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Singapore family considering selling their HDB flat because of noisy pinoy neighbors

Posted by temasektimes on July 11, 2012

A Singaporean family is considering selling their HDB flat and move elsewhere because of their noisy and inconsiderate pinoy neighbors!

True blue native Singaporean Benson Tan who served National Service may be forced to move because of the inability of PAP MP Sam Tan and the Singapore police to help him.

“I had been asking my MP Mr Sam Tan for help..After few meet up with the RC members,CCC chairman of radin mas.they cant help me with my problem also.I had been asking my MP to refer this matter over to the police.I had received an email from Mr Sam Tan. He said he and his RC members are at the and of his wits to help.”

Though Benson tried to ask the police to conduct a ‘mediation’ session with his neighbors, the police did not turn up in the end.:

“Drums & guitar is already small cases..They will come to ur doorstep to shout and even stamp their feet at home..The child can shout whole day…MP also dunwan care liao what can I do???I request for police to conduct a mediation from the RC side..The RC officer at first said he will arrange but in the also no police came for the mediation…Its really damn noisy to disturb pple everyday..Now yet we got force to move…They proposely do it everyday.”

Benson is very frustrated and disappointed that his PAP MP and the Singapore police is unable to help his family:

“I’m still saying here but I dun wish to move..My father is considering to sell the flat away because of the child..Btw we are force to move by them if we dun find a way to resolve this problem..All I want is the MP conduct a mediation with him and the police around..But they said they are at the end of their wits.And the police had rejected helping too…I dont know what I can do..”

Benson’s case resembles the ‘pinoy drummer’ saga where one ‘special needs’ pinoy boy disturbed the entire neighborhood in Choa Chu Kang with his daily incessant drumming.

With more foreigners coming to Singapore and living in the HDB heartland, native Singaporeans will need to put up with such trivial disturbances and inconveniences in order to make them feel welcomed, happy and blessed living in Singapore.

During a ceremony last Saturday to present citizenship certificates to 200 foreigners, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong implored Singaporeans yet again to do their part to reach out to the newcomers on a personal level and at work. Perhaps moving houses is now an option for Singaporeans to do more to please their new ‘comrades’ from China, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and all over the world.

If you are interested to help Benson Tay, you can contact him directly on his Facebook here


101 Responses to “Singapore family considering selling their HDB flat because of noisy pinoy neighbors”

  1. derp said

    You should buy a fierce dog to scare them…. like a pitbull, train it to bite those noisy fucking pinoys.

    • ConcernedNativeSingaporean said

      Not a good solution, you can kana go to jail if anyone got bitten. Think harder…

    • teh A said

      scary… i found myself nodding in agreeing your suggestion… what did pap do to you ? what did pap do to us?

    • Compatriot said

      I felt disgusted to hear about the misbehaviour of these displaced recalcitrant pinnoys who caused social ills and breaks the peace of its Singaporean neighbour

      Since the government and its state agencies including the SPF,do not care about the feelings and anxiety how Singapore born citizens felt after filing a report about the mischief and panderer of these pinnoys.Then we Singaporeans have to act as accordingly

      We must organise and form a “VIGILANTE” and this is within our constitutional rights as a born Singaporeans to protect the lives and proprerty of our actual citizens and the future of Singapore which the government and its agencies refused to help its citizens from this hateful and abominable behaviour of these emigrant pinnoys

      Singapore has had a VIGLANTE FORCE formation organised in the early sixty’s during the confrontation period with Indonesia that stood very well

      Its high time those who called themselves the real and tru-blu Singaporeans act

  2. jf said

    Singaporeans getting too soft. Exert you rights to a quiet home. Benson, you don’t know how to protect your own home. What did they teach you at NS? A child….and you surrender. It is child abuse to let the child to drum incessantly. It will also damage his hearing. The family probably has mental problem, call the mental hospital…

    • HateMotherFuckingmalayNeighbour!!! said

      Teach me. How do you counter a motherfucking malay (LOCAL!!) neighbour who has many many cats that urine and poo in corridor and staircase, fights wildly in the nite. These few nights they even turn on their malay praying on speakers so loud even AFTER 11 p.m. !!!! This is in AMK, pm’s grc!!!

  3. Jardel said

    Buy speakers. Put it outside your house and point it directly to their house. Blast it and urine in front of their house. Dun thrhow your shit away but throw it at their doorsteps. Last measure, KILL THEM ALL? If you dare.

  4. joker said

    hoot them!

  5. Yueheng said

    My encounter with a PRC Construction Worker:

    • i say what i think only... said

      F u la parrot. encounter? he screw ur backside is it? u just bloody got in a same lift with them, what’s the big deal? get in same bed also like that. boliaoz

  6. a singaporean by birth said

    where is the PROTECTION nowadays for Singaporeans from these horrible, persistently stubborn, inconsiderate “aliens” who invaded our living space???? WHERE IS OUR PROTECTION???? Why should we move out when such perpetrators keep getting away from their INCONSIDERATE behaviour and NUISANCE ACTS?????? Why do we have so MANY authorities out there UNABLE to ENFORCE and be EMPOWERED to act to protect citizens anymore??? WHY WHY WHY:??????

  7. Bruce WEE said

    Benson, did you and your family voted ‘wisely’ last May?

  8. Compatriot said

    Try to break a few flower pots if any then make a report to the police with a witness

  9. Observer said

    Benson, Care to tell us your address? So that we won’t buy your flat. Btw, do you intend to tell your prospective buyer that your neighbour’s kid shouting all day long? You are a b$%tard! I hope when you buy a new flat, the seller won’t tell you the neighbours are psyhco who play drums at nite.

    • i say what i think only... said

      no worries, once pinoy move in, all will be well

      • observer said

        Agree with you. Then on one side children shouting, on the other side drumming at night. The entire neighbourhood will be vibrant.

    • Wicked Brain said

      Sell to Pinoys.
      Then they will have a whole community of them.
      There will be I complaints. Hee Hee…

  10. kaffir lime said

    i read what this man has to say, but i have no idea to what extent i should believe him or sympathise with him. this is because so many are so intolerant these days of Everything!

    i wonder if he has tried speaking to his neighbours himself. or is he too scared to do something so basic?

  11. VH2006 said

    Would it be possible for the families to jointly sue the offending family?

  12. Chloe said

    True blue singaporean?? It is okay to get annoyed with foreigners, but don’t forget our ancestors were foreigners for the majority of us?

    Now who is a true blue Singaporean?

    Just because of a few black sheeps, it think it is unfair to condemn all foreigners in Singapore for bad behaviour.

    • i say what i think only... said

      hope ur new friendly pinoy neighbour embraces u as much as they do

    • True Blue Singaporean said

      Excuse me ?? None of our ancestors came from Pinoyland…Only Delmonte Bananas and occasional bulks of pineapples and those “craving for bangala love” bitchy maids came from that doubly colonized country in the past.

      • Chloe said

        Now that’s racist. Speaking from an objective point of view, I find your comment morally degrading if that represents what majority of ‘true blue Singaporeans’ think.

        No matter where they come from, people of all nationalities are of the same species and should be treated equally. No one deserves to be discriminated just because of their ethnicity/country/religion. Excuse me for being cliche here, embracing people of different origins expands one’s horizons of knowlege and experience.

        Why do we need foreigner labour? Because they are willing to spend countless hours under the hot sun with very little pay because no Singaporeans would want to be a construction worker!

        How about maids, although there are complaints of the indecency commited by maids at times, how can one overlook the abuse that Singaporeans inflict upon their servants due to outbursts of frustration?

        The reason why we can relax in our air-conditioned rooms and type away with ease now is a product of foreign labour!

        Although our ancestors were not from Pinoy, they toiled under the same harsh conditions to build a brighter future for Singapore and their descendents- Us.
        Regarding your claim that ‘none of our ancestors came from Pinoyland’, our ancestors have had the same motive in mind when they decided to settle in SIngapore- to seek a better life.We must not be arrogant for our success, and continue to give chances to foreigners who strive to seek place to live.

        In a dog-eat-dog society, Singaporeans seek continual assurance to be deemed superior to others, even among ourselves, the ‘True Blue Singaporeans’. This is evident in the elitist society of Sinagpore, built upon the legend of Sir Stanford Raffles, who paved a way for the European upper class to settle and trade in Singapore. That has been the way since. But things have changed. They fled when the situation got out of control during the Japanese invasion in WWII and that is when we are empowered for we realise the advancement of our society lies solely upon ourselves. But I guess some things remain the same, don’t they? In the early rule of PAP (even up till now) English-educated citizens were regarded as more superior for British colonial attitudes still exists. (Evident in elitist schools such as RGS and RI) However, despite the self-absorbed individulas in our society, I realise there is no difference between the highly-educated people and ordinary citizens, for we toiled and worked hard for what Singapore is today. In rebuttal to your racist comment, are Singaporeans truly superior to their foreign counterparts? What rights do we have to condemn PRCs and Pinoys as ‘third-world citizens?’ We are no different to them; we came from the same origin, slowly working our way towards the pinnicle of prosperity and success through exploitation of foreign labour.

        On the other hand I completely disagree with the recent influx of foreign migrants. As I am still in JC I have not integrated into the real world yet, but I have had my fair share of encounters with foreigners. Seriously, having your homeland occupied mostly by foreigners is totally bizzare. It is like one cannot recognise where one belongs, and tarnish the national identity built upon national events and myths. I am afriad that Singapore is no longer what it was, in the short existance of my life..

      • Froztheart said

        @Chloe: BLAH BLAH BLAH, MIW supporter much? :O

      • Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC not Pinoy either. Just a humble PR.. said

        @Chloe …. Hats off you albeit your young age. Very mature arguments.

    • Passer-by said

      I hate to admit this (for fear of causing spark among those who are reading this articles) but you are right. We, Singaporean, are getting more outspoken in our hatred for foreigners just because of some encounter with them. Outspoken is one thing. Hurling abusive words is another. I felt sad for this foreigners at time with what some of our fellow Singaporean have said online.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. I do have a lot of bad encounters with them. At time, i do feel like they treated our little island as if its their own. Not bothering what us Singaporean think of them. Everywhere you go, you are bound to meet them. Even in ECP on a weekend, you will see them. They are practically everywhere. And they can be quite clueless of what we thought of them.

      But hey, don’t you think its too much to be generalizing everyone into the same context? Aren’t we being racist despite us claiming we are not? I have met a few foreigners who are extremely nice. I have met those who think they can rule Singapore. if we were in another country, let say, Australia, do you really think they all will treat us nicely? Discrimination against Asian is high there. Been there before. But some do made the efforts of knowing us, thus understanding our culture better. Can’t we try that and not discriminate every single one of the?

      I have always been a silent reader on all this foreigner articles. I find it getting out of hand frankly. I felt sad being part of Singapore, not because of the foreigner part (that is another issue), but because Singaporean just lash out on every foreigners they see just because they are not satisfied with the government policy on pro-foreigners. We definitely are behaving ungraciously towards this people.

      Yes, some brought their culture over here (hate that sometime) but must we stood so low just to retaliate them?

      Worst part, because of this foreigner policy, these Singaporeans are practically pulling every other issue into it. For example Yale-NUS. I mean seriously, an Ivy league school joining with NUS and people are more worried about foreigners instead of thinking of a brighter side where Singapore is actually opening up to the idea of studying liberal art. I have friends who are in Yale NUS who are practically speechless. Not knowing what to do to counter these opinionated people. Its an opportunity for us also. Think optimistically please.

      Singaporeans. I know why you are upset. I can understand. I graduated from poly having to compete with foreigners for job. Took me months before I found a proper one. Whoever say life is easy and predictable? You just need to stop lashing on foreigners just because you hate the govt pro-foreigners policy. You need not need to hurt others because of another person mistake. We used to be a gracious country. Whatever happened to that?

      This is just my thought of the current situation. I’m not saying that I am right. Different people have different opinion, so I accept it if you don’t agree with what I said. If you hate it, just move on. Lashing out doesn’t do anything except creating impression of yourself on others. Peace. X)

    • Wicked Brain said

      One thing for sure, our ancestors and these FTs are from different era.
      Hope there is no need to explain further.

      • Chloe said

        I understand that you are frustrated with the influx of foreign migrants, but racial discrimination is incorrigible. I hope that doesn’t hinder your moral values and judgement of other races. I am not sure what you think, but I am entirely disgusted by ‘True Blue Singaporean’. Care to share your wicked insights?

    • Chloe said

      To Froztheart: Would you enlightenment on your acronym:MIW?

      • mahbok tan said

        MIW = man in white oso meaning PAP la…..wah ur engrish ah …..hiihiihii…very guud lei….!!!

      • Chloe said

        Ohh really ar I thought it was misspelt as MOE…

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Chloe, you proved a point by not even knowing what MIW means and the significance of the MIW. It also proves the point that a majority of FTs need to study Singapore history and know its culture first to fully understand the Singaore society which you all FTs choose to live in and not be complacent to think that you know everything about Singapore when you really don’t. More peace is achieved if the FTs integrate and keep their heads down.

      • Chloe said

        Right… you want to prove me wrong? You made a reasonable point, but it is still ambiguous. Since you are able to criticise, justify your views with your insight about SInagpore history. Go on.

      • Seraphim said

        I do not think there is anything wrong with not knowing what certain short forms stands for. There are different meanings to MIW, it may stands for ‘men in whites’ in this case, but may not in others. So when you do not know something, ask and that is what Chloe did.

        Lets keep this civil and express your point of view rather than attacking another person’s character and start the ‘flaming session’.

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        It is clear to a Singaporean from the nuance of the conversation what MIW means. Period.

        It would be most helpful if you care to read my post carefully and understand it first before jumping in too quickly with a response.

        Seraphim: In a civil manner, would you care to explain which words did I use that were “attacking another person’s character”? In fact, Chloe herself concedes that I made a reasonable point and therefore your allegations are unfounded.

      • Seraphim said

        In the sentence ‘which you all FTs choose to live in not be complacent to think you know…’. I would avoid using ‘you’. As it is very suggestive it refers to the reader and in this case it seems to lump the writer Chloe together with the FT. Is Chloe a foreigner? Maybe yes, maybe no, but lets not jump to conclusion. By mixing in the reader with the FT with negative comments, it can more or less infuriate the reader, be it the person is a FT or not.

        Chloe took the reply personnally and retailated in a harsh manner to your(A Singaporean Abroad) reply and in the worst case scenario occurs, (You reply in the same, if not harsher manner), the discussion and comments will degenerate into a full scale war. That is a classic case of how mud slinging comes about.

        Sorry, if you took the last sentence personally, what I was trying to do is to put a bump to prevent it from escalating.

        Chloe’s reply is sarcastic and the word ‘ambiguous’ conflicted with ‘reasonable’. In another word, it does not mean Chloe conceded.

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Hi Seraphim, I still say it would be most helpful if you care to read my post carefully and understand it first before jumping in too quickly with a response.

        If the words “you all FTs choose to live …” were read in the full context of the sentence in which it appears, you will find that the statement was not aimed at Chloe.

        Chloe obviously did not read my post carefully either but I know better than to respond to her post in a harsh manner because quite frankly it is clear to me that she misunderstood what is written.

        You are obviously a self-appointed police of the conversation threads but I think you jumped the gun a bit this time.

      • Chloe said

        Riiiiiiight this is getting interesting… I’m getting rather amused by empty talk from some people who have no means of justifying their viewpoint with conviction. ‘It is clear to a Singaporean from the nuance of the conversation what MIW means.’ Apparently that is only your assumption. And that is very clever of you to assume I’m an ft, but hey, you dont take sarcasm too well 🙂

      • Chloe said

        To A Singaporean Abroad: In self-defence, I concede that I do not know much about the political world because I am only 17, therefore I got pretty confused at MIW. But if you have mentioned Men In White explicitly, I would have got it, understand? If you want to retaliate, do so and criticise my lack of sophistication and comprehension of the world, (go ahead if you think you know more abt the history of Singapore as well) but do I care? Not really. So shoot whatever, for it merely reflects negatively on you.

      • Seraphim said

        Would have been better if you(A Singaporean Abroad) wrote as ‘It also prove the point that a majority of FTs need to study Singapore history and know its culture first to fully understand the Singapore society in which the FTs chose to live in and not be complacent to think that they know everything about Singapore when they do not really know.’

        As I had written before, it is suggestive, not to mention not having a new paragraph does not help at all. And no, I did not jump the gun.

        I cannot be bothered to be the ‘self-appointed police’, too much work. The only reason I did it this time was because I am interested to know more on how 2 of you actually felt about the issues Chloe highlighted.

        These are my opinions for Chloe…

        The issue with constuction worker are the low wages and hard work. If the wages are high like the construction workers in Europe or Australia, why wouldn’t Singaporeans be attracted to it? If a blue collar worker’s pay is the same as a white collar, why would anyone want the blue collar? Just like how HK people prefer to be security guards over road sweeper, since the wages are the same. In our context, construction workers wages are actually lower with little benefits and prone to injuries. We must also note that Singapore is not a welfare state, if you are injured while working, you are on your own. It helps if you have insurances, but with the low wages, how much can you really spend on insurances?

        It is because of the easy access in employing foreign workers that directly causes wages to be depressed. It used to affect only blue collars that many Singaporeans did not want to do, but now it is more and more evidenced in the white collars as well. Some of the FTs entered Singapore and work for films with bogus degrees. This not only depress wages as said before, but it also displaces Singaporeans who strive hard to get that degree and was replaced because of it.

        Ok, you scored with the maid part… The only thing I can say is, there are ugly people in every country.

        The reason why some Singaporeans can enjoy aircon in their own room is because of their own hardwork. The FTs do not pay for our electricity bills or for the cost of installing and purchasing the aircon. Here is an ironic part, the FTs/PRs always said they contributed economically to Singapore, but aren’t Singaporeans contributing as well? I do not really know how much they contributed. What I do know is, Singapore’s economy has been growing for years and I did not feel any effect of the growth. Wages remain stagnant, while cost of living continue to increase. Lets face it, the FTs are not here for Singapore, they are here to earn money and forced to contribute to Singapore through taxes because they wanted to make money here, but the average Singaporeans does not recieve any beneifts from it.

        Yes, FTs are here to seek a better live just like our forefathers. However they differ from our ancestors in several things. Many of them do not have the intention to stay till retirement or setup a family here, they are just here to make money and go back. In some cases, they are just here to take it as a stepping stone to go overseas and settle there. Such practices are very common as evidenced by the high amount of PRs we have and not willing to convert to Singaporeans. Our ancestors tend to keep their head low and integrate with the other migrants as well, including the local Malays. Nowadays, you see many of them wanting Singaporeans to integrate with them rather than them adapting to the new environment. (Uniquely Singapore) Some of the FT brought their own language and culture with them here and did not attempt to learn Singaporean’s way of life or English at all. (Very common with PRCs and Pinoys)

        The FTs may have lowered the cost of living and contributed economically to Singapore, but they also lowered the average Singaporeans’ wages, the standard of living and brought some social problems that wasn’t so prominent before.

        We need to take note that the Singapore not only expoit FTs, they exploit the average Singaporeans as well. Not to mention nowadays many human resoruces managers are actually hiring their own people, so do not be surprised to see an office full of pinoys or indians from india… An example of exploitation: My friend dare not go home on time even though the work is done because her supervisor will question her if she does and will be given extra work that is not in her job scope with no extra pay. 3 people were working in the department and 1 of them resigned. There was no intention of hiring another person to replace the position, while the remaining 2 will shoulder the extra work. It is suppose to be 8am-5pm job, but it is always 8am-7pm, not to mention bringing work home and going back on weekends where audits are near…

        Just for your info, I am not a MIW supporter. Too many empty promises from the PAP… Also, the opposition needs to convince me that they are capable to make positive changes before I vote for them. I do not want to change 1 bad apple for another. So I would choose to void my vote if that the opposition fails to convince me.

        Here is a little article for Chloe that might be good to read on how another person felt about Singapore citizenship. It might be 2.5 years old, but alot of the points are still valid.

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Oh now I see. 17 … No wonder

      • Chloe said

        To A Singaporean Abroad: Been behaving yourself overseas? 😉

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Interesting change of topic all of a sudden 😉

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Quite frankly Chloe has quite an interesting character. I will be looking out for more of her posts in the future. Keep it up Chloe!

        As for Seraphim: Point noted. In response to your further post, please think about this: If each and every person takes the same view as you and void their votes at GE, then the election would be a farce. Wouldn’t it be better to take a stance and make a choice – after all, we all take risks in life, don’t we? Look at the GE in England, there was a tie at the last election and everyone in Parliament has to play nicely together ….

  13. sweetbean said

    Make or buy something nice to eat – bring it to your neighbour. Introduce yourself and welcome them to Singapore. Show you are a good neighbour and you will have one.

    • mahbok tan said

      Ha ha ha an do not forget to call MSM to tell them that you are welcoming them into your neighbour hood by bringing them bah ku tek , mee rebus or thosai….!!!
      Oh pls do not forget to take pics and sent to PM fb maybe you will get the national day star as well for being a good neighbour….!!!!

      I LIKE LIKE LIKE……?????

    • crappy said

      Tried that, done that! IT DOES NOT WORK with some of these incorrigible nuisance, anti-social behaving people. When BAD neighbours are bent on being BAD, nothing will work.

      So, to Kaffir lime – Benson already approached the authorities, and STUBBORN neighbour continue to be a nuisance, dont you think if they refused to heed authorities’ advice to stop the noise nuisance all the more they will not even listen to Benson. Next time use your brain before making stupid suggestions.

    • Savvy KIng said

      U ever heard of the saying “when in rome, do like the romans do”? FTs should be adapting to SG and NOT the other way around! Isn’t that basic common sense and basic courtesy?

  14. Eugene said

    What to do ! when you don’t make a wise vote indirectly you are willing to become 3rd citizen,

  15. Pantatko said

    Put pig’s head ah…

  16. Daft Peasant said

    Ah Ben….. you should tell the mib & miw that if they cannot/reluctant to help… will use your own ways to settle this problem…… and that include burning the pinoy’s house down……

    Ha ha ha….

  17. Uniquely Singapore said

    You think his MP will help him? His MP need the pinoys votes in the next GE to survive as an MP!

  18. Yueheng said

    My encounter with a PRC Construction Worker:

  19. mahbok tan said

    Lets FLY a BLACK FLAG for this national day outside our house and let Temasek times report it with pics…..good luck fellow SGporean and express ourselves well….!!!

  20. Reiza said

    if its me, i will blast my dance music, see how the kid can tahan, my music or his screaming for the win

  21. miya said

    what seriously… don’t move out man… if you do, you lost… Two can play the game…

  22. coco said

    I’m curious to know what is going through LHL’s mind. True, Singapore is recognised as a multi racial society but his recent or rather ongoing efforts to ‘add’ (mostly) foreign trash into our homeland is rather disturbing. Plus the fact that he can be so excited & happy about it <- sorry but that's the feeling he gives me. What exactly does he want?

  23. FanaticD said

    RC and PA is for new citizen and not for local borns. they are always at their toes to support new citizens to integrate into the country and push the locals out.

    for your neighbor case, have you talked to them and what is their outcome?
    why is there a need for the child to shout and make noise? if it is a medical condition, ask them to see doc or go to MPS so MP can take good care of them.

    if of no good reason and their refusal to take things into hand, record everything down, check whether can sue them under public nuisance act or upload the videos to stomp and make a big hoohaa. especially the case where MP and RC and other alternative PAP channel is not able to handle, making the case go big in public will have those idiots popping up a solution next to resolve.

    Don’t sell and move. stay, negotiate and fight like a local. don’t be a pussy and let others look down on us.
    We don’t need to tolerate and this is our country and where we are born and live.

  24. Simba said

    why indians cook curry, PRC complained, indian advised not to cook curry.. Beson Tay complained, no one go to his rescue???

  25. solaris8899 said

    is not solving the problem totally, we must know the root caused.
    what happen you move to other hdb, then later another pinoy move in and having the same problem again.
    who allows, why foreigners, PRs to be able to buy our subsidized public housing?

  26. anticinabeh said

    My Pinoy neighbour is also very noisy everyday. There are more than 10 pple (males and females) living in the rented 4-room flat. You can hear their super-loud laughter more than 20 meters away, even after 10pm; at times beyond 12am. Moreover, they also smoke outside the corridor. Police will not do anything because they do nothing legally wrong.

  27. Happy said

    I am fully agreed> I heard in Blk307C anchorvale road #14-XX . Come my Indian family , they just let their kids playing whole day at the corridor and anyhow hang clothing … Dam noisy.. Do check if dont believe.. for sure , most are rental… at least >8 person in one unit. OMG….HDB dept .. do something

  28. I OWN A PINOY MAID. said

    I suggest buy a bottle of kerosene and pour them into their door and let the kerosene flow into the pig sty then light the fire and u will hear the real cries that really make u shiok.

    • Andre said

      We should have more of this dude, while you’re at it you may want to brand your pinoy maid with your name, you can stick it at her a$$ checks

  29. Why MIWs so afraid of foreigners ?

  30. blanche said

    Try and talk to your neighbor with diplomacy first, bring an audio recorder so you have proof of your conversation. If that doesn’t work and he doesn’t oblige at least you have a record as proof of your conversation. Also record the noisy episodes you’re referring to, the dates and times. Be specific, proof is important so it won’t become a he said she said thing.

  31. Citizen said

    take video and post his monkey face on youtube. name it Singapore HDB so that people from different part of the world can see what a paradise we are living in.

  32. Bai Hu said

    What our PAP govt doing now is like selling their own country. Nevermind if Singaporeans are happy or not, as long as their fat salaries continue.

  33. SG said

    We may not be able holding onto our breath for long. Government is fully aware about various situation Singaporeans is facing everyday 24/7/365 days. LHL already insisted that government will make sure that Singaporeans integrate with new immigrants, meaning, Singaporeans are forced to “respect” government decision. As this is government primary objective and top priority mission, any issue relating to foreigners, government will not quickly interfere but buying time until Singaporeans resign to their fate and integrate with new aliens. Singaporeans has been fooled by LHL crocodile tears, indeed.

  34. iknowthisislovebutifwereyouiwouldleaveher said

    LOL! What a wimp! A complete whiner! Its a little child you filthy nutcase! Why dont you at least talk to the neighbour and ask what’s going on? Wow do you need to be spoofed also? And the way temasek review questions seems like they are wanting to hear the term FT.. Tell you what why dont you group up with like minded people and wage a war against your so called FT so that there is a solution? All you do is whine when you can just step out and talk to the other, and the other dudes supporting him are completely out of your minds..

    • A Sad Singaporean said

      I remember back in 1997 when the Hong Kong people started escaping HK in drones and came to Singapore to live, they COMPLAINED like crazy when their weekends were disturbed by contractors doing renovation work in the neighbouring flat. Before 1997, contractors often carried out work during weekends and Singaporean neighbours don’t even bat an eyelid at the noise. After 1997, Singaporeans had to “give in” to the HK people’s request for peace and quiet during weekends by asking their contractors to stop work. Now it seems that Singaporeans also have to “give in” to terrible ill-bred people exhibiting anti-social behaviour. I suggest to Benson to sell his flat to a HK family because I am sure that a HK family knows how to tell the Pinoy to shut up.

  35. Pi-noise said

    Pinoys or ‘Pi-noise’?
    Abroad, Filipinos are seen as loud and noisy
    By: S.B. Zulueta
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    1:51 am | Monday, October 24th, 2011

    While searching for a flat in Singapore with two Pinoy colleagues, the agent showing us around discreetly cautioned us about noise level.
    The owner had experiences with previous Pinoy tenants and neighbors who could not keep the noise down. The familiar weekend drinking sessions with buddies and the regular home karaoke singing flashed into mind.
    We checked out other flats, talking to the agents. Once finding out we were Pinoys, somehow the subject of noise was again mentioned. We began to wonder if because of the influx of Pinoys here, some of our habits were getting a bad reputation.
    After this you cannot help but be especially observant. Well, maybe Pinoys, particularly the newcomers and the younger groups, tend to talk loudly in the malls, buses and trains.

  36. Look yourself in the mirror b 4 u scold others! said

    I’m a Singaporean Chinese…frankly…I came across more inconsiderate ugly Singaporeans over the years.

    Incident 1: Two years ago, my neighbour claims that the refrigerator we place at the corridor awaiting disposal a blockage of her “Feng Shui” and demanded immediate action! But a week later, she herself dumped her unwanted super big plasma TV outside the rubbish chute, causing inconvenience to the rest of the household living on the same floor!

    Incident 2: Many Chinese still inherit the custom of burning paper money for their ancestors. Whenever “Qing Ming” arrives, you will see people lighting up red candles and burn piles and piles of paper money. Usually, you’ll be able to find patches of burned marks on the grounds even as near as two steps away from the metal bins provided for such purpose. My neighbour even did all the burning at the common corridor, causing the ashes to fly into my unit (not to mention the chocking smoke)!

    Incident 3: A piece of notice was found inside the lift demanding one of the household whose kids recently took up piano to shut the windows and doors while he/she is practicing so as not to disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. Obviously the person who came up with this notice also purposely blast his/her pop music whenever the piano practice started. And all these commotion usually starts in the afternoon 4pm right up to 7pm. These noise usually woke my 2 year old baby girl from her nap.

    Incident 4: Many Singaporean still have the ugly habits of queue cutting especially when it comes to waiting for a cab along a road. I personally came across it many time. Since there isn’t any Taxi stand along roads, these people simply assume that one who flag first should get the cab. Some even took tactics of hiding behind a tree ahead of you and spring into action when a distant taxi is approaching! How unthoughtful and selfish!

    Incident 5: Almost everyday we will come across inconsiderate neighbour slamming their doors late at night. Some talked and laugh so loudly while they walk along the corridor towards their unit. We on the other end of the corridor can hear every words and laughter.

    These are a few of many incidents I came across ever since I move into a HDB neighbourhood in 2002. Can I expect these inconsiderate incidents to stop for good? Not likely…for i’ll definitely offend many. I’m sure many who complained here came across similar incidents?

    Looks like we have a lot of ugly Singaporean who obviously didn’t know the importance of self-reflection and toleration! Remember that whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing at yourself!

  37. SEL KUMS said

    Very soon the PINOYS will be taking over the Bird Park. There, they can join their feathered cousins and sing songs the whole day through!

  38. Anthony Tang said

    As I have said always. If the FT regardless of Pinoys, PRC or Indians leave their dirty habits in their homeland, we will not get so riled up about thyem. The trouble is these foreigners not only disreagrd or culture but also make digs at us. How to intergrate, Mr PM

  39. Anthony Tang said

    Please do not sell your house because of some damn foreigners. By doign that we are giving in to them. If this is the general atitude of Singaporeans, very soon we will be ruled by Pinoy Ministers

  40. Nelson said

    Check both sides of the story… he is not telling the whole truth…

  41. Crap said

    Take video and spread thru internet, stomp, everywhere and keep on complaining and hope lightning strike them down. Knn non considerate piece of shit

  42. Foxy said

    I tell what, every morning switch on your hi-fi stereo and play ‘wai yang’ music loud!

  43. Lim said

    A minister tells us not to complain and whine. Do your part. Guess it is time to put his lesson into practice. Police, MP,HDB and RC all not effective or impotent against noisy foreigners who are given the privilege of living in public flats? If you don’t make your stand and help yourself nobody will with this foreigner-loving policies. If they stamp you do the same to them. If they shout you also shout, if they play loud music you blast back. If they call police or MP and they take action against you but not them – then you raise HELL with them!!

  44. Seraphim said

    I honestly felt that the police could have done something….

    Under the housing board rules, it says refer to NEA.

    In NEA, it states that after 7pm to 7 am, the noise is not suppose to be more than 55 dBA for 5 min or 50 dBA for 12hrs. Same applies for Sunday and public holidays.

    Another 2 link for examples on dBA for easy reference. It is highly subjective so, I will leave the definition of it to you.

    What I think you should do is to record the incidents at your place to serve as evidence. Take note that it need to last more than 5 minutes.

    • Seraphim said

      Edit: Contact HDB, since it is in their general house rule.

      There is a box at the bottom of the HDB link that says ‘To register complaints or find out more about NEA’s noise pollution regulations, please contact the NEA Call Centre at 1800-CALL-NEA (1800-2255 632).’.

      Hope it helps. =P

    • crappy said

      seraphim – those existing NEA’s rules or HDB rules are NOT doing ENOUGH or even effective in protecting victims from persistently noisy and inconsiderate nuisance neighbour. For example, try tolerating a nuisance person making intermittent LOUD knocks here and there or SLAM their bedroom doors in the middle of the night?????? Tell me what protections is there against such noise nuisance??????????!!!

      • Seraphim said

        To Crappy

        As a baby crying or even alarm clock can generate a noise of more than 70 dBA and mostly at the wrong time of the day/night. Same goes for strong wind that resulted in the slamming of the doors.

        There is really nothing anyone could do about it. It all boils down to tolerances/understanding and have the basic courtesy/consideration to others.It will be a different story if you live in a draconian regime. I honestly cannot think of any solutions to overcome such issues if my neighbour is doing that. So what do you suggest the government could do?

  45. F.U.RudeForeigner said

    Just give them (f@##$$ TRASH!!!) double what they give us. We singaporean don’t have to nicely treat these type of foreigners!!! if they can’t intergrate with us. WE GIVE THEM HELL! If these foreigners are rude to u, u shout at them fiercely! They will be scare, I experienced before. No need to seek help from our govt cos they no longer with us singaporean anymore!

  46. Savvy KIng said

    My goodness, Benson. Why should you move? If you’re prepared to make such a drastic move, then you should tell your neighbour that they either stop their rubbish or you’ll have to declare war on them.

  47. whocares? said

    i can’t believe that there are so many childish people passing such uncalled for remarks and offering silly ‘solution’ to his problem. Let’s not be cynical, a natural S’porean kid too will make noise, it just that in this case, the neighbour is a foreigner. So let’s stop complaining of others being incompetent, i trust whoever out there has already done their very best to assist him. Don’t complain for the sake of complaining. Thank you.

  48. Kola said

    We do understand that childrens make noises but somehow the mum got to play her role well too.. But i guess the mum did not done her part as to cause others planning to sell their houses away

  49. Pai Sei said

    It’s a really disappointing MP/Police/RC/garment. So still vote for PnP?

  50. Jennifer said

    Don’t sell your house. Make a Magistrate Complain at the sub-court. It will very much depend on the severity of the matter (noise level). The magistrate will arrangement with the CMC within the court to mediate.. In this case you are the Complainant and they are the Respondent. They must turn up for mediation otherwise a summon of arrest will be issue to arrest the Respondent. Then reason out with them.

  51. Dmann said

    Have the same problem, Pinoys renting upstairs. Noise nearly 24 hours a day, especially wee hours. Complained but not much use, nobody wants to help. The worst part is that this only emboldens these people. Done everything from speaking to their landlord (Singaporeans) to calling police. The best part of it, adding insult to injury, the local true blue Singaporean landlord said to me – they make noise complain loh, call police loh, or shift loh, my house nobody rent I no money you give me ah? Sigh… If only there’s a strict law that penalizes the offending parties, including the landlords cos they too know there isn’t one and nicely get away with it. Btw I’m not entirely against the influx of foreigners but I do require them to confirm to our standards of behaviour otherwise please leave Singapore!

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