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PM Lee: We must continue to attract ‘foreign talents’ to come to Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

Despite promising Singaporeans last year that the government will ‘slow down’ the inflow of immigrants, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong continues to remind them that Singapore needs to remain ‘open’ to foreigners to attract ‘talents’ to ‘contribute’ to the nation.

Speaking at a forum on China yesterday, PM Lee said:

“We must expect that people will go and, at the same time, we must attract people who can make a contribution to Singapore to come to Singapore.”

PM Lee added that Singapore is an ‘attractive’ choice to foreigners because there are opportunities here and it is an exciting and good place to live:

“We try to make it such that if you come (to Singapore) and make a contribution, you can do well and fulfil your potential. I think we have to be like that if Singapore is to prosper.”

The recent wave of immigration has changed Singapore’s demographics to beyond recognition which shocked even the earlier immigrants.

According to a blog post by a PRC teacher who has been teaching in a secondary school in Singapore for the last five years, she was astounded at the increase in PRC Chinese population in recent years:

“At first I thought there is something wrong with my memory, but after asking around, everybody agrees there are more PRC Chinese in Singapore in recent years.”


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37 Responses to “PM Lee: We must continue to attract ‘foreign talents’ to come to Singapore”

  1. Anthony tang said

    As long as they don’t bring their dirty habits with them

  2. kbkb said

    Dear sir, I agree with u. We need a lot of talented FT and cross trained talent too! Because my maid can sweep floor very clean but no talent in cooking!! I very sian!

    • Ro said

      Discrimination is powerful and dirty weapon. No human is perfect. Judging one individually is one thing as we are human and shaped by our experience. However, labeling the entire group is unfair to others who are not. I know that people may not agree with me as they have personal experience. However, my point is as a responsible media – Temasek Review needs to be more careful. It should not try to use each and every case to throw oil into fuel. It may start a bigger fire that may hurt people – actual life.

    • Kexinjiapo said

      hahahahahahahahaha idiot leh u!

  3. Ro said

    Temasek Review needs to review its editorial stand. Does it want to be a credible commentary or just a controversy seeking website? For example, the out right blasting of foreigners and the line drawn so discriminately against forieigner. The foreigner vs local is playing to the crowd.
    I was proud that Singapore was a place that has little racial discrimination and it was easy for many to integrate into this melting pot. I want to hire more Singaporean but has to fill with many foreign talents because there aren’t too many suitable local. I appreciate the mix in my organization which makes us more competitive.
    The question is not if we need the foreign talent or foreign labourer but a question of how many. At almost full employment, there is not enough Singaporean to fill every available job. The government has to differentiate the benefits for local and yet able to attract talent to Singapore. That is a policy I like to see sharpen, polish and implemented.
    Temasek Review just take every incident reported it in a way that play local vs foreigner. Subtle in most of the point but still brutal. What is the point? To push more anti PAP feeling. There are other more real issues. Encouraging discrimination is just not cool.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Ro, u r amazing. Singapore is one the most advance countries after japan. If we don’t have suitable candidates, don’t tell me our 2nd and 3rd world neighbors have qualified talents? U r practicing what is called reverse discrimination. U see a local and immediately u fear that ur Job is threatened.

    • From A Distance said

      Hi Ro, drop me an email if you are interested in selling your company. I will prove to you that there are many handworking and talented pool of Singaporeans up there.

    • seah said

      what u want is cheap labour.why u dont expand oversea.

    • kbkb said

      If u buey song then don’t read lah! Go read fhm, maxim better for u. KNS

    • DTL said

      Ro is talking shit…

    • ... said

      TT is to see shiok only, don’t take it too seriously…

    • bb said

      It is abundantly clea that the gov policy is to depress wages and jack up property prices. If you are in the class of the ruling elite than you are ok. So sg is similar to Libya, Egypt,and countries in Euro Zone where ruling elite mess up the country like Greece. If you look around there is no one country is competent eg UK, Greece, USA, Japan. If you look at the Euro Zone none of newly elected gov is from the previous gov. eg Greece, France, Spain, Italy and it is expected Angela Merkel will go because she put German Banks in trouble in lending money to Greece.

      Unfortunately majority of sg are not from the ruling elites that’s why are so many dissenting views.

    • IronMan said

      These morons of company insult us, SGs, that we r not talented bcos we cannot accept low wages for the jobs offered. Eg: <$1000 mth, for PMET. Gimme a break. Making profits out of SGs blood n sweat. Gutless to blame the govt for the high rentals, utilities, transportation etc.

      Then again, there r always PAPigs's dogs in the midst of TT. Trying their best to persuade the netizens that TT is a hate, racist, discriminative blog against FTs.

  4. Pantatko said

    All this people are pigs!!!…🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  5. Hokkien Peng said

    Why does he “expect that people will go”? It clearly shows that he is aware of the reasons but doesn’t seem too anxious to do anything about it.

    And “if you come (to Singapore) and make a contribution, you can do well and fulfil your potential”. Do Singaporeans who contribute do well and fulfill their potential too?

    Do companies really hire foreigners because Singaporeans aren’t qualified enough or are not willing to do those jobs? I’m sure that’s true for some specific jobs, but that has become such a convenient excuse. Most of the employers should just admit that low wages is the real reason. In many cases, the “suitable” candidate for the job is the cheaper one.

  6. Citizen said

    Seems like those in parliament has ran out of ideas to grow Singapore. Yes PM Lee, we need foreign talents into parliament!

  7. fpap said

    yes, prostitutes, thieves, pickpockets, mugabe, burmese generals, cheats, gamblers, corrupt officials

    are already infesting this sin country with the help of this clown

  8. 5vvaper said

    I think the most SGrean place now would be SAF camps. All go sign on!! Wait!! They also have new citizen on SAFOS scholarship! Look like 20yrs later we will have PRC MPs and ministers! LHL going outta job soon!

  9. derp said

    We must continue to vote for talented opposition members into parliament too.

  10. Ah Heng said

    My encounter with a PRC Construction Worker:

  11. Peksanteng said

    The fact that PAP gahmen keeps to Chinese-Indian-Malay ratio is already showing how they don’t want integration. Real integration means we are one country, one Singapore, without a need for race ratio. Instead we have PRC’s coming in to artificially boost the numbers of Chinese in Singapore. Doesn’t matter if they are prostitutes, toilet cleaners, bus drivers or street sweepers. How many Bangla who do these jobs also got citizenship? Don’t have right?

    Now those of us who were born in Singapore are called Natives. It used to be a bad word, like uneducated or something, to be called a Native. So now PAP need to educate us Natives to accept this type of Foreign Talent.

    I tell you what is foreign to me – the thinking of LHL and the PAP is foreign to me. I don’t know how they can think they are for Singaporeans.

    • mahbok tan said

      They ( LHL n PAP ) think that they are for SGporeans because the 60.1% vote for them and they have the influence and power to do that ….. and as u can see the Sgpore indians and malays minister just did nothing coz they are just follow lor…..see what I mean , the Sgpore population have been like rojak oreadi…..!!!

      They are now more like a capitalist business man then a true blue SGpore polticians , coz they just thinki about money money money money….KNNBCCB….to all Sgpore parliamentarian except theose opposition MPs.

  12. ed said

    how many times do i have to say this… foreign worker not foreign talent…

  13. Sunray said

    Don’t blame the government or FT, blame the employers who want to get cheap employees. Very easy to say can’t get Singaporean to work as an excuse to employ cheap FT.

    • Submitter69 said

      Hey idiot ! Of course every employer wants to employ “cheap” employees. But it’s the govt who allows this nonsensical practice to go on.

  14. kayu said

    Let make a history change this coming 2016!!!!

    What the use of a Good Government who offer our country to an outsiders????
    Asking our countrymen and young to be salve of these future FT government.

    Life is hard now; future will be even harder…..
    Rather he change N destory us let make the decisuon ourselves rather than let him give our roots to FT invasion…..

  15. Siapa Rajah (Who is the king?) said

    LHL:- We must continue to attract ‘foreign talents” or “Foreign Trash” ??? All those Foreign Trash are the rejected ones that they cannot find jobs in their conutry and that is why they end up here cheap cheap cheap!!! Calling us to accept these trash??? LHL go and become a commoner and stay in a HDB flat with Pinoys and PRC as neighbours, then you will say the same thing like us!!!

  16. solaris8899 said

    do you think u r attracting the correct foreign talents here….

  17. hachoo said

    No one is stopping the FT as long as they are real talents !

  18. Sunray said

    Hey fucking shithole SUBMITTER69 I agree with you that garmen should put a stop to it. How do you like my greeting fucking shithole69 ???

  19. Sinking Sinkies said

    We definitely need to source for a better FT PM preferably closed legs type who is talented in caring for the people to be our PM soonest possible like yesterday.

  20. Pai Sei said

    Shld say garment create all the mass!.Our local talents or Elites does not like the local policy/country anymore, so they migrated to other places. The garment policy nvr attract local talents. Boh bian so got to import FTs. Already ppl saying one day SGP will ruled by FTs.

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