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CHC members rally behind Kong Hee: You will never be alone

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Despite the gravity of the charges leveled against him, City Harvest Church (CHC)members have rallied behind their disgraced founder pastor Kong Hee who was charged along with four others last week for misusing up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow Sun.

CHC has since issued a public statement proclaiming their belief and support in Kong Hee who told a packed audience during a service last Sunday that he maintained his ‘integrity’.

A post by Kong Hee on his Facebook yesterday triggered an outpouring of support from CHC members as they promise they will not let him walk alone:

“Yes Pastor! You are not alone as we are a Body of Christ that nothing can detach us! I have received many sms from brothers and sisters in other churches both in Singapore and overseas saying that they are praying for you and our church. We are ONE United Body!” – Lawrence Kong Hock Chye

“You are never alone as apart from Jesus never leaving you, you have planted so many seeds that there are hundreds of thousands of your spiritual children out here interceding and praying for you.” – Oliver Tham

“Pastor Kong.. God is with you.. He will never leave you nor forsake you.. we are with you too.. praying for you!” – Karen Kwan

“Yes, Pastor Kong, you are stronger than you think, and you are never alone…You keep company with the wise and you are wise…No one has a talent and hides it, we multiply our talents so that we will be found faithful when we face the LORD…This came to me when I was typing this and I know it holds meaning to you… I LOVE YOU PASTOR KONG…I HAVE BEEN IN CHURCH FOR 23 LONG YEARS AND IT WILL BE SO..” – Constance Wong

Kong Hee was ‘escorted’ by 200 CHC members and supporters to the Subordinate Court last week when he was first charged. The number is expected to rise when the case goes on trial on 25 July.


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Computer Science graduate: I had sex with underage prostitute because I was in ‘low spirits’

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

One of the 48 men charged for having sex with a 17 year old underage prostitute is a Computer Science graduate who was working in the bank as a relationship manager at the time of the offence.

33-year-old Louis Lee Lip Kian pleaded guilty in court today to one count of having paid sex with a girl who was below 18 years old. He paid S$600 to have sex with her at Hotel 81 Bencoolen in November 2010.

In his mitigation, Lee’s lawyer, Mr Amolat Singh said his client was “low in spirits from the divorce” and went “looking for love in all the wrong places”.

The court heard that he was surfing the web when he came across the girl’s services and arranged to meet her through her pimp.

As she appeared to be a “very matured lady” who “knew just what to do and what to say”, Lee was “lulled into a sense of security” and did not verify her age.

Former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong was sentenced to nine weeks jail for having paid sex with the same girl.

*Illustrated pic


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Singaporean NSman sacked by company 1 day before reservist training

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

A Singaporean NSman was sacked by his company one day before he went for his reservist training. He was given a one month notice (letter of termination of contract) on June 2012, which meant that he would lose his job one day before he went for his reservist.

In a posting on a government-owned citizen ‘journalism’ portal, Edwin wrote:

“I was excited to serve my first ICT (one month), but I received a letter of termination from my company (one month notice) in June, which ended one day before my ICT. I went for job interviews but they did not get back to me, maybe due to the fact they have to wait two months, which is after my one month ICT, to hire me.”

Edwin lodged a complaint to the Manpower Ministry which replied that it cannot do anything legally as the company has already given him a one month notice.

“I used to love my country but now it makes me feel really demoralized to be a Singaporean,” he added.

It is a common knowledge that Singaporean males are disadvantaged in the labor market because of their National Service obligations.

Foreigners who do not have NS liabilities and cost much less are preferred by employers and there are no measures put in place to ensure Singaporeans get priority in jobs.

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PRC ‘FTs’ jailed for helping to convey contraband cigarettes

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Three male PRC ‘FTs’ were jailed seven to 17 months for their involvement in contraband cigarette activities.

They reportedly tried to ferry more than 9,000 cigarettes via an open-top lorry in June this year.

The total value of these duty-unpaid cigarettes meant for distribution to various parts of Singapore amounted to more than S$92,000.

The duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) involved exceeded S$68,000 and S$6,400 respectively.

Investigations revealed that Yao, who was employed as an electrician, and Zhang Yong, 40, employed as a driver, were hired to deliver the contraband cigarettes concealed in the heaters to Wang, a mechanic, and Hong at Kranji Road.

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Singapore PRs unhappy over stricter rules for them to sublet HDB flats

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Singapore PRs are unhappy at the new HDB rules which cut the flat subletting approved period for Permanent Residents (PR) from the current three years to just one year with immediate effect.

When the one-year period expires, the application to extend the approval will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The total period of subletting during the flat owners’ entire duration of the flat ownership is capped at five years.

Radio station FM 95.8 conducted a call-in session yesterday evening to seek public opinion about the new ruling and was inundated by calls from angry PRs protesting against the new rules.

One Malaysian lady in her early 30s said Singapore PRs are here to ‘help’ Singapore and Singaporeans should ‘appreciate’ them instead of ignoring their ‘contributions’.

Another arrogant PRC man quipped that PRs are being treated as ‘second class’ people in Singapore. He then asked that with the new ruling, can his son served two fewer months of NS in the future.

The next caller is a Singapore PR from another Asian country who criticized the new HDB rule as sending a ‘wrong’ message to foreigners who may be contemplating taking Singapore citizenship.

On the other hand, Singaporeans are unhappy that it took so long for HDB to introduce the new ruling to prevent PRs from profiteering from subletting their HDB flats.

Young PAP leader and new citizen from India Sinha Shekhar once boasted arrogantly on REACH Facebook that he owns a private property and a HDB resale flat which he rented out for income.

“I pay really high for the resale flat and the rents am collecting is not enough to pay for instalments I owe the bank…Just because I own a private property, I don’t have to pay higher tax.”


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Why can’t Singapore return to the good old days?

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

I miss the good old days when Singapore was Singapore and Singapore was filled with Singaporeans. I wish i can come home and not have to deal with all these silly nitty issues of FTs and what not.

We Singaporeans must bring change in 2016! It is our last chance guys, our last hope. If we do not make any kind of effort to bring about change not only do we suffer, but our future generation as well. We must believe in hope and change to our people. That when Singaporeans wake up the next day, they know the future is bright and they have a chance to live the Singaporean dream.

Singapore is such a small country and i don’t see how bringing in more FT’s will justify the need for more FT’s and more foreigners on our soil. Competition? Economic boom? They, the govt are obviously not sitting in our chairs and not going through our daily lives understanding what we as Singaporeans have lost so much and compromised and sacrificed so much for not just them, but for our country and at the end of the day we have to deal with such matters. We still have to work hard and put food on the table and they still can’t see the errors of their ways. Why?

Why can’t Singapore just be Singapore just like the good old days back then when we had no problems, no red tape, no long chain of bureaucracy and no nonsence from back then? Why?

Adapting them? Cultural integration? But from the reports i see, this has only made things worst, Singaporeans are now a dying species and we face our jobs being taken away, our opportunities taken away and i am sad for my people and my country that this is what they feel is called “adapting”. In addition, i find that Singaporeans are kow-towing (bowing) to the wishes of these new FT’s and Foreigners. They don’t follow our rules or our cultural standards, they just do what they feel like it. Did they forget they are in Singapore? Singapore does not revolve around them. Everyone revolves around Singapore and plays a part in the bigger picture.

How about us Singaporeans? how about those of us born here? We need to adapt to them to, but its not 1 at a time. Its thousands at a time. I pray everyday that we as Singaporeans will have a home to come back too and that when i come back to Singapore, there will be a Singapore left and that i can still feel the Singapore spirit in the people.

Just because a bunch of people change their passports and convert their cards into pink IC’s does not mean they know what Singapore is nor do they know the daily struggles in our lives of what we have to go through or went through in history.

Singaporeans have a RIGHT to feel threatened and uncomfortable that the influx of foreigners that makes every Singaporean uneasy, other countries would as well no matter how big or how small they are. Look at Hong Kong. Why can’t Singaporeans feel uncomfortable with this situation? This is our home, our land, our people and many of us have lost brothers and sisters in this land. We gave our sweat, blood and some even our entire lives for Singapore and the very least we can do is to bring Singapore back to its feet and to give Singaporeans hope for change for the better and that tomorrow will be a bright future for Singaporeans.

I love my country and my people too much to see it treated with no lack of compassion or any kind of judgement to Singaporeans and how Singaporeans would feel about this. Were the people ever consulted to this change in policies? Was any kind of consensus taken or approved by the people of our country? None. We are also human beings, we have feelings and I am absolutely sure that we as Singaporeans are acting naturally as how any other country’s citizens would as well towards the matter of mass influx of foreigners.

My dear Singaporeans, life may be hard right now and it may get harder, but that is what we must face and overcome. We as Singaporeans have to continue to stand strong and stand firm together for unity and change. Change must come! 2016! BELIEVE IN CHANGE! Do not let history repeat itself again. Do it not for yourself, do it not for just a few people. But do it for Singapore and for your our Singaporeans!!

We are being fair to feel uncomfortable, otherwise we are like drones and not being human. Being human is what makes our lives unique and different!


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook

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Blogger Alex Au apologizes for post on Woffles Wu after receiving letter from AGC

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

In an unprecedented move unheard of elsewhere in the world, the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) issued a letter to prominent socio-political blogger Alex Au to remove a blog post he has written about the controversial Woffles Wu case which has sparked a massive public outcry recently.

Prominent plastic surgeon Woffles Wu was charged in court recently for abetting his employee to take the rap for his two speeding offences in 2005 and 2006. His criminal offence only came to light after an ex-employee spilled the beans on him in January this year.

The AGC took offence with an article titled “Woffles Wu case hits a nerve” on June 18 which insinuates that the Singapore judicial system is biased to the well-connected and sent a letter dated July 6 to Mr Au to remove the post, failing which action for contempt would be taken.

AGC said the allegations were “scurrilous and false”, and “scandalised the Courts”.

In the letter, Mr Au said he accepts that the June 18 post had “scandalised the Courts of the Republic of Singapore”.

He apologised for committing the act of Contempt of Court, and has taken down the offending post and said he accepted that his post had seriously misrepresented various facts in relation to the Woffles Wu case.

This is not the first time Mr Au has apologized publicly for a post written by him on his blog. Two months ago, he apologized publicly to Law Minister Shanmugam for posting defamatory remarks about him.


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New Singapore ‘citizens’ from China can easily ‘re-convert’ back to PRC citizenship

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Mr Lee Sir! Please note that the PRC can always give up their Singapore citizenship to go back to China once they have earned enough. China’s IC can be made every three years.

It is so simple as to include your name in the ‘Book of Citizen’ or ‘Hu Kou’ (in chinese) then proceed to the Police Station to have an IC made.

In this way, they can simply get back their citizenship in China anytime! My ex-wife is a Shanghainess who did that! Think please Mr Lee…


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook

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PM Lee: Singapore and India should forge ‘closer’ ties beyond economics

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Singapore and India should forge closer and strengthen ties across a broad range of activities beyond mere economics, declared Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking at a business summit in New Delhi, India, PM Lee said he ‘welcomed’ new bilateral initiatives during his visit and talks with Indian leaders which includes the signing of an MOU on cooperation in vocational education and skills development.

Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the Delhi State Government’s Department of Training and Technical Education will establish a World Class Skills Centre in New Delhi to train up to 15,000 students in electronics, hospitality, finance and other fields.

PM Lee also hopes to improve air connectivity between India and Singapore which will promote exchange of businessmen, talent, ideas and knowledge, which are the preconditions for growth and prosperity.

Due to the government’s liberal immigration policies, an increasing number of expatriate Indians have flocked to Singapore to work with a number of them eventually taking up Singapore PR and citizenship such as Young PAP and grassroots leaders Sinha Shekhar and Frederic Fanthome.


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