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PM Lee: ‘Completely understandable’ that Singaporeans are uncomfortable with influx of PRC immigrants

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

The relentless influx of Chinese immigrants from mainland China has changed the demographics of Singapore beyond recognition that even the earlier PRC immigrants staying here are astounded!

Despite rising public disgruntlement and anger at the government’s immigration policies, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong appears confident that the government is managing the issue well.

Speaking at the closing dialogue of the FutureChina Global Forum, Mr Lee said Singapore deals with this issue by managing the inflow of immigrants and getting them to adapt to the local way of life.

“It was “completely understandable” that Singaporeans may feel uncomfortable with the recent influx of mainland Chinese immigrants, who may look the same as Singaporean Chinese but sound and behave differently,” he told the audience.

PM Lee said the Government will continue to “manage” the social impact of immigration and urged newcomers to play their part.

“We have to encourage the non-Singaporeans who are living here to adapt to the circumstances in Singapore and understand that this is a different society with different values and cultures, and (a society that is) multi-racial and religious,” he added.

PM Lee had earlier urged native Singaporeans to do their part by ‘reaching out’ to the new citizens on a personal level and at work during a citizenship ceremony last Saturday.

In an interview with the National Geographic magazine in 2009, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew declared that it is a ‘good thing’ that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants from China as they are ‘harder-striving’ and ‘harder-driving’ than locals.


38 Responses to “PM Lee: ‘Completely understandable’ that Singaporeans are uncomfortable with influx of PRC immigrants”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    We want PM Lee to know without a shadow of doubt: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”…..

  2. pay said

    Pm lee, we are over that ‘completely understandable’ phase which is so year 2011. I think you are still completely out of whack with the current mindset of singaporean, and do yourself a favor and fire those useless scholars thats been feeding you stupid intels. Alternatively you can transfer them to smrt as well. Regards.

  3. denzuko1 said

    Completely understandable also means no action to follow up.

  4. Jardel said

    curry issue, mrt issue, indian kena curry issue, ang mo bully taxi issue, and he is still advocating that PAP is managing it well? He must be staying in his own cave for the past 10 years. Small issues now, to him, will escalate to future big issues. Leave a rolling snowball unchecked and it will become a avalanche. Urging and encouraging are not going to help,

    Read HK news LHL, do you want one day when Singaporeans march on the streets and demand to be heard? Remember, HK is in chaos for the past 1 week ever since the new guy takes over the helm. Riots, marches, screams for their government to hear their voices, and all they get is “We going to listen” Sounds familiar?

    Singapore is on the footsteps of HK. Brace yourself brothers.

  5. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Yes Singapore, listen to what LEE saids, “completely understandableā€.

    Means he’s going to keep importing more and he just don’t give a flying ffffffff about what common native-born Singaporeans

  6. Willie Tan said

    Welcome to Cinapore

  7. jf said

    The govt has an active policy of increasing the younger population to help off-set the age-ing population. If the alternate policy of encouraging more babies was successful, then the influx of foreigners would not be so great.

    If there had been more babies then there would be need for more facilities, meaning more costs to accommodate their presence, the development of which would be more gradual. The “influx” is more sudden. At little time and costs, suddenly we have a body of working adults helping the GDP, though not for NS. But there is a cost. Hope we can discover and manage this cost soon.

    The “influx” is more sudden. Except for living quarters, not much thoughts were given to other aspects such as local norms which the locals are accustomed to. Even lion and dragon dances appeared very “foreign”. At the Chingay, there are no more local lion and dragon displays or they were severely marginalised.

    So there is a cost.

    One way I think is to proactively engage newcomers whether on short-term or long-term stay. Private enterprises could be commissioned to provide interactions sessions under the guidances and moderation of some ministry.

  8. voice of the people said

    if i see any prc ..i will bash them up..

    • Jardel said

      There are alot in Geylang. But I dont see any news of fighting there, what are you doing? Sleeping? Go Bro. Bash them up there. FTW!!!

    • Willie Tan said

      To be fair…let’s not vent our anger on the “results”. We should objectively look at the cause of the “result” or problem and take to objectively rectify the problem by removing the cause of such problems.

  9. Govt Out of touch said

    The problems arising out of discomfort felt by citizens should never be under estimated.

  10. derp said

    I think it’s time for a cancer relapse for him.

    • Zotikos said

      You’re lower than low to wish for someone to get cancer. No I’m not a foreigner. He’s the head of state, at least respect the position if not the individual. But then you’re probably too uneducated to know what I’m talking about.

      • IronMan said

        @Zotikos – “Respect the position”, r u kidding me? Did LHL earn that position or he inherited it from his father? Is the form of govt in SG a democratic, republic or monarchy system? Is a PM’s duty to serve the interest of his citizen or FTs? Pls reply if u r sooooo very “educated”…!!!

  11. Hokkien Peng said

    There was never any genuine intention of increasing the birthrate of Singaporeans. Ask any person on the street and you’ll get at least 3 good reasons why Singaporeans aren’t procreating. It all boils down to money, time, and quality of life. Now tell me, what has been done (with regards to these “real” concerns) to encourage Singaporeans to have babies?

    Importing foreign worker bees and investors equals instant gratification for the gov’t. Instant taxpayers, capital infusion, and hopefully increased GDP that will justify more months of bonuses to reward themselves with. What benefit does the real Singaporean get from this? Increasingly expensive cars, housing, infrastructure breakdown, competition for schools and so on. And what about our ageing parents and baby boomers? Is anything being done to address this future explosion of senior citizens other than trying to push the burden onto the children’s shoulders? They are milking the country dry, and when it finally implodes and all the elites and foreigners “run road”, the true blue Singaporeans left behind are the ones who will have to pick up the pieces.

    • Native Citizen said

      Agreed with hokkien peng that there was never genuine intention to increase the TFR. The “completely understand” is just buying time while growing the percentage of new citizens and you know what that means. Based on the reasoning that importing foreigners will imporve the quality of life for Singaporeans, but overdoing it to replace the population simply kills the quality of life defeating the whole purpose and intend the first place. It’s not just “uncomfortable”, it’s worrying and hurting.

    • bb said

      Old man should says stop at 3 and see what is the reaction.

      He says stop at 2 and it becomes worse-now put the blame on sg ppl when gov policies fail to encourage procreation.

  12. Yayrhah said

    We are uncomfortable with the Pinoy PESTS…. get your fact correct.

  13. Cancer said

    PM Lee, we just don’t believe your words… talk but no action and continue to do what you do best in importing loads of them.

  14. Singapuraboi said

    Ha! LHL is not only out of touch with the citizenry, he is also out of touch with reality. I was working in the US and I have famil and lots of friends, so what do I do? Work of course! Guess my industry was very circumstantial. Likewise for the FTs working in singapore. I work long hours and u don’t here my boss praising me for being hardworking and harder striving than the citizens. Why is our prime minister selling his people short. By telling such lies to the world he is making a fool of himself and the entire country. One rule of thumb for managers, “never run down ur subordinates as thu r a reflection of u”.

  15. citutt said

    I feel like i am still holidaying in some foreign country…i turn left right front behind i see no locals but fts…instead of me staring at them, they r the one staring at me…i feel alienated…theres no place in spore without those trash surrounding u..

  16. solaris8899 said

    not not uncomfortable, but hate..why our leaders r doing such things…

  17. bb said

    Let,s start with PMO office. Must have 40% foreigners -some Pinoys, PRC, Vietnamese etc and ang mohs.

    See whether he working with these ppl he gets irritated.

    • Only fools vote in a government that does not represent them. said

      Don’t let these PAP traitors and their pet media fool you. 40% foreigners? Look around you these days and tell me if you think it’s just 40%?

      40% foreign workers and so-called “talents”. The PAP have been throwing out Citizenship like free candy at a carnival too and they so conveniently lump PRs in with Citizens as “locals”, then you have leagues of foreign students brought in here at tax payer’s expense…

      Just 40% foreigners here? Just a 4:6 ratio? Don’t be fooled!!! To stuff their own pockets and enclave their hold on power, the PAP have already made Singaporeans a minority in Singapore!!!!!! 60.1% foolishly killed Singapore in 2011.

  18. Julie Ong said

    Thank you to all contributors before me. I hear you loud and clear. The PM’s ‘completely understandable’ is unfortunately not understanding enough. He should
    take steps to ‘clean up this mess’ and be seen to be actively working to rectify the problems of his own creation. This is even not asking for much!

    I am at my wits end. This looks like a never ending saga.

    Please my fellow citizens never resort to violence or violent protest. We are better than that. I’m sure we can work through our problems/difficulties. We have both brain and brawn. Put it to good use. As one contributor previously said, ‘we are destined to survive’.

    If Mr Lee Hsien Loong cannot put things right then I respectfully ask that he considers resigning. Things must not be allowed to fester otherwise the consequences would be dire.

    Together, with patience and persistence, I’m sure we Singaporeans can find a way out of the quagmire the government has pushed us into.

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree with your words julie ….proactive and no violence… the way SGporeans are not that violence .
      Lets just start with a Blalck Flag Movement during this national day and we can see and judge for ourselves if truely SGporeans care to express themselves to the GOVT of the DAY.

      Let’s fly a black flag this national day.

      • Native citizen said

        The town councils are flying the flags on the corridors to portray a happy image and everything is fine. Worse of all, it was done by foreign labor without supervision resulting in couple of flags flown wrongly. This is terrible.

      • Julie Ong said

        Mr Mahbok Tan, you may celebrate our National Day flying your black flag. It’s a free country. To each his/her own. We are free to choose.
        For me the National Day Parade is not about politics. It is a celebration of our Nationhood .We are now a proud and sovereign independent country. I am as unhappy as you are at the present state of affairs we’re in, but hey it’s National Day! I am proud of our Independence and Sovereignty!

        National Day Parade can also show the new arrivals from overseas what we are about. Perhaps this is a chance or first step for them to integrate with us Singaporeans. Personally I would be pleased if they willingly join in the celebration. As I’ve said NDP is non-political.

        Lastly, let’s enjoy our NDP the way we like. We’ll get back to our work and attend to other issues after that.

  19. hOt said

    How can the govt claimed that they are managing the issue well. That’s a damn
    lie… First, the govt asked us to embrace them… how could we when they are a bunch of stinky showoff whom is always bragging abt their money money money… Now the govt is asking the PRCs to adapt to Singapore…. Hey PAP, pls wake up… the PRCs are ONLY using us as
    Do they need something drastic to happen before they come to their senses. My concern is that this issue might turn nasty with people getting hurt.
    These PRCs are loud, uncouth & aggressive lots that are vexing to our spirit, soul & body.

  20. Busybodyl said

    Enough is enough,,, hope our oppositions can unite a star team to kick LHL out of his GRC in 2016. Only then the real change will take place.

  21. Anthony Tang said

    what do you think?

  22. Jason Leng said

    If you understand, why do it?

    We local born Singaporeans whom our parents had worked hard over the last 30-40 years to make Singapore into what it is today. We were proud to be Singaporeans regardless of Race, Language or Religion. Our male Singaporeans served army and carried it with pride, honour and integrity just because we know that we are protecting our fellow Singaporeans who are our families.

    Right now, allowing these influx, what are we protecting?

    The 1st generation need not serve NS. How many 2nd generation will stay to serve NS? They will just make use of our education system which our taxpayers paid for and when the time comes, they will just leave and take along all their CPF money.

    For Singaporeans, we do not have a choice. We serve army. Our families are here. Our OWN CPF money are stuck and you keep raising the minimum sum and age limit. Is it due to the brainless investment loss of our money? Are you really taking care of our senior citizen community? NOPE. They are taking care of themselves with their own hard earned money from CPF and you deprived them of the amount they can have and how they would like to spend it. Let our old folks enjoy their golden years instead of collecting cans and cardboards.

    We love Singapore but you guys screwed it up. You no longer understand what it means to be Singaporeans and what it stands for. You say you understand but you don’t. Even you understand, you don’t care.

    I thank those Singaporeans who dare to speak up. My generation and those to come will no longer keep quiet. We thank and respect LKY for what he had done previously for Singapore but we should no longer keep dwelling on the past heroics and glory. We need to move on.

    I’m always struck by what a South African Business Partner said about our GE in 2011.

    “What fair elections? Why would the majority of the seats belong to PAP when they only got 60% of the votes? Its a flawed system…”

    I love Singapore as with many of us out there. But if we cannot change it, we got to leave it…

    • Julie Ong said

      Oh, no, Mr Jason Leng, please don’t leave. Singapore needs you!! Especially when you articulated so well and say it ‘as your heart feels’.
      Give it a bit more time and I believe that things should improve. Or at least I certainly wish and hope so. If not keep up the pressure on the government. We must not allow them to behave like towkays and push us around. No way!
      They must listen to us or else they have to look for a better paying job elsewhere. Frankly, people of your generation will set the agenda for Singapore into the future. Whatever it is I hope that this nonsense government will pull their socks up and deliver a higher standard of living to all who wants it. Ultimately it is for each one of us to ‘go get it’ when the opportunities avail itself. Jason, just think about it.
      In my opinion life to a certain extent is what you make out of it. Try hard enough, realise or ask where you went wrong, do it again, and again and probably you’ll grasp it and then finally get there, i.e. succeed (simplified version).
      Again, Jason, don’t give up on Singapore.

      It is still a shiok place!! Beh pai mah.

      It’s still a shiok place!

      • Jason Leng said

        Hi Julie,

        I’m not leaving anytime soon. I’m someone who can survive well in Singapore. But surviving well does not mean I like it. I worry more about the rest of my generation and the future generations to come. Perhaps GE 2016 is really the final chance. Hopefully by then, the balance will be significant and decisive.


  23. Ah Seng said

    Ah ma,
    Does it mean I can cook my curry everyday?
    Curry is in my blood u know.
    If I don’t cook curry, then cook what?
    Bak kut teh?

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