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Singapore PRs unhappy over stricter rules for them to sublet HDB flats

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

Singapore PRs are unhappy at the new HDB rules which cut the flat subletting approved period for Permanent Residents (PR) from the current three years to just one year with immediate effect.

When the one-year period expires, the application to extend the approval will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The total period of subletting during the flat owners’ entire duration of the flat ownership is capped at five years.

Radio station FM 95.8 conducted a call-in session yesterday evening to seek public opinion about the new ruling and was inundated by calls from angry PRs protesting against the new rules.

One Malaysian lady in her early 30s said Singapore PRs are here to ‘help’ Singapore and Singaporeans should ‘appreciate’ them instead of ignoring their ‘contributions’.

Another arrogant PRC man quipped that PRs are being treated as ‘second class’ people in Singapore. He then asked that with the new ruling, can his son served two fewer months of NS in the future.

The next caller is a Singapore PR from another Asian country who criticized the new HDB rule as sending a ‘wrong’ message to foreigners who may be contemplating taking Singapore citizenship.

On the other hand, Singaporeans are unhappy that it took so long for HDB to introduce the new ruling to prevent PRs from profiteering from subletting their HDB flats.

Young PAP leader and new citizen from India Sinha Shekhar once boasted arrogantly on REACH Facebook that he owns a private property and a HDB resale flat which he rented out for income.

“I pay really high for the resale flat and the rents am collecting is not enough to pay for instalments I owe the bank…Just because I own a private property, I don’t have to pay higher tax.”


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82 Responses to “Singapore PRs unhappy over stricter rules for them to sublet HDB flats”

  1. Singapore Talent said

    Either be Singaporean or else fuck off to where U come from.

    • Webbie said

      In the first place, shouldn’t give them the citizen privilege of buying HDB flats. It is hard to retract any privilege once the entitlement mentality has taken root.

    • 60+ Singaporean said

      Go back to where u come from. Many singaporeans are deprived of hdb flats to call home. Yet u are collecting rental to invest. Fuck off from my country.

      • stevenado said

        Ya Just go back.We don’t need your constributions.HDB flat were meant for us only.Stay in your kampong and don’t bother to come! Shame on you, trying to squeeze into our public housing!Still got the ass gut to complain!!!

    • ANGRY Bird said

      MahBT already got kicked out, i think he’s the one that allow PR to buy resale HDB flats. If this policy still won’t change, KhawBW is next to get booted out in 2016. let’s do it people! HDB flats are only for Singapore Citizens. Period.

  2. Fed Up Singaporean said

    If the title have a picture, it is my middle finger to all the PR’s and “talent” PAP mass-import in.

  3. Pete said

    HDB is public housing. Public housing is build by the government for it citizen. PR are not citizen, so and rent a place to stay If they want to make money in Singapore. If not they all can pack their bags and go to where they are born. PR not happy about HBD ruling than go buy condo….

    • Kason said

      I second your thoughts Pete…
      I always felt that as a Sporean, our rights are not protected…
      even if we want to buy a Msia property, we have to purchase property that is more than $500k ringgit !
      PR still want to complain about being second class..

      • To_The_PR_Whiners said

        they should feel this way cos they are PRs after all, or should they feel like they are first class citizens instead? Even us, true-blue singaporeans doesn’t feel like first class citizens now they still wanna f***ing complain!!!

    • Happy bird said

      What makes PR think it’s should be their privilege to feel and treated as 1st class in a foreign country? Compare with usa or Australia, PRs here are very well treated hor! Not happy ah? Go back to your own country and be a 1st class citizen in your 3rd world country lor. The more you feel unhappy , the more I feel happy. Please whine more.

  4. When there is a changes to policies to make good for the citizen then THE FT are unhappy.How about our old good days on HDB Flat was meant to be solely own by the citizen..who break the rule should amend it back to bring down the cost of living…if don’t do it ,more worse for the local but for foreigner can sell their flat with huge profit and say this words….BYE BYE spore,I going back to my country.

    • stevenado said

      Ya..many PRs sold their flat after 5 years, then migrate to other counrty or go back to their own country becoming millionairs..It is still happening.What can our garment do? What kind or policies has our garment set to counter such incidents?

  5. Citizen said

    Lets see when PAP will wake up to their mistakes of letting PRs buy HDB flats or subletting it. If PRs are buying HDB flats for living inside themselves, why should they be concerned over ‘stricter rules’? The fact that so many PRs KPKB now is very obvious they are buying it for investment or to operate as a budget hostel.

    PRs should NOT be allowed to buy HDB and let alone sublet it! Convert to citizen if they want to buy HDB or ask them to BALEK KAMPONG!

  6. Singapuraboi said

    In the first place no other countries let church mice from applying for permanent residency and citizenship. Applicants for PR and citizenship should establish their financial soundness prior to the govt granting them PR status. So why r they so outraged?

  7. Disgusted said

    These fucking PRs don’t behave as if they are such big fucks. If you are any better, Singapore would not be your choice, you would be in a better country.

    You come here leech, steal jobs and expect citizen benefits at the expense of local borns? Why don’t you go back to your cesspool shithole country you come from and see what citizen benefits you leeches are getting?

    Don’t like it here? You find it unfair? Well, you can fuck off anytime!

    • Mikey said

      Nicely said!

      These fucking leeches already have the best of both worlds here,
      and still dare to complain the second something doesn’t go their way.

      Fuck off you fucking fuckers!


      Of course can la.. with my fist.

    • Nice Person said

      I never say these 4 letter words before. But this time I want to shout out “PRs…FUCK OFF and get back to your own country”.

  8. The Mighty Pen said

    Rebutting the words of the Malaysian lady in her early 30’s: Yes we welcome the Piyush Guptas of the world, hoping that they can contribute and create employment opportunities for Singaporeans. If the Piyush Guptas bring their entire village into our country, then they are in fact robbing Singaporeans of their livelihoods. Incidentally I was informed that even foreign prostitutes were issued with permanent residency to serve many permanent residents and foreigners at higher places. This is indeed a double whammy!

    Reply to the arrogant PRC man: Permanent residents and foreigners cannot command first class treatment as they are reserved for SINGAPORE CITIZENS only. If you want first class treatment, then you have to be really talented before taking up Singapore citizenship. Singaporeans has always welcome the really talented from traditional sources, not any kind of trash from any source. Let us always remember, you can fool our government but you cannot fool Singaporeans as regards to your true abilities!

  9. hachoo said

    First and foremost, HDB flats was (still is) built to provide local citizens to have a decent roof over their heads. This we have been reminding our government over and over again and finally the message is heard.

    SO, before you PR guys start to complain, we are claiming our right and that PR have been abusing all these years. I know of some PR has been doing just that. Own a private Condo unit, rent the HDB our to seek additional income, enjoying the best of both worlds. And some even dodge NS. Stop claiming about your contributions because our fore fathers made even more sacrifices than your mere financial contributions.

    We welcome you stay here but you have to pay the price to enjoy the stability and prosperity that have been built by our fore fathers.

    If you cannot or unwilling to pay the price, then you have the choice to leave anytime. No one is forcing you to stay anyway……its call demand and supply ….

    • Ann said

      Well said…

    • Converted said

      How time has changed.
      When I try to get my PR back in 2000, in my mind was: Am I worthy to be counted among S’poreans….

      Now am a proud S’porean and feel totally disgusted with those new comers. As if S’poreans owe newcomers a living.

      You are a guest in other ppl’s country. If you can’t respect the host and the house rules, then F- off!

  10. Hey sinha, f*** back to india then.

  11. Mike Wolf said

    if not happy… than go back to your country of origin lor…

    As long as you are not a CITZEN in the country you have your PR status… You are always considered as ‘2nd CLASS’…. period…

    BTW… HDB are for SINGAPOREANs… period…

  12. Vampire said

    May I know how can FT contribute to Spore? Since they want to stay in Spore, u have to observe the rules and regulations and abid by the law. U will always be classified under 2nd class. Sporeans will always be the first priopirty. If not, how to differentiate?

  13. PRs still love your PaPa? said

    The PRs can sublet the HDB flat to earn extra income and to deal with the high cost of living, because they are alone here. But an average Singaporean cannot do that , as he has a family to take care HERE.

    And when anythong goes wrong here, the PRs just withdraw their CPF money and go back to their home country to enjoy, while locals do not enjoy such benefit.

    So now a little rule change and you feel the pinch? Instead of cow peh cow bu, it’s time for you PR to reflect how you have made the life of locals miserable by depressing wages and causes property to rise sky high, and had been laughing at Singaporean for not competitive against them in wages.

  14. Free Trolley said

    I do not see why the PRs should be angry with the new changes if they are honest in making Singapore their home and not to see Singapore as a place where they can earn easy money by rental.

    • PRs, What are you complaining about? said

      Agree. Why should the change deter sincere candidates from taking up citizenship since the conversion will NOT hurt them as citizens can continue to sublet with no time restriction.

      What bloody cow sense is that angry PR complaining about in article above? For INDIAN PR, in India, I dont see you complaining about your “caste discrimination” and poverty or the erratic power supply or unclean water etc. For PRC PR, In China, I dont see you see red and complain to YOUR OWN govt about the tight censorship, child policy, corruption, food contamination but u guys want to quibble over MY COUNTRY’s housing subleting policy. Hello, we are not even asking you to sleep on the streets or pay extra than us, just making sure there are no greedy “entreprenueurs” milking our system like your heartless, ruthless China BABY POWDER “MILK-MAN”. So what the hell are you complaining about UNLESS YOU ARE GUILTY OF what we are trying to eliminate..devious profiteering bastards.

  15. Jardel said

    Fuck off lah. PRs, new citizens and FTs. If you are fucking unhappy. FUCKING GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. FUCK OFF. See if you can get another country who is so welcoming to you fuckers as Singapore. FUCKING LEECHES!!!! We need you? FUCK OFF CHEEBYE

  16. David said

    Sigh. All these PRs, give them an inch and they will take a mile. Singaporeans already compromise by allowing them to buy HDB flats (even though we do not have enough flats to go around ourselves). And instead of appreciating Singaporeans’ kindness by living in those flats, they rent them out to make money. PRs contribute to the economy? You mean you PRs don’t benefit at all by coming to Singapore? You PRs are so altrustic meh? Oh come on, lets not fool ourselves. if PRs don’t benefit by having a higher standard living here, you think you people will come? I would say the benefits to the PRs themselves are even higher than their contribution to Singapore.

    Remind me of an Aesop fable – the Arab and his camel. If we continue to let what is happening go unchecked, sooner or later what happened to the Arab will happen to Singaporeans. In Chinese is called 鸠占鹊巢.

  17. spotlessleopard said

    Those PRS. who do not like the new rules should consider returning to thier country.

  18. Lim said

    PAPpies have spoilt them rotten with so many privileges and pro-PR policies. So of course being fed for so long with the blood, sweat and toil of Sporeans who’s sons serve NS unlike them 1/3 of their sons chabok (run away) NS they dare to cry father cry mother as if it is their birthright to have the best schools, demand full subsidised health care as citizens, rent out HDB flats indefinitely for profits – ALL because godpapa says without them we will all die as they create jobs for us and feed our ageing population AND the PRs and FTs actually believed it and parrot the same to citizens!!!

  19. Singaporean said

    PRs kpkb what? I still think the rules not strict enough leh? Not happy go back home lah. Please hor, its PAP who think u guys are here to help not Singaporeans.

    Fact is, at least half the locals want PRs and FTs to go back home. You guys suffer back home I understand and feel sad for u but can dont drag us Singaporeans down with u?

  20. Annoymous said

    Those who called in are obviously those who are trying to squeeze all the “benefits” before leaving going back or another country.

  21. MT said

    Don’t blame the PR (I’m S’porean btw). Luxury (or benefits in this case) once enjoyed becomes a necessity!. That’s human nature. Blame PAP for implementing such stupid law to allow PR to buy HDB in the first place. Eventually Singaporean will also suffer. HDB price will drop because of decrease demand for resale HDB flat due to new law. It’s a lose-lose situation. PAP created a monster problem and they are trying to do damage control now. Too little, too late!

  22. Unbelievable!!! said

    PRs are granted to most if not all who have worked here for a period of time under the various employment passes and contributed to our economy but definitely not as a landlord collecting rental income.

    In fact, HDB should not have allowed PRs to purchase HDB flats even in the open market since day one to begin with. During the nation building years in the early 60s/70s the main objective of the National Development Board was to build HDB flats for Singaporeans and not meant to house even PRs.

  23. Singaporean said

    To all PRs, why are you complaining? If this country sucks, then go to another better country.
    Singapore won’t die if you leave.

  24. Chong said

    To that Malaysian lady: only the true FT (as in foreign talent) contributes to Singapore. The vast majority, say 95% (?) are FTr (as in foreign trash) that come here to leech on for personal benefits. Like buying an HDB flat for rental income.

    • sibei tulan said

      I heard over the radio …lin beh heard liao sibeh tulan ….she even said Singapore ppl very lazy cannot work…..also said singapore dun have Ft Cannot live…
      KNN go and die lah !go back malaysia and at grass if she feel malaysia is good why she is here. .

      • Edmund said

        This lady make such untruthful remarks on Singaporeans.If we are lazy,how come we are tops in nearly everything whereas Malaysia cannot compare to us.Lady if u still remain in Malaysia,see what jobs can u get and how much do they pay u.Look at the security industry which employs many Malaysians,they come to work late,sometimes dont even turn up for a few days,suka suka go on medical leave and worst of all,always using the hp as though the hp is glued to their ears.Hello, when u come to work in another country, say something nice lah.U not happy u go home now or resign and take the first bus back home and dont ever come back

  25. crj said

    Although I believe mostly of the above report, but really got PR from India call in to 95.8 meh? Sure or not….

  26. wat$ said

    you should ask those PRs who complain… why are you subletting your HDB. lets see what they say.

  27. Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You !!! A Bunch of Fxxking Ungrate Leeches !!!

  28. Naivety said

    Do not understand WTF are PRs allowed to purchase our subsidized HDB Flats in the 1st place???

  29. jaded said

    hahaha serves these leeches right! if you dun like it, go home! no one forcing you to stay.

    but then again, question is whether the rule will be enforced strictly. I have had enough wayang from the pappies

  30. Cancer said

    Of course, PRs have to be treated as ‘second class’ people what. Since when the PRs have considered themselves as ‘1st class’ people in SG? S’poreans come first ok. Please wake up from your sleep…..this is long overdue!!

  31. No More Forgiveness for Traitors said

    I think these ungrateful leeches we call FT should be further taught a lesson.

    HDB rules must be changed so that ONLY citizens can pruchase HDB flats, direct or on the resale market.

    And current PR owners of HDB flats MUST sell the flats in 5 years time if they do not take up citizenship when offered.

    Additionally, HDB homes of PR parents must be collateralised and confiscated in case their children escape NS.

    Lets send a clear signal to the rest of the world that Singapore wants and demands REAL talents from everywhere. REAL talent does not need us to house them.

    • Your mother's mother said

      Well said.

      I applaud the govt for making this change even thought it has taken them way too long.

      Allowing PRs to buy HDBs, while putting in so many unreasonable controls to prevent Those SINGLE True blue Singaporeans from buying one has been one of the most ridiculous policies ever implemented.

      Enough said. Lets when what action will the govt take for singles (whom I believe have contributed much more that those ingrate PRs)

      • IronMan said

        Thank you very much. Served NS, served reservists, still cannot afford to buy a 3rm flat in open market. These PR idiots are able to rent out their units some more. I just want a simple roof to stay in, not to make profits.

      • Seraphim said

        I felt your pain IronMan….

  32. Open Arms said

    This ruling is to help weed out the dedicated, naturalised PRs willing to stay in SG for good, from the temp PRs who are looking at making a quick buck in SG. I have too many of my foreign friends, who got PRs within months coming here, bought a resale HDB flat, rent it out, after 2 years+, sell it away to make a profit, then return back to their home country. Singapore do not need this kind of PRs or FTs.

    But if you are still feeeling pissed about the new ruling, well, there are options:

    1. Denounce your original citizenship and be a Singaporean. You can enjoy the perks but also have to share our sufferings.
    2. Own a private flat instead, if you want to gain from subletting property in SG, not HDB.
    3. Go back home.

  33. ASDF said

    Get out of our country you infestations..

  34. GaanMaro said

    It’s about time, the Govt did something a little more concrete.

  35. 龍的传人 said


  36. Me said

    Go back prc, your dumb kid no need even serve one min of NS.

  37. talk is FREE said

    to all PRs…which f country in this earth takes YOU on par with citizen?
    to all FTs…if you really think you got TALENT…there are a lot of other more developed countries for you…
    to all FTs HR…getting 1 citizen you can bring COWS, MONKEYS and DOGS from your KAMPONG…but WE will stay and kick that ass if u continue to claim WE need you…
    To all excluding citizens, as the sayings goes…WE did not BEG you to COME…YOU not happy, CAN YOU PLEASE F ELSEWHERE?
    To the minority true PRs…TURN TO CITIZENS…

  38. Sissy Bapok Loong said

    Fark the Father, the Son and the Holey Goh.

  39. L said

    Seriously, closing the flood gates of FTs and selective choosing of PRs is a wise choice. It’s not about second class or first class treatment. It’s to prevent them from abusing the system which in turn affect the whole community here. I’m just a average Joe but from my observation from my neighbors(left pinoy, right PRC, top

  40. Simba said

    PRs and FTs,
    You not happy with the new ruling, please go back to your own country… Let us have our space and air back.

  41. Seraphim said

    I felt that HDB is meant to provide a roof over the heads of Singaporeans, if PRs really want to profit out of the property system, please go and buy private property.

    If a PR is living in a private property, why deny another person from owning the HDB by increasing the demand of it and directly jacking up the price of it? To the PR, it is an investment, to a Singaporean it is a shelter that will give protection to him/her and his/her loves one. So why should people who have no intention of staying be allowed to own a HDB? If the rental is actually cheaper than the price you are paying for the installment, why not the PR stay in the HDB or not buy it at all?

    The same thing goes for CPF, it is meant as a strategy to help Singaporeans save up for education, retirement and their medical expenses. Not some ‘investment funds’ for PRs to withdraw as and when they like it.

    Theses 2 things have long been abused by the PRs and they are now complaining because the government wishes to rectify it. Its is like a child complaining when you stop giving the child candies and he/she felt that they are entitled to it because you have been giving it for the past few years.

    Second class citizen as PR? Seriously, which country treat their PRs like first class citizen? If you do not want your son to serve NS, you can easily pay 10k and send him somewhere else before he hit consciption age.

    If PRs really wish to enjoy the full perks of a Singaporeans, please renoun their citizenship to being a Singaporean rather than a remaining a PR and be able to ‘bail’ when trouble arises.

  42. Anon said

    Aiyah, you think this curb will be effective? We Singaporeans are so “straight”. Of course, there are ways to get around it!! Don’t rent out the whole flat .. rent out the rooms!! Lock the storeroom and say that is your room. So if a 3 room flat can be rented out for $2,500, charge the family $2,500 to rent out two “rooms”. Better still, no need to get HDB’s permission. Nothing wrong right??

    • bambam said

      I lived in SG for many years in the 90s, and always wondered why the stupid extra room is always locked. Now I know. The owner is a Singaporean and own more than 10 rental properties. I guess that means he is a shrewd Singaporean businessman, while FTs doing this are scums exploiting the system.

    • Vic said


      You got the points. Those elites didn’t think the policy thorough enough? It will be a fatal loophole.

  43. Kelvin Kwek said

    You can have all the rules, what about active enforcement? PRs from low development of “rule of laws” can’t be bother to comply? ’cause in their country, they don’t respect the law; try crossing the road at a traffic-light junction in your favour and you’ll know what I mean….

    From non-smoking, speeding, littering, or anything that got to do with law compliance, it has not been enforced in singaporenfor a long time….. The last time I seen a “BMW” moving along the Es(PIE, KPE, ECP, etc) was in the 80s-90s

    There are so many examples that I can’t name here, enforcement is no longer the days with the rules. With an “honour” system when you have non-native citizens or PRs, how is that gonna work as its not in their ethic to be honorable in general to comply with rules.

  44. Uniquely Singapore said

    To those PRs: No need to cry father cry mother one. If not happy just pack up and fuck off to where you come. Which country in the world allow non citizens to buy public housing? Not even your own fucking country and your fucking country can’t even provide you with jobs and public housing.

  45. newhiik said

    Funny how PRs can complain that they are being treated as 2nd citizens when they arent even citizens to begin with

  46. i say what i think only... said

    ah tiong, ur son can serve 2 fewer month of NS anot ah? when we get displaced by foreigners, can we forgo the whole 10 cycle of ICT and forbid our sons to do NS? eh ur passport maroon color hor not bright red. not happy u can bring ur piece of pork liver and get out of singapore la. get ur son to awol, run back to some ulu village in china, nobody will find u la.

  47. bb said

    By right to be a foreign talent the person must earned at least $10,000 a month. If the person earns that much he should be buying private properties.

    • Vic said

      I agree with you. Only persons earning above $10k a month could be recognised as talent.
      However, let me draw your attention to this: Only 27% of foreigners working here earn enough to cross income tax threshold to pay income tax. I understand that threshold is $30k annual income. Actually, it is only 22% if FDWs are counted in.
      So, about 3 in 4 foreigners or 1.5m of them in all, are in jobs that don’t need talent. Isn’t this shocking?

  48. A G Young said

    Do the Malaysian Government gives Singaporeans the right to become Permanent Residents? Ask the Malaysians themselves! ome Some were accorded Permanent Resident status without any requisite qualifications yet enable them to own a HDB flat!

  49. Md kalim Uddin said

    Bitches ..yeah I am talking to you faggots whose calling themselves Singapore citizen and ignoring those poor PRs all are immigrant there ,it is a immigrant country which builded by immigrant’s hard work .no immigrants should be ignored by their status.since this country owe them ..come here in USA see the different how we treated immigrants …not like you cheep ass Chinese shinglish way …. Shame on you all racist Singaporian for treating PRs like that and telling them to go back where ever they come from . I wish Singaporean Govt is not feeling the same way and treating all immigrants equally ….

  50. Kalimthebest said

    Bitches ..yeah I am talking to you faggots whose calling themselves Singapore citizen and ignoring those poor PRs all are immigrant there ,it is a immigrant country which builded by immigrant’s hard work .no immigrants should be ignored by their status.since this country owe them ..come here in USA see the different how we get treated as immigrants …not like you cheep ass Chinese shinglish way …. Shame on you all racist Singaporian for treating PRs like that and telling them to go back where ever they come from . I wish Singaporean Govt is not feeling the same way and treating all immigrants equally ….

  51. Fuck leeches said

    PR! you want fucking citizen benefits, then fucking convert. If not fuck off and go back to your fucking country, you motherfucking leeches. The same goes for those fucking foreigners, I hope you get raped by other foreigners like yourself in Singapore.

  52. sinhar said

    Fark u sinha u muderfdarker indian rat son of a hooker.

    Singaporean dont welcome foreigners.

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