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Blogger Alex Au apologizes for post on Woffles Wu after receiving letter from AGC

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

In an unprecedented move unheard of elsewhere in the world, the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) issued a letter to prominent socio-political blogger Alex Au to remove a blog post he has written about the controversial Woffles Wu case which has sparked a massive public outcry recently.

Prominent plastic surgeon Woffles Wu was charged in court recently for abetting his employee to take the rap for his two speeding offences in 2005 and 2006. His criminal offence only came to light after an ex-employee spilled the beans on him in January this year.

The AGC took offence with an article titled “Woffles Wu case hits a nerve” on June 18 which insinuates that the Singapore judicial system is biased to the well-connected and sent a letter dated July 6 to Mr Au to remove the post, failing which action for contempt would be taken.

AGC said the allegations were “scurrilous and false”, and “scandalised the Courts”.

In the letter, Mr Au said he accepts that the June 18 post had “scandalised the Courts of the Republic of Singapore”.

He apologised for committing the act of Contempt of Court, and has taken down the offending post and said he accepted that his post had seriously misrepresented various facts in relation to the Woffles Wu case.

This is not the first time Mr Au has apologized publicly for a post written by him on his blog. Two months ago, he apologized publicly to Law Minister Shanmugam for posting defamatory remarks about him.



33 Responses to “Blogger Alex Au apologizes for post on Woffles Wu after receiving letter from AGC”

  1. Jardel said

    Alex Au, please go join opposition. You will be the next Nicole Seah. WE WILL VOTE FOR YOU. YOU WILL BE IN THE PARLIAMENT!!!! GOGOGO.

    • Foxy said

      Yes Mr Alex Au, may be you can join Worker’s Party and I strongly believe that SGrean will vote and support you!

  2. Vi said

    is the case closed and to be filed and forgotten?

  3. Ron said

    This is a wake-up call to Temasek Times and to TR Emeritus too. Do not get out of hand in loud condemnation of the Court, the Government, etc. Get the facts. Put two sides of the issues out and encourage constructive debates.

    Alex Au may be lucky this time as the AGC is gracious. In former times, he would have been hauled to Court and be punished. It is good for Spore that there is more tolerance for debates.

    • Ron's father said

      Ron: Do you know the entire set of facts surrounding this case. In order for us to evaluate the AGC’s actions and decisions, don’t we the AGC to be forthcoming. They don’t deserve the benefit of doubt if they are not forthcoming. Rather than monitoring the criticisms, I want the AGC to provide full accounting of their deliberations on this issue. It is important to remind them that they are civil servants funded by taxpayer dollars. Since this issue has raised even the concerns of our elected politicians, why is the AGC’s office reticent to be more forthcoming with the facts involved. As a citizen, don’t I have the right to voice my concern on this issue. Since the AGC’s office is monitoring the blogs, can they please respond to the concerns of this citizen.

  4. Lim said

    What else can Alex Au do except to apologise? Fight the system?

  5. Supertroll said

    AGC guilty conscience ah?

    • sorahi said

      Does it mean if judges and court make mistakes we cannot ecpose them? This is bullying tactics.

    • oldguard said

      Kaki nan, it is all about connection, just look around you, all top gun are somehow related to each other, nephew of Ong Teng Cheong, If Mr Ong is around, Woffles Wu will go to jail.

  6. fpc said

    basically, I don’t think alex misrepresented the case. This shows if you want to criticise the courts, do it anonymous-ly.

    • cursethepappies! said

      Don’t be a fool…everything and I meant EVERYTHING online CAN BE TRACED! Just a matter of time and whether is it justified to trace you!

      • mahbok tan said

        Not true ….. wat about hackers….????
        Just need to put in the correct software and tinkering ….!!!

      • May all beings be peaceful, happy and free! said

        yes you can track hackers too…provided you have the same or better equipment compared to them…you will be able to track them to the extend of knowing their exact location through their IP address.

  7. mahbok tan said

    I just don’t understand this issue , seems that they want us to swallow the fact as it is…..and forget about it…!!!
    With all the poor handling of this issue to lame excused by those parliamentarians …. wat u all thinking…SGporeans are fools…!!!
    KNNBCCB waiting for GE2016 and you all 60.1% can hear from me clearly that I am not going to vote for U ….Period.

  8. Concerned said

    Singapore judicial system consists of the Courts and the public prosecution aka AGC. Public prosecutors have discretionary power whether to prosecute and for what charges. Judges may have the ability to judge professionally. But how about our pp ? Could our pp be seen in the same light ? Judges don’t decide on the charges, pp do. Could this be the weak link ?

  9. loon said

    if he stand firmed what he believed is true he should not apologized or else he had been inconsistent or untrue of all his past remarks.

    • Talk is cheap said

      Will you apologize if you were him?

      • loon said

        He apologized & admitted contemptuous remarks. U know everybody made mistake sometimes & the different is either an honest one or one with a motive or bias.

      • ttt said

        To Loon,
        You are a farking loony.

    • oldguard said

      come on, what choice you have, definitely you don’t want play with fire, coming from AGC. I will not want to waste my money and time. If they want to see you apologise, so be it.

  10. No Ns Required to be an MP. said

    Go and register a website in China and anonymously condemn and critics. All these people don’t know how to do it.

  11. fairplay said

    Alex Au, go ahead and apologise to the AG. But inside our hearts many like-minded Singaporeans know who is the one who should be apologising to the people of Singapore. Keep up the good work Alex Au.!

  12. Albert said

    I have talked to many people about the Woffles Wu case. Every single one of them felt that the courts have acted leniently towards Woffles because of his status and connections. And most of these people do not follow social media blogs. They read mainly the Straits’ Times. If the court does not want people to act in ‘comtempt of court’, perhaps they should mind their own conduct and not demonstrate a consistent pattern of rich people receiving a lighter sentence than those who are less rich and less connected. Such behaviour is true contempt of court and what the court stands for.

    • A Tan said

      Yup, everyone in my circle of friends, lunch kakis etc all share the opinion there is something fishy going on. And these are educated people mind you.

  13. Confused Singaporean said

    What did he do in contempt of court, It is the AG that he is questioning. The AG chose the charge against Wu and Judge pass sentance accordingly. Did he question the judges sentance or the lesser charge charged by AG? I am confused,

  14. MT said

    PAP modus operandi – manage by FEAR! “Deformation Suit” is THE foolproof strategy to bankrupt & kill your opponent!!

  15. Raymond said

    If I remember correctly, our PM encouraged whistle blowers in companies to expose any wrongdoing. How is this supposed to help encourage whistle blowing?

  16. Disgusted said

    Teen fined $3,000 for using another’s IC to enter nightclub;
    Woffles Wu got $1,000.

    Is there fairness in punishment ? you decide.

  17. Disgusted said

    Teen fined $3,000 for using another’s IC to enter nightclub;
    Woffles Wu got a $1,000 fine for getting an elderly employee to take the rap for two speeding offences.

    Is there fairness in punishment meted out ? You decide.

  18. whatdouthink said

    What abt Tina Tan Leo?
    Woffles’s good friend and 1st cousin

  19. solaris8899 said

    1 word = no fair

  20. boh zee said

    Alex Au has no balls.

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