urging Singaporeans to do more to integrate with the newcomers on a personal level and at work lately.


17 Responses to “HDB will consider measure to prevent emergence of foreign worker ‘enclaves’ in HDB estates”

  1. Submitter69 said

    He should also seriously consider policies to prevent racial enclaves in private estates. That is the more difficult challenge. We now have PRCs and Ah Nehs forming their own in condos.

    • Rodney Tan said

      No need to be racist.

      • Rodney Tan said

        In the past, it should be be Teochew in Hougang, Cantonese in Chinatown, Hainanese in Beach Road and Hokkiens all over the island. Human beings just want to feel comfortable to be amongst its own kind.

  2. I am more interested to know what are the measures proposed. If these measures are effectively, I am fine. If it is only paying lip service, the situation will only get worse.

  3. HDB obviously have lost track on many rules they have themselves come out with. Just imagine the clusters of foreigners in the same vicinity where LOCAL CITIZENS WILL HAVE TO BE ISOLATED FROM ENTHIC GROUPS, AGAIN PAPs HDB REGULATIONS.

  4. F D System said

    First please provide numbers of immigrants owning HDBs and Private estates.
    We need to address WHY HDB discriminate against SINGLE and DIVORCEE as COMPARE TO IMMIGRANTS.

  5. bb said

    KBW please monitor property prices as ABC news today commented that Singapore and HK property bubble

  6. Ron said

    I have less concern about enclaves. HDB residents hardly mix and everyone is too busy to even venture to the void decks. Enclaves implies the residents group together and engage in their ethnic or cultural activities. This is hardly seen in Spore.

    We have week-ends “enclaves” where the Indians, Filipinos or Thais gather. Each have their favorite locations and these have been trouble-free. So, Spore will be okay even if they stay in HDB flats.

    HDB has the power to evict occupants. That is the big stick to ensure good behaviour. And in Spore if you do not a place to stay, it will be very tough.

  7. wmulew said

    ever measures they come up with is useless unless everyone is open to them and sites like TT is definitely not helping

  8. Disillusioned + Dissapointed said

    Why must consider? Just do it lah! I wrote to HDB and then to my MP and then to KBW appealing to change the EIP status for my flat cos i have trouble selling it and keeping up wif mortgage payments and wished to downgrade to a smaller unit. It was rejected based on their policies. The ethnicity makeup of my precinct was already rojak cos the chinese owners are renting them out to foreigners (nigerians, caucasians, pinoys etc)!! If the policy is based on ownership rather than occupancy, it has FAILED. It seems to me too that the minorities interests are not taken care of in this instance. Funny thing is that we rcvd numerous calls from chinese buyers who desparately want to purchase the flat! Why cant they buy it when the ethnic makeup of the precinct has changed to rojak?

  9. pooi said

    seriously consider only. like all the other things PAP will seriously consider…..

  10. solaris8899 said

    why not do it than considering….
    who let those foreigners come into our small land….?
    how do you feel in ur hdb, surrounding ur house r not local….than ah neh, prc, pinoys.
    do you still have a sense of belonging of when yr neighbours r mostly not local….

  11. jy said

    How long ago did you guys ordered a wanton noodles or other foods in dialect? Miss the old times

  12. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Homogenous groups will always remain homogenous. This is a fact of life.

  13. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Khaw, leave the foreigners alone. Away from their home country, they need to gather in numbers for socializing and familiarity with their own herd. Just as Singaporeans gather in enclaves in overseas countries, no authority in their host country stops them. Khaw, get the hell out of my sight…..and stop interfering in the social lives of the foreigners.

  14. hachoo said

    Simple!. use the same quota system on local SIngaporean.

  15. Submitter69 said

    Rodney Tan “King’,

    I’m just telling the “hard truth”.I’m not the only Sporean who feels this way. Don’t be a hypocrite. if there are racial enclaves in your estate,I’m sure you would feel the same way.The problems with enclaves (around the world) is that these people tend to form an intro mentality over time and have no intentions of mingling with the locals. That’s why the PAP introduced racial quotas in HDB estates. Your example of different dialects is irrelevant because Mandrain is the bonding factor. .

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