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Iswaran: Lapse in allowing foreigners to abscond in Suntec brawl due to ‘individual error’

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

The shocking lapse which allows foreigners involved in a brawl at Suntec City to abscond from Singapore without facing charges is due to an ‘individual error’ rather that a systemic shortcoming, declared Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran in Parliament on Tuesday.

The case made the headlines and caused a massive outcry among Singaporeans as the foreigners absconded after posting bail without facing justice, prompting the police to conduct an internal inquiry to establish if there were any lapses or negligence in how the case was handled.

The inquiry revealed that the Investigation Officer in charge of the case has been negligent and he has been charged with neglect of duty.

When asked by PAP MP Tin Pei Ling if the impounding of passports should be made a standard operating procedure in such cases.

“Impounding their passports would not restrict their movement or freedom of movement in Singapore, but would ensure that when the courts need them or when the judgement is made, they are in Singapore to receive the judgement,” she said.

However, Mr Iswaran felt the decision to impound passports should be left solely to the discretion of the court.

“I think most importantly and fundamentally, we have to strike that balance between his or her right to freedom to move before he or she is judged or found to be guilty,” he added.


18 Responses to “Iswaran: Lapse in allowing foreigners to abscond in Suntec brawl due to ‘individual error’”

  1. Piratetoon said

    Howcome laspse here, lapse there, lapse everywhere – month end when they collect their salary no lapse.

    • i say what i think only... said

      count bonus % also no lapse. best system to do that.

    • a singaporean by birth said

      Am wondering if our civil services and authorities are “REady”, equipped to deal with MORE social problems to come. Guess their skills and duty were never tested before the influx of foreigners to our country…back then we were in a peaceful state unlike now……So, maybe it’s not suprising there are lapses???

  2. Jardel said

    They escaped. Case closed. Don’t wayang in parliament lah. We have better issues to settle. Poor policeman. He was made the scapegoat. Good luck in your next life.

  3. kong man under the sun said

    Hopeless devoted to u.ge2016 here we come

  4. WTF said

    Flight risk? You heard of the word before?

  5. Bengy said

    basically d d angmoh…they c d angmoh like their father or god..just love d

  6. derp said

    That is usually call a scapegoat la.

  7. i say what i think only... said

    should be an issue of

    junior IO: sir should i impound his passport?

    senior IO: siao ah? ang moh leh. don’t get me into trouble ok? rule of thumb is foreigner cannot touch them. locals u can bully them. local got more potential flight risk than foreigners. see how they go thailand shopping?

    angmoh ran away…..

    senior IO: eh siao eh, why u never impound? is your fault la. u got proof i say don’t impound anot? consider it your bad luck ah

    junior IO: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Fox said

    Individual error?
    The whole judicial system is being handled by single person such as caused an Individual Error?

    What a lame excuse… YOu are paid top dollars, please if you can’t work at least come up with some believeable excuse.

  9. solaris8899 said

    just the officer in charge be charged….and case closed?

  10. eChum said

    when there is a risk in the battle, only the pawn is sacrificed. basic in politics

  11. Disgusted said

    Minister, How could that has happened twice ?

  12. IronMan said

    “individual error” indeed! That individual is the minister of home affair. Should implement better SOP.

  13. Julie Ong said

    Hi and thank you all for the input.
    If there is actually scapegoating then it is disgusting. The one with the bigger pay cheque and power can just evade accountability /responsibility. That’s what it actually means. If I were in charge I’d definitely have a firm, quiet word with the top person in charge. Now that it has happened we can take steps to prevent a recurrence in future. No more lapsing business. You’ve probably lapsed into sleep!

    Recently, I saw this video and report about a supposedly pregnant young woman
    being assaulted by a burly young man. Was there a follow up investigation? Is this man still on the loose?? Whatever the circumstances such violence must never go
    unpunished. This man is a thug. The type of undesirables your invaluable contributors kick up a stink about. Get him. Investigate, then decide.
    Violence is unacceptable. A tough message has to be sent.
    To the government: please beef up the Police Force. Further empower them if necessary. This is crucial now that we have this massive influx of foreigners.
    A caveat though: the police protects the citizens/public and not hounds them. So training and a higher level of professionalism is vital.

    Please urgently look into the above mentioned incident if it has not already been attended to. Thank you.

  14. Double standard? said

    Talk so much on the right of freedom to move, what about granting SDP, CSJ the right of freedom to move?
    What do you think?

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