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Why can’t Singapore return to the good old days?

Posted by temasektimes on July 12, 2012

I miss the good old days when Singapore was Singapore and Singapore was filled with Singaporeans. I wish i can come home and not have to deal with all these silly nitty issues of FTs and what not.

We Singaporeans must bring change in 2016! It is our last chance guys, our last hope. If we do not make any kind of effort to bring about change not only do we suffer, but our future generation as well. We must believe in hope and change to our people. That when Singaporeans wake up the next day, they know the future is bright and they have a chance to live the Singaporean dream.

Singapore is such a small country and i don’t see how bringing in more FT’s will justify the need for more FT’s and more foreigners on our soil. Competition? Economic boom? They, the govt are obviously not sitting in our chairs and not going through our daily lives understanding what we as Singaporeans have lost so much and compromised and sacrificed so much for not just them, but for our country and at the end of the day we have to deal with such matters. We still have to work hard and put food on the table and they still can’t see the errors of their ways. Why?

Why can’t Singapore just be Singapore just like the good old days back then when we had no problems, no red tape, no long chain of bureaucracy and no nonsence from back then? Why?

Adapting them? Cultural integration? But from the reports i see, this has only made things worst, Singaporeans are now a dying species and we face our jobs being taken away, our opportunities taken away and i am sad for my people and my country that this is what they feel is called “adapting”. In addition, i find that Singaporeans are kow-towing (bowing) to the wishes of these new FT’s and Foreigners. They don’t follow our rules or our cultural standards, they just do what they feel like it. Did they forget they are in Singapore? Singapore does not revolve around them. Everyone revolves around Singapore and plays a part in the bigger picture.

How about us Singaporeans? how about those of us born here? We need to adapt to them to, but its not 1 at a time. Its thousands at a time. I pray everyday that we as Singaporeans will have a home to come back too and that when i come back to Singapore, there will be a Singapore left and that i can still feel the Singapore spirit in the people.

Just because a bunch of people change their passports and convert their cards into pink IC’s does not mean they know what Singapore is nor do they know the daily struggles in our lives of what we have to go through or went through in history.

Singaporeans have a RIGHT to feel threatened and uncomfortable that the influx of foreigners that makes every Singaporean uneasy, other countries would as well no matter how big or how small they are. Look at Hong Kong. Why can’t Singaporeans feel uncomfortable with this situation? This is our home, our land, our people and many of us have lost brothers and sisters in this land. We gave our sweat, blood and some even our entire lives for Singapore and the very least we can do is to bring Singapore back to its feet and to give Singaporeans hope for change for the better and that tomorrow will be a bright future for Singaporeans.

I love my country and my people too much to see it treated with no lack of compassion or any kind of judgement to Singaporeans and how Singaporeans would feel about this. Were the people ever consulted to this change in policies? Was any kind of consensus taken or approved by the people of our country? None. We are also human beings, we have feelings and I am absolutely sure that we as Singaporeans are acting naturally as how any other country’s citizens would as well towards the matter of mass influx of foreigners.

My dear Singaporeans, life may be hard right now and it may get harder, but that is what we must face and overcome. We as Singaporeans have to continue to stand strong and stand firm together for unity and change. Change must come! 2016! BELIEVE IN CHANGE! Do not let history repeat itself again. Do it not for yourself, do it not for just a few people. But do it for Singapore and for your our Singaporeans!!

We are being fair to feel uncomfortable, otherwise we are like drones and not being human. Being human is what makes our lives unique and different!


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


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  1. Jardel said

    Vote pap out simple as that. If we dun do that in the next election, we are fucked. Very simple. Just 60% can’t seem to understand. Civil servants are a joke. You are diggin the graves now for your kids to be buried in. Look at HK. Endless days of riots and strikes. Even Hu was fucked over there when he dare to go for the ceremony.

    Look at HK now. That’s what Singapore will be in the next coming years unless dear pap fuckers used the ICA to once again throw people into the jail to shut our mouths.

    PAP cares for us? What a fucking joke.

    • Julie Ong said

      PAP, don’t play, play again. Mr Lee Kuan Yew got away with it. Not anymore. Using or rather abusing the people through threats and actual detention is not going to work anymore. We will send you packing!!!
      People, never fear. The situation must not get of hand. I hope that the government will not use dirty tricks again. I am a temperate person, but PAP must not take complete liberties with us.

      The last thing I want is disorder. Please do not force our hand!

      In our system the majority rules. So if the government won through the ‘first past the post’ system, congratulations to them. Opposition: work harder will you??? We need an effective opposition otherwise the government can do what they like. Besides we will be kept in the dark about what’s happening to our Beloved Singapore.

      As you probably know I’m the perennial optimist. A realist as well.

      It’s not a lost cause, I don’t think. Actually, I believe that the days ahead will be even better than what we’ve known before. Reason: our young people. Sure we all can improve, but TTT (things take time). Also LLL (learn, learn and learn). I believe our young are teachable, willing and able. Smart/savvy too. But, of course, just like everyone, our youngsters are not perfect. Are you?

      Aiyah, I’m giving a sermon now. Better not. Paiseh. I’m not the all shiny example. I’ve got my faults, but you shouldn’t begrudge me for my striking good looks! Kong Chio only.

      Be going now. Will write again.

  2. P Koh said

    Change is inevitable and too drastic a change carries risks of conflicts as cultural differences with the introduction new migrants and infrastructure in living conditions are bound to create much displeasures among the true Singaporeans. It is therefore the duty of the present government to implement changes with greater vision and care on how to have the assimilated integration carried out with the minimum of conflicts and unhappiness. I just hope that the push for a six million poplulation should take a pause now and let the dust settles first before being too ambitious in the planning process. The rich may be insulated from such drastic changes but let us not forget the poorer citizens who have to struggle to find a place for work and abode.

    • Julie Ong said

      P Koh, I agree.
      I have reiterated several times: we live in a community not just an economy! Yes, we should stop the inflow of foreigners. Tourists all the time OK. Not just for the money. We want you to enjoy in Fun Singapore!
      Take stock now. See where we have succeeded, where we’ve gone wrong. No point bringing in more people as FTs (misnomer) unless there is an actual need. When we have taken an honest/careful appraisal of the situation with all things considered then we move to the next step. Try not to panic otherwise you become ‘luan’ or confused. Like I said before, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Also don’t make policies/decisions on the run. You are not deciding to have chwee kuey or my fun for breakfast!
      It is imperative to take into account the concerns of the working men and women. If you drastically reduce their pay how can they afford to live? Worse still if you replace them with cheaper imported labour. Cry? Starve?
      I believe the government has not managed the finances/investments well,
      i.e. Cash Flew instead of Cash Flow. So to make up/recoup we’re copping the consequences thereof as well as listen to high sounding lectures by our elected leaders.
      Too bad. We can change and improve though. Sure about that.
      Our government must implement viable solutions instead of doing the expedient which unfortunately has caused much fear which then lead on to resentment. We can say that it is up to us ‘to work out our own salvation’, but the truth is that this difficult situation is of the government’s creation.
      It is also the government that has the resources and power to put things right. So, to the government: Change direction and put the interests of Singaporeans first. Isn’t that what the majority elected you for?

  3. i5htar said

    you still think we can “”return”” to the good old days??? Stop dreaming please!!! Who in power now??? As the roots is grow very deep down the soil…I don’t think 2016 will not have much change :(((

  4. wat$ said

    singapore was built on sweat and tears of the past. that is true. but singapore today is like this, is also because of the selfishness of singaporeans today, money minded about everything, and the 4Ks of singaporeans. kiasu, kiasi, kiabo and kia cheng hoo. most singaporeans rather stab each other than help fellow singaporeans. this is a sad fact that the govt clearly exploits.

    SGeans want change, but scared to take a stance.

  5. wmulew said

    The world have changed since the “good old days”. Since then, the world have globalized. The first world countries and struggling to keep up with the change. Countries that used to enjoy the “good old days” like Europe and US is struggle to keep their pple employed and struggling to repay their debts.

    While you talk about the “good old days” the world have moved on. U can continue dwelling on the “good old days” and go the way of the dodo like what all the Western powers are experiencing or you can move on with the rest of the world. Just because U cannot handle it does not mean the rest of the world will stop for you.

    As for your wish of changing the government in 2016, this is the list of accomplishments the most “credible” opposition party have done so far in Parliament:

    1)made absolutely NO good solution/suggestion to move the country forward
    2)made a fool of themselves during the salary debate
    3)got exposed for plagiarism
    4)tried to fool the public on doing more for the poor during budgetary talks yet when questioned readily admitted they had NO PLANS on where to get the money
    5)best of all sack their own elected MP for no good reason.

    This is what TPL have done so far

    1)Demanded more help for the mentally disabed
    2)Raised $150,000 to help fund medical bills for the needy in Mcpherson

    Compare this with Sylvia Lim who when asked how she was going to help the poor pple in Aljunied, her reply was helping the poor was not her job

    When the Worst MP from PAP is still far superior then the best of the opposition. U know who U should vote if you still have a brain

    Mod’s note:

    Heard nothing from WP MPs at all. Are they sleeping in parliament?

    • Jaded said

      both you and the moderator are a disgrace to true blue Singaporeans!

      • wmulew said

        How am I a disgrace to Singaporeans? I was just stating the facts. If WP is so freaking fantastic, just try to name something that they actually managed to do to make them a creditable opposition party? So far they have done NOTHING!!! When the worst MP from PAP is doing more then them, when the local Pro-Opposition bloggers are able to do a better job at questioning the government, you really have to question the caliber of the current bunch of Yahoos

    • Jenny said

      All your argument is invalid, Yaw is sacked because of what he had done, and i think that’s accountability, look at all those stupid things PAP MP done, and worst of all PM lee only know how to say “lets move on”?

      So u think doing more for the poor is a foolish thing? Of course the money had to be from the government, who have the money except them? They can donate 50 million to other countries and they can’t even fork out a sum for the poor?

      Exposed for plagiarism? The owners have already gave WP the right to use their articles.

      And so, u have good plans to move the country forward? Oh wait, let me guess, your plans will be the same as PAP’s shortsighted policies like bringing more untalented foreigners? Or buying foldable bikes for 2,200 each?

      Europe and US is struggle to keep their pple employed and struggling to repay their debts, there u said it, but last thing i heard is PM lee’s wife lost hundred of billions in 2 investments. The authorities is labeling those who are out of jobs for 6 months retired, letting cheap FTs slashing their salaries to get jobs and never keep in track the quota of ratio Singaporeans to FTs.

      So that’s the government u voting? If Singapore regressed after 2016, it will be your fault.

      P.S. Of course tpl can help more, she belongs to the ruling party, and its clear where the money came from. If WP said they want to help the needy, will the government even bother with them?

    • Fed Up Singaporean said

      Is the mod and wmulew blind? Read the healthcare proposed by SDP healthcare plan for example?

      Opposition CANNOT do anything because the entire system design by PAP is to stop any minor party in influencing the policies being made!

      If there is anyone who have a bit of common sense. Is that PAP MP’s all fly together. No matter if the policy will hurt Singaporeans or rise the cost of living, as long as LEE say yes, all PAP MP’s will say Yes. Making PAP a fascist party. Even if opposition object, THEY WILL BE OVERRULED because they are simply too few in numbers to affect the votes.

      So if We, true sons and daughters of Singapore want REAL DEMOCRACY (stated in our national pledge) they have to vote for more voices in our parliament.

    • ... said

      Aiyo moderator, you might as well post this comment as a new highlighted article. You seem to love it sooooooooo much. Miws do things to make things worse why don’t you say.

    • i say what i think only... said

      did pap mp have an idea where to get $ when they propose plans and suggestions? nope because the gov will endorse anything they want but not WP mp. instead of boasting air, try self-reflection. hey go claim ur bone u deserve it

    • Henry said

      Well said … wmulew … I am indeed impressed with the achievement by TPL …. one year has passed, She has become a “woman Robin Hood” … She needs to get connected with those who an raise $150K with one phone call, given that she has sugar daddies behind her, $150K is a shame …

      As far as the opposition MPs are concerned, it is a shame they forgot to update you on what they did … 🙂

    • Unbelievable!!! said

      The footnote from the moderator is uncalled for, especially the last sentence.

      In anyway, I agree with Jaded, Both are disgrace to our true blue SINGAPOREANS

    • A Tan said

      don’t get anyone started on the failures of the PAP – will be hooging too much bandwidth

    • Jenny said

      All your argument is invalid, Yaw is sacked because of what he had done, and i think that’s accountability, look at all those stupid things PAP MP done, and worst of all PM lee only know how to say “lets move on”?

      So u think doing more for the poor is a foolish thing? Of course the money had to be from the government, who have the money except them? They can donate 50 million to other countries and they can’t even fork out a sum for the poor?

      Exposed for plagiarism? The owners have already gave WP the right to use their articles.

      And so, u have good plans to move the country forward? Oh wait, let me guess, your plans will be the same as PAP’s shortsighted policies like bringing more untalented foreigners? Or buying foldable bikes for 2,200 each?

      Europe and US is struggle to keep their pple employed and struggling to repay their debts, there u said it, but last thing i heard is PM lee’s wife lost hundred of billions in 2 investments. The authorities is labeling those who are out of jobs for 6 months retired, letting cheap FTs slashing their salaries to get jobs and never keep in track the quota of ratio Singaporeans to FTs.

      So that’s the government u voting? If Singapore regressed after 2016, it will be your fault.

      P.S. Of course tpl can help more, she belongs to the ruling party, and its clear where the money came from. If WP said they want to help the needy, will the government even bother with them?

      • ... said


      • wmulew said

        U make a whole lot of noise about minor issues yet when it comes to the important things, jobless rate – 2%, median income – highest amt the 4 Asian Tigers, infant mortality rate – highest in the world, Life expectancy – World’s top 10, Corruption index – amongst the lowest in the world, Violent crime rate – within the world’s top 10, taxation rate – one of the lowest in the world(why do U think the rich pple love to come here). While you argue about stupid things like expensive bikes which have no bearings to your life whatsoever, the real important things in life, we are amt the top

    • Jenny said

      Mod, u don’t dare to approve my comments?

    • Naivety said

      F’king pappies boot & ass lickers!!!

    • wmulew said

      Everyone mocked my post yet NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, managed to come up with something that the opposition actually did that was productive!!!!! And U guys think they are creditable? U idiots need to get your brain checked

      • Jenny said

        U are the one that really need a brain check, 2% jobless rate? Did u even read my comment carefully? Those who are jobless for 6 months are automatically write off as retired.

        Opposition did not productive? U tell me how can they do when PAP is controlling everything? At least they take good care of their residents, they are always there when u wanna find them. PAP? I only managed to see the dumb face of my MP after 7 mondays when i need to find her. Opposition not productive but PAP is making the country regressing. Which is worse? U are not a Singaporean, u only care about the benefits of yourself, u don’t even have the guts to argue my previous comment. Singaporeans not have a job is a minor issue? Helping the poor is a minor issue? Highest median income? I would say its the highest wealth gap. The life expectancy is a joke. What’s the use of having a long life when the government is making life difficult for u?

        U are just like PAP, using stupid, doctored numbers to argue when u can’t think of anything to refute back the truth. Poor thing, u have nothing in life to support your beliefs.


      • a man said

        I dont agree with the PAP, but I conceed that there is no credible opposition strong enough to stand against them. One hopes for the stars of the respective opposition parties to band together and form an all-star group capable and competent enough to challenge the PAP’s rule, but nevertheless it is wishful thinking on my part.

        The WP has so far failed to construct any useful policies, nor challenge any assumptions or proposed ideas by the PAP. RP’s Kenneth J already has done much more than the WP MPs sitting in parliament in terms of challenging the ruling party’s actions. The problem is that WP doesn’t have a clear agenda in parliament- should they serve as shadow ministers to argue the flaws of the PAP’s policies and undermine their strengths, or should they work hand in hand with them to draw out ideas that can benefit the country. Both paths offer irrevocable consequences, where the latter paints them as PAP lackeys and the former as them being uncoopoerative a la another CSJ.

        In any sense, Jenny: pls stfu because you don’t know what you are talking about, as Wmulew does raise credible points which you are unable to discredit, but instead choose to circumvent those points with your relentless ad hominem bitching. YOU are pathetic.

        Mod’s note:

        That’s the difference between a REAL opposition and a ‘wayang’ one. Now you know why the PAP loves WP so much and why many Singaporeans have realized that WP is nothing more but the PAP’s ‘B’ team – sama sama…

      • wmulew said

        To Mod
        I wouldn’t go as far as to say WP is a “fake opposition” but I do want to bring up points that despite what many are calling a breakthrough in our political scene, but is that breakthrough a good thing? The way WP have failed to bring up anything of note is mind blowing. After more then a year and with their numbers increasing by more then 300% you would think they would at least be able to do something even if it’s just arguing for the sake of it yet it’s parties like SDP who came up with a shadow budge(a stupid one but it’s a step forward), KJ who dared challenged the IMF loan(again a stupid move and the loan is one that has to be made just to save our own skin) still, its a step forward yet WP has done NOTHING, so far. So many more pple in Parliament yet nothing from them. I really fear for the future of the country if they really managed to take over. People need to stop being blinded by the fact that they are the opposition and start judging them objectively, these are the same pple who may take over the government in the future. SDP and pple like KJ have an excuse, they were not voted in, WP doesn’t!!!!

      • Jack said

        Without WP’s MPs, you think our govt would turn the direction on importing more foreigners? Differentiate the benefits between PR and Singaporeans? You truly think that our govt suddenly realize that something is wrong with their policies? Thank you for reading

  6. Free Trolley said

    Face the fact: Times have changed. China and India are fast becoming a global power and this will eventually overtake our country in terms of economy. Unless there is another answer to this, we have to suck thumb and ‘welcome’ our foreign ‘friends’.

  7. tay said

    times have changed. today we face this force called “globalisation”… we adapt or die. theres no returning to the good ol days

  8. >Why can’t Singapore just be Singapore just like the good old days back then when we had no problems, no red tape, no long >chain of bureaucracy and no nonsence from back then? Why?

    I can’t recall the days when Singapore was such an Utopia. As far as I know, there were problems. Now the problems have shifted with globalisation, and so we have to deal with immigration and a more diverse population. I think moderation is key, that is, to take in only those who really contribute to the economy rather than taking jobs that Singaporeans can do, but that they are cheaper and more willing.

  9. pay said

    India china are already bigger than us and they are two of the embodiment of BRIC nations. But still that doesnt mean we need to bend all the way back amd give up our sovereignty. It makes no sense.

  10. Citizen said

    The issue is not with ‘a bunch of people change their passports and convert their cards into pink IC’.

    The issue is with a whole shitload of people coming to sg and sucking our resources dry and unwilling to convert to citizen. This is why our dear govt keep importing MORE and MORE with the hope that there will be more people converting to citizen.

    There should be a cap for the number of years for PR status. Thereafter, either convert to citizen or get lost!

    • seah said

      i fully agree PR should had expire date ,take it 5 years.after 5 years if they dont take up citizenship they should leave;another way is to put more pressure on them by pricing.hitting them the most in the pocket,so that those useless PR will go back,so that we can have better PR,after all the last few years we open our door too big,with lots of low skill coming in.we should take in better people,if we correct the eailer mistakes

  11. mahbok tan said

    Can by voting THEM out….simple and kick ass with the 60.1%…

  12. Artemisse said

    “Why can’t Singapore return to the good old days?”

    Because the ministers can’t return to their good low pay… =P

  13. taxiUncle said

    well said bro Jericho. At the rate of FTs massive influx, there will be seriously no jobs left for Sporeans in Singapore. U will see all Sporeans working as security guards, toilet attendants, taxidrivers, cleaners and rag and bone collectors. Last chance for us in 2016 becos as long as Pappies in power, Sporeans will be subservient race serving only the FTs. No point listening to all the garbage and idiotiic propaganda from the MIWs Ministers, they are hell-bent in replacing us born -and-bred Singaporeans with their preferred new citizens and FTs. No matter what “goodie” they offer u in GST package or bullshit growth share before the next GE, dont get conned!!! Vote them out and make your every vote count this time becos no more chance after that. If PAP win again in 2016, all sinkies better start digging their own graves!!!

  14. Jack said

    there are 40% of non true blue Singaporeans, and our government has added about 200,000 new citizens from year 2000 till now, things are not the same and cannot turn back the clock.

    • wmulew said

      There are 60% with brains and 40% without. The 60% voted what they think is a competent government vs the 40% who voted in a bunch of opposition idiots who have made 0% contributions so far and trying REALLY HARD not to embarrass themselves further. Scroll up for my earlier comments if U need explanation of what I meant

      • P Koh said

        When you write like this, you are either not a true blue Singaporean or have lost your Singaporean Identity. Easy to criticise hard to realize and missing the woods from the trees.
        You may not understand that sometimes people make decisions through instilled fear and fear of the unknown not because they cannot think. If your life and livelihood are on the line and you have to make a decision to vote, you will surely know which party to vote but then again, I salute the 40% who dared to make a stand. We need a balanced government not one which does not listen to the voices of the people for at the end of the day, what is important is that the future of Singapore and our future generations must be able to sustain the growth and prosperity of the country with good governance by its leaders.

      • Jo said

        So what would you do if the company you are working for replace you with a younger less experience but cheaper FT? Or when the market rate for the job you apply is at $1600 and a FT come along and get $1300 for the same job who do you think the employer will hire? And the price of HDB cost on par with private property where average wage Singaporean would not be able to buy a roof over their head but if they really do buy the HDB flats they will be in debt for the next 5 to 10 years. And if you reach retirement age when your CPF is rich but not rich enough to draw out so what can you do just look everyday at the CPF statment and tell yourself i’m hundred and thousand rich in paper but not in real life? So offer me a solution cos I’ll be in Singapore all my life if you have any to the challenge above

      • IronMan said

        @Wmulew – SGs have the right to vote out of their own free will. By voting for PAP, which is the ruling party, doesn’t mean one has brains.

        If PAP Is a competent govt, why the GRC keeps reshuffling? Why not give the opposition a fair fight in the election? When I was staying in Ubi area, the GRC constantly changes every GE. One moment under Marine Parade, the next Eunos, later Aljunied. Anyway, I don’t get to vote as it is always a walkover till the 2011 GE. Why the reshuffle? PAP fear of losing a GRC? A ‘competent’ govt fears of losing votes? Need to resort to ‘underhand’ tactics?

        Do u mingle with the commoners of SG? Have u heard their pleas for help, their cries of pain and anguish? When many approached me, complaining their problems about the standard of living is getting higher, a simple n common question to them makes most of them walk away.

        “Who do you vote for?”

        All PAP voters will walk away, minority that remain will immediately change the topic and later walk away. Opposition voters definitely will remain, elaborating more, some will curse and swear at the ruling party. Obviously PAP = Pay And Pay. So don’t complain why u keeps paying more n more.

        Your point 5) above. Yaw gets sacked for his adultery. Former Minister of Home Affairs, Wong KS, lets one of the world most wanted Terrorist, Mas Selamat, escaped. Did PAP not sacked him? If not, why didn’t see him in parliament?

        Well, to cut things short. Fun to see more oppositions in the parliament. Let PAP be the ruling party, for all I care. I want to see an oppostion MP holding a portfolio. A minister of housing n developement would be nice.

      • ??? said

        Wmulew, your 60% may consist of a portion of the 40% non-native Singaporean + 100-200 plus thousands Singaporeans working in gov / glcs.

        Who knows what is the actual percentage of native Singaporeans. Or, do you have the info to share???

  15. Aber said

    the world is much more globalized than before, game rules are changed too, if singaporean stay with old days, singapore is sooner becoming a loser in this world.

  16. I do agree that we need changes to get our Singapore back but the problem is there isn’t a opposition party strong enough to take over from PAP and manage our country at the moment. It seems that with existing limited no. of high calibre members, they are only capable of managing individual constituencies and that is very different from managing a country. It’ll be worse if we anyhow vote for opposition just to get rid of PAP without assessing their capabilities. Yes we want a change but are the oppositions ready? If they are not, then they’ll need to start planning now for 2016.

  17. Ronald mcdonald said

    Things must change if Singapore must stay competitive, is a known fact among all Singaporeans. The world has changed, Singaporean mindset have changed, chicken rice/nasi lemak prices have risen (Well considered changed), the gahmen has gone social with facebook et all, but still lose touch with realities of an average Singaporean. What more to say?

  18. Sage said

    The gahment can’t squeeze anymore money out from us, that’s why we are forced to open our legs wide and welcome anyone that want to poke us and set up shop here so that it can collect corporate tax, collect proceeds from sale of land, collect GST from suppliers that provide services to these companies and hopefully out of 10 employees they employ, probably 3 staff can be Singkies while the rest can be FTs. Then some money will be given back to you so that you can continue to vote for the Pappies.

  19. Sorry said

    First let me state i vote for the opposition for the last few elections. And I try to convince others to do so. But when i go online. I seem like I support the PAP, because like some writers said, they are logical and they are doing their stuff with tough constraints. Unlike those who may criticise PAP but still vote PAP.

    I wont call myself very senior, but I have lots of staff, even those from Europe, directors reporting to me.

    When i fight to wiin projects, that means work for us. I use every ounce of talent, labour to organize and win. My win is somebody’s loss. And my competition can be global. I lose to some American outfit … and I have to wind down part of my labour force….

    When i design the work, the work can be from China, Malaysia etc to utilize their lower labour cost to deliver work all over the world. They can work remotely through technology. So these foreign talents don’t even need to touch our shores. But my loss, will mean loss of Singaporean managerial jobs etc. My local team will have people from all over including filipinos , french whatever other nationalities specialist engineers …earning ~ 100k +)

    So you restrict the talent, we lose, I get the talent to work remotely also, BUT not having locally near my team means we will lose our leadership role to “boss” others all over the world. The concentration of talent gives us Singaporean some leadership role. Us being a hub and liveable city helps.

    SO Stop ! being myopic. Contribute and fight the good fight. You owe yourself and family to make yourself useful.

  20. Singapuraboi said

    As much as we wish we could return to the good old days but those days r dead and gone. We can never return to those days not since temasek holdings list $40bil of our CPF monies. Our national till is empty and what took more than 30 years to save up was lost in just about a decade. Now they r hiring foreigners in the hope that we can earn back all the money lost or sweeping it under the carpet. With more locals out of job now, the CPF has the excuse of saying there was not enough CPF contribution so no pay out. Now the age of withdrawal is pushed later and later, and what with the new minimum sum are all evidence that there is no money. We have to think carefully about voting a new party in cos there would be no money for them to work with and Singapore will perish. If Pap continues, we would be able to continue with the charade of affluence as they would have more experience managing the financial fiascos better.

  21. seah said

    i hope the govt.will think of putting a expire date on.PR.let take it as 5years.after the expire date if they dont take up citizenship we should cancell their PR.after all we got million of them the same time those low skill we can check and cancell off.We should take in those who have better skill.IN the past the mistake is to take in any one who want to work and stay here,Now we got million we can pick and choose.Another way is PR pay a lot more hitting them in the pocket,so they will consider taking up citizenship,With both leg on 2 country it not fair to sporeanThey use spore as a stepping stone.WE sporean do not need this type of people here .WE need people who willing to call spore they home.5years is sufficient time for them to consider,whether here or out they go..

  22. True Blue Singaporean said

    well said

  23. DIsgruntled Singaporean said

    Change isn’t happening in 2016… During GE, our dear PM cried, apologized, and promised us citizens to hear our voices. He said that the influx of foreigners will be slowed down, but look what’s happening? It’s not slowing down, in fact, there were ceremonies to induct new PRs, even celebrating pinoy national day WTF!? PAP’s strategy is too obvious, promising us the world but it is actually just a stopgap measure to keep our discontentment down, while granting PR to any Tom, Dick or Harry with the purpose of bolstering their votes come 2016. Seriously, we’re screwed. That’s why I have already left the country.

    • wmulew said

      Do U even know WTF U are talking about. Since GE 2016: Increase Foreign worker levy, the recent subletting restriction on PRs, increase locals to Foreigner ratio for companies, income restriction for FT to bring family in push up to at least 4K, slow down issuing of PR, etc. Go get your facts right about what the government have been doing about the FT situation before U talk

  24. Naivety said

    Hey u stupid papaya boot & ass licker!

    Whatever how u deemed the WP as, it still better than voting for the papaya party, right?
    Can any other opposition party be worse off than the f”king government of the day as the saying goes “Half A Loaf Of Bread Is Still Better Than None” & “Nothing Is Permannet Except Change”, alright!

    And change we shall be come GE 2016!!!

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