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Lui Tuck Yew on December SMRT disruptions: We could have done ‘more’

Posted by temasektimes on July 10, 2012

While accepting responsibility for the two major SMRT disruptions last December, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew refused to apologize to Singaporeans for the inconvenience caused to them.

Speaking in Parliament today, Mr Lui admitted that it is the responsibility of the Land Transport Authority to hold transport operators accountable for delivering a reliable system for commuters

“SMRT’s maintenance regime had shortcomings, but we too — both the Ministry of Transport, as the supervising Ministry, and LTA, as the regulator — have to shoulder our share of the responsibility. We could have done more, and could have done better,” Mr Lui said.

The Committee of Inquiry (COI) into last December’s train disruptions had concluded that the disruptions could have been prevented if adequate maintenance measures and checks had been carried out, causing many angry Singaporeans to criticize SMRT for placing profits before basic maintenance.

Former SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa has left the company and is now the CEO of Auric Pacific Group.

Mr Lui described the December screw-ups as ‘painful lessons’, but reiterated that the government ‘can and will learn from them.’

“We will improve our ability to address new challenges that arise with an expanded public transport network. I give the House my assurance that we will spare no effort to improve. The government is responsible for delivering a quality public transport system to Singaporeans. We take this responsibility seriously, and will deliver,” Mr Lui added.



14 Responses to “Lui Tuck Yew on December SMRT disruptions: We could have done ‘more’”

  1. SGGUARD said

    Ah Lui, you said that you accept the COI report that say both the LTA & SMRT shared the blame, then you should take action to recover the bonus & incentive from the SMRT ex-CEO & its management. You should also return back the bonus & incentive that you have received, after that announce your resignation !!! Come on be a man, have some backbone & show your integrity.

  2. Ron said

    SMRT is a disgrace with such frequent and major breakdowns. The role of management is to ensure quality operations especially when it comes to public transport. I am glad SIA is so much better managed. God forbid if the planes were not well maintained or flown. Changi airport and PSA are also well run. We do not read of massive power failures, mixed up baggage carousels, etc.

    All major industrial plants are also well managed. It was a rare exception to see a major fire in the Shell refinery last year.

    So what is wrong with SMRT? It is time to replace the top management, not just the former CEO. Years ago after the Sentosa cable car tragedy, several senior PSA executives had to leave.

    So it is another…Let’s move on…. to the next breakdown?

    • The MRT is an aging system with an extreme level of demand. If an attempt to overhaul the system was made even a few years ago, it would have met with stiff resistance by commuters who would not take to the idea of even a partial system shutdown just to replace the train tracks. So we, the end users should also shoulder part of the blame and responsibility for pushing the system over its limits.

  3. kbkb said

    Sorry sir, u really no luck. Take over only kena so many problems. Not your fault at first also. Then suddenly kena all these shits. Bad luck. I think you must donate more to City Harvest, because god will help u more. Otherwise you must remember go pray tai sui! Or pray tiger god! Otherwise go and hit the “small people” in waterloo street.

  4. pooi said

    what more could you have done. please elaborate.

  5. solaris8899 said

    we still can believe LTY?

  6. Lui Talk Cock said

    Ah Lui, Teh Cheang Wan took responsibility for his mistakes, remember? You and the ex-ceo should do likewise. Even if you choose not to go the same way, at least resign with honor and dignity. Like an officer and a gentleman you used to be!

  7. Mike Zeng said

    Since when has any PAP Minister apologize for any major mishap that has happened?
    They are too high and mighty to do so. Apologies are only for lesser mortals.
    They would rather proffer excuses and blame others or even mother nature…it was an honest error, let’s move on. Even the fmr MM blamed the whole of Sing for the escape of Mas Selamat….all were complacent and therefore all guilty not just the dwarfman and his subordinates! What a Govt….uniquely Singapore!

  8. WeeCS said

    I admire your courage to admit mistakes.!

  9. Bloodsuckers said

    we want accountability……. what will happen to Saw Phiak Hwa?

    He-she has indeed fail her job, and bonus are entitlement to reward people who have excel in their work based on their performance….

    Based on he-she performance, that entitlement must be taken back from her so that it can be set aside for maintenance of the trains…..

    I dare you to do it…. Lui Tuck Yew and the rest of the moron white dogs…..

  10. Annoymous said

    So funny to see him and his actors & actress at the taxi stand. LOL!!

  11. hachoo said

    Its not entirely LTY’s fault as he took over most of the shit that being buried over the years . The right thing is to pursue on recovering compensation from the previous management team especially ex-CEO of SMRT and to some extent the ex-Transport Minister(s). And make sure these guys do not take up anymore public positions in the future as they have a very poor resume on this episode.

  12. derp said

    Say like never say, even my fart also got more pattern. TUCK YEW UNDERSTAND?!

  13. Singapore no longer the admiration of the world since mentor honorable Mr Lee Kuan Yew retired. The new bunch of so called leaders are no match with the old guards. All they want are million dollar salaries and cannot deliver.

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