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Singaporean family turned away from NDP preview because of 2 year old daughter

Posted by temasektimes on July 10, 2012

Today is really a bad day for myself and my family. Our whole family was suppose to attend the NDP preview and we manage to have 10 tickets so I brought along my mom , my kids and together with my uncle family. When we happily reach the entry point of the NDP, my daughter was not allow to enter (she was just 2yr+) and the office guarding the entrance insist that we need a ticket for her.

Do you except me to leave my daughter alone at home. Where is the flexibility ??

Our Singapore Government alway tell us to take care of our parents and give birth to more kids. See what happen!! When come to this type of situation, what is happening to the organization!! Can’t the bloody organizer see that we have a BIG family, trying to support our SINGAPORE NDP, been push away just because we have one ticket short for my 2 yr old daughter !!!

I’m really disappointed with my country and they treat their follows citizen.

PS: My MOM is 70+ and this is her first chance to visit a NDP preview. I really make her disappointed…. Well DONE to the NDP team for sticking to the rules without fail…



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  1. Walls have Ears!! said


    • Greg said

      Well, you are short of ticket hence shouldn’t blame the organiser. When you apply for the number of ticket, did you include your daughter inside?

      Whining and complaining here doesn’t make sense unless the organizer deny you entry when you have ticket. You have no ticket, yet you think you right – what a whining bunch.

      • Stupid idiot said

        Shut up asshole, don’t ever complain too when bad things happen to you due to stupid idiots in SG then.

      • G said

        Have u no sympathy? Most places allow children under 3 or under a certain height in without a ticket. Maybe the writer should have confirmed before going but your post shows just what a self-righteous ass you are.

      • mel said

        For god sake she’s only 2 years old and need a ticket?? You stupid retard!!

      • Anon said

        Once you give an inch, they will ask for a mile …. organiser was correct to reject the author

  2. jack said

    Sorry to hear that, I have young children too, so far all the places we had visited only require children above 3 years old to have tickets, I do not see why NDP team is so fitment from others

  3. WR said

    Simple logic, why support something that does not support you?

  4. spotlessleopard said

    So what do you think? Will you continue to vote the PAP in GE 2016?

  5. Julie Ong said

    Aiyah, ko lie liao! How come this type of incident still happening?
    To Whom It May Concern: please bring this matter to a satisfactory solution.
    This is NDP not my birthday! Sort it out before we all ‘bo been’ (disgraced).
    Thank you!

  6. mahbok tan said

    Are you one of the 60.1%….?

    So think before you vote SGporeans coz now we are all in deep shit.

  7. Jaded said

    who ask you to be a sinkie? too bad because you are not a tua kee ah neh, pinoy, or ah tiong!

  8. sorahi said


  9. kampong said


  10. Bai Hu said

    Yes, i am disappointed with the organizers on how they treated u & your family.
    But on the other hand, why u yourself is not flexible too? Because of one rejection u put your whole family into disappointment? Since it is a big family event, one or 2 persons in the family can help to take care of the child & let the rest of the family enjoy the NDP show (since u have 10 tickets) right? U have to blame yourself too for being as inflexible as the organizers!!!

    • Victor said

      FYI, I did give up my ticket and ask my family to go in and enjoy the show. But too bad, we are one very closed family and all my family members insist that either we all watch together if not we can go to other plan to have our family bonding session. So please have a common sense that most family people are very flexible… Think before you comment. Thanks!

      • Bai Hu said

        Then u don’t go round to tell us how disappointed your family members are, that is your choice. Also not forgetting that having children with such a young age at such a crowded place is actually not advisable. What if there are people around with infectious diseases or touchwood if there are terrorists lurking around waiting for the opportunity to hijack anyone? Please dun just think about your own disappointment, think about SAFETY FIRST!!!

      • Jo Goh said

        I agree with victor.. Its more like a family gathering and if short of some not joining because of entry issue, the whole mood is gone and with no purpose.. Victor, I suggest you may like to bring this up further, I am not trying to fan fire here but with regards most/all place give grace to a toddler of 2 yrs old.. Simple example even profit making buffet restaurant does that..

      • Free-loader said

        You got to do better than this, Victor. All 10 of you didn’t go? Really? So you wasted ALL 10 tickets? You ought to be shot!

      • Candy Wu said

        On August 9, whole family sit in front of TV & enjoy the show… Cheers

      • IronMan said

        Have a TV can watch NDP at home this year. Dun have a TV also can watch NDP this year at kopitiam…. : )

  11. Jardel said

    Hmm….why did you not blame yourself for this miscalculation instead?

  12. rina said

    oooh what a disappointment i agree why can’t they the ndp organiser bend the rule n not spoil the happy moments for u n family since u are already there so frustating 😦

  13. Yayrhah said

    How the hell did this asshole get 10 tickets???? Many of us has been bidding for 10 years and did not get even 1 ticket!!

  14. RU YI Gee said

    I got a experience in china to watch for a show,I was late for the ticket as the show had started so the entrance ticket holder just nice to let me in free…things need to compromise and give some room for the children happiness.

    • Mark Markins said

      Chinese mentality even to an extent attemping to board a baby to an aeroplane without boarding pass. Please do not share your mainland experience……Here is Singapura not Cina !

  15. Daft Peasant said

    aiyah……the NDP team don wan to bear responsibility if any thing happen mah…… imagine your 2 yo girl kenna push down the stairs…..who is to blame then??

    If they heck care, you kpkb……

  16. i say what i think only... said

    go in and cluster with pinoys and prc, what’s the point? spend a good weekend with your family is better. tell ur MOM she’s not missing out anything, dont be sad.

  17. Freedom said

    The entrance rules didn’t states that infant can enter without ticket. More over the ticket is free. You guys have 10 tickets, it’s more then enough to decide who to attent and who not to. Don’t just give so may excuses and blame others , blame yourself for not following the rule even you are highly educated. You are the type of unreasonable people that like to make the world looks ugly just because others don’t oblige to you.

    • Pharmaton said

      “The entrance rules didn’t states that infant can enter without ticket. More over the ticket is free. You guys have 10 tickets, it’s more then enough to decide who to attent and who not to. Don’t just give so may excuses and blame others , blame yourself for not following the rule even you are highly educated. You are the type of unreasonable people that like to make the world looks ugly just because others don’t oblige to you.”

      same sentiments. TS, you should have prepare a ticket for your kid. Well, if anyone from your so called “family” could have given up the ticket for your kid. Why hogging on to it as a adult? You would have a clearer picture what kind of family you have now. Posting a complain like this actually reflects how impatience,careless, impetuous you are. Making a laughing stock for fellow singaporeans. Still expecting everyone to side by you and feel for you mah? You definitely don’t get mine. I am glad the authorities or organisers did not give way.

    • Anon said

      Bravo!!!! Clap clap …. original author is to be blame for making his own rules and expect people to follow his thinking, like that throw away the rule book if its not meant to be followed

  18. BeThankful said

    First, I would have checked, days in advance, if a toddler requires a ticket. Failing which, I would sacrifice my ticket for her, on the spot.
    Nothing too difficult.

  19. lolx said

    Well, this is YOUR fault for assuming that a 2yr old kid can enter for free. Well done NDP Team for doing your job!

  20. Geometric said

    So you’re complaining that you didn’t realise that you needed a ticket for your two year old?

  21. clown said

    Reminds me of “Just Follow Law” -Muthu on the Fire Engine on his VIP lot

  22. Adrian Lim said

    Flexibility? What flexibility? Never heard of!!!
    If there is one, please tell me and I will as the sun to rise from the west!

  23. Malibu said

    No need to feel sad lah, NDP is for the foreigners to watch. Who are you?

    • stevenado said

      Well Said.Even with free tickets, I will never want to go.In the 70s or 80s, still can go.Now, too many FTs and PRs.What’s the big deal?

  24. diversifyx2 said

    Cos you belongs to Chee family and not Lee family

  25. Ron said

    Easy to complain. Put yourself in the shoes of the organizers who have to take care of crowd control, security and emergencies. If everyone brings along a toddler and plead for special allowance what happens then?

    As parents, this person should have exercised his responsibility. However, there should be a Control Booth whereby such cases can be handled by a higher level officer. Often there is spare capacity and a complimentary pass can be issued. But this cannot be decided at the entry gate.

  26. asd said

    go buffet <2 year old can eat free.

  27. alibaba said

    Is your fault not to check properly and assume infant can attend the ndp. I presume u will get more flames when u post to stomp.

  28. with eyes wide open said

    This is TYPICAL Singapore. A bunch of bean counters, not willing to do anything other than stay within the rules. No courage to take up any responsibility outside their field. Less balls than a waitress in the States who might be willing to go out of their way to make sure you are able to order off menu because of dietary requirements.

  29. with eyes wide open said

    One thing I can say is, and you all will know this to be true. If you are ANG MOH……. you and your child will be let in…. with a very big smile. That’s Singapore.

    • Adrian said

      I have to agree 100000000%

    • Striking Angel said

      I agreed. AngMo in Singapore sometime can also get away with murder. Possessed bullet at Changi Airport got away with just a warning. No fine, no jail and no rotan.

      • Julie Ong said

        Striking Angel, if it is proven then the authorities must act appropriately. We simply cannot have two sets of rules/laws, one for ‘Ang Mors’ and the other for Singaporeans.
        I do not know of this incident. If I had I would probably write to the authorities for a clarification. Possibly there was a valid reason for the bullet found. That’s why only warning given.
        Regarding the other assumed situation raised by With Eyes Wide Open it is somewhat different as we sometimes compromise/favour people. Maybe we see Ang Mor Kia so cute and our heart melt. It can happen that we see the mother of the child refused entry ‘chin swee’ and our heart also crumble.
        The result: we let both little ones in and nobody complains. I am not saying that it is right or fair, but that’s the way it is.

        Funny world we live in.

  30. cow said

    Seem to me all my yrs NDP is just another holiday. As much i love the country but have lose a lots of hope here

  31. Tony said

    I wonder why someone would whine and complaint here when it is obvious it is his own bloody stupid mistake for not getting a ticket for his daughter. Just because he take things for granted and he expects people to exercise flexibility for his own stupid mistake????? Gosh…what a highly talented inconsiderate born-loser and whiner…and we have lots if such dumb-dumbs here in Singapore!

    • Victor said

      Mr Tony,

      No all Singapore are as smart or as talented as you. We do make mistake and I agreed I make this stupid mistake. What is the big deal to allow a baby to sit on the parent lap and let the family enjoy the show.

      Thanks for you comment Mr Smart guy.

      • mahbok tan said

        Victor ask urself this question ?
        Are U one of those 60.1% who vote for PAP…?

      • Tony said

        Obviously, you had reinforce your obnoxious mentality in your response…imposed on others what you think is right when you totally ignored the rules, and yet have the audacity to try and interpret your own mistakes to your advantages? Really, quite a shame to have people like you in our midst…Mr. first-class born-whiner and born-loser!

      • Are you sensible? said

        You don’t have to be smart and/or talented. You just need to be sensible. S-E-N-S-I-B-L-E. Understand, Victor?

    • Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC not Pinoy either. Just a humble PR.. said

      Agree with @Tony . . .

      Mr. Chee seems to think that by being flexible simply means “yes” . . only “yes”, mind you! Isn’t that being flexible means the organizer or the guard at the gate has the right to grant or deny entry as well? This is all up to his judgement on the situation (maybe it was too packed already). This is entirely a matter of jurisdiction . . as a guard who is on duty, he is bound to look from all angle with safety as first priority, i believe. Correct me if wrong. It’s just like when a traffic police stopped you for speeding, he may let you off with a warning or he may just give you a ticket. Neither way, you should not complain because you were wrong in the first place!

      Just because your baby were denied entry (because she has no ticket) you played up the let-us-hate-SGgovernment sentiment here? What? An eye for an eye? Could not get into the NDP showcase and you go bad mouth about your government? Oh what a good citizen you are. (pun intended) You are a cheapo cheapskate.

    • Anon said

      i 2nd that same opinion

  32. Derp said

    You jiak par kar eng issitt??

    Go watch national day parade with whole family? hahahahaha. knn. Fucking clown show.

  33. fistank said

    Assumption is making an ASS out of you and me, cannot enter NDP also KPKB………ever heard that the Gahmen is not flexible?

  34. Nur said

    Who ask u to invite ur whole big family? You shld double check for ur own family then if have extra tickets then you can invite other fanily members or friends. And viewers,i dont think this person is highly educated. Just take note of his grammar, vocab n spelling. Nornally, its the middle class ppl who likes to complain and make a big fuss as they dont know how to appreciate the smallest things

  35. The Gardener said

    What’s new? If you r a FT family, you sure won’t have such a problem.

  36. asd said

    give me 10 tickets. since it is ruin for you i can go in your place.

  37. Mel said

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen on the back of the ticket saying even infants in arms need a ticket? This is printed every year. In fact, it helps them to manage/count people in case of emergencies.

  38. Julian said

    Frankly speaking, while I agree the organizers might have been more flexible, you wilfully brought along eleven persons for ten tickets. You either made a mistake, or you were planning on pulling wool over the eyes of the organizer. That they refuse to bend doesn’t mean you should making any sort of complaint at all.

    This might typify many Singaporeans who complain without even realising that they caused the issue in the first place. Ridiculous.

    Btw, you had 10 tickets. I’ve never managed to obtain any tickets so count yourself already very very fortunate.

  39. wat$ said

    who ask you not ang moh or PR….. NEXT!

  40. money4nothing said

    Shit. I applied 15 years already for 2 tickets until now still don’t have! Got 10 tickets you still cry father cry mother? Give me lah!!! Govt so good to you and you still complain! So fly kite !!!

  41. RC said

    Not happy then whole big family don’t vote for pap lor.

  42. Joe said

    This reflects very poorly on the PR of the NDP organizers. While I understand that the ushers are just doing their job, I also can understand why the author is feeling angry.
    I know there is a maximum capacity and this rule in place to prevent people without tickets from overcrowding or even taking goodie bags which does not belong to them. However, i believe one baby won’t tip the balance making the stadium structurally unsafe, or even take up too much space!
    In this case surely an exception could be made for the family, afterall it’s a happy occasion and a good opportunity to remind the already competitive and sometimes self-centered society that we do care for each other and we are indeed pro-babies! =)

    • IronMan said

      Did u take into account that the tickets given are actually head counts for the max capacity of the stadium? Imagine every adult brings a child <2yrs old each. What would happen?

  43. SG is Law by Law I guess. -_-

  44. x said

    The government only encourages high-class upper-crust well-heeled Singaporeans to have more children. If you can’t even afford basic things like having a babysitter, a nanny, a nurse maid, an au pair, and a governess to look after your child in your Sentosa Cove home, the government encourages you to have a vasectomy.

  45. tank0085 said

    I think it is clearly stated that every single person must have a ticket in order to enter, regardless of the age of that person. I think this is not a question about flexibility. The organisers will have trouble enforcing the rule once they set a precedence to your situation. In addition, seats at marina bay floating platform are limited. I am not convinced that your child will sit on your lap for the entire 3-4 hours of the parade. I believe that the organisers did a right thing so as to ensure that people with legitimate tickets are able to have their rightful seats during the parade.

  46. victor said

    Fyi, I scarified myself. I give up my ticket and ask my family to go in. But blood is always thicker then water that’s why we’re family. Eventually they all decided no to stay. Remember one people one nation one family. Come as a group and enjoy as a group”

    • Alamak said

      I pity you in the beginning… but the more I read your replies, the more I think: you really don’t seem to understand the issue and the matter. Forget it lah…. don’t defend yourself anymore.

      Look, if they allow you in, you should consider yourself lucky; if they don’t, that’s what it is supposed to be.

      And, if your family decides to spend time together instead of attending the show, it means that the show isn’t so important to your family afterall, so why waste time even thinking about it further and reading through our comments (i.e. don’t even carry on reading this). Get on with more meaningful matters.

    • Are you sensible? said

      You’ve got very stubborn family members, Victor. All 10 of you should just jump into the bay …

    • Martha said

      Don’t tell me that your family wasted all 10 tickets? It was really presumptuous of you to have assumed that your daughter would be let in without a ticket. Spare a thought for others who wanted to watch the parade, preview or not.

      You should have read the terms and conditions of entry:

  47. Julie Ong said

    Yippee!! I’m absolutely thrilled. The people are free to express their opinion. We may disagree but we still get on with our hbusiness/work. We have been so used to living ‘under the muzzle’ so I hope that when we disagree we can disagree amicably/peacefully. That’s what democracy should be.
    Someone mentioned that if you are an ‘Ang Mor’ you may get preferential treatment. My view is that you treat everyone with respect without exception(serious).
    As for me I really don’t care how you treat me as long as you do! (kong chio only).

  48. Observator said

    Think about it, if just 1 family out of every 5 families bring along a toddler, where do we find the space to accomodate the extra headcount? I also think it is fair to assume you won’t be carrying the toddler in your arms throughout the entire NDP preview and you probably would seat him down in a seat and that act itself would deprive a rightful ticket holder of his seat?

    Do bear in mind that if the committee do let you in without a ticket, it is an PRIVILEGE. People like you probably have gotten your way with your toddler so much that you consider it your ENTITLEMENT.

  49. realty check said

    it is ur fault victor. accept it. i am sure u have been forewarned that entry is strictly by ticket only. if the organisers let ur daughter in, then they will have to let in others with a similar situation like yours. i am sure u had ample time to make alternative arrangements for ur daughter.

  50. Big Shot said

    Must be trying to act like a big shot when his 2 year old daughter kanna rejected then threaten by saying the whole family won’t be watching if they don’t let his daughter in. The guard bo chap then he paiseh no choice all go home lol. NDP is NDP you think MRT ar lol. How you get 10 tickets anyway… It is illegal to buy or sell ndp tickets.

    You better pray they don’t call in for questioning and give you a big fine.

  51. Free Ride!!! said

    @Tony.: Yes well said.

    @ VC:
    Why blame the officer for carried out his duties. Well, he may allow you if he intends to close an eye but if he did not, for your case who are you to blame him.

    I can only feel sorry for your mother and daughter and put the blame squarely on you for not getting the matter right in the first place.

    Stop being a crying baby and get a life for Heaven’s sake.

  52. Your post exhibits a blatant lack
    of maturity as you are not taking responsibility for your actions at all. Instead, you have been misrepresented information by with your heading – ‘Singaporean family turned away from Ndp because of two year old daughter’, and put all blame on the organisers and the government.

    The issue here is not that your family wasn’t allowed because you brought an infant. The issue is that you failed to read the terms of entry, on the back of the ticket, stating that everyone requires a ticket for admission. If bringing your daughter to ndp was really that important to you, upon realising your mistake at the point of entry, you, or any of your 9 other family members could have offered to go home instead of insisting all 11 people entered when you were only entitled to 10 places from the start.

  53. Jean Ho said

    The rules are very clear, everyone needs a ticket, including infants. The reason for this is accountability and head count. There are many people in a crowded stadium. In case of an emergency: plane crashes, fire, stampede etc, we need to ensure we know exactly how many people are inside the stadium.

  54. ro77a said

    When I brought my daughter who was at one point two years old or younger, I always check the requirement for ticket. You pay 50 percent or so for airline ticket. My girl went to oz land when at only 10 months old, we still pay. What make this gentleman think that he can squeeze 11 pax in with 10 tix. Good grieve. He think because he is patriotic, the system has to bend backward for him. He expect flexibility from others when he is in the wrong. Unbelievers.

  55. Jin said

    You took the risk of not making sure first before bringing your baby along. I think there is nothing wrong of them going by the rule. Just imagine what happens if everyone do the same.

  56. Bernard Deng said

    Check it out first before you start to complain.

  57. muimui said

    I’ve been to NDP before and it is stated (on the tickets itself) that toddlers need tickets to watch the show too. The writer just wants to try his luck and too bad….

  58. Bao Ching Tian said

    Victor – it’s your own fault for bringing your 2-year old child without a ticket. The NDP organisers have to be responsible for crowd control and account for everyone in the stadium. If every family brings a child or baby, can you imagine the chaos that will happen? A 2-year old child also takes up a seat.

  59. Pilot said

    Who ask you to bring father mother uncle and without considering about your two year old .. By the way my 1 year old needs money to buy new clothes or national day. Please be flexible and give me about 100 to buy..

  60. sofiya syuhada said

    I am sorry to learn about your experinced. I guess those ‘ senseless creatures’ who had their crude comments on you below, doesn’t know nothing about family bonding. Please excuse them. I hope they GROW well in life.

    • C'mon lah said

      they can gpo bond at the gardens by the bay – its free, no tix required. can still see the aerial display. Its free so don’t complain

  61. leedavid said


  62. mahbok tan said

    Ya ya ya …SGporeans are DAFT….so be it….complain oso salah , no complain heart pain !!! So better to forget about it SIT 1 CORNER…!!!!

  63. Fox said

    Must be because you are not rich, not FT, not PAP related.
    PAP related does not include voters, k….

  64. Kokky said

    1. Official NDP preview??
    2. What were the terms and conditions stated on the NDP ticket for entry?

  65. Irrelevance said

    I believe the ticket would have the disclaimers and rules for small children. You didn’t read about it, that is too bad. So by writing this complain here you would have free complimentary tickets or goodie bags? Please. Wake up your idea.

    And please don’t link this NDP with PAP. It is kind of irrelevant and no link. Oh, just that the baby cannot enter doesn’t mean the whole family cannot watch. You could sacrifice you know? Again, you have a big family. All kids cannot take care of themselves is it?

  66. Seriously? said

    Dear Mr Choo, I’d just like to remind you two things.

    1. The ticket clearly stated that children, even infants, require tickets to enter. While I’m sorry about your loss, I hope that you will in the future read the fine prints more carefully instead of whining here and expecting these extremists to support you.

    2. The NDP has nothing to do with politics. Why is it that Singaporeans cannot put aside their political difference to celebrate the nation’s birthday? Call me a part of the PAPies all you want, but really, whether or not you get entry to the NDP preview has nothing to do with the ruling party. Do you think if it were WP or SDP or whatever party in power, you’d be able to get in? If so, then everyone would be stampeding the floating platform to rush for their seats.

    Really people, please wake up and stop blaming these small things on the government. Most of you are at least in your 20s or 30s, and while the government has made mistakes, find me a government that is perfect. Do you think life would be a bed of roses if WP took power?

    To end off, I would just like to say that, Mr Choo, instead of complaining that the organisers are inflexible, how about asking yourself if you’ve been flexible? To get 10 tickets is already a good thing, so seriously, don’t push your luck too far. How about you give your ticket to your daughter and volunteer to sit out of the parade while the rest of your family watches it, and then you can come pick them up later.

    Unwilling to do so? Then I think we both know who is the most inflexible one.

  67. I don't want to go NDP!!! said

    Singaporeans should protest and all should boycott the parade and previews. All the ridiculous rules and regulations, next time just issue tickets to ministers, civil service and students and let them all watch it themselves. They should be thankful Singaporeans are enthusiastic and patriotic. When the day comes where no one want to go the the NDP, may be they will feel happier?

  68. Ken Lee said

    ahh for forty over years i have never went to ndp before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because of you one person take ten tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Children are inferior. They are unworthy of walking among us adults.

  70. You have posted a very misleading headline. The organiser did not turn your family away, they only insisted that your 2 year old daughter needed a ticket. You have a choice of bringing her home and allow the rest of your family members to carry on, but you choose to leave as a family, leaving your 70 year old mum disappointing. You are the one who is inflexible when it comes to handling situation, the rules are printed clearly on the tickets. If the organiser was to exercise flexibility, where do they draw the line? 3 years old? 5 years old?

  71. sg.freedom said

    NDP Preview is 4-Aug…
    wat is this article talking about????

    last year NDP is it???

    • Susanna Wicks said

      Seems everyone is getting worked up over something that has happened some time back …. Victor must be so upset to post this if it happened a year back or worse more …

  72. B. said

    What on earth is wrong with you people? The ticket clearly states that 1 pax/child per ticket. Just because you assume that you can go through even if your kid is 2 years + you blame every single person except yourself?
    Think about it. You think that a kid won’t take up much space? Well, is the child going to sit on your lap all the time? No. Are you going to take up extra space to accomodate your child? Yes. Does the Govt host NDP for free? No. Does the Govt have to take responsibility to ensure everyone has enough space? Yes.
    Stop complaining irresponsibly. Don’t blame anyone and everyone for your problems.

    • Kiat said

      I believe yours is not the first case after so many ndp every year. The organisers should already be experienced enough to know tat it is a definite no for your situation. I m sure they got very good reasons for it, be it for safety, be it for fairness, u name it.

      On hind sight, Someone could lose a job because he/she acceded to your request. You ll jus enjoy the show, having tat bonding time with your family at the expense of someone else, no idea at all. I m sure you dont want this to happen to anyone.

      And You shouldnt blame sg govt for this little mishap at all. This is really not about them not supporting your family bonding. This is about you.

  73. Shawn said

    So breaching of rules is your so-called “flexibility’? How about giving up your ticket and give your 2 year old daughter the chance to enjoy the preview? Where’s your so-called “flexibility” then?

  74. Lily said

    When you apply for the ticket it already stated one ticket per person including children. Therefore it is your mistake and do not blame the organiser for being inconsiderate and inflexible. I think you are aware and try to pull a fast one. Please do not make fool of youself.

  75. This joker, Pray and Hope can by pass the system. Cannot Get Thru, Start to appeal Cannot Appeal start to complain, no one else to complain, tries to start a debate.

    Read the ticket, Read the rules. Stop complaining and making Singaporeans look bad.

  76. derek tan said

    Dear Victor,

    I am sorry but to say that in this incident, you are the only one to blame. there is nothing wrong for the NDP commitee or who ever stops you and your family entering with your 2yr old child. from what i see from here i think you and your family just wanna try your luck to be let in for the preview by chance. too bad you lost it……
    well, i think future….if…only if…or maybe if you did get another chance of getting the NDP ballot tickets…be it 2pair, 4pair, 10pairs or 100pairs…PLS GET THE HEAD COUNT RIGHT BEFORE YOU ARE TURN AWAY AGAIN….cheers and god bless…….;-)

  77. WhyComplaint said

    If i am you, i let all others go in while I go and watch a movie. The movie usually is better than the NDP.

  78. tt said

    You should have asked me for one ticket. I got 6 on the actual day.

  79. kaching said

    typical singaporean, complain and whining, 1 year or 2 year old, the ticket states that you need a ticket even for infant. if you cannot read, the stay at home and eat your dinner. dumb whiner.

  80. alan said

    Nothing wrong. You wanted to try your luck . Selfish idiot

  81. Free-loader said

    Victor, you’re just a free-loader. Just because you have started a family doesn’t mean everybody will have to kowtow to you and give in to you. I have three kids and I don’t expect any special treatment. I did not have kids then expect to be allowed to jump queue, get freebies or, in your case, not requiring a ticket.

  82. said

    Dear All,

    Thanks for all the good and “truthful” comments and remarks. Everyone got it’s right to voice their own view, whether you are “Singaporean” or “Foreigner” but please do not write words that insult others.

    I’m not complaining or whining here but just to share my view. When thing don’t happen to you, you can say what ever you want…..but god knows…if it happen, you will become the so call “typical” Singaporean.

    God Bless everyone…

  83. HUH? said

    There were 11 of you. Who determines that the one without the ticket is your 2 year old daughter? It could be any one of you.

  84. sg.freedom said


    you are mentioning your experience for NDP Preview years ago?

    cause this year 2012 NDP Preview is on 4-Aug, this month is July only!

  85. Anon said

    WTF lah author, 1 head one ticket, dunno how to count your math lah? It’s people like you whois making life in Singapore a living hell

  86. Martha said

    The terms and conditions of entry are stated here very clearly:

    According to spectators, the terms of entry are also printed on the back of the tickets.

    Mr Chee, unfortunately has a very selfish mentality. After hogging 10 tickets, you still want to push your luck for 1 more? And say that your family doesn’t want to go after that like some kind of tantrum? All that after you have deprived another 10 people from attending the parade.

  87. kaypoh said

    Aiyah, go CHC instead lah, no need tickets, just pay 10% tithe, daughter not working so enter free, brainwashing also free, huat ah !!!

  88. Time2RemakeSG said

    once they let your kid in, u will then complain why only 10 goodies bags when there are 11 of you. 10 with tickets and 1 kid without.

  89. My ticket says i can bring a child of height up to 1m with each ticket.

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