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NUS Campus Crusade for Christ suspended while under police investigations

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

Controversial NUS student group the Campus Crusade for Christ has been suspended following investigations over posters that were deemed “insensitive and disrespectful”.

The posters, which were distributed on the campus to promote a mission trip to Thailand, described the country as ‘a place of little true job’ because few Thais believe in Jesus Christ and only “about one hundred Thais accept Christ each year’:

A similar gaffe was made on its NUS website where it promoted a mission trip to Turkey, saying that the country needed ‘much prayer and work’ because ‘much of the population is M’, referring to Muslims.

In a written reply to Parliament, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat said police investigations into the NUS Campus Crusade for Christ are ongoing.

“This incident reminds all of us not to take racial and religious harmony for granted, and that we must be sensitive and vigilant on matters of race and religion,” he said.

No arrests have been made so far.


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15 Responses to “NUS Campus Crusade for Christ suspended while under police investigations”

  1. Lim said

    Unless they are nipped in the bud before their strident confrontational fundamentalism against other faiths result in conflicts, they will grow stronger, bolder and more powerful like the mega churches. Eventually cults will spread and they will have significant political influence to pose a threat to the one party state in due time.

  2. Look yourself in the mirror b 4 u scold others! said

    Christians again?! Ha ha! What a shame! Both Christians and Muslim are NOT religion of peace and harmony! Many historical events proved it! Till today, wars are still going on in the name of god! Does god wanted war? Maybe!?

  3. Chong said

    I think such things, albeit less blatant, happens everyday. Some people think they are superior to others.

  4. Huh said


  5. Singapore Talent said

    Study so much at NUS still no brains?!!!!

  6. kbkb said

    A durian tree will have some good some bad durian. In a society, religion, it will be the same. Embrace the bad, learn to be good.

  7. pay said

    Quite shallow to judge on other countries with much richer history and culture compared to ours, and you want to descend and teach them how to dance? What are you stupid thinking you are the past pap in singapore? And needless to say thailand n turkey are no micky mouse country, phluz dont have that stuck up mindset u are bringing them salvation. Idiots.

  8. Wicked Brain said

    Can’t they just respect others religion and leave them alone.
    Why must they invade others by these crusades?

  9. Ben said


  10. kampong said

    religion fanatics are running amok in Sg especially Christians and having no respect for others! glad that Singapore govt is doing something quick and fix it right on…other wise, believe me, many are making believe to die a cause for their “god” regardless of the rule of law and especially believing in CONHEE PASTORS AND ALIKE and thinking aloud their are special breed….

  11. Bai Hu said

    Jesus should come down to earth to knock some sense to his insensitive & corrupted followers cos many of them done a lot of stupid things. Most importantly, teach them what are the right teachings.

  12. stevenado said

    ISD must take action against such people.Freedom of religion soes not mean the whole world only belongs to one particular religion.Only suckers believe that!

  13. Ben said

    I thought this event was in February, how come temasek times is reproducing it again???

  14. Ron said

    I hope stern action including court prosecutions be taken. It is a shame that some Christian zealots think the rest of world are condemned unless they accept Jesus Christ. I am Catholic and the Church does not preach in that way. And there must be respect for other faiths.

    Not only does these zeolots condemn the non-believers, they also condemn other Churches. It does get out of hand but when spoken within their own services or so-called Christian revivals, no action is ever taken. But these people are plain wrong in their practice of the Christian faith.

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