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‘DiarySG’ Youtube channel closed down after Kong Hee filed copyright claims against it

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

Popular Youtube channel ‘DiarySG’ which is well known for its hilarious parodies about Singapore politics and social affairs was officially shut down on 10 July 2012 following a number of copyright claims allegedly filed by City Harvest Church founder pastor Kong Hee.

All 800+ videos, 2 years of non-profit artwork, fanwork, parodies, satire, humourous insights, documentaries, interviews, Opposition Rallies, General Elections 2011 behind-the-scenes and comedies were removed in an instance.

DiarySG has earlier claimed to receive an official warning from Kong Hee to stop making parodies about him on Youtube on Monday:

“WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN OFFICIAL MESSAGE (or WARNING) FROM KONG HEE to stop making parodies about Kong Hee on Youtube!?! Yes, the same man in that Singapore’s Biggest Charity Scandal from City Harvest Church. Reason given is: ”Copyright claim by Kong Hee”!?! Wow, that video is a obviously a homemade video, self-editted video & it is obviously a parody & you claim copyright???”

A day later, the channel was shut down because of copyright claims filed to Youtube and its parent company Google.

A statement from ‘DiarySG’ on its Facebook reads:

Kong Hee was charged among four other members of City Harvest Church for misusing up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun.

City Harvest Church has stood firmly behind Kong Hee and had earlier issued a statement threatening to ‘deal’ with the media in due course over the negative publicity received.


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43 Responses to “‘DiarySG’ Youtube channel closed down after Kong Hee filed copyright claims against it”

  1. kaypoh said

    Let’s see whether he can shut down SPH lor?

    Wanna shut up people’s eyes & ears & mouths & minds & only their wallets allowed to open?

    Tan cuckoo lah !!!!

    I predict 7 lean years of SHITTY Harvest for u lah, KNNNBCCB! 🙂

  2. Geo said

    interesting…………lets see the court judgement…..2 years in the making………..believe…..have evidences

  3. Puzzled by his lack of.... said

    Why KH is such a 小气鬼?
    Even our great President, Mr Tony Tan never made any complain…

  4. Derp said

    Put up the video on liveleaks, youku and bittorrent together with his monkey ho.

  5. Jardel said

    bo biam chc got money. close down. but someone will stand up again. KH, good luck to your case. Please declare your story in front of court. How You Love God so much.

    • Fox said

      Yup, yup, I am curious too….
      Here’s something fyi: Luke 16:10-13 (NIV)

      10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property, who will give you property of your own?

      13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

  6. CHE GUEVARA said

    got additional: MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd, UEFA. UEFA? WTF?!

  7. CHE GUEVARA said

    Just because someone makes a claim, doesn’t mean it’s valid. You can contest it as ‘fair comment’ or as ‘parody’. Seeing as this claim is only on YouTube and since you haven’t received any lawyer’s letter, nor have you been served, it’s pretty apparent that it’s just a move to have the videos removed from YouTube. Write in to YouTube, explain the situation, defend your case.

  8. CHE GUEVARA said

    You guys might find this little tale enlightening. According to this posting it seems that CHC has what it calls a “‘Cyber Task Force’ – basically a group of 5-6 cgls whose main objectives were to engage the social media to offer a “balanced view” of the church…”

    This situation is probably the work of said Cyber Task Force.

    • Jardel said

      Wa. so extreme. Scary people. Eat full liao nothing better to do? So are they doing for KH or doing for God? If its the former then is KH a God? Omg….SCARY!!!

  9. people liberation army said

    go starts cyber war again CHC soon …

  10. people liberation army said

    SATAN will take care of u,Praise the Devil….Amen………

  11. tintin said

    You do bad things in life, you pay for your sin.
    Not so easy go church seek forgiveness and your sin is cleared.

    • Jardel said

      Dunno leh, that’s what CHC preaches….Oh, you need to give money 100% full hearted oso to have your sins cleared. That’s the other side of the story yeah? Mr. KH

  12. A church behaving like self-righteous pee-a-pee is not worth attending.

  13. Jardel said


  14. Cute said

    This KH is really too much. He really think he is rich and powerful. Still think he is doing right rather than ask GOD and public for forgiveness.

  15. Ling said

    I think this should also be a video for KH : , perhaps he wants to claim copyright too?

  16. spotlessleopard said

    Is he using the Church Funds to protect himself? If Kong has nothing to hide why is he so afraid of a Satire Site? shame on him……More and more sounding like another Durai..

  17. mahbok tan said

    Kong hee can kong hee fatt choy in Changi Hotel in the near future and the dumb dumb followers will cry loud loud to PM office….go go shoo shoo….!!!!

  18. ronireports said

    Iif you need to spend 50 million for anything, especially to promote someones singing career. Wouldn’t it be quite clear, all doubt eliminated, there’s a major problem with that voice. You can purchase a vocal career for less than that!

    • Singapuraboi said

      U r right and so generous. Her thin voice is not even worth half of the amount spent on her. That is why is did not go anywhere with her career in America. She can bribe the Taiwanese but the Americans r a different kettle of fish.

    • kaypoh said

      No need $50mil lah, just BJ & CIM enuff lah,

  19. realty check said

    not suprising that CHC & kong hee chose to go down the path of legal threat against it’s critics. just look at CHC follower’s unruely behaviour outside the subordinate courts on the day of kong hee’s court appearance. CHC & kong hee are sending out a strong message i.e. ” DON’T MESS WITH US” . this sadly, is a combative approach. if the top can threaten critics with such drastic measures, i wonder if those followers will follow suit at ground level against it’s many critics also. we may have a very dangerous law & order problem developing in the near future if things do not go kong hee’s way. looks like understanding, tolerance & forgiveness are not the hallmarks of CHC teachings?

  20. Alan Lau said

    issue copyright to CHC for copying NKF

  21. Singapuraboi said

    Moral behind this is don’t support any religious organization and charity. Free easy money begats greed. When money comes easy without labouring, u know what happens….CHC, Ren Ci and NKF. CHC members learn from the Buddhists who removers from Ren Ci. They were well behaved throughout the entire case and kept a low profile.

  22. What Do You Think? said

    wa lau Kong Hee is a arrogant and defiant criminal who thinks that God will always watch his backside and protect him.

  23. Dan said

    I have not seen the videos but if that are parodies, they could be considered as fair use ie not an infringement of copyright in some jurisdictions eg in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. DiarySG should seek legal advice before bowing to Kong Hee’s bully tactics

  24. Sage said

    Sorry, but you guys are clouded. There’s no such thing that this site have to shut down because of CHC. All you need is to dispute this copyright claim and meanwhile it can still function without CHC content until this has been resolved.

  25. kaypoh said

    Later sue ppl celebrating CNY coz ppl sing kongheefattchoy songs???

  26. Sigh said

    Ahkwa Art of War

  27. dred said

    A great man is never worried about parodies, for he knows to laugh at himself with those who laugh at him…and a parody can show a person their weakness, and so correct themselves.
    Jesus insists that his followers imitate( be a parody ) him, even if some of them make him to look like a fool.
    But then, it is Jesus , who is the truly great man..the rest of us..just wannabees who cannabe. a parody on Jesus instead..probably do a better job being like him, then those who say the are ‘little christs’…I am sure Jesus will appreciate the laugh

  28. dred said

    also…for any minister of Jesus Christ, even an apostle…the correct law , is ‘Freely received, freely give.”
    there is no copyright allowed for any material received by a pastor from the Holy Spirit, except to allow people to ”copy it right”…that is the true way of the Kingdoms of Heaven and of God, …however in the Kingdom of make people pay for everything.”..even God’s blessings.
    Has he paid copyright to Paul , Peter, James,and John for using their material in his sermons?
    Yes..resist, appeal…and ‘He will flee from you.

    • sorahi said

      How can religion materials git copyright? I can get as many free religion materials from Singapore Buddhist Lodge.

      • dred said

        agree…freely we receive , freely we give..pity Buddha did not succeed in his search for God, but only found Nirvana….being in a state of enlightenment, is a poor substitute to having a personal relationship with the One who gives you enlightenment.

  29. 9GAG! said

    Burn this fake christian on 9GAG!!
    Make all your parodies and send them to 9GAG. you get an army bigger than CHC to shut them down.

  30. Savvy KIng said

    So this man of god doesn’t believe in turning the other cheek and forgiving others! I find it an irony.

    • dred said

      Be of no concern, for he knows that if he does not forgive those who have sinned against him, he himself is not forgiven!
      As for turning the other cheek, it is impossible to practice unless you are entrusted with the power of the Holy Spirit.

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