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New Singapore ‘citizens’ from China can easily ‘re-convert’ back to PRC citizenship

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Mr Lee Sir! Please note that the PRC can always give up their Singapore citizenship to go back to China once they have earned enough. China’s IC can be made every three years.

It is so simple as to include your name in the ‘Book of Citizen’ or ‘Hu Kou’ (in chinese) then proceed to the Police Station to have an IC made.

In this way, they can simply get back their citizenship in China anytime! My ex-wife is a Shanghainess who did that! Think please Mr Lee…


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook


67 Responses to “New Singapore ‘citizens’ from China can easily ‘re-convert’ back to PRC citizenship”

  1. Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC not Pinoy either. Just a humble PR.. said

    Such a hypocritical complainant … when a PRC stays, you complained. When she left, you also complain (and still do). Just what do you want? No-U Turn-Singapore Citizenship? So when one becomes a citizen, she cannot give it up and must be forever remain a citizen here?? so that you would not feel that you have been taken for a ride? The writer who post the comments on PM Lee’s FB probably feels the same when his ex-wife deserted him. So now, he could not take it whenever he sees a PRC give up their SG citizenship. His personal affair will never become a National affair.

    • sorahi said

      You must be a new citizen who lick ass of ???

    • Singapore Talent said

      Sounds like a phua chee bye post of a FT

    • Smith said

      I think the writer’s point is that these PRC nationals should not be allowed SIngapore citizenship in the first place because this (the above going to police station method) is as good as having dual citizenship.

    • Henry said

      Believe you misunderstood the writer … he is complaining about the root cause, not the after cause … ang mo bo ho le …

    • Siapa Rajah (Who Is The King?) said

      Hello Ass Licker and Tripod!!! Whatever it is, WW is saying the truth!!! Can you denial that???

    • alamak said

      of course you don’t have to be a citizen here forever. The writer’s simply pointing out that there is no risk, just a little inconvenience for a PRC to be a citizen here. He/she can easily revert to chinese citizenship. why can’t you understand that?

    • Naivety said

      F” king pappies boot & ass licker!

  2. GodBlessSG said

    WESLEY , thanks for sharing.

  3. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Did you vote for LEE family? If so you need to think, not LEE.

    LEE only think of one thing. Himself. He just need to push GDP higher and higher to increase his own paycheck. That’s all.

    To LEE is always “you die, your problem”

  4. cc chia said

    Ha, ha. Looks like the PAP and the Lee family have been “taken for a ride” or out-foxed as usual by the PRC people. Remember the Suzhou debacle where Temasek/the PAP government lost millions due to their stupidity?

  5. OMGKthxbye said

    i think our country is the only 1 who does not appreciate or protect their own citizen. I had a friend who is a pure breed singaporean. She went to uk for studies along with her family for years and stayed there. previously she is holding dual citizenship and until a point whereby she had to choose and give up 1 citizenship. Since her family is there working, she decided to give up Singaporean citizen ship instead. A few years later, she decided that she still love singapore and wanted to convert back to Singapore citizen for good, but to no avail, only allow PR status and Subject to approval..

    seeing this comparing to this post, other country appreciate their countrymen more. Even though they no longer citizen of that country, but they welcome back any of their fellow ex citizen back.

  6. Jardel said

    He is not thinking that’s why. Come next GE we can make him think by voting the opposition. Simple as that.

  7. Piratetoon said

    Hi Wesley , you sounds more well informed than our than our beloved leader or maybe he chose not to know .

    • oldguard said

      Wisely is very right, come on, the gahmen all along know what is happening, just keep quiet. I know an army boy who is from PRC, after NS he couldn’t bring his wife to be a PR, so he return his IC and now comfortably living in Shanghai. So who says you cannot go back to your motherland, only the papigs don’t want to know. But it is the other way now, born bred true Singaporean and once you give up you will never get back to be a citizen but a PR. They want to teach you a lesson for desertion. How many more PR or new citizen really want to stay here, just imagine after staying for few years, buy HDB and start to rent out and best still working in their homeland. Gahmen is blind, I don’t think so.
      Pretend nothing happen. Vote more seat out coming 2016 election.

  8. Invictus said

    Dont know what to say … Sign ! Singapore is becoming a joke

  9. siao said

    has been like this for years. you think they dunno meh?

  10. GCT said

    What do you think ?

  11. i5htar said

    Then I marry a china wife…ask she add my name in the ‘Book of Citizen’ or ‘Hu Kou’ (in chinese) then I will have 2 citizenships loh….LOL

  12. Ron said

    I heard that India allows dual citizenship. And Malaysia allows ex-citizens to re-acquire citizenship too.

    So, being a Singaporean can a citizenship of convenience for work reasons for some though I think the majority do settle down here.

    • Smith said

      ex-citizens is more towards having Malays back in Malaysia. Does not apply to ex-Malaysian angmoh like me.

  13. HDB Business said

    5000 flats rented out by PRs. that is like more than ONE ENTIRE BTO RELEASE exercise. 5000 ready flats, ready to move in anytime.

    100,000 more flats rented out by Singaporeans to do investment. well and good, it benefits citizens. but there are OTHER citizens waiting to START A LIFE in an HDB flat.

    HDB is encouraging LIVING in flats? or DOING BUSINESS in them?

    100,000 WHOLE flats in the HDB market alone. and MANY MORE rooms sublet which do not require approval and does not fall under this statistical radar.

    that is more than a whopping TWENTY BTO EXERCISES.

    • oldguard said

      Pinoy PR living in condo but rented out their HDB flat to their pinoy friends who is starting out in Singapore. Weekend invite all their friends and jam the swimming pool.

  14. i say what i think only... said

    can wesley throw back pink ic and get prc citizenship also?

  15. kayu said


    They are just interested to rip the earning but return back to their root. Who will care for a country not their origin?
    PAP has to wake up!!!!!

    They r taking SINGAPORE as suckers!!!!!
    Suck u dry and off they go…..

    All immigrates are the same.

    Look at DUBAI, their government also welcome FT

  16. Annoymous said

    Of course they know, they even know alot more things that normal citizen won’t know that he can play around with it.

  17. bochap said

  18. bb said

    Even Australian who renounce their citizenship and apply to become citizen again

  19. Native S'porean with Aust PR said

    In conclusion, native singaporeans whom are not ex-citizens or PRs in other countries will be the biggest losers?
    I know at least I am safe now, thanks to pap and 60.1% in GE2011.

  20. lima said

    My god – I am speechless to see the ignorance from the post and the editor of Tamasek Review – have you been to China? Why don’t you bother to check with any of your friend who has been to China, and ask them whether it is realistic to get a China citizenship like the way described in the post? Editor of Tamasek Review, I know you hate China, you hate Chinese from PRC, you hate FT (foreign talents) and you hate PAP (sounds like there is nothing you don’t hate anymore) – but if you pause and have a thought about yourself and your life – do you have to live a miserable life like this?

    • nspeople said

      Here’s the governing law – “第十三条 曾有过中国国籍的外国人,具有正当理由,可以申请恢复中国国籍;被批准恢复中国国籍的,不得再保留外国国籍.”
      Here’s the processing department – “第十五条 受理国籍申请的机关,在国内为当地市、县公安局,在国外为中国外交代表机关和领事机关。”
      Here’s the approving department ‘ “第十六条 加入、退出和恢复中国国籍的申请,由中华人民共和国公安部审批。经批准的,由公安部发给证书。”
      And here’s the reference

      Not exactly verbatim to the author’s, but if it is so clearly and so simply written, it shouldn’t be that inconceivable for the execution of it cannot be as efficient and as fluid as described ….

      • lima said

        So the original post says: “………Please note that the PRC can always give up their Singapore citizenship to go back to China once they have earned enough. China’s IC can be made every three years. It is so simple as to include your name in the ‘Book of Citizen’ or ‘Hu Kou’ (in chinese) then proceed to the Police Station to have an IC made.”.

        The governing law from your quote says: “foreigners who used to be a Chinese citizen can apply to get back their Chinese citizenship, with justifiable reasons.” (obviously it needs to be approved by the Chinese government).

        And you think they are the same? I mean, please, NSpeople, if you discard your unreasonable bias towards PRC or China etc, you will become a more logical person and liver more happily.

      • tud Q said

        even the attempt to restore their chinese citizenship failed, i believe there is nothing fake they can’t do
        it is only legitimate to hate foreigner when your country over- flood with them, it all happens over the world, such as australia, europe, hong kong. the only different is, other countries are big enough for them to let in many foreigners and their govt did not let in ah tu ah gao with fake degree. take a look at china itself, they called on their govt to expel foreigners in china after a girl got sexually harassed by a ang mo. so u tell me, why singaporeans must, ougth to, have to , need to be super “moralist” when come to compare with other nationalities to the matter?
        if singapore is not a heaven to them, why are they keep coming and coming? you keep non-stop coming and coming, you get whack up by the local YOU KNOW? PLEASE, WE ARE NO SUPER HIGH MORAL GOOD PEOPLE!!!

    • CruEL said

      Lima aka PAP boot cum ass licker. Talking bout theory in Corruption Free China? Talking out of your ass again ah? The Chinese government also say cannot do a lot of things, but look at whats happening in china, bo xilai etc.

      You think so hard to get back citizenship? Pay undertable all settled for you and its not MORE than 1k sgd.

      At this moment its harder to get Farmer Hu Kou but easy to get City Hu Kou. Sounds like I know or I talking out of my ass like you?

  21. Dr XYZ said

    As long as PRC continue to contribute to their 3 funds (smilar to our CPF), they will be entitled to go back someday, even if they renounce their China citizenship earlier on.

  22. I do not think the writer is hypocritical.. maybe the writer has a personal agenda in writing the comments, given that his ex-wife came and then split up with him, the real issue here is how important the new citizens value the Singaporean citizenship..

    Our government has devalued the Singaproean citizenship and permenant residency by giving it away too easily in the past.. I have seen too many Malaysians/PRC chinese taking up roles that can be easily filled by Singaporeans.. perhaps the they were hired because of better attitude/cheaper salary/higher capability but its just saddening to see a country\’s government not doing much to protect her own citizens.. what rubs salt into the wound are the new citizens who take this easily obtained citizenship for granted and lightly.. This simple act of the writers ex-wife renoucing her citizen for China again is a reflection of this devaluation of the Citizenship. Why should our government grant citizenship to an individual who is just here for the money (read almost everyone in Singapore workforce not born natively) or convenience (read Gong Li) When a native citizen sees his country\’s citizenship being treated casually, I feel it is perfectly normally for him to feel aggrieved.

    However, I guess explaining the concept of the prestige of citizenship to a PR who is happy to forsake his/her own country to come work in a foreign land for the sake of money is pretty pointless.. Just tell me when you have finally decided to return to Malaysia.. boleh!

    • Aber said

      why discuss for something does not exist? china is not a immigrant country, it is almost not possible for a foreigner to get its citizenship!

      i doubt if “WESLEY WANG” really understands what IC his ex had in singapore and china.

      • NSalso said

        中国的国籍法规定,外国人或无国籍人,愿意遵守中国的宪法和法律,并具有下列条件之一的,可以经申请批准加入中国国籍: (1)中国人的近亲属; (2)定居在中国的; (3)有其它正当理由。

        and from this blogger (只要在中国境内居住超过七年,有固定的居所及职业,而且没有犯罪记录,同时愿意放弃原来的国籍,就可以申请加入中国国籍.) PS 大山=Mark Rowswell

    • lima said

      Well first, the writer says his ex-wife got her Chinese citizenship back – but who knows the real background of the writer? Who knows whether he has an ex-Chinese wife or even married – I am just stunned that you will take such nonsense on Internet so seriously.

      Second, most developed countries in the world have immigration laws and foreign people can apply and will be granted the citizenship of such countries (ie, US, Canada, Australia, etc) as long as the applicants meet the requirement. I don’t see any difference that Singapore Govt is doing compared to these govts. The fact is: anyone who can be considered to apply for a Singapore citizenship will need to stay here for at least 5 years (2-3 years of EP + 2-3 years PR). So there is a rigorous checking process, not to mention that the chance has been largely reduced after the election. If you study the facts, you should conclude that Singapore citizenship is never given away easily. It is an unfair criticism on the government and even more unfair to the immigrants (what is wrong with them to get a citizenship all legally according to the rules written black and white?)

      Only those PAP haters (such as Tamasek Review) attack the govt for whatever they do, and go on to attack the seeming “beneficiary (such as FT)” of the government policies. But you should ask yourself: does it really make your life better or make you happier to attack other people without sound grounds?

      • CruEL said

        Most countries don’t include China. China has their own local rules. Why do you think Suzhou collapse from PAP investment? Because Local laws ARE NOT country laws. Local officials listen to beijing officials, but local officials are corrupted. So what so difficult about paying off the local officials? You comparing Australia, European countries laws against China??? Who’s the one that is blinded by love of the PAP?

  23. 陳一峯 said

    now, there is a new family education. teach your children to immigrate to another country so that they could be free.

  24. Aber said

    This “WESLEY WANG” guy must be assuming something as a matter of course, China never allow dual-citizenship, if a Chinese wants to be a Singaporean, as requested by ICA, he/she must get the renunciation letter of China citizenship from Embassy, hence his/her name will be removed from “Hu Kou” too. There is no such thing that it is just simply to “include your name in the ‘Book of Citizen’ or ‘Hu Kou’ (in chinese) then proceed to the Police Station to have an IC made”.

    • NSII said

      There may be a difference between the law in its written form and the actual application of the said law, and vise versa.

      Some fun reading from this blogger who claimed that he is a Chinese Lawyer in China for over 13 years, where he said “三个对中国国籍法的重大误解 –中国国籍法实际已默认双重国籍” (

      • Aber said

        This lawyer is talking about those people get CA/US/AU citizenship, these countries do NOT require renunciation letter. Singapore is different, you must renunciate your china citizenship in embassy, your china passport will be mutilated too, else ICA won’t allow you to take an oath of fealty.

  25. Kelvin Kwek said

    China’s Rule of Law is lax; anything can be done, $$$$$. It’s not without basis, what the author is highlighting is, do not allow PRC to “milk” our system. There’s nothing negative in his agenda, he mean well for the greater Singapore and that the government should consider the country of these immigrants who takes up citizenship. Many non-native Singapore citizen from land of “without rule of law” are here to make $$$$ and retire back in the land of “without rule of law”. They will not sink root here. Maybe only a certain percentage. Also, after becoming Singapore Citizen, they used the high credential of Singapore citizen to spring board to another “better” country as Singapore citizen is “highly regarded”. Barred these citizens from renouncing within the 1st 10 years, perhaps. Or some form of penalties. If these non native citizen mind this condition, the true has been spoken…

  26. tud Q said

    perhaps this gov should list out what kind of businesses FT invest in . how many job created for singaporean ?or instead bring in more and more FT? if create one job for singaporean to 10 jobs for FT, i think this is called yao gui and left so much to doubt about the motive behine this policy

    • Naivety said

      Obviously, the pappies by letting in more than 2 Million of FTs into Singapore’s shore since Year 2005 is to help them secured their majority votes come GE 2016 when these so-called FTs are being converted to Singapore Citizens.

      This is simple logic & no brainer, pappies need to prolong/secured their stay in power till eternity!!!

  27. Not SGporean, Not Angmoh, Not PRC Not Pinoy Either. Just A Humble PR.. said said

    @Henry … What root cause, Sir? The root of the problem lies with PRC government for their lax attitude towards their own people Nationality status (albeit they are very aggressive over every inch of their disputed territory… especially with islands!) If one claims that a PRC can easily had their IC replaced/re-issue at the police station . . isn’t that obvious the problem does not lies with SG?

    Someone also mentioned there could be some corrupt officials at the police station in the PRC. . . i assumed he was implying the official was bribed to deliberately bypass their country’s immigration law, and thus went on to re-issue an IC without much questionings and validation? So again, if this is true, is SG at fault again?

    Look, i do not represent anybody here but it was a boring evening for me and i just feel like yapping.

    Let quote an example . . There was an employer who hires a newbies and put him under a 3 months probation, however, the newbies leave the job after 3 months and wish to discontinued his employment and went back to his old job with his ex-company. . . what is your perspective on this one? Current employer is at fault?

    For those of you who say yes, the current employer is at fault . . you may as well go around tell all the businesses in SG :

    “Psst, hey business owners, do not hire anyone cause they may leave you for good after a few brief months. To add salt to injury, their ex-boss may be willing to have them back too. So please!, Don’t be silly to trust anyone. You will be taken for a ride.You will not know if they will value their employment with you ( p/s – as if anyone can tell before hand) They will knock the piles off you, take the loads and leave!” (sound like a pirate)

    So, do you want SG to stop granting PR/Citizen to those whose country you ‘assumed’ – are loose with their immigration policy/enforcement? Just because of a few were able to go below the radar coupled with some corrupt officials at work, you want to put a abrupt halt to International Migration Policy? That’s a bad joke.

    The whole saga here (with the writer) could be a personal agenda. If you want to dance to his tune, you know you could be wrong. And 2 wrongs does not make 1 right.

  28. Joe said

    Let them all stupid farks in…

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  34. Suzanne said

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