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Malay Singaporean to PM Lee: I do not feel part of Singapura anymore

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

Honestly I feel so sad because I don’t feel like being a part of Singapura anymore as more foreigners are welcomed by the government, hence should there be a chance for me to migrate I will.

Nowadays I believe that the pinoy population are much higher than the local muslim. I am so shy myself to admit that im a singaporean whenever I visit other countries as they know Singapore been invaded by so many foreigner mostly come from low class country and tarnished the image here yet they foreigners act more than Singaporeans here without realizing who they are.

Sometimes as humans we must never ever forget who we are and where we stand and who giving us a support to make Singapore stand proudly by not harbouring more foreigners.

Too bad Singapore now is not a home to me.sorry ya…


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.


81 Responses to “Malay Singaporean to PM Lee: I do not feel part of Singapura anymore”

  1. LkySi said

    Too many influx of Chinese morons from China. Singapore is going to the pig sty

    • Singaporean said

      Do not insult the Chinese. Don’t forget Singapore is where it is today because of many Chinese like Goh Keng Swee, Teo Chin Chye, Lim Kim San, LKY, and many others. Don’t be racist and insult fellow Singaporeans whom ancestors came from China. Temasek times, if possible, trace who this racist Lkysi is. He is trying to sow discord.

      • alvin aroozoo said

        You forget that the malays, indonesians, indians, jews, arabs, european/british, eurasians, armenians and many other races made singapore, not only the chinese.

    • Sinka_Poor said

      Blogger LkySi ………………. I fully agree with your comment .. ” Singapore is going to the pig sty ” ….. the PRC foreign FT … especially those of lower grade jobs like cleaners , supermart hands , cooks ,, etc ………….. bring along their foreign habits and couldn’t careless attitudes that are portrayed here in our country ( Singapore )
      As a result you can find PRC lower grade FTs throwing around empty ” KINGWAY ” brand imported China Beer cans all around private and public housing common areas as though Singapore is a ” pig sty ” place

  2. oso said

    Go 2 Indonesia & we’ll welcome u….

  3. Cute said

    True. I wish to send my child for oversea study and set up a family there. Don’t come back to Singapore and being treated like a second class citizen although we are Singaporean.

  4. Pinky's Ass Needs To Be Farked said

    I agree with the sentiment expressed by Azli Suhaila that we no longer feel proud of being a Singaporean.

    How can Singaporeans still feel proud of the country when it is the trash bin of Asia infested mostly by 3rd world immigrants ??

    Thank you Pinky & PAP for turning Singaporeans against the country of their birth…. so you can fill your pockets and those of your cronies and pet FTs.

  5. DISAPPOINTED Sinkapoorean said

    If pinoys are so great, why choose to come here. They should stay n rebuild their own country instead.

  6. Jardel said

    Hey bro, I as a Chinese agreed with you. But, at least you can speak Malay and could still live in our dear neighbour and feel belong there. For us Singaporean Chinese, I would say that majority of the 30 year olds and below do not speak Malay albeit Singlish ones, so we would have to find further land to migrate…..Sad case…..

    Fill our parliament up with FTs lah. Let PAP have a taste of their own medicine.

    • Wayang said

      That’s right! They will only feel it if they experience it for themselves.

    • Chinese S'porean said

      Yes, Chinese singaporeans cannot go to Malaysia and Indonesia or back to china, we can only migrate to USA, Canada, Australia or NZ.

  7. The Mighty Pen said

    This sentiment is shared by many in the Indian community too. The Sikh and Malay communities are the hardest hit. They are outnumbered by the Filipino community.The next community that will be hit hard is the Tamil community. There is uneasiness in many communities now as the leaders of the country keep trumpeting integration as the biggest worry. It seems to many this is no longer a foreigner related issue but the government is intentionally trying to marginalize the various true-blue communities by its deliberate attempt in importing foreigners from poverty-stricken countries. The hatred against the government leaders of this country is telling. Perhaps the best solution is to import foreign leaders of well-known countries to run our country. They are available at a fraction of the cost that tax-payers are paying their current leaders.

    • Wayang said

      Well said!

    • i totally agree with you.

    • pinoygoback&rebuiltyourcountryifyouthinkyouaresofarkinggood!Parasites! said

      support your comment!

    • Bayi leh said

      Wtf are u talking about??. Govt is bringing in TONS of ah nehs too!!!

      You should feel more at home, neh! Neh = brudder, in case you want to say I am racist.

      • Erotomania said

        Bayi Leh, in case you prob dont know, local indians and indians from mainland function very much differently. Just like local chinese and the PRCs. And stop using that derogatory term “ah-neh”, seriously that’s not funny. You like meh, if i call you “Ah-Tiong” or “Yellow”? No need for the disclaimer at the end of your message. Seriously, it’s people like you that have and cause a rift between the locals. How to fight off foreigners like this?

      • Native Chinese Sinkie said

        If you don’t like that Singapore’s Non-Chinese minority population in increasing, Why not consider moving your dumb arse to China?

        You should be able to feel comfortable with all your “Fellow Chinese Compatriots” there? Your Chinese-ness would not be under siege there.

        No wonder minority Singaporeans feel that Singapore is not for them. t’s because of Idiots like you!

      • Bayi Bayi Bom Pi Pi said

        Oh why can’t you gel with your fellow Aryans?

        You’re all from the same sub-continent and eat the same food, watch the same Bollywood stuff and wash your asses with the same hand.

        Come on Neh, Why talk about loving each other as multi-racial Singaporeans when you can’t even bring yourself to love thy brother of the same ancestry and heritage as you do?

        You can choose to be a double talking snake or you can choose to face the fact that we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants, just in a different era that’s all.

        And if you claim to be unable to love a recent arrival from India the same way you are able to love me, a yellow slant eyed chink who just happens to share the same pink shade of Identity Card colour as you do, then I’ve gotta say: LIAR LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE

        Who the fuck you trying to kid, neh? Ooops, I mean, Bro?

  8. alibaba said

    Agree. Whenever the mahjura anthem is played during the recent ndp rehearsal, the bond and pride are somehow not there. The lighting party seems not to remember about the promise of controlling the imgration policy in the last election. Wait till the 2016 is here with more younger generations eligible to vote.

  9. mahbok tan said

    I think ur have a point there but why bother…..coz the malays are good at voting for PAP out of fear or whatever…!!!

    Guess the malays can kiss their fishing village ( 180yrs ago ) and migrate to others countries….you think Lee and famiLee cares….!!!

    I am truly sorry for our malay bro and sis , who have been sacrificing their life and hoping to be a better SGporeans.

    Lets just say we will not raised our SGpore flag this National day , instead we raise a black or white cloth to show our displeasure for treating all Sgporean as just another number or digit in their chase for money and being a Greed capitalist….!!!

  10. miya said

    i feel you… singaporean status is no longer exalted. its dirt cheap now. i rather migrate to other countries too… if i had the capital.

    • Jardel said

      Hi Miya, if I had the capital i would rather stay here. Why? It’s simple.
      1, Low capital taxes
      2. Can fuck poor people, that includes 17 year old girls
      3. PAP will suck your balls, how cool is that?
      4. Can go casino and gamble at ease.
      5. Singapore is small and easy to travel around in posh cars. Nvm the jams just avoid rush hours where poor singaporeans travel to work to get their pathetic wages.
      6. Can ram pple down on the roads and get away with just fines or at most 1 week jail. How simple is that?
      7. Can live in peace as police tends to protect the rich only. Plus pap of coz
      8. Got all kinds of pple here so can get my rich friends here easily and fuck together or have fun…
      9. Who cares about law? We all know that law is written by who. Rich and powerful…..Ladies here we come. πŸ˜€
      10. Bias reporting. For rich people, even I were to kill someone on the road with my posh car, and if i survive, I will be declare as rich and successful instead of reckless. How good can that be?

      So with the above 10 golden rules, wtf will the rich not stay in Singapore. You must be an idiot to migrate with your dollars as you will be tax to death and not be able enjoy it at all. πŸ˜€

      • Sinka_Poor said

        Bravo Jardel …… Very ” GOOD CLASS ” sarcasm … hahahahah

        I don’t think the PAPpies get to understand your message

    • S'porean with Aust PR said

      No need capital, just some savings will do.
      The question is whether you are eligible to migrate as a skilled migrant, this is a much easier and popular pathway as it comes with a higher allocation to apply as a PR in a real first world country such as Australia.

  11. Cancer said

    I share the same sentiments….. feels like a ‘step child’ being neglected and rejected by the govt.

  12. jf said

    Azli, learn to love yourself and have self-respect. You know you believed wrongly when you say “pinoy” population are much higher than Muslim. Why shy about being Singaporean when so many rich and poor people want to come to live in Singapore? To me there is no such thing as “low class” country. If you think there are “low class” countries, you are trying to start a “class” system in your head.

    Those foreigners are proud and happy to be in Singapore. It costs them a lot to be here. They hear all the good things and try to be good themselves to blend in and work hard to earn money. Many foreigners are happy to work hard and earn more money.

    If Singapore is a safe harbour for honest foreigners, Singaporeans should be proud. Where would you be if they are really “invaders?”

    I feel sorry for you that Singapore is not a home to you anymore. Hope you can find your home. If not try and build one yourself instead of depending on others to define for you what home is.

    • temasek said

      Your SIR is an FT probably or just another PAP ib.

    • kaching said

      must be FT lover

    • Jardel said

      Hi If, we singaporean will surely build our home without you and your fucking pap. YOU WILL BE BOOTED OUT. FUCK YOU. SUCK OUR BALLS COME GE 2016.

      If you cannot depend on your government, then why need them? Might as well erase parliament and everyone is the boss. YOU ARE A SHAME!!!!

    • Jf is a typical filipino trash. go back to the philippines you idiot

    • Fuck ur mother JF im play big with you mother fucker !

    • FO said

      Fcuk Off! you buding & your kabayan!

    • Savvy KIng said

      jf, it’s obvious who you are.

    • After reading all of this – you guys seriously need to realise one thing which is being overlooked:

      You are ALL foreigners. Every single one of you – you all (at some stage) had ancestors who originated from somewhere else. I am as much of a foreigner in Singapore as I am in the UK, USA or any other country. The world is getting smaller. Deal with it or deal out…

      You guys seriously need to take a visit
      to New York or London and learn how integration really works. Quit the time wasting bickering … it will get you nowhere.

      You can make it anywhere if you work hard, charm, smile – are gracious and loving – and are prepared to roll your sleeves up & work together … Enough said.

  13. Daft Peasant said

    Azli, i like you use the word: ” invaded “…… ha ha ha ha…….

  14. Compatriot said

    Hi Azli,I feel how you feel,I am positively sure you are not alone,being me,there are dozens of thousands more Singaporeans with the feeling and willing as you have


  15. Crap... said

    Azli, don’t just complain.. use your vote wisely in 2016.. and convince your family and frens NOT to support the MIWs blindly anymore..

    • ANGRY Bird said

      agree. use your vote as your weapon. its powerful. juz be patient till 2016.

    • S'porean with Aust PR said

      What if the change 39.9% in 2011 truly hoped for, has failed again to come in 2016?
      I am not so hopeful and I dun have the time to wait due to my age to be eligible to migrate as a skilled migrant. I went ahead to apply for my PR visa after 2011, the rest is history now and I never look back since.
      In fact I am looking forward to start a new life in my newly adopted country soon.

  16. citutt said

    Same here…whenever i go for holiday, i m obliging to tell them i m from malaysia rather than spore….used to be proud of my native country spore…but since 2 yrs back…its like hard for me to say i am from spore whenever i go overseas…i feel ashamed of my own country….

    • Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC not Pinoy either. Just a humble PR.. said

      @Citutt . . . Very foolish of you. What is there to be ashame of SG? At most, you are ashamed of your government only. Where is your patriotic spirit, my friend? Others may not agree with what SGpore government is doing currently but nevertheless they still love SG and proud to be son of soil. They will always love SG, they just dislikes the SG government. That’s that.

      Don’t try to incite others here . . .

  17. a singaporean by birth said

    I am BORN here, grew up and LIVE AND WORK here all my life and has been hopeful in building a nation we all can be proud of. However, I have NEVER FELT SO “SOLD OUT” during recent years with the influx of un-selective foreigners (esp. pinoys, china-chinese, india-indians) in our land.

    Even hearing a singaporean voice at the other end of the line when calling in to starhub, M1 or singtel helpdesk is SUCH A RELIEF and PLEASURE, that is hard to come by these days. Sick and tired of hearing all that pinoy voices…..they are sweet but ineffective in solving problems.

    • Maybe said

      Totally agree with you. The pinoy at the banks or coorperates helplines sounded polite. However some are not only ineffective in solving problems, they create another problem for the end user. Many times, as a customer, i have to just bite the dust, swallow whatever unffair treatments due to their incompetents and mistakes that they themselves made but refuse to own up and just throw the resposiblity back to the end users. I don’t believe this how the company train them, so I will always try to call back other days hoping that a local will pick up. My experiences are the locals understand and are willing to go the extra miles to solve my problems. So I don’t understand why call companies keep hire pinoys when it’s proven that Singaporeans are more efficient and better in solving customers’ inquiries. Bosses be careful some ft are just here to ζ··ζ—₯子.

      • 60+ said

        They speak english and they are cheap. They always protray a false front, smile and polite but deep down they dislike us becuase they know they are here as cheap labour.

  18. Bruce WEE said

    Azli, did you and your family voted wisely last May?

    • Azli.Suhaila said

      Hi Bruce Wee…I cant say here who i vote or else someone will knock my door…as they are so talent in wat i mean..

  19. SG said

    Whenever I visit other country as tourist, I always feel for not wanting to return home — Singapore. I don’t know if I should be a beggar to beg foreign government pleading them for residential status, I rather be that country 2nd class resident than 3rd/4th class citizen. Sadly, foreign country labour and immigration law is so strict for aged 40 yrs old to gain employment and residential status unless I am investor and intend to setup a small business in that country. I don’t have that much money though. I’m totally screwed after all for not leaving Singapore in my early age.

    • S'porean with Aust PR said

      The cut off age has increased to 45 for skilled migration to Australia. Go give it a try but your IELTS must get min 7.0 in every band to claim points due to points for age is very little after 40.

  20. Yayrhah said

    Singapore is no longer a country. It has became a cold mercenary business place for those business owners to make piles of money at the expense of cheap workers imported overseas,

  21. ali said

    To Ms. Azli: Philippines is not a low-class country, so do India and other countries…… If you feel ashamed of being Singaporean, so be it! No one forces you to be one, except that you were born Singaporean, speak Malay and praise Allah! It won’t make you or your fellow Singaporeans HIGH-CLASS! Try having some pride of your homeland! Go to the US and say to anybody asking you where you came from and you will not be disappointed! Singapore enjoys many positive reviews in Western countries

    • Froztheart said

      Ali: Dont talk cock sing song leh. If you cant get the point of this article dont comment! Simple as that, people wouldn’t say you are mute if you dont speak. Get it Ali? πŸ™‚

    • IronMan said

      @Ali – Dont utter nonsense and stop your “Ali Baba talking”…!!!

  22. mahbok tan said

    From all those words of expression by fellow SGporeans who feel marginalised by their own GOVT of the DAY , WHY not we expressed our selves by not putting our national flag outside our house instead we put white or black flag to express our unhappiness to wards our GOVT treatment of its citizen….!!!!

    Lets have a BLACK FLAG for this national day and let Temasek times report it with pics…..good luck fellow SGporean and express ourselves well….!!!

  23. solaris8899 said

    well said.
    I am a local chinese, i born here, educated here, NS here, love and protect our home land. however,
    our parent -> papa open our small door to welcome foreign lands ppl here without asking their children and yet ask their children to accept them.
    Is the parent doing the right things?

    • A Singaporean by birth said

      Is the parent doing the right things? they will say “yes” cos’ got lots of $$$$$ in their bank.
      To the children, the parent say “just bear with it and try to integrate, ok?”

  24. bb said

    No wonder I seen a lot muslim ppl migratedto Australia. The recent accident of the singapore family in Melbourne was helped by the sg muslims there.

    The other option is migrate to Malaysia.

    • Bayi leh said

      Hope the White Australian Neo-Nazis give you Malay Muslims a WARM WELCOME then πŸ™‚

      Fucking hypocrites you people are: on one hand complain about “trash” invading singapore, on the other hand you go and invade other people’s country!

      Just go to Australia and see what the white Aussies think of you. To them, we are all slant eyed, yellow and brown-skinned scum. It is even worse if you wore a tudung there. Be prepared for the reception they are going to roll out for you.

      Any Asian student who studied in Aussieland can tell you about the insults, assaults, non-service or rude service, targetted at Asians. So if you think you can d better while wearing your tudung and trying to make a living there, good luck!

      That is all I can say.

      • Erotomania said

        Someone should just shut this troll Bayi Leh….. his comments are nothing but negative.

      • Bayi Bayi Bom Pi Pi said


        It is true what…. double standards…. you don’t want foreign scum in Singapore…. but you don’t care if YOU are THE foreign scum in white man’s land..

        How selfish and inconsiderate can you get?

        I feel sorry for the liberal, pro-immigration white men who welcome you Asian assholes.

        They have no idea that back in your old country, you were very similar to the xenophobic people that they are against!

        Let me spread this typical Singaporean hypocrisy to my white friends in USA, UK and Australia. Let them see you fucking sinkies for what you truly are.

      • Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC not Pinoy either. Just a humble PR.. said

        @Bayi Leh & @Bayi Bayi Bom Pi Pi ….

        What both of them said were quite true to certain extend. But can make do without the expletives though πŸ™‚ It sound a bit coercive. Like you are forcing people to agree with your arguments.

      • Ex-Aust uni student from S'pore said

        During my course of study in Sydney I did not encounter any.

      • Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC Not Pinoy Either. Just A Humble PR.. said said

        @Erotomania . . . So, this is a place for positive comments only? Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

        You do not agree with some people here so you want them to be expelled? joking me? This is a forum! People agree to disagree and vice versa here or in any forums…
        Come on, don’t be a big cry baby.

  25. Only fools vote in a government who does not represent them. said

    I understand how you feel. I’m Eurasian and while growing up in Singapore, I was mistaken for Malay many times and it was always a little funny and I would laugh and say, “No, it’s a common mistake but I’m not.”.

    These days with the damn Pinoy population here so large I’m often asked if I’m Filipino and I actually feel deep rage and insulted by it!

  26. Willie Tan said

    Soon SIngapore will only be recognized as a brand, not a Country. Its content (the people) are all OEM in some other countries like China, India, Philippines. Even our current Olympic team is 50% OEM produce….

  27. Iceman said

    killing me softly with his song … : )

  28. How Liao said

    Very simple solution, just vote PAP out in the next GE should you have enough guts.

    But my prediction for next GE is no changes to the number of opposition MPs. It will remain at a standstill. Why? Apathy & Greed for money. Once PAP starts giving its miniscule handouts to your bank account, the majority caves in or should we say the swing voters who are the major deciders will vote for PAP.

    My take is that its already too late to stop the PAP, they can never be reduced to a minority in Parliament and will continue to remain in majority.

  29. Grateful in being happy said

    We decided to move last year after the GE. Could not stand the bias-ness anymore. Our boys lacked freedom and free choice at school. To get a job is not enough anymore as we have to keep “sharpening” our resources(gossips, backbiting, cheap wage etc) to keep our job. Although they are numerous things that we missed about Singapore, but enough is enough. However, we have made a promise to vote on 2016 come hell or high water. Overseas Singaporeans should not feel that their responsibility is over just because they moved. We have an obligation for our brothers and sisters. And to our past.

    • Bayi Bayi Bom Pi Pi said

      Are you thick in the head or what?

      Don’t you realise that you are now the Foreign Trash in your adoptive country?

      You Sinkies have no sense of perspective at all. The irony of it totally escapes you.

      Some KKK conehead should catch your yellow chinky ass and string you up a tree by your shrivelled Sinkie balls.

      Then maybe you’ll realise something about life and relativity.

      • Grateful In Being Happy said

        Please be more courteous in your response. I am in my 40s and am married to a foreigner and have been living in Singapore since day 1 of our marriage. My “foreign” husband did not take anyone’s job as he has his own business overseas. The decision to move was made without haste after weighing the options and current situation in Singapore. Our children cannot speak mandarin (we are not chinky as you put it) although they are highly competent. Thus the options for them are small and limited. And we like to spend our years now in a slower paced environment where we are accepted. Do not jump to conclusion. Your comments are hurtful to those who are on a “double edged sword situation”. We had the option and we took it.

      • New Aust PR from S'pore said

        Do you know it’s not easy to be a foreign trash in an adopted country? Their selection criteria is much more higher than what you have here.
        As a new quitter myself, I am still a S’porean though I am a new Aust PR, I can and will still vote in next coming GE.

      • Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC Not Pinoy Either. Just A Humble PR.. said said

        @New Aust PR From S’pore . . . You fit exactly into the descriptions from @Bayi Leh.

        Why do you quit your country? Because of SG’s foreign immigration policy? Then why are you vying for the bacon with the OZs?

  30. Singapuraboi said

    Guys, please do not adopt the loser attitudes. Remember that Singapore belongs to all of us and not just to the PAP. We act as if this country belongs to them and we have no other choice but to leave the country. Then the other loser attitude is the “can’t beat them, join them” attitude.
    Let’s do the right thing as a proud Singaporean. Vote wisely at the next election and claim back our country. To show ur unhappiness, don’t celebrate NDP at the floating platform but celebrate it at the opposition wards. Stand up for your rights. And don’t watch the NDP on tV either. If everyone does their own little small part, we will move mountains.

  31. Pussy Rules said

    So guys! All this ranting is no use, Come 2016 let your goverment know and vote more opposition to check and balance. Every in this world need to be balance, environment, nature etc,,,, and so does our Goverment

  32. pegonmynose said

    our PM today went india to ask for more indians to come here. JIALAT !!

  33. Snoopy Says said

    hanging white or black flag may land u in hot soup. If u really wanna make known your unhappiness, maybe wearing white or black tops, tees or shirts on that day will be a better idea.

    • mahbok tan said

      Like this oso can la….if cannot hang white or black flag later wear black or white shirt oso can kena …….!!!
      Thanks for ur input fellow Sgporeans…..lets wear black or White on the 9/8/12….!!!

  34. Go to New York (the world’s greatest city); go to London (the world IN one city); people would laugh at you & your crazy ideas about ‘foreigners.’

    Wake up Singapore…unite together- otherwise you will be left behind in the world markets…everybody is a foreigner if you think about it. Make a difference, if you don’t like it, and vote out the PAP in the next GE.

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