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PRC ‘FTs’ jailed for helping to convey contraband cigarettes

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Three male PRC ‘FTs’ were jailed seven to 17 months for their involvement in contraband cigarette activities.

They reportedly tried to ferry more than 9,000 cigarettes via an open-top lorry in June this year.

The total value of these duty-unpaid cigarettes meant for distribution to various parts of Singapore amounted to more than S$92,000.

The duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) involved exceeded S$68,000 and S$6,400 respectively.

Investigations revealed that Yao, who was employed as an electrician, and Zhang Yong, 40, employed as a driver, were hired to deliver the contraband cigarettes concealed in the heaters to Wang, a mechanic, and Hong at Kranji Road.


12 Responses to “PRC ‘FTs’ jailed for helping to convey contraband cigarettes”

  1. singkey said

    oh why be so tough towards my beloved foreign talent

  2. Derp said

    Vetted talents?

  3. Naivety said

    Good, please send as many as possible of such FTs to jail & deport them back to their own countries once released from prison…too many of them here in Sinkapore already!

  4. The ‘ Golden ‘ children actually got punishments???

  5. Mikey said

    I though PRCs get medals for this sort of thing?

    In Singapore la.. back home.. get shot.

    Singapore just loves scum.

  6. Bernard Deng said

    17 months is lenient. My client was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. It was his first offence.

  7. Why we love F Trash ?

  8. Coming to a different Country they should behave themselves. They should have taken advantage of the hospitalbilty given and not to cause trouble to the the Country that accepted them and not to create social problems instead.

  9. Anthony Tang said

    soem more PRC making our crime rate soar. Again, double standards in penalty

  10. solaris8899 said

    more FTs more crimes here?

  11. A G Young said

    These PRC are not only talented but are very ENTERPRISING indeed! Should allow more to migrant here (Singapore).

  12. Joe said

    Don’t worry, one go to jail, there are more stupid farks where they come from…

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