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PM Lee: Singapore and India should forge ‘closer’ ties beyond economics

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Singapore and India should forge closer and strengthen ties across a broad range of activities beyond mere economics, declared Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking at a business summit in New Delhi, India, PM Lee said he ‘welcomed’ new bilateral initiatives during his visit and talks with Indian leaders which includes the signing of an MOU on cooperation in vocational education and skills development.

Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the Delhi State Government’s Department of Training and Technical Education will establish a World Class Skills Centre in New Delhi to train up to 15,000 students in electronics, hospitality, finance and other fields.

PM Lee also hopes to improve air connectivity between India and Singapore which will promote exchange of businessmen, talent, ideas and knowledge, which are the preconditions for growth and prosperity.

Due to the government’s liberal immigration policies, an increasing number of expatriate Indians have flocked to Singapore to work with a number of them eventually taking up Singapore PR and citizenship such as Young PAP and grassroots leaders Sinha Shekhar and Frederic Fanthome.



18 Responses to “PM Lee: Singapore and India should forge ‘closer’ ties beyond economics”

  1. Pantatko said

    Later all Indian come here cook curry than prc complaint than fight than everybody force to eat pig than everybody no more harmony…🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  2. Virgorian said

    Stop bringing In stinko FT from India !!

  3. Singaporean said

    sir, deal with the issues that the native Singaporeans face. not telling us to be nice and let foreigners take over our country.

  4. True Blue Singaporean said

    LHL, guess u had too much briyani, curry, prata, chapati or thosai in your diet. Your hse maid or chef is not taking gd care of your meals. Very soon you will start talking and shaking your head too. Think u better not forget your daily portion of Mee Siam mai hum or Bak Chor mee to retain your Singaporean/Peranakan roots.

  5. One of the 40% said

    Ya, build ITEs for them, so that these bastard trash from India can be trained and come here to rob more S’poreans of their jobs with their 3rd world salaries. Fucking Pinkie PM!

  6. kaypoh said

    Haha…. very soon Little India will be separate GRC & Mustafa will be a national monument 🙂

    U better learn speak their language & welcome them & Indiagrate them into ur society 🙂

  7. Annoymous said

    Went to China, strengthen ties with them = more PRC.
    Went to India, strengthen ties with them = more ah neh.

  8. Crap... said

    To: LHL. WHY are you trying so hard to sell out our beloved country? Singapore belongs to Singaporeans, not India indians, not PRC Chinese, not Pinoys or any other “FTs”. We are struggling to make ends meet and cope with the high cost of living here. Don’t you feel a tinge of guilt when you invite more and more foreigners to take away our jobs?? Do you care about Singaporeans??
    Lastly, Leaders fight for their fellow citizens, NOT sell them out.

  9. Free Trolley said

    I say money or GTFO.

  10. solaris8899 said

    I am a local chinese, if I got chance I would want to work and stay overseas…..dont feel like staying here anymore

  11. Martin Tang said

    If we fail to attract or grow talented people here, no investors will come here, no jobs means no income, then all died, ragardless whether Singaporean, PR or expats. Try to look at a more macro picture, it does make sense.

    If all talents go to neighboring countries, they will bring the business opportunities along too. We will face shortage of jobs here, eventually we are competiting among singaporeans for that few jobs…lagi stress!

    • Naivety said

      That is EDB’s role & job to attract good foreign investment here not because of availability of cheap FTs & plentiful of cheap labout supply!

      Currently, our local Singaporean PMETs are competing with more than 2 Million of FTs here for each & every single PMET position created & do you envisage the situation could be more worse than now? Wait until you lose your job to an FT then come & talk, okie?

  12. Gregory said

    The overwhelming majority of recent Indian nationals that come to Singapore bring their undesirable baggage, especially their caste system. When placed in PMET positions, they usually refuse to work with locals, openly despise locals for being of a ‘lower caste’, and nearly always insist on hiring their own fellow Indian nationals. When hiring locals, they only will take locals for the low, menial jobs only. Beware of Indian nationals who cry ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Vast majority of them actively practicse racism and caste discrimination. Nearly all the Indian national PMETs I talked to are not against racism or xenophobia per se. Being of higher caste, they believe in discriminating against others and keeping the good things for themselves. They are only against themselves being discriminated against by others.

  13. their grandfathers' roads said

    looks like driving in changi business park is going to become more dangerous!

  14. talk is FREE said


  15. LOCAL_Jininah said

    We need GROW UP or GO OUT. Stop all the racist remark. Why no one talk about the Australians and Brits who are here as Recruiters, Managers, Reporters, Journalists, DJ, teachers and Others? Do you think they are more superior than us CHINESE that is why your acid remarks to those nationalities? More jobs are going to them because ENGLISH is their native tongue and they are assume to be able to present and speadk better than us local!

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